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Goodbye, My Love by Maggie Tideswell Goodbye, My Love by May 29, 2017 $3.99 90328 words Sample 20%
"With twists and turns guaranteed to keep those pages turning, Maggie Tideswell proves that she's an author to watch."     ~ Loree Lough, Best-Selling author
Fraud Twice Felt by J.T. Hall Fraud Twice Felt by May 29, 2017 $4.99 97093 words Sample 15%
Three weeks after solving his old boyfriend’s murder, bounty hunter Derwin Bryant is trying to let go of the past and embrace his new life with Elliot Leed, a former rentboy and fellow Oddity. Elliot, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to working at Bob’s Bail Bonds and having a real relationship despite his strange power of Object Reading.
The Boys of Banana Court: Box Set by Alex Carreras The Boys of Banana Court: Box Set by May 29, 2017 $2.99 71400 words Sample 20%
A Gay Romance collection of three favourite The Boys of Banana Court books from the series: Exposed, Forbidden and Deception. Exposed: Mitch and Austin’s Story Mitch Montgomery should be happy. He’s just got his own apartment with his best, Josh Connors, recently landed a job at IGNITE—the coolest and gayest gym in town—and his new neighbor is hot, hung, horny, and above everything else...
The Barn: A Short Story by Erin Wilcox The Barn: A Short Story by May 29, 2017 $0.99 4875 words Sample 10%
A timely piece of Americana for readers of literary fiction and the Southern Gothic genre. When George lost his wife, it nearly killed him. Now he has also lost his son. An accident compels George to share space with his son's widow, an African American woman, forcing him to confront his wife's legacy and the prejudice that has defined his family's past, to choose between nostalgia and the future.
Zachery by Kathi S Barton Zachery by May 29, 2017 $5.99 60409 words Sample 20%
Tisha Porter didn’t think she was going to make it. Convinced she would die from her injuries, she left a blow by blow account of what happened to her and who was responsible. The why of it was still a mystery.
The Gift by Beth Williamson The Gift by May 29, 2017 $3.99 60824 words Sample 20%
Trevor Malloy has spent his life enjoying and flirting with women. Life hadn’t given him a female he couldn’t charm until he goes all in at a poker game and loses. Adelaide Burns cannot allow herself to fall pray to Trevor’s handsome face. Despite their efforts to keep apart, they come together like a stick of dynamite and find heaven in each other’s arms.
The English Proposal by Jenna Brandt The English Proposal by May 29, 2017 $0.99 67641 words Sample 20%
The English Proposal: Lady Margaret, the daughter of an English Earl, is betrothed due to a family promise. Although the Viscount Rolantry has been her best friend since childhood and she is expected to marry him, she never felt butterflies until she meets the Duke of Witherton. Against her father’s wishes, Margaret finds herself fighting between her duty to her family and her desire for the duke.
Plight by K.M. Golland Plight by May 29, 2017 $2.99 58408 words Sample 20%
Plight [plahyt] Noun: a difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation. Verb: pledge or solemnly promise. Be engaged to be married. I promised myself to a boy. We were eight years old. Neighbours. He gave me a Cheezel, pushed it onto my finger, and asked me to marry him. I ate the Cheezel. I also said, “Yes” but that we’d have to wait until we were thirty. It was my 30th birthday last week.
Feeble Connections by Meghana Sarathy Feeble Connections by May 29, 2017 $3.99 168841 words Sample 20%
Feeble Connection spins the tale of two friends- Jennifer and Brandon, who meet in college. They were opposite on many grounds and yet perfect for one another. More so as best friends. The love that blossomed in their hearts never made it to their lips. It was Jennifer's lost hope or perhaps Brandon's ignorance to understand his own feelings that made him pave the way for Jennifer to meet Linden .
Smoke and Mirrors by Susan Harris Smoke and Mirrors by May 29, 2017 $2.99 70805 words Sample 20%
Ever Chace is a Valkyrie, but not just any Valkyrie—she's a Valkyrie queen in the making. Torn between the past and present, love and obligation, Ever is terrified of saying the words that would break the curse she is bound to. Pushing Derek away hasn't helped; it has only made her miserable. With her father waking, and their lives on the line, can she really shy away from who she is becoming?
Purple Wishes: The Thoughts Of Better Tomorrow by Chad Duo Purple Wishes: The Thoughts Of Better Tomorrow by May 29, 2017 $4.00 24380 words Sample 30%
Purple Wishes: The thoughts of better tomorrow is collection of notes of wisdom and courage to help you be the better version of yourself tomorrow. Better you,better tomorrow. The motivational weapon inked to bless you with inspiration for you to build better future for yourself.
Performance Review by Tamryn Eradani Performance Review by May 29, 2017 $1.99 11736 words Sample 20%
After a day testing Daniel's limits and then a day being spoiled, Daniel has some time to reflect on his and Ryan's relationship. He thinks they're ready for their next step; planning a weekend away.
The Power of Mates by Sam Crescent The Power of Mates by May 29, 2017 $3.99 55976 words Sample 10%
Heels Over Head by Elyse Springer Heels Over Head by May 29, 2017 $4.99 103629 words Sample 15%
Jeremy Reeve is one of the best divers in the world, and he’s worked hard to get where he is. He intends to keep pushing himself with one very clear goal in mind: winning gold at the summer Olympics in two years. That medal might be the only way to earn his father’s respect as an athlete.
Bondage Stories #3:  Five More Stories of Bondage, Hardcore BDSM, Public Humiliation, Spanking, and SO MUCH MORE by Deborah Cockram Bondage Stories #3: Five More Stories of Bondage, Hardcore BDSM, Public Humiliation, Spanking, and SO MUCH MORE by May 29, 2017 $4.99 28619 words Sample 20%
Five more scintillating tales of Bondage, Spanking, and Ravishing Gangbangs. Stories inside include Taking The Babysitter!, In Gangbanging & Sharing The Babysitter!, Cuffed & Gangbanged by THREE, Bound and Banged in the Hotel Room, Tied Up, Spanked and Ravished. Yes, five stories of damsels in extreme distress, taken hard and repeatedly...and the stories are just a click away.
Cuckold Collection Volume 1 by Don Johnson Cuckold Collection Volume 1 by May 28, 2017 $5.00 12408 words Sample 20%
3 'Definitely Cuckold' Tales with a 4th Bonus story!
The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Whitehaven Beach by Cathy Maisano The Paradise Beach Mysteries: Whitehaven Beach by May 28, 2017 Free! 14887 words Read a sample
Secret agents everywhere are invited to step inside the amazing Bexhill-on-Sea beach hut of The Paradise Beach Mysteries and join Megan and Marcus Morgan as they travel at the speed of light to far-away top-rated world beaches in a quest to save them from environmental ruin.
Markers by Lucus Anthony Ren Markers by May 28, 2017 Free! 7086 words Read a sample
What happens when we stop reading? Lucas Anthony Ren sends us into that area without boundaries where understanding who is writing, isn't the question. Rather, what comes next. After it stops.
The Girl Who Writes And The Boy Who Likes Her by Sandra Corton The Girl Who Writes And The Boy Who Likes Her by May 28, 2017 $5.99 70444 words Sample 20%
Zac Carter had spent one week out of every year at Emily Dawson's house since he was fifteen. He was thinking of bailing this year when he remembered sad, strange Emily who he'd had a crush on for the longest time. That made him want to stay there so he could try to figure her out. Follow the story of Emily and Zach as they discover that sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem.
Knights Thranis by Liam W H Young Knights Thranis by May 28, 2017 $0.99 90747 words Sample 15%
The Blades are left reeling in the wake of the invasion of Freylar, and recruitment levels fall. Anika and Rayna are tasked with the onerous mission of rebuilding an alliance with the estranged Knights Thranis. Previously strong relationships begin to crack and old enemies bide their time in the shadows, scheming Freylar’s newest downfall.
Big & Beautiful Boxed Set #1 by Mary E Thompson Big & Beautiful Boxed Set #1 by May 28, 2017 $5.99 275365 words Sample 5%
Books 2-5 of Big & Beautiful series. Lush & Lovely. Being lush keeps her safe, being lovely keeps his attention. Shapely & Stunning. Does this shapely woman have the guts to risk her heart, and her job, for her stunning boss? Bulky & Beauteous. She's bulky, lackluster, and reliable, but she longs to be beauteous, lively, and reckless. Fat & Fine. In the mirror she's fat. In his eyes she's fine.
When Animals Are Your Friends by Trevor Hopeworth When Animals Are Your Friends by May 28, 2017 Free! 1608 words Read a sample
How do you spot a modern subversive? Answer: By the cat hairs on his clothes. There would be no better companion in life than an authentic human being, but failing that, the spontaneity, dynamism, and affectionate nature of pet animals is a good substitute. The hollowed-out nature of the times drives us to our semi-wild counterparts, and we find in them true friends. No adult-only content.
Es tu culpa! by joey1277 Es tu culpa! by May 28, 2017 $3.99 50199 words Sample 15%
Si piensas que el destino es algo mágico e incontrolable que te sucede, entonces perteneces a la mayoria; lamentablemente esta mayor parte de la humanidad es pobre y las coincidencias no existen. Al leer esta obra entenderás y aplicarás los conceptos que te llevarán a pertenecer a la minoría y créeme te encantará ser parte de este grupo.
Keepers of the Land: Books 1-3 by Crystal Dawn Keepers of the Land: Books 1-3 by May 28, 2017 $3.99 210202 words Sample 20%
First three books of the Keepers of the land series. Mandi finds herself waking from a drug induced sleep, in the arms of the handsome McDougal Pack's alpha. Mac doesn’t think the mate the council chose for him is going to work out for him at all. But when he meets her, he begins to wonder if she might not be the one he’s been looking for all along. Marissa is a witch. Damon is a warden.
Zombie Outbreak Survival: My Fellow Citizens by Van Allen Zombie Outbreak Survival: My Fellow Citizens by May 28, 2017 Free! 6838 words Read a sample
Keep in mind I'm Captain Allen, USMC and you're not! The zombie apocalypse is a comin'. Are you paranoid? Are you afraid? I'm not. I'm The Captain. In this book I explore what a great political speech sounds like against the backdrop of a full blown zombie apocalypse. Imagine the world went to shit fast and some time later during the shit, new leadership steps forward. What would he or she say?
Poly Land: My Brutally Honest Adventures in Polyamory by Page Turner Poly Land: My Brutally Honest Adventures in Polyamory by May 28, 2017 $4.99 92050 words Sample 15%
Moving away from the sugar-coated honor-student answers, Page Turner leaves little to the imagination about opening a marriage, while exploring her bisexuality and self-worth. Travel through a complicated polyamorous web, in which her partners do their best to sabotage each other, break the rules, and eventually commit assault.
Word Problems from Literature by Denise Gaskins Word Problems from Literature by May 28, 2017 $3.99 17130 words Sample 20%
Word Problems from Literature features math puzzles for elementary and middle school students from classic books such as Mr. Popper's Penguins and The Hobbit. Denise Gaskins demonstrates step by step how to use the problem-solving tool of bar model diagrams, a type of pictorial algebra.
Arrival of Darkness by Catherine Wallace Arrival of Darkness by May 28, 2017 Free! 3347 words Read a sample
Arrival of Darkness is a collection of three short stories that provide intense and dramatic scenes within their plots. Darkness in this sense is back luck and unexpected happenings, with a touch of suspense, and maybe even a little horror. These stories are a new way of defined darkness with a hint of other elements to keep the reader fueled with curiosity.
Through The Years: A Collection of Short Stories by Lauren D. Through The Years: A Collection of Short Stories by May 28, 2017 Free! 4104 words Read a sample
A collection of adventurous flash fiction stories that tap into the inner imagination kids use on a daily basis and most adults have forgotten about.
Russell's Reversal (Lost Shifters Book 14) by Stephani Hecht Russell's Reversal (Lost Shifters Book 14) by May 28, 2017 $2.99 21516 words Sample 10%
Sometimes even the strongest of love can’t erase the past. Will Dalton be able to forgive Russell, or will their love be doomed to end before it even begins?
Chance's Vindication (Lost Shifters Book 13) by Stephani Hecht Chance's Vindication (Lost Shifters Book 13) by May 28, 2017 $3.99 30958 words Sample 10%
Can Thomas overlook all that Ravens have done to fall for Chance, an unusual Raven that was raised in isolation?
Hey, There's Fur in my Wedding Cake (Lost Shifter Book 12.5) by Stephani Hecht Hey, There's Fur in my Wedding Cake (Lost Shifter Book 12.5) by May 28, 2017 Free! 4950 words Read a sample
What happens when you go back home? Maybe something you least expect.
Broken by Ufuomaee Broken by May 28, 2017 Free! 30970 words Read a sample
From the Author of 'The Church Girl' comes a story about an unrelenting love that conquers all. Promise is a promiscuous woman who doesn't believe in God, after being abused as a child. Ope is a Christian man, who believes God has called him to marry her. Promise is unrepentantly unfaithful, and is determined to leave him. Ope hangs on until she delivers a final blow he may never recover from...
A Day Out With Friends and Other Stories by Erika Kocher A Day Out With Friends and Other Stories by May 28, 2017 Free! 3680 words Read a sample
This eBook is a collection of three short stories by Erika Kocher. The collection focuses on fantasy themes in varying levels and all with strong female characters, whether they are the main character or not.
Muslim Family Law in India (Part 1: Sources of Law, Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Guardianship) by Nayab Naseer Muslim Family Law in India (Part 1: Sources of Law, Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Guardianship) by May 28, 2017 Free! 12401 words Read a sample
This book offers insight into Muslim Family Law in India, covering sources of Muslim laws, rules regarding marriage and divorce, maintenance of wives and relatives, guardianship of children, and adoption. It offers the legal perspective on several burning topics such as triple talaq, maintetance of wives and Shah Bano case, Mutah marriage, and more. Very useful for LLB students.
Земное-космическое. Выпуск 2. Станислав Хабаров. by Всеволод Иванов Земное-космическое. Выпуск 2. Станислав Хабаров. by May 28, 2017 Free! 1164 words Read a sample
Уже более полувека люди живут как бы в двух мирах — земном и космическом, и проводится сравнение работ былых художников и космических фотографов. Эта книга – своего рода краткая энциклопедия земного-космического.
Taking my Sister at the Family Dinner by Alex Vander Taking my Sister at the Family Dinner by May 28, 2017 $2.99 1754 words Sample 20%
A brother Sister Incest story. Just outside Mom and Dad's view. "No ones going to see us," I said to my sister groping her breasts from behind as the family was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Just a couple feet separating us as I fondled her outside. A window just barely not letting them see us. One step wrong and the whole lot of them could see me defiling her.
The Healthy & Natural Vegan Diet - Healthy Food Recipes, Advice, Spice Mixtures, Tips & Techniques by Dueep Jyot Singh The Healthy & Natural Vegan Diet - Healthy Food Recipes, Advice, Spice Mixtures, Tips & Techniques by May 28, 2017 $2.99 35260 words Sample 25%
This book is for all those health-conscious people out there, all over the world, who are looking for healthy meals, which give them essential nutrients, provide them with energy, and thus enable them to stay full of health and vigor, throughout their lives.
R'lyeh Rises - Cthulu Awakes by B.B. Irvine R'lyeh Rises - Cthulu Awakes by May 28, 2017 $1.50 94248 words Sample 20%
“Mayday” and “abandoning ship” are the last words heard from Clementine Prioress, the only survivor of a ship torn apart somehow, sending Sam Oliver to the South Pacific to save her. Discovery that R’lyeh has risen is followed by the awakening of dread Cthulu - threatening all life on Earth.
Sleep Sex Surprise: Sleep Sex 3 Pack #4 by Sara Kitty Sleep Sex Surprise: Sleep Sex 3 Pack #4 by May 28, 2017 $5.99 4172 words Sample 20%
3 Hot Sleep Sex Stories by Sara Kitty Stories included: Pumping My Seed Into My Sleeping Mom Stuffing My Sleeping Sister's Virgin Pussy Pounding My Sleeping Virgin Daughter's Pussy
The Hell March by John Dodsworth The Hell March by May 28, 2017 Free! 2422 words Sample 20%
It's a cold winter night in New Brunswick, as a man contemplates his youth on the night of his wedding. He will be forced to rely on the strong temperament he was taught at boarding school in order to endure the onslaught of family bigotry and alcoholism on this happiest of nights...
The Dread Lords Rising by J. David Phillips The Dread Lords Rising by May 28, 2017 $0.99 160327 words Sample 20%
Three boys and a little girl must take on an evil sorcerer in a desperate attempt to save their home from a rising evil menace. They must do this while navigating dangers posed by vicious bullies, insidious politicians, and scores of supernatural monsters. Only the strength of their friendships can help them survive.
GhostBusting 101 by JESmith01 GhostBusting 101 by May 28, 2017 $3.99 25609 words Sample 20%
A beginner's guide to conducting your own professional paranormal investigation.
Bible Verses That touch My heart by annie Bible Verses That touch My heart by May 28, 2017 $3.99 937 words Sample 20%
this .book has beautiful pictures and words of some of the most well known bible verses
Girl-Friend For Hire by Andre' Mwansa Girl-Friend For Hire by May 28, 2017 Free! 1853 words Read a sample
Marcus parents are in town. His father wants to see his girlfriend and the so said wife to be. But What can he do if he doesn't have one? He decides on hiring one, what could go wrong?
The Dictator of Britain Book Three: The End of Days by Paul Michael Dubal The Dictator of Britain Book Three: The End of Days by May 28, 2017 $3.99 121496 words Sample 20%
Book Three is the explosive finale to the compelling Dictator of Britain trilogy. With Britain in chaos and Prime Minister Pelham 's brutal dictatorship under increasing pressure, the United Nations is forced to intervene. Pelham will stop at nothing to cling to power. Having survived another assassination attempt, he decides to strike back, putting all of Europe under threat.
The Helm of Darkness by Kim Richardson The Helm of Darkness by May 28, 2017 $3.99 70047 words Sample 20%
Against all odds, Alexa survives the pagan god Hades’ clutches and returns to Horizon—but at a steep cost. Part of her soul is missing, and with that, a darkness brews inside her. When the Legion pairs her with a new petty officer, Milo, a mysterious angel who seems as annoyed as she is to be teamed together, they head to New York City on a lead and things quickly move from bad to worse.
Fearing Nothing by Michael O'Brien Fearing Nothing by May 28, 2017 $3.99 35066 words Sample 20%
If anxiety, panic, and stress are holding you back. It's time to learn why you have it, how to get rid of it, and to begin living your life. Michael O'Brien has found the solution to overcoming fear and anxiety after years of experiencing them himself. He was unable to cope with his fear and anxiety. But today, he lives a normal life and doesn't fear having panic attacks.
Driftwood by Harper Fox Driftwood by May 28, 2017 $4.99 59981 words Sample 20%
A handsome village doctor and a high-flying search-and-rescue hero meet up in wild rural Cornwall. All the ingredients are there for a passionate new romance - but both these men have their shadows, and ghosts from the past to conquer. Join Tom Penrose and flyin' Flynn Summers for one extraordinary Cornish summer. Can their love outrace the tide?
Blood-Fest of the Dinosaurs by Kenneth R. Rooks Blood-Fest of the Dinosaurs by May 28, 2017 $2.99 74793 words Sample 20%
The Russians are up to more of their sneaky tricks some 67 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period. Using stolen time travel technology, they send several teams back to capture meat-eating dinosaurs for a very devious purpose. They intend to unleash T-Rexs and Velociraptors on American cities.