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Frank's Farts by Robert Kloth Frank's Farts by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 3,660 words Sample 20%
A chance encounter with his boyfriend's gas triggers a new kind of sexual awakening for a young man. He sets out to explore this with his willing, affectionate boyfriend.
Just Breathe Out by J Rocci Just Breathe Out by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 12,360 words Read a sample
Darren and Russ have known each other forever, and Darren has been pining after Russ for almost as long. When a well-meaning friend reveals once of Russ' secrets, Darren finds he has a choice to make. Tell Russ his own secret and maybe fulfill all of his dreams, or remain silent and try to pretend nothing has happened...
Current Affair by Ann Sepino Current Affair by Feb. 17, 2019 $3.99 29,440 words
DARDAGAT was a knight of the kingdom of Okeanos, a friend of the king’s niece and a fiancé to the princess. CORDELIA was a Sea Witch, shunned by the other sea-dwellers for the danger she and her magic posed. But these two stubborn residents of the watery deep are going to find out that love can lurk beneath even the worst of deceits and the stormiest of seas.
War Against God by Den Warren War Against God by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 1,030 words Read a sample
How far will man go to defy God? There is an answer and it may surprise you.
Em's Gator Club (Hep Cats of Boise #0.5) by Alia Hess Em's Gator Club (Hep Cats of Boise #0.5) by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 7,090 words Read a sample
Swing, software, and shady deals at the heart of future Boise’s subculture.
The Beginning of the End I by X. T.W The Beginning of the End I by Feb. 17, 2019 $1.15 2,370 words
ACTION! ADVENTURE! FANTASY! You'll find all of that in this book
Holonauts by Marlynn Swanigan Holonauts by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 600 words Read a sample
[WAM!!] "You can't be serious." "It's serious, some guy actually made a formula that makes holograms real" "HEY, GET AWAY FROM HER YOU CAMPER!!" "LAG!" This February, [WOOM!] "Ok we have to get really far from here!" "Why?" "Because I just dropped a dynamite and it rolled under this file cabinet," "AAA!" Find out why critics are raving, [SCREECH] "Wait, my watch," "Vukodlak," |-|∆u|_°NAU+S™
Once Upon A Time At 30,000 Feet by J.T. Evergreen Once Upon A Time At 30,000 Feet by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 8,360 words Read a sample
American Flight 1071 lifted off at 7:05 a.m. as scheduled with me tucked into first class seat 5A next to a window. As always, I give the stewardess a fresh flower to give to the captain with a verbal thank you for his ability in taking us from point A to point B in comfort and safety. I fell asleep thinking that would be the end of it. It wasn't.
Ölümcül Yetenek by Bilal Özbay Ölümcül Yetenek by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 44,930 words Sample 10%
İnsan yeteneklerinin çok azının farkındadır; bir gün çaresiz kaldığınızda ortaya çıkan yetenekleriniz sizi bile şaşırtabilir. Katil kim mi? O hep maktulün koynundaki sevgilidir. Ölüm ise aslını takip eden gölgeden başka nedir?
No Respect by Patrice Stanton No Respect by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 4,520 words Read a sample
In the not-too-distant-Future...a Senator having trouble getting respect even in the D.C. Swamp, unexpectedly meets a second soulmate of sorts on a history making supersonic flight back home to Texas.
Mass Media Bias by Richard Hazzlewood Mass Media Bias by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 4,430 words Read a sample
This work investigates the bias inherent in both the media and entertainment industries. It explores British and American examples, and discusses the limits of the trust we should place in mass media generally.
Knowledge is Control by Andrea Witt Knowledge is Control by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 6,070 words Sample 10%
How to Be Safe Anytime and Everywhere. A Safety Guide for Kids and Teens
Silly Topping Pizza Place by LaTasha A. Parkmond Silly Topping Pizza Place by Feb. 17, 2019 $3.99 60 words Sample 3%
It's an exciting day for Jermar and Leiylani! Join Jermar, Leiylani and their parents on their pizza journey to Silly Topping Pizza Place.
Medicine is not easy by Hua Sun Medicine is not easy by Feb. 17, 2019 $1.99 390 words Sample 20%
It is true that medical doctors are health professionals whose roles are of great importance in the society.
La Siembra de la Nueva Humanidad - Los Hijos del Sol by Margarita Cotera La Siembra de la Nueva Humanidad - Los Hijos del Sol by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 39,790 words Read a sample
En ameno relato, este libro nos conduce por las extraordinarias experiencias de contacto físico y telepático con seres de otras partes del Universo, de un grupo de personas, que por mas de 20 años viene siendo preparado por la Jerarquía Universal y la Confederación Interplanetaria.
Meet the Disney Brothers by Aaron Goldberg Meet the Disney Brothers by Feb. 17, 2019 $5.99 16,760 words
You have probably heard the word Disney before. Come on, who hasn’t? You’ve seen Disney movies, watched Disney TV shows, and maybe even visited Disneyland or Walt Disney World.
Nutty Bunny by Therese A. Kraemer Nutty Bunny by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 2,560 words Sample 10%
Simon the Stork's last mission before he retires ends in disaster when he drops the baby off to the wrong address. It could be worse but Chipper reluctantly decides to be a father. Nutty thinks he is a squirrel because his father is even though he can see the difference. Now he gets to explore his world.
As Sure As A Goose Goes Barefoot by James Hammit As Sure As A Goose Goes Barefoot by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.50 80 words Sample 5%
Leonard the Goose loves his big brown shoes and doesn’t want to get them wet, ever! But when he sees his friends having fun, he feels left out.
The Barista by J.T. Evergreen The Barista by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 7,120 words Read a sample
The father of Claudette's unborn twins is overwhelmed with fear of responsibilities and disappears. Two gay friends, one of them a priest, and two ghosts one of which takes on the form of a puppy, conspire to clear up misunderstandings and bring the couple back together for a happy ending.
Kelly Family Chronicles Presents- Unlikely to Succeed by Kelly Le'Blood Kelly Family Chronicles Presents- Unlikely to Succeed by Feb. 17, 2019 $5.99 32,570 words Sample 20%
In what could be considered a normal day at your average high school suddenly turns treacherous and deadly when beauty meets beast and friendships take a turn for the worst. Micah and Mikayla are fraternal twins who seem to have it all but an unfortunate event at high school prom turns the life of these twins completely upside down.
Traveling to Glacier National Park by Muhammad Naveed Traveling to Glacier National Park by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 5,290 words Sample 25%
The Glacier National Park in the North West Montana is one of such magnificent natural parks located between Whitefish and St. Mary.
Time Management for Multipotentialites, Scanners, ENFPs & INFPs by Robin M Koppensteiner Time Management for Multipotentialites, Scanners, ENFPs & INFPs by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 3,320 words Read a sample
Time Management can be a tricky thing. But if you are a multipotentialite like I am, this will bring things to a completely new level. Here's how you can deal with it.
Maintaining the Right Attitude in the Last Minute: the essence of life by Bantar Shey Maintaining the Right Attitude in the Last Minute: the essence of life by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.90 16,320 words Sample 10%
Our attitudes define who we are. With man, we ought to be Righteous in attitude but with God Almighty, our attitudes ought to reflect Godliness.
Cowgirls Don't Cry by Amber Thielman Cowgirls Don't Cry by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 63,390 words Sample 10%
A sweet YA romance about a city girl thrown into life on the ranch.
Too Little or Too Big? by Janice Alonso Too Little or Too Big? by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 1,330 words Read a sample
Brian is feeling left out. His mama just had a baby, and no one has time for him anymore. Even worse, when he tries to play with his new brother, his mama says that he’s too big. But, when he wants to do things with his older brother, she says he’s too little. He just doesn’t fit in!
Coming Down Fast and Other Sexy Encounters by Kaysee Renee Robichaud Coming Down Fast and Other Sexy Encounters by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 17,290 words Sample 20%
Five sexy encounters from imaginative erotic romance writer Kaysee Renee Robichaud. Sexy skydiving, a bondage obsessed secretary, a cougar on the prowl, and more individuals find themselves caught up in passionate moments.
Invincible by Saïd Invincible by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 2,440 words
Nash pensait prendre pour cible un corps perdu, mû par le techsteal. Se pourrait-il qu'elle soit une cible, elle aussi ? "Invincible" est la suite des nouvelles "Invisible" et "Indicible".
Zero Waste - Learning More about “Zero Waste” and Saying No to Plastics by Dueep Jyot Singh Zero Waste - Learning More about “Zero Waste” and Saying No to Plastics by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 16,910 words Sample 25%
Six years ago, the administration in our city decided that there was going to be a complete ban on plastics, as far as shopping bags and food packaging, in local industries and enterprises were concerned. This decision was hailed in the press and approved by the public, but the business section seemed to be disturbed.
If I Fall by Amber Thielman If I Fall by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 77,780 words Sample 10%
How do you survive when your best friend takes his own life?
Hotwife From Rags To Riches by Karly Violet Hotwife From Rags To Riches by Feb. 17, 2019 $3.99 30,380 words Sample 10%
Hotwife goes from rags to riches selling ‘favours’! The young married couple had started life on hard mode.
James James "Jimmy Legs" Episcopia Bonanno Family Soldier by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 2,430 words Sample 5%
James "Jimmy Legs" Episcopia was a regular body guard for Searingtown mobster Frank Mari. Much of my e-book discusses an era that followed the Bonanno family wars that occurred after Joseph Bonanno's 1964 abduction by his relatives. A central portion of my text looks at the entrance of Joseph Pistone/Donnie Brasco into the Bonanno family. The FBI agent was brought in by Dominick Napolitano.
Vocabulário Português Brasileiro-Uzbeque - 3000 Palavras by Andrey Taranov Vocabulário Português Brasileiro-Uzbeque - 3000 Palavras by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 17,320 words
Os LIVROS DE VOCABULÁRIO da T&P Books destinam-se a ajudar a aprender, a memorizar, e a rever palavras estrangeiras. O dicionário contém mais de 3000 palavras de uso corrente - 101 tópicos, incluindo: Os verbos mais importantes, Tempo, Calendário, Estações do Ano, Viagens, Cidade, Compras, Roupas & Acessórios, Cosméticos, Conversação telefónica, Línguas estrangeiras, Refeições, Restaurante …
The Macabre Organism by Linda Rigsbee The Macabre Organism by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 83,720 words Sample 20%
A tiny organism does what no one else has been able to do. It backs Donte into a corner and puts him on his knees. Donte cannot rely on his supernatural skills. He must rely on his crew and learn to resolve problems without superpowers.
Snake-Like Relationships: How to make a clean break from the snake in your relationship by Johanna Sparrow Snake-Like Relationships: How to make a clean break from the snake in your relationship by Feb. 17, 2019 $3.75 14,740 words Sample 10%
Poisonous people make you want to please them even when you are not a people-pleaser. They have attractive personalities, but people may see them as somewhat controlling or manipulative early in the relationship. They can tear you down in a short amount of time for what seems like no reason, or if they feel a loss of control. To exist around them becomes a battle.
Three Fantastic Cosmogonies by Stephane Leus Three Fantastic Cosmogonies by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.00 13,110 words Sample 20%
Metaphors are a great way to talk about history, reality, fantasy and humanity, with the freedom of making us able to grasp another depth or to reflect about serious matters. If we wouldn’t have metaphors we would have never thought of god, because it is incomprehensible to our imagination. These three metaphors present original and fantastic ideas to think about the deep sense of religiousness o
A World Apart by Gretta Curran Browne A World Apart by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 99,410 words Sample 10%
A WORLD APART The Michael Dwyer story continues ... powerful in its drama and truth ... and his fame in the history of Ireland begins ... "Powerful! A love story which endures more than half a century and spans two continents." –-- BRECON & RADNOR EXPRESS
Mister Right by Eloise May Mister Right by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 34,940 words Read a sample
Sweet Romance. Kelly was engaged to marry Ashton. The doubts she was experiencing as the big day approached were just fear and a natural reaction. Or so she hoped. Ryan Carstair, the MD of her company, was just a rich and handsome guy to crush on, until they became much better acquainted at a company conference. Being with Ryan opened her eyes, and her heart. A dangerous & confusing place to be.
Fire On The Hill by Gretta Curran Browne Fire On The Hill by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 103,210 words Sample 10%
FIRE ON THE HILL is a magnificent historical novel and a passionate and poignant love story. "Here is a real blockbuster, magnificent, passionate, poignant." –- BOOKS IRELAND
Tread Softly On My Dreams by Gretta Curran Browne Tread Softly On My Dreams by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.99 182,270 words Sample 10%
TREAD SOFTLY Set against the background of the beauty of Ireland, the dark clouds of its past, as well as the humour and dreams of its people, this is a passionate and powerful true story of three young people, Robert Emmet, Anne Devlin, and Sarah Curran, drawn together in love, in hope, and tragedy.--- "A very fine achievement." -- SUNDAY PRESS
Draw Harry the Hairy Hairball by Brenda Hoddinott Draw Harry the Hairy Hairball by Feb. 17, 2019 $1.69 1,990 words Sample 15%
Use colored pencils to draw a cartoon face with a three-dimensional nose and shiny eyes centered inside long blue hair Beginner (ages 8 to adult): Step-by-step instructions, 16 illustrations, and definitions of 17 drawing-related words
All That Glitters by Jason Andrews All That Glitters by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 72,080 words Sample 15%
All Kate wants is to better her lifestyle. City life with a low paid job, no friends, no family or support can be difficult. Kate is struggling to make ends meet. All Chad wants is some emotional support. A woman to talk to - a friend he can rely on... He pays by the hour - and she pays in ways she had never imagined...
Women: What Do We Want? by Evelyn Leite Women: What Do We Want? by Feb. 17, 2019 $4.95 44,110 words Sample 20%
What do women want? It's a simple question without a simple answer. In Women: What Do We Want? Evelyn Leite draws insights from interviews and from her decades of experience counseling women to reveal the roots of the issues that plague many relationships and provide guidance to more love and spicier passion.
Why is Change so Hard? by Jennifer Hancock Why is Change so Hard? by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 6,280 words Sample 20%
In this book, author Jennifer Hancock is going to discuss why we all find it so hard to change and why it’s particularly difficult to create culture shifts within an organization.She takes an operant conditioning approach to the problem, which basically means she takes a behavioral psychology approach. First, we need to learn how we as humans: • unlearn old behaviors • train up new behaviors • h
The Godzone Connection (The Severance Series, book 6) by Mark McKay The Godzone Connection (The Severance Series, book 6) by Feb. 17, 2019 $3.99 81,810 words Sample 20%
Can you really disappear without a trace? Phoebe Fraser is an English woman working at a private bank in Tokyo. When she steals $10 million from a client’s account and then disappears, Nick and Mariko Severance are brought in as private investigators, to track her down.
The Tenth Virtue: Awakening by M. C. Meinema The Tenth Virtue: Awakening by Feb. 17, 2019 $0.99 85,620 words Sample 10%
Awakening is the first book in The Tenth Virtue series. As an infant, a strange fire rips through Patrina's tiny home, miraculously leaving her untouched, and orphaned, until Uncle Vlad shows up to claim her, and keep her locked away. As Patrina nears her twelfth birthday, her simple life begins to change, and she soon finds that neither she, nor those around her, are who they seem.With the hel
Ye Olde Magick Shoppe by Claire Buss Ye Olde Magick Shoppe by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 4,820 words Read a sample
From the comic fantasy world of The Rose Thief, we join Ned Spinks, Chief Thief-Catcher and his side-kick, Jenni the sprite, as they deal with an unwanted magick shoppe in the streets of Roshaven.
The Method by D.S.Pais The Method by Feb. 17, 2019 $0.99 18,890 words Sample 10%
The METHOD I wasn’t like this before. I was way too different. But gradually I learnt The METHOD and applied it to my life and reaped the benefits and will continuously keep getting the benefits. It has now become a part of me. Actually wasn’t aware that I was following The METHOD. But now I am aware since I have been practicing for at least five years and so thought of writing it down.
An Unlikely Christmas by D.S.Pais An Unlikely Christmas by Feb. 17, 2019 $0.99 22,820 words Sample 10%
A shy dancer steals her heart, but she remains in oblivion. Her actions show that she cares for him, but her mind is not willing to accept. She has changed his personality since the time they have met. The story unfolds with the two of them being at the same place, she not believing in love and he falling apart from her due to her own indifference. What happens next?
How to seduce your wife (or anyone else's) by Andy Gibney How to seduce your wife (or anyone else's) by Feb. 17, 2019 $2.99 76,500 words
In a world where social media is decimating relationships 'How to seduce your wife' will help you keep yours together. Or, if you're newly single this will help you avoid the bad ones and find the love of your life. Written by a therapist with 12 years of helping people get through bad times and laced with first and second hand experiences to give you the answers to finding love.
Test by Dr Dawne Irving-Bell Test by Feb. 17, 2019 Free! 160 words Read a sample
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