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Sonia Baeriswyl

How to bring out the greatness in you

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Table of contents


Chapter One:

The correlation between our society and self-limiting beliefs

Chapter Two:

Redefine your vision and set meaningful goals

Chapter Three:

The ingredients you need to bring out the greatness within

Chapter Four:

Overcoming obstacles on your path to greatness



New opportunities are like beacon stars, which draw people from different places toward it. People move to unknown places to find happiness, success, and most of all to make a good fortune for their selves. Leaving home to find a new identity is never an easy thing to do.

Home is a place of unfiltered experiences, thoughts, and understanding. When you move away from home to find your way in the world, an immense struggle often ensues to fill this void. Leaving your home means you want to find a better place with more benefits, protection, and freedom. Moving is not always a bright sun of opportunity; sometimes it brings out the bitterness of life and loss. The determination and struggle when one moves away from home pave the way for the uncertainty of life.

Leaving one country for another country involves sacrifices. There are many reasons why people have to leave their country for another. Some move to another country to find better education or higher paying jobs. The way of life is not easy for some people as they expect it to be. Immigrants have to pay many sacrifices throughout their lives. They work long hours for money, often leaving their family and friends behind.

Being an immigrant is not always an easy way to live well and have a better life. It is not always easy for them to reconcile their way of people with the culture of the country they have migrated to. For me, being an immigrant, it turned out to be a life-changing experience. Had I not gone to another country I do not believe I would have been as successful or had a stable life.

About me

My name is Sonia, and this is my life story of the ups, downs, and struggles on my journey to success. I am very proud of my journey.

I was born in France, June 1974. My parents were born in Tunisia and then migrated to France in 1968 for a better life. France was still recovering from World War II and its aftermath. My family found France as an opportunity to upgrade their lives. They were in favor of rebuilding France after World War II; many opportunities for a better life and to secure a better future for our family. My parents arrived in France with my four siblings; I wasn’t born yet.

Being an immigrant in a country comes with a lot of challenges.

As my parents came to France from Tunisia, they were jobless. Like many immigrants, settling down in a new country they are faced with many challenges. My parents and siblings were living hand to mouth as they were living their new life in a new country.

They got jobs with a very low salary and never lost hope. Hope is the only thing that can pull you up from situations like this. Hope for a better life. Hope for a better future and hope for happiness.

I was born soon after my parents had moved to France. I saw my family suffer from the start. As I grew older seeing my family suffer due to low budget and problems associated with having no money, I was determined to have a better life.

But the string of problems escalated over time. At the very start, my parents were suffering due to lack of jobs. But in this chaos, my father, his name is Mohamed, was able to get a job, but that job was not good enough for our family. My mom, Mabrouka didn’t succeed in getting a job. The situation got worse when my father began drinking. His habit was so bad that he couldn’t stop the habit. The condition got worse when my father started to spend all his time and the little money we had on alcohol.

Every time my father got paid from his low salary job, he didn’t come home. Instead, he spent his time drinking alcohol and wasting all the money. He would return home after wasting all of the money in a couple of days with nothing for his family. My family suffered hunger. It was a desperate time for us and to believe in hope. I never stopped believing in God, and He didn’t disappoint me.

I am very happy that I have supportive siblings. When I was younger, my elder sister, Tourkia helped me by paying my school fees. I was six years old back then, but still, that was a very kind gesture from her, and I owe her for this kindness. As immigrants, the biggest problem besides money was communication. I didn’t know the French language at all; it was very hard for me to communicate and convey my messages to others. My family speaks their native language at home, so it was a bit difficult to adapt to the new language. Also, I was an average student at the school. Not knowing the language added more problems to my situation. I did not know the language or the French culture, not even a bit. All habits of Tunisian people were not compatible with the new French culture.

Being an average student, I had to work hard for good grades at school, but my efforts were not easing up the situation. I was not good in class or on exams. At the age of 15 due to average grades, I was demoted to a special class for average students. I was enrolled in accounting due to my bad grades.

My mother was very tough; she had seen a lot of troubles and problems in her life, and that made her a strong woman. She was very eager to give her children the best she could. She gave us strict education at home to cope with the harshness of life. And I have to say; her struggles didn’t go in vain. I was not the blessed child from the start. I was very shy around people. At the age of five, I was struck with a very bad fever that lasted a year. This health condition didn’t help me, rather it held me back.

My family wasn’t the perfect family every one dreams of. My brother had a serious health condition; he was schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, and hearing voices that others do not, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation. I was very afraid of his condition.

As I said earlier, my mother was a tough woman. She made all the decisions in the house. My father was always the silent one as he wasn’t interested in his family. My mother wasn’t literate or good at math either. On Saturday mornings, she would have me accompany her to the market where I used to help her do the little calculations, and so I could get better at math.

My parents were always fighting due to my father’s alcoholic habit. I used to see them fighting every day, and that fueled my motivation to be a better person. Due to my father’s bad habits, our family was always struggling for money. We were living from hand to mouth in those days. And one of the promises I made to myself during those times was to work hard so that I could live a life of financial freedom when I grew up.

I figured out that having hope alone wasn’t all I needed to accomplish my dreams; I needed to believe in myself. As I started believing more in myself, I became more motivated to do the things I wouldn’t have done ordinarily. My life started changing for the better day by day.

At the age of 15, I was enrolled in a finance class when I met a teacher who helped me in achieving better grades. The words of encouragement from my teacher helped me to trust and believe in myself. I started passing my exams with astonishing grades. I became confident and less shy. After studying accounting for ten years, I received a master’s degree in accounting.

After receiving my master’s degree in accounting, my goals weren’t very far from being achieved. I soon got a good job at a firm as an accountant. At that time, I looked back and found that all of my hard work, my hopes, my belief in God and the universe had turned into something fruitful. I never stopped working hard though as I had more to achieve.

My hard work started as an accountant, and then I became the CEO, CFO and at last a member of the board. I was very happy to have achieved that feat as I thought it would never be possible. My new positions came with a lot of perks, including financial benefits. I had enough for myself and others; I was very grateful for my position.

I discovered many people out there today who are still struggling to achieve their goals, and they are the people I am writing to. I want to inspire them, you. I want to let them know that with determination, perseverance, and hard work, they can achieve anything they set to achieve in life. This eBook is my contribution to helping people come out of the dungeon of hopelessness and bring out the greatness within them. Read on!

Chapter One:

The correlation between our society and self-limiting beliefs

Through my struggles in life, I have discovered that for anyone to live a purposeful life, that person must first set him/her self free from self-limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, many times, the self-limiting beliefs we acquire over the course of our existence are usually dictated by society. What I mean is this: we don’t acquire most of the self-limiting beliefs we harbor as adults by ourselves. Society instills those beliefs in us. Because these beliefs are what society instills in us when we are small and very impressionable, it goes a long way in shaping the outcome of our adult lives. Many times, you see adults who are just stuck in life—their life is going in circles—they can’t point out where their problem is coming from – they have self-limiting beliefs that they grew up with.

Why do I want to talk about self-limiting beliefs when I am supposed to be showing you how to discover and live your purpose in life? The reason is straightforward – I want to tackle the problem from the root. If you are clearing weeds on a farm and you are uprooting both the roots and shoots of the weed, the weeds will find it difficult to grow back. But if you just cut the shoots of a weed, the roots that are still buried in the soil sprout out new shoots, and you would have wasted your initial efforts.

In practice, if you want to solve a problem, you, first of all, eliminate the cause of that problem and once you have succeeded in eliminating the cause of that problem, you have done half your job. Why am I saying all these? I am saying all these because I want to help people identify the reasons why they are finding it difficult to succeed in life, why they are finding it difficult to discover their purpose in life and why they are still stuck in life. By helping them identify the cause of their problem (s), I can then share with them how I overcame my problems and how they can overcome theirs.

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