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Countdown to Santa by K-lee Klein Countdown to Santa by March 24, 2017 $4.99 27522 words Sample 20%
Gabe and Matteo have settled into the highs and lows of new fatherhood---exhaustion, dirty diapers, baby bottles and a whole lot of love. But as their first family Christmas looms on the horizon, Matteo is worried about how his partner is handling his new role as Papa Gabe.
Yours For The Asking by Richard Carlisle Yours For The Asking by March 24, 2017 Free! 8421 words Read a sample
After ten years of marriage, Bob finally admits that he has a fantasy, one involving his petite blonde wife! He wants her to be a 'Hot Wife!' He even has a particular type of lover in mind, very large and very black! Reluctantly, Carrie agrees to fulfill his fantasy. Come along as she meets her first BBC. Will their night of passion be all Bob envisioned, or will the reality be a disaster?
Christmas Hopes by Anna Lee Christmas Hopes by March 24, 2017 $2.99 12993 words Sample 20%
Christmas is a time of hope and love, but with a guarded heart Ethan Reed refuses to let anyone get close. Until he meets Trevor Hayes...
The by Arlene Rains Graber The by March 24, 2017 $4.99 64648 words Sample 20%
Wendy Holcomb is a happily married mother of a college bound daughter, and enjoys a comfortable life living in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, when her career begins to create numerous problems in her otherwise well-ordered life. The question is: will she shun family life for a chance on Broadway, or walk away?
Sweet Homo Alabama by Christopher Stone Sweet Homo Alabama by March 24, 2017 $1.99 8414 words Sample 20%
Cameron Cody, one of the biggest-ever gay adult film stars, returns to his small-town Alabama roots during Christmas season, intent on coming out to his sharecropper parents.
Beyond Duty by James Buchanan Beyond Duty by March 24, 2017 $5.99 49802 words Sample 20%
James introduces us to Alad and Hirah, both out searching for something when they meet, are they the end of searching for each other?
Something to Believe In by Sloan Parker Something to Believe In by March 24, 2017 $3.99 18728 words Sample 20%
Two young, homeless men fall in love and search for a way to stay off the streets and build a life together.
Southern Fried Christmas by Poppy Dennison Southern Fried Christmas by March 24, 2017 $1.99 7114 words Sample 20%
When vampire William's minions kidnap his cooking show host crush Ricky Joe, will it be the season for love, or a recipe for disaster?
VERSOS SENTIMENTALES by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) VERSOS SENTIMENTALES by March 24, 2017 Free! 34216 words Read a sample
Compilación de trabajos escritos en prosa y verso, relacionados con esos sentimientos humanos tan antiguos como la propia vida: amor, desamor, soledad, sueño, esperanza, fe, ilusión...
Sister's Dirty Diary by Kimberly Gray Sister's Dirty Diary by March 24, 2017 $2.33 6784 words Sample 30%
Young Ashley is a teen hottie with a perfect 10 body. Each night she writes in her book of secrets by confessing a dark, FORBIDDEN SECRET: she secretly has the HOTS for her buff brother! She writes all about her sick fantasies of what she wants him to do to her...
Sex Games Twins Play: Brother Loves Sleep Sex by DeeDee Zee Sex Games Twins Play: Brother Loves Sleep Sex by March 24, 2017 $2.99 3490 words Sample 20%
Brother-Sister (Twincest) Incest Erotica ~ His twin sister keeps sneaking into his bed at night, waking him up, making him want sex.
Tightwads on the Loose by Wendy Hinman Tightwads on the Loose by March 24, 2017 $5.99 109189 words Sample 20%
Tightwads on the Loose features the exciting story of two vagabonds who explore far flung islands and civilizations for seven years aboard a 31-foot wooden sailboat. They live without what most would call "necessities" and discover that what matters most is a sense of humor.
Swingers & Swappers: 15 Short Stories by Jane Emery Swingers & Swappers: 15 Short Stories by March 24, 2017 $2.99 46697 words Sample 5%
18+ STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT & GRAPHIC SEX. 15 Stories of Kinky Sex that include: The Perfect Wife; My Sex Slave; A Soldier’s Commitment; Impractical Sex Games; Trailer Park Sex Party; Sex, Money & Murder; Masquerade; Cuckold Xmas; XXXmas Key Party; Adonis the Sex-Bot; Sex in the Suburbs 2 and more.
Perdona me enamoré by Diana Scott Perdona me enamoré by March 24, 2017 $2.99 69845 words Sample 20%
Y cuando un día estás dispuesta a dejar de llorar él va y regresa...Eso pensó Barby disgustada, mientras intentaba salvar la vida de un soldado, que se desangraba en sus brazos.
Naturally Heal Insomnia by Maxwell Chan Naturally Heal Insomnia by March 24, 2017 $4.99 11464 words Sample 20%
This book help you find out your causes of Insomnia, then treat it, then get better sleep with the effective, natural Health Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Mediation Intervention Program.
Transplanted Destiny by Meyari McFarland Transplanted Destiny by March 24, 2017 $2.99 9071 words Sample 20%
Sixty-three years of war had taken its toll on everyone in Rudrash, Chisa included. He was old. So old for someone who still felt so young. His body was failing him. Worse, it was failing Na'im. His magical younger brother and weapon against their enemies. Soon he wouldn't be able to wield Na'im anymore. Wouldn't be able to protect Na'im from those who saw him as nothing more than a tool.
Pre Primer Reader 1 by Agnes Musa Pre Primer Reader 1 by March 24, 2017 $0.99 100 words Sample 25%
This picture reader is for children learning the Dolch list at pre primer level.
The Harbinger - Book 6: Solidarity by Keegan Kennedy The Harbinger - Book 6: Solidarity by March 24, 2017 $2.99 65829 words Sample 20%
Following three jarring deaths and a surprise absconder, the thinly-stretched group is down by four, so the mood at Ghost Lake is sober. A terrifying new variation of creeper is discovered. When a huge secret is voluntarily confessed, a moment of kindness snowballs into a show of solidarity.
Olka and Her Blue Parasol by Neema Lakin-Dainow Olka and Her Blue Parasol by March 24, 2017 $2.99 649 words Sample 20%
Olka is an illustrated children's book about a spirited little girl who uses her imagination, sense of humor, wonder and resilience to deal with a life full of chores in 19th century Eastern Europe. Her efforts to balance a life of hard work with a child's exuberance and playfulness will delight young readers and those who read to them.
Kyros by Madison Stevens Kyros by March 24, 2017 $2.99 30564 words Sample 20%
Hybrid Kyros has a secret mission to protect his people that involves the world believing he's dead. When sexy teacher Jasmine shows up, he'll risk blowing his cover for a chance at love.
Half-Built Houses by Eric Keller Half-Built Houses by March 24, 2017 $4.99 110236 words Sample 15%
All the taught intrigue and compelling personalities of a classic, courtroom thriller combined with the twists and turns of an engrossing murder mystery in a Canadian setting.
Los Dioses y Diosas Griegos viven en tu interior by Inés M. Martín & Rubén González Los Dioses y Diosas Griegos viven en tu interior by
& March 24, 2017
$3.99 38264 words Sample 20%
Un libro que te ayuda a conocerte a ti mismo, a desarrollar al máximo tus potencialidades en todas las facetas de la vida utilizando como guía de valor inestimable la mitología, y, en concreto los dioses y diosas griegos como arquetipos universales, patrones de energía existentes en nuestra psique y con arreglo a los cuales acomodamos nuestra particular forma de vivir, pensar y sentir.
I Fucked Myself: An Autoerotic Lesbian Time-Travel Quickie by Sabryna Nyx I Fucked Myself: An Autoerotic Lesbian Time-Travel Quickie by March 24, 2017 $0.99 3465 words Sample 20%
A brilliant, sexy, lesbian scientist achieves her dream of building a working time machine for the express purpose of going back in time a few hours to have a bit of naughty fun with a temporal duplicate of herself. She knows that no one can ever please her as well as herself, so she risks creating a time paradox in order to have a few hours alone with a copy of herself.
Raven: Birds of Flight—Book Two by J. M. Erickson Raven: Birds of Flight—Book Two by March 24, 2017 $2.99 106450 words Sample 20%
What if Jason Bourne remembered everything right from the very start? What would happen to his therapist and nurse that helped him through his post-trauma amnesia? Would the government that trained him want him and his friends to live now? What would he do to protect himself and the people who helped him from his ruthlessly efficient, former boss? Raven picks up where Albatross left off.
Special Academy by Bledar Tola Special Academy by March 24, 2017 $0.99 51540 words Sample 20%
Daisy looked on with relief as if she had just dodged a bullet. "I like girls. I have always liked girls and I have had many lovers here at the academy. Some of my lovers have been faculty members, some have been parents and many have been students," Lilly admitted.
The Agents of Mystery: The Last Night by Nate Phillips The Agents of Mystery: The Last Night by March 24, 2017 Free! 12627 words Read a sample
The Agents of Mystery is a science fiction novella set in the 1951, which follow the events of The Last Night of the World, a short story by written Ray Bradbury.
Fill Me Up! - A BWWM Taboo Bundle by Denelle Sweets Fill Me Up! - A BWWM Taboo Bundle by March 24, 2017 $2.99 9895 words Sample 20%
Whatever you do... DON'T STOP! Keep pushing, keep sucking, keep filling me up!! These hot young black girls are going to get filled until they burst! Denelle Sweets is going to give you EVERYTHING you've been looking for in a hot taboo interracial book... and it's going to make you excited over and over and she shows you this MASSIVE bundle of books! Warning... these books are VERY explicit!
Famous Boy Wizard: Their Untold Tales #5 by Beatrice D.S Mayberry Famous Boy Wizard: Their Untold Tales #5 by March 24, 2017 Free! 2507 words Sample 20%
Bron rejoins Emily Ginger and Daniel Hotter at their tent in the woods just moments after Bron helped save Daniel from the en-cursed talisman. Emily is infuriated with her friend but will fury to to passion? You know it will!
Guest HouseHold by Bledar Tola Guest HouseHold by March 24, 2017 $0.99 47144 words Sample 20%
Ben got up, showered and put his clothes back on. He reminded Katie to put the maid uniform back on and wear it as she did the housework. Katie took a quick rinse off in the shower and put the uniform back on. She looked in the mirror and she giggled as she really looked like a sexy maid. Ben helped her with the household chores and then Katie made lunch
Facesitting Fun: Number One Fan by Jason J. Honz Facesitting Fun: Number One Fan by March 24, 2017 $0.99 1667 words Sample 35%
Aubree has wanted to meet Ursla ever since her perfrmance in the SVC (Smothering Vixens Club), but when she gets a chance to meet her when catching her out and about, she soon learns that she might not be able to handle the competitor as well as she thought.
Intense Neighborhood by Bledar Tola Intense Neighborhood by March 24, 2017 Free! 39420 words Read a sample
Everyone in the neighborhood knew that Pam and John were swingers. Some of the other couples had been approached by John about swinging with them. To my knowledge Sandy and I were the only ones that ever did. Pam's pussy was now dripping wet and I decided to lower her panties.
"El Reino de Ikar" by March 24, 2017 $5.00 4582 words Sample 20%
Una Historia de Corage, Heroismo y Amistad más allá de nuestros propios Ideales.
A New Scottish Colony in Canada by Carl Stewart A New Scottish Colony in Canada by March 24, 2017 $2.99 68222 words Sample 20%
Follow the exploits of the Stewart Family as they begin a new life in a strange and hostile land. Read about places well known today which were native trading posts back then.
The Autobiography of a Mathematician and a Religious Fanatic by Victor Porton The Autobiography of a Mathematician and a Religious Fanatic by March 24, 2017 Free! 12254 words Read a sample
The autobiography of a mathematician and a religious fanatic. The most mindblowing thing you ever read.
Trading With Horny Ghosts 8 by Arla Coopa Trading With Horny Ghosts 8 by March 24, 2017 $0.99 1166 words Sample 20%
They keep appearing to Del. They promise information about his missing sister. But they want something in return.
Random Rants for Rational Reflection by Terry Eade Random Rants for Rational Reflection by March 24, 2017 Free! 34000 words Read a sample
Every so often we need to look at the way things are done to see if they still make sense today. The Rants and recommendations in this book attempt to do just that. As a centrist my viewpoints will probably alienate those who hold extreme viewpoints on the left and the right.. The individual rants have been grouped into chapters according to the segment of society they address.
Cuando correr es un estilo de vida by Juan Carlos Arjona Cuando correr es un estilo de vida by March 24, 2017 $0.99 19071 words Sample 20%
Run, del inglés “to run”, correr. Importa poco el idioma para referirnos a la afición que más se ha puesto de moda en nuestro país en los últimos años. Si empezaste haciendo footing ya sabrás que hoy perteneces a la familia mundial de los runner. Y si te has unido en la última década ya disfrutarás de todas las ventajas de ser un corredor.
Chicago Heat by Yasmine Cooper Chicago Heat by March 24, 2017 $2.99 43469 words Sample 20%
Your winter nights are about to heat up with the third sequel to Behind Closed Doors. The city of Chicago is not ready for the Cange Brothers as they continue to take over the Midwest.
Ride With Me! (A Sexy BWWM Bundle) by Dana Cruise Ride With Me! (A Sexy BWWM Bundle) by March 24, 2017 $2.99 27562 words Sample 20%
Do it... fill me with your white snake - show me what a white man can do! Sometimes all a hot young black girl wants is to feel the heat from an alpha mature white man! Dana Cruise is here to bring you some of the hottest black woman white man erotica on the market - in this HUGE bundle of saucy books! Be warned... these books are for mature audiences only!
Tales of Black Pine Falls: The Bogeymen by Set Sytes Tales of Black Pine Falls: The Bogeymen by March 24, 2017 Free! 929 words Read a sample
There is a place called Black Pine Falls. A place where everything looks like a shadow of something else. The trees like tall, stiff men in the dark. A forest of people, hiding in mist. Huge caves like open mouths. Somewhere the rush of water. You might go looking for it.
Trading With Horny Ghosts 7 by Arla Coopa Trading With Horny Ghosts 7 by March 24, 2017 $0.99 890 words Sample 20%
They keep appearing to Del. They promise information about his missing sister. But they want something in return.
Daddy's Sleeping Beauty: Daddy Spikes Her Drink and Uses All Her Virgin Holes by Izzy Slam Daddy's Sleeping Beauty: Daddy Spikes Her Drink and Uses All Her Virgin Holes by March 24, 2017 $2.99 3471 words Sample 20%
Daddy gets his daughter drunk then sleep-fucks her virgin holes.
MI OBRA POÉTICA. Peregrinaje del alma sola by Jerónimo García Pérez (Jegarpe) MI OBRA POÉTICA. Peregrinaje del alma sola by March 24, 2017 Free! 34548 words Read a sample
Antología de mi obra poética. Temas épicos y líricos. Versos de amor sinceros sentimentales intimistas, personalistas. Mi obra poética es un libro de libros.
Something About Polly by Barbara Elsborg Something About Polly by March 24, 2017 $2.99 71526 words Sample 15%
Polly doesn’t expect to win when she bids in a charity auction on a sealed envelope offered by a devilishly handsome marquis. Once the contents of the envelope are re-vealed, her world turns upside down. Adrian is as shocked as Polly when she accepts his offer of WILD SEX but he's not going to let her slip away.
Correr y Correr by Juan Carlos Arjona Correr y Correr by March 24, 2017 $0.99 16213 words Sample 20%
Los Beneficios de Correr en un formato ebook. Interesate por varios aspectos importantes 10 Reglas Útiles Para Las Carreras de Ruta Los Beneficios de la Carrera Lenta Conoce más Acerca del Triatlón Sprint El muro en una maratón. ¿El running puede estar dentro de las adicciones? ¿Empezar a correr después de los 60? Aplicación de psicología clínica: ¿Útil para el corredor?
Perfect Timing by Barbara Elsborg Perfect Timing by March 24, 2017 $2.99 58138 words Sample 15%
When Daisy books a Sixties extravaganza on the internet, she’s thinking hippies and free love. Except she ends up at a week-end for over-sixties at Bedlingham Manor.After sexy hotel manager Jake casts Daisy as a nun in the murder mystery, she is ready to scream and call the weekend off but turns out they can't keep their hands off each other.
The Gentleman's Madness by Summer Devon The Gentleman's Madness by March 24, 2017 $3.99 58684 words Sample 20%
Two men imprisoned. One in body, the other in mind Caught in a passionate embrace with another man, scholar John Gilliam agrees to asylum treatment for perversion, but an attack on his person leads him down a darker path...Tully is sorry for the patient called “the professor,” but he must keep his head down and perform his duties. Above all, he must deny the attraction he feels for the man.
Deeper - A Gay Taboo Bundle by Clint Pecker Deeper - A Gay Taboo Bundle by March 24, 2017 $2.99 8680 words Sample 20%
He's so f**king hard... he's going to rip my poor twink asshole into pieces! But I don't care... I just want him to be balls deep inside of me - I want to feel him twitching when he's buried - I want him to explode and fill me up! Clint Pecker is going to make all of your dirtiest dreams come true... in this amazingly packed bundle of gay taboo treats!
Guía para llevarse mejor con las personas y hacer más amigos. by Rol Baker Guía para llevarse mejor con las personas y hacer más amigos. by March 24, 2017 $0.99 2855 words Sample 20%
El preguntarse cómo podemos hacer más amigos o mejorar nuestras relaciones ya existentes no es algo de lo cual sentirse avergonzado, el ser humano es un ente social por naturaleza, y no todo el mundo tiene una lengua de plata que cautiva todos los espacios (aun teniéndola podrías tener inseguridades acerca de esta). Además, todos tenemos ciertas aspiraciones que solo podremos alcanzar con buenas h
Here’s a description of the different components of the machine: •Plan •Team •Ideas •Production and Distribution •Audience Development •Conversion & Nurture •Measure & Optimize Now we’ll review each component in detail, starting with the Plan.