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Kiche Saga Book Two


Kiche Saga Book Two

Copyright 2016 by Jalissa Pastorius

Published by Jalissa Pastorius

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For those who dare to dream, embrace their nightmares and face adversity.


Long before the term time could be conceptualized, exist infinite galaxies that gave birth to stars. These stars shined brilliantly as the birth of the realms slowly took form. Drifting, they sought a place where they would shine brightest; and thus, the birth of gods began. However, with light comes darkness. A single star would become lost to the darkness surrounding it, but a constellation—together they will illuminate and share their brilliance with the galaxies.

My mind swam with infinite knowledge not privy to many supernaturals, it was a burden so heavy the pressure threatened to shatter my bones. I kept quiet as I sat up in the small room. Shadows engulfed the room while moonlight streamed through the thin curtains providing some light. Police sirens and dogs barking could be heard in the background through the thin windows. Why would Kalla…I didn’t understand why that scene would play so vividly in my mind. Was it necessary to know the birth of gods? Was the information important to our mission?

Ever since the fall of Toya, everyone has been on edge. Understandably so, she was the key, the entity prophesied to defeat Zadar and restore balance through the galaxies. Everyone was so certain of the prophecy, so sure, but destiny’s path was a long and tricky one. It twisted and weaved itself through many obstacles before splitting off in multiple directions to confuse its traveler. In fact, my birth was just one of many effects from the prophecy’s manipulation. I was birthed only six months ago, and yet I had the body of a twenty-one-year-old adult male. I felt older. Ancient.

The emptiness returned, and I ached to fill it. Throwing the covers off, I climbed out of the full-size bed before going downstairs to the kitchen area.


“Uncle.” I held back a shudder as death’s lips twisted, forming into something sinister.

“The mortals are dying at an alarming rate, so much so, I’m thriving. If only their souls were healthy.”

I shrugged, making a cup of tea that was Saint Louis city. The mortality rate was sky high and the highest in the nation--America. I didn’t understand it at all. What could one accomplish through death; even wars never accomplished their objectives with unnecessary killings and loss of innocence. People were always arguing and too afraid to settle their problems. Lots of innocents caught in the crossfire. It pulled at my heartstrings, especially thinking of the situation with my mother.

“The stars are losing their light.” I muttered unknowingly into my cup of tea.

“You say some pretty interesting stuff kid.”

“We must go to the garden hidden in the city,” I said to my uncle. “I am retiring once more. Wake me at eight.” I trudged backup stairs to lay down.


The city of Saint Louis was quite a busy one. We were in a cape style two story house that sat across a metal factory. The sounds of the machinery, traffic and pedestrians passing by could be heard from the inside, at least the home was on the corner. I rubbed my face against the blankets. I needed sleep.

Running her tongue against her teeth she could taste the flavor of the Tequila Sunrise lingering on her taste buds as she sat slumped over in the bar. This place was dead, and she wasn’t even drunk yet. Oh. It was only noon. What else was there to do? Everything about this pathetic city was tainted. She was tired of peoples’ hidden objectives. It amused her somewhat, the mortals who thought they were hunters, but really, they were prey. Funny thing about prey.

She was a goddess and she was prey. Nothing. Without the Tohil the gods and goddesses didn’t stand a chance. It was funny, Zadar was one third part of the Tohil, but he decided to abandon post and become their omnipotent. Why couldn’t he be content? Now their pantheon was scattered across the galaxy. She chuckled thinking of her reasoning for coming to this city. It was dark. The hate was wide spread, there was so much racial divide she figured she could bring a little light to this city. It wasn’t a very big one. It was something she could handle. She would shine brightly here. Instead, she began losing her light. It frightened her, the thought that she would fade from existence.

Ha! The concept of dying was something incomprehensible for an immortal. Was that why Zadar fought so hard? This place was depressing her. It was dark, one of the bulbs were out and the smell of grease wafted through the air filling her nostrils and making her stomach clench. She sighed and paid for her drink. The botanical garden should be bustling about now. It was where she spent most of her time, using what little power she had to claim a small domain. Looking around, she teleported to her favorite place in the small city of rejects.


I stood with Iku as Keji paid for our entry into the Missouri Botanical Garden. Keji got us all day passes. I didn’t understand this need to be here, but something linked to the prophecy was here, maybe it was one of the gods in hiding. The flowers were glorious in the light, splatters of rainbow dashed throughout the place their leaves wet under the brilliant sun.

“With so much death in the city, I’m surprised to see that this place has remained pure.” Iku said walking around with dark glasses on. I noticed we got a couple of strange looks. Did we not look presentable? Maybe it was my uncle’s large and towering frame. He was six feet seven inches, with thick locks stopping at his waist. Was it strange to see such men among dainty and beautiful flowers?

“We need a child,” Azar said glancing around shifty eyed. People’s curious glances were putting him in a foul mood.

“We have one.” Iku replied, eyes sweeping past Azar to rest on me. He was right. I hadn’t even had my first day of birth, but I had the form of a twenty-one-year-old human male.

“He’s not normal,” muttered Azar. He was right, even I was strange among the gods. A bit back the strange emotions swirling through me. I suddenly felt heavy.

“Shut it cursed one. He is a god. I will end you.” Iku said the whites of his eyes glowing.

Azar gulped, he never wanted to get involved in this war in the first place. It was her plea and a debt he had to pay that got him trapped, and with Maya’s betrayal, he was indebted to them for all eternity.

“Brother, let’s not do this here. The mortals are watching.” Keji said returning to see the tension in the small group.

“The cursed one needs to be aware he is in the presence of a god, and I will bear no disrespect towards my nephew.”

“I’m fine, uncle.” I replied, nervous that we were attracting too much attention. We entered an arboretora—a greenhouse.

“It’s a shame to see such wild beauty tamed and trapped under such a structure.” Iku said eyeing all the various flowers.

“But they’re thriving.” Azar replied filling the silence.

“Are they really?” Iku shot back.

Iku had a point, but so did Azar. With the destruction of forests and encroachment on wild lands, both animals and the world of agriculture have fallen victim to the mortals’ greed and need for expansion. The need for more. It was greed who got them into this mess.

“A god or goddess is near.” Keji replied standing abruptly. He’d been sitting on the small stone bench gazing at a flower for quite a while.

“How so uncle?” I asked. I watched as a glow erupted from within him. He wore simple jeans, and a white cotton shirt, while his straight golden tresses danced around him like lightening.

“He is one of the three-part of the Tohil that governs the rest of the gods. He is royalty among gods. It is why the battle has raged for more than five hundred years. Without Keji, we are doom.” Iku said staring at his older brother.

“You do have a point Iku. But you are death and without you the cosmos would fall into chaos.”

“You would make a fine king.” Iku said clasping his brother’s hand in his own.

“I am not meant to hold the throne.” Keji replied his features becoming pinched.

“I am sorry brother. I meant no harm.”

“I know.” Keji said clearing his throat. “Look at this flower. This Madonna Lily is white in color, but wouldn’t you all agree its beauty appear almost celestial.”

“Interesting that you would be attracted to such an old flower that has stood the testament of time.” Iku said crouching low at the flower.

I stared at both my uncles curiously, when a tug from within me interrupted my musings. Fear pierced me, sending a chill to my soul while freezing my blood. Was it back? The hollowness? The emptiness? Did I have less time than I thought? Without my knowledge, my feet moved. Where to? I did not know. I was anxious to see what I would find at my destination. Did I dare to hope when my future was so bleak? I couldn’t stop or help it as the foreign emotion careened through me.

I did.

I hoped.


My feet rushed hurriedly down the path. Why did I hurry? It was such a strange action. Immortals did not hurry. They moved leisurely about taking their time, after all, the world was theirs for the taking. Was it this typical ideology of entitlement that gave birth to the mortals’ greed? But greed was a god and had a purpose to fulfill just as the winds and trees existed to provide nourishment for mortals and immortals alike.

I gasped as my flesh crawled as a foreign energy rippled across my skin. I held my breath as my skin prickled at the odd sensation. The tugging was back, and it was fierce sending panic careening through my body. My breaths shortened, and I feared doing something that would attract unwanted attention. I moved forward cautiously, soon the vibrant flowers fell away and the sound of water running flowed through the air reaching my ears. Large oak trees reaching endlessly into a yellow sky blocked my view from the source causing the tugging. So far, I had not been blessed by any abilities. Nothing but insurmountable wisdom. Still, the lump in my throat bobbed as I peered through thicket of bushes only to encounter the most enchanting creature in all of creation. My breath left me in a whoosh and I clamped my hand over my mouth to silence the action.

Beautiful long black hair weaved into braids that glittered like stardust underneath the yellow colored sky stunned me and markings of some sort ran along her cherry oak colored skin. They wrapped her legs and arms from what I could see, but it was her golden colored eyes glowing as she whipped her head in my direction that caused the air to whoosh from my lips once more. Could she see me?

Who was she? I was certain she was a goddess. I stood petrified in shock as the answer did not burst to the forefront of my mind. Why?

“Come on out. I know you’re there.”

I remained frozen in the thicket of bushes. Her siren voice echoed around them causing the animals to stir. The tugging had been pulling me merciless towards the woman and now that I was here, I was wary; maybe, I should find Uncle Keji or Iku. I wasn’t even sure if there was anything I could do. What if she was an enemy? My heart ached at the thought and I frowned in confusion.

What’s wrong with me?

When I blinked, the goddess stood in front of me bathed in golden light.

“Hello sugar. What is a fine specimen like yourself doing hiding on my land?” she asked trailing a finger up my chest.

My heart flew into my throat. When did she get here? I didn’t even see her coming. Was it that much of a divide between myself and the gods and goddesses? Her eyes were such a beautiful golden color. Wait a minute I didn’t understand the last thought.

“Don’t kill me.” I stuttered out. Flushing, I gave thanks to Kalla that my melanin skin hid the color, but the female in front of me smiled as if she knew my secret.

“What are you, sugar?”

I stared as she chewed on bubble gum—a substance mortals found appeasing. Blowing a huge balloon that I was certain was going to cover us in its sticky essence I stared in amazement as she sucked it back down, running her eyes along my skin.

“Who are you?” I asked, my voice barely managing to avoid escaping my lips in a high pitch that would send me reeling with embarrassment to kumidima. The thought of uncle Iku with a waiting Cheshire grin twisting his lips into something frightening was enough to send terror careening through me. Why was I so afraid of death?

“Oh, you’ve said something interesting, sugar bear,” she said as her nails began to elongate. “I would enjoy sinking my fingers into your intestines and dragging out your entrails piece by piece.”

I stood transfixed as light began to pour from the channels of her eyes, nostrils, mouth and even the openings of her ears. “It’s a shame sweet-pea. You’re kinda cute. Good night.” She chuckled at something I couldn’t quite grasp as she launched for me. I did nothing. I stood immobile observing her in all her glorious might.

At least I wouldn’t have to fear the emptiness anymore.

It was quite the selfish thought to have. But wait. I had a role in this war. I couldn’t just let this goddess destroy me. I’d been wallowing for quite a while now. Was it that simple for me to turn from the warrior I was destined to become into this depressant? I’d been comparing myself to the brilliantness of the stars speckled across the universe. I needed to focus.

It was too late. She was already upon me. The wind stirred at her movements and my heart thumped dramatically in my chest as my arms moved like molasses to counter her move. My world went black.

The air returned to my lungs as uncle Iku’s presence surrounded me while shielding me from the goddess’ killing blow.

“Stand down Ehona or you will become nothing, but diamond dust.” Iku’s dark voice replied from the shadows.

“At least I’ll be pretty,” she retorted.

Somehow the thought of something happening to the goddess was a disastrous thought that I didn’t want to contend with.

“You were always witty. However, wit will not save your soul shall you attempt to harm my nephew again.”

“Nephew?” she repeated, blinkingly owlishly.

Finally, the shadows were released, and I was no longer surrounded by darkness. I stood blinking my eyes repeatedly trying to gain my bearings. The beautiful goddess returned to my sight. Did her eyes always glow like that? I did not want her to know about my turbulent birth or the chaos that bled into the world as I took my first breath while millions died.

“Well, he should have defended himself. I’m nothing but a minor goddess.”

“He is not familiar in our ways.”

“He’s a grown man Iku. Stop babying him.”

“He is a child! Not even a mortal’s full year.”

“What? Huh? Come again?” she asked in complete disbelief. The fine specimen that she was saddened to see go was a baby! But, but, but he was certainly built and structure like a man. Why in the cosmos did this have to happen to her?! She’d finally seen something that made her want to set cars on fire and bash out windows and he was a baby. He was an innocent and she could feel her power slamming into her full force.

“Six months.” The godlike child answered her. So, who was his father?

“Highness,” she squeaked out seeing the brother of their rogue king. Why was he here?!

“Ehona. You have been summoned.” He said setting his golden eyes on her.

Wait a minute. She was just coming here to avoid getting pissy drunk. She wasn’t getting involve in some old war. She was only a minor goddess anyway. There was nothing she could do. She turned her lips to utter the words no thanks, but Keji’s power slammed into her.

She hit the ground as all the energy swirling within her fled. Dirt filled her mouth and her nails dug into the ground as she attempted to push herself up and fight his staggering power. Unfortunately, she did not budge.

“Don’t be that way.”

Where were they when she was alone? When she needed help. When she sought her pantheon. She was a young goddess when they went into hiding. Everyone left… left her behind. She could feel the hurt wailing up inside of her threatening to burst free. Oddly it was the child like man who calmed her. The fear was palpable on his face and terror reflected in his eyes. He truly feared for her. It was him that had her relaxing under the weight of their prince.

“Fine.” She pouted. She watched as Keji stepped forward with an apologetic face. “Nope. I don’t want you. I want him.” She said pointing at the man child.

“That boy is called Ander.” Iku growled. Ehona tilted her head staring at the death god. He’d never taken a liking to a particular god or goddess, what was so special about this child?

“Come here honey-cakes. I promise I don’t bite.”

I stared at her mesmerized.

“Only if you want me to.”

I thought she was such a strange creature. Why would I want her to bite me? I took cautious steps as she smiled sweetly at me. The emptiness was back, and it came roaring its ugly head. I faltered in my steps.

“I am fine. Uncle.” I said before Iku could reach me. I still didn’t get my strange relationship with death. An odd heartwarming feeling filled me as I moved closer to the beautiful goddess. I was pleased that Uncle Iku favored me so much. My attention returned to the gorgeous woman who laid patiently on the earth floor waiting for me. I squatted beside her to see what she would have me do.

“You know what they say?” she whispered conspiratorially.

“What?” I asked curiosity burning, her scent had finally hit my nostrils and they flared in an attempted to drown themselves in its heavenly essences. Lily?

“Age ain’t nothing but a numba.”

I glanced back at Uncle Iku in confusion and bit back a chuckle as he pinched the bridge of his nose while mumbling to himself.

“He’s going to annihilate you,” I whispered returning my sights to the goddess who smiled wickedly at me. “Wow!” I muttered in complete surprise as I stared at her skin. Tiny light crystals flowed beneath the flesh.

“Your brilliant. Absolutely stunning. Blinding even.” I said mesmerized by her. I watched as her eyes smiled at me for the first time, the hardness in them leaking away.

“I am the Goddess of Light. Nice to meet you. Ander.” She said standing finally holding out her hand.

When our hands connected, I felt the roaring emptiness go silent. But why? How?

I was utterly confused.

Who was she?

No really?


Its pitch black and my heart stumbles in my chest attempting to right itself. I trembled. I was afraid that my fear would further disorient me. In an instant, I realized that my heavy breathing was going to give me away. As the air was sucked through my dry lips into the folds of my lungs, I paused waiting to hear something. There was nothing. Nothing, but eternal darkness. Reminding me of the emptiness that threatened to devour my soul. My essences. I was at war; an internal one and I was starting to think I would lose. I didn’t want to be alone! I needed help, a blessing. Something. Anything! The panic engulfed me like a thick blanket, except there’s no room to breathe. I was suffocating.

I continued walking, my steps muffled in the silence. Terrified, I didn’t want her to know my secret. Why did I care so much about her? Why did the emptiness…the hollowness disappear when I was with her? The questions, thoughts, they were driving me mad. I didn’t want this wisdom. I didn’t know what I wanted. Just help!

A red speck drifted in the distance, like a moth to a flame I moved closer for it was the only source of light in this all-consuming darkness, soon the smooth ground faded away and uneven pavement met my feet leading to more confusion. Where was I? No sooner had the thought flickered across my mind, terror a familiar friend rose as the emptiness returned with a vengeance. I collapsed on the uneven floor as it sought a source, something to feed it, but there was nothing. It was going to rip me apart and force me to submit to its will. I was Ander! Son of the Rogue King God—and no matter how I didn’t like the circumstances of my birth, I existed. Using all the will I had, I forced the emptiness aside.

“How long can I keep this up?” I panted heavily with my nose buried in the pavement. Odd. There was no smell.

Cackles crescent the air; echoing all around me and my heart thundered in my chest. Strangely, I prayed for death.

“Well this is new. There’s a baby in my mist. An interesting child.”

Uh?! My head shot up in surprise and the small red ball of light drifted further away and towards what I now recognized as a brick wall. I gasped, as a pair of feminine legs were revealed. She wore a high waist double slit skirt that hung to the floor, and a top that consisted of thick straps covering her bosom and leaving her stomach, shoulders, and arms revealed. As my eyes continued to travel up her form, my lungs collapsed, for past her graceful neck and beautiful full lips; her eyes the sclera were a deep shade of red and she held no pupil. The entire iris was black.

Blood! Blood! Blood!

She smelt like uncle Iku. My body began to tremble uncontrollably, and I began to back away.

“Don’t be afraid little one. Come closer, so I can look at you!”

No! I don’t want to get any closer. Who was this mad woman?! She could be an enemy! Were they attacking us in our dreams?

“I ca—can’t! Uncle! Iku!” I screamed in terror wanting the comforts of my uncle. My eyes darted to the mad woman once more and when I saw the long canines in her mouth, my terror flared anew.

“Now you’ve said something interesting. Why would you be screaming for my brother? A brother I haven’t seen in five hundred years.”

I paused and took another look at her. Now that I thought about it she hadn’t given any notion to harm me. In fact, I now noticed that her ankles and wristed were encircled by thick shackles, but I didn’t see a chain.

“Whose child, are you?” she demanded. At my hesitation, she continued. “Do not fear young one. I know you fight an internal battle. One that I’m certain the others do not know about. You prayed to me. Remember.”

I didn’t remember such a thing. I finally let go of my fear and stood. Thinking of my past actions. My eyes widen as I realized who stood in front of me.

“I am fierce. I am a force to be reckon with. I am with my children as they battle, as they fall and greet death like an old friend. I am war!”

Suddenly, energy rippled across my skin causing my flesh to pucker. I could only stare dumbfounded as she broke away from the wall and began to saunter towards me. Was this the end?

“If my brother is your uncle, then that makes me your auntie. Now, I’m aware of your internal struggle. Whose child, are you?” her voice demanded leaving no room for error.

“Za—Zadar.” I stuttered out in complete fear. I leaped away from her as she hissed at me.


“No! I swear! He doesn’t want me. I was only a means to manipulate the prophecy and capture Aunt Toya.”

Kiluka paused. It was true that she encountered a newly formed goddess. Her physical vessel had been destroyed by Zadar and she was aware of the internal struggled Toya was in as she fell into bloodlust. Kiluka was only here to play Zadar’s little game and keep an eye on the youngling.

“How old are you?”

“Six months.”

“You are just a baby! No wonder you reek of innocence. But what’s stranger is I smell purity on you which usually occurs if you’ve been in contact with Ehona.”

I flushed, and the war goddess laughed.

“Oh, I see. You like her,” she said coming and wrapping an arm around me.

“I think she’s brilliant and blinding.” I mumbled flushing.

“You are alright nephew. I am Aunt Kiluka. Call me Kil for short.”

I simply nodded my head at the war goddess. She smiled down at me and my eyes couldn’t help noticing her large canines, eer fangs.

“I would let you touch them, but then you’ll die and Iku would be mad. I can’t have my brother upset with me. He’s my best friend.” She cocked her head to the side much like that of a feline and her lips stretched forming a wicked smile. It was very much like Uncle Iku’s. How could I have missed the resemblance. Her hair hung like thick curly waves to her shoulders. My breath caught as the tresses moved on their own.

“Is that water!” I squeaked out.

“Oh dear. Don’t let Misala scare you.”

“It’s alive?!”

“I’ll tell you what little Ander,” she said placing a finger to her black wearing lips. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you want to help your dear ole’ Aunties out, get a hold of little Ona and meet me back here.”

“But isn’t this all a dream?”

“Is it?” she asked secretly as the chains returned binding her to the brick wall behind her.

I tried to get closer, only for her to drift away. Soon I was falling. Falling infinitely through the sky. I could only scream for Uncle Iku as fear held me within its mighty clutches until I couldn’t take it no more.


I jerked awake and right into the worried eyes of death. I tried to sit up as I gasped for air and reached out for my uncle. It was instinctual. Although my form—an adult of twenty-one-year-old, I felt every bit a small child as he took my large form into his arms. My eyes felt strained and the muscle in my chest known as my heart pumped large volumes of blood through my body so loud that the sound filled my ears drowning everything else out.

“I’m scared.” I whispered for his ears only as I buried my face in his neck. His only response was to hold me tighter.

“I’ll go get him some water.” I straightened in Uncle Iku’s arms and peeked from the crook of his neck. I hadn’t realized I was in a room full of people. Was she here?

“It’s alright kid. I’ll take their souls if they say anything.” He whispered to me.

I smiled at my uncle. He was like a father and overprotective big brother. It sent a warm feeling through me causing me to feel light and happier. I gave him my own blinding smile.

“Thank you.”

He stood placing his large warm hand on my head and the feeling returned tenfold.

“Well this is something you don’t see every day.” Ehona mumbled filling the silence in the room. I locked eyes with her. She stood next to the door staring at me with those almond shape golden eyes. Little tiny white specks moved around inside the gold. How did she see the world? Did she see it like I did? My heart drummed dramatically in my chest; her eyes were like staring into the cosmos bathed in golden light. She blew me a kiss and I flushed.

“Oh, little Ander, what I would like to do with you.” She said grinning while moving a little closer.

“Ander, you mind telling us what happened?” Keji asked as he handed me a glass of water. I froze as the memories from the dream came bursting to the forefront of my mind. The glass slipped from my hands as I turned my wide eyes on Uncle Iku. Keji caught the glass before it the floor and placed it on the night stand.

“I met Aunt Kil.” I said into the quiet room.

“And why would Kiluka appear to you?” Keji asked with knowing eyes. The intelligence within them sent a new kind of fear raging through me. Would he destroy me? I could feel myself closing up and shutting down.

“Just what kind of question do you think you’re asking him?” Iku roared at his brother.

“Stand down Iku.” Keji replied as the energy in the room became thick.

“I will not. He is a child! Not even a year old! Stop treating him like a criminal!”

“I cannot have any more secrets!” Keji said and I gasped as the lightening danced across my skin. My flesh started to tear.

“Everyone out! Now! Look what you’re doing to him!” Ehona screeched coming to my side. “If you hurt him, I promise the Nyotalites pantheon will lose their light.” She uttered. Her threat was serious enough to bring the two gods to a standstill.

“I want both of you out. I will care for Ander.” She said taking my handed into hers.

“But we need information,” Keji started to say.

“I said out!” She bellowed.

And I watched wide eyed as the prince of our pantheon and death fled the room.

“How did you do that?” I asked in wonder.

“I may be a minor goddess, but this pantheon is nothing without their brightest star.” She said taking my arm into her hand. I watched her as she focused on healing the wound. She had beautiful high cheek bones, her face was slender, her lips full. It sent another foreign emotion through me and I began to worry that something was wrong as my groin area began to stiffen. Once the wound was healed she took my hand into hers and laced our fingers. She was timeless. Beautiful and that strange emotion consumed me more.

“I don’t understand.” I whispered, but whenever she was near, the emptiness went away, and her scent would fill my mind.

“Oh Ander.” She whispered smiling at whatever she saw in my eyes.

“The emptiness goes away and you’re all I see. I don’t have to worry about being consumed or dying alone.” I rambled as she nodded for me to continue. “I possess the knowledge of the cosmos; the birth of the gods and goddesses, and yet simple emotions escape me. I am a tool to be used to defeat Zadar—my father, but I’m not a god. I’ve been so worried about this emptiness; maybe it’s my unstable abilities that I felt like I was losing. I’ve been fighting an internal battle and I suppose that’s why Aunt Kil appeared to me.” I began to shake as I revealed my truth, but I instantly calmed as Ehona climbed into bed with me and took me into her arms.

“Why do I feel so complete when you are near? Why do I not care about anything but you? I don’t understand. I’m a half-breed. Am I malfunctioning?”

“You silly child,” she chuckled throatily. “I am your counterpart. Your mate. Your lover. Your other half.”

“I object!” Iku roared coming into the room.

“Oh brother, why can’t you give them so privacy.” Keji said pinching the bridge of his nose.

Wait a minute did they hear all of that. Did she trick me?

“We deserve some privacy! Quit hovering! I won’t allow you to disrespect my counterpart!” Ehona said fiercely and I relaxed knowing that she didn’t know they eavesdropped.

“I got my eye on you, missy. Don’t you go corrupting my nephew.”

“I will nurture him.” Ehona replied smiling wickedly at death.

“Why you little brat.” Iku retorted.

“Pftt. Ha! Ha!” I roared with laughter at them. Were they really gods? They were nothing but children! I watched as Uncle Iku grinned genuinely at me.

“I’m glad you’re back kid.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

Ehona moved dutifully towards my side and handed me the glass of water.

“Drink little Ander. I look forward to nurturing you.” She said giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead and I felt my heart skip. Was this love thing safe?

“Ander, I apologize for my rudeness earlier.” Keji said standing at the foot of the bed. I supposed I could understand his anxiousness. Aunt Toya was his counterpart and I knew I would be useless if Ehona was suddenly taken from me.

“I understand Uncle.”

“Regardless it was rude. Do you mind telling me what happened?”

“Aunt Kil is scary,” I said trailing off while everyone listened anxiously. “She said she was going to play nice because she didn’t want to upset Uncle Iku. She said he’s her best friend and brother.”

“How was she?” Iku asked.

“She was chained to a wall. There were shackles around her ankles, wrists and neck.” I paused as rage began to twist Iku’s features into something foreign, something terrifying.

“She’s okay. She said she was playing his game. Only because Aunt Toya needs a blessing.”

“Toya?” Keji asked with emotion filling his eyes.

“Yes. She said Toya needs a blessing from Ehona to keep the darkness that he’s trying to infect her with at bay. I think she’s a little crazy. Good but crazy.”

“Did you meet Misala?” Ehona asked.

“Her hair?! It had a life of its own.”

“That’s the river of insanity.”


“And how are we supposed to find her?” Ehona asked looking at everyone. “I’ll help if it means protecting Ander and destroying Zadar.”

“I thought it was a dream. But she said something weird. She said, ‘Is it?’ Maybe a vision perhaps?”

“We need to find Ala.” Keji said cutting in.

“A god of dreams.” Ehona said before I could ask.

Great. How hard could that be?


Dream. A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a one’s mind during sleep. To dream is to be lost in the thoughts of another. My dreams brought me the beautiful goddess Ehona and I could only smile in pleasure as I thought of the billions of tiny lights dancing beneath the surface of her skin reminding me of constellations in the sky.

How I desired to be a star to shine bright among my pantheon, but my desires were not to come to fruition. I floated among the cosmos immersed in its vividness while foreign emotions stormed through me at the image of the beautiful woman who claimed me as her counterpart. Why would she want a being such as myself? Someone who was incomplete. Someone who was unworthy. Uncle Iku would be disappointed to hear such thoughts, but he couldn’t hear while I slept.

Could he?

Speaking of sleeping, why did I choose to see this scene? Billions of stars floated in the infinite space like diamond dust. Was Kalla trying to tell me something? I didn’t understand. A foreign energy exploded within me and I could only float paralyzed towards the huge cluster of stars.


Terror seized me as I continued to float towards the massive clusters of stars. The force was so strong that my chest felt as if it were going to cave in from the strain.

Wait! What was going on?!

As I moved closer I suddenly wished I was awake. A white brilliant light was surrounded by a golden disk of light while smaller cluster of stars and what I could only describe as dust particles floated around it; almost like an outer ring. The colored balls of light confused me. Why was I drifting towards that huge bulge of light?

I didn’t want it!


The pressure was so great that my mouth remained locked while the screams sat trapped in my throat and my heart raged in my chest. I didn’t want to perish! I didn’t want this! Death wasn’t there to save me this time. If I died in my dream would my soul be lost among the cosmos. My infinite wisdom didn’t give me any answers.

What was this thing?!

A galactic bulge?! What was that?! Help me!

I was convinced my eyes would bulge out of my head. They felt so dry and mucus drifted from my nose. I was certainly a pathetic sight to see. Somehow, I kept myself from leaking any excrement.


Wait a minute? Whose voice was that? Why was it so hot?! Was I to burn in the infernos?! I shut my eyes tightly as I passed through the large body of light. Cowardly I know, but I was six months. So, sue me.

When I opened my eyes, I could only stare and blink owlishly at the figure before me. The male had golden skin that seemed to shimmer underneath the strange light even his hair was the same color as his skin; but his eyes they remained black as my father’s soul. His eyes held no iris as well. Was this a common trait among Nyotalites?

“Welcome to Dimolata little Ander. I am Ala.”

My head swiveled back and forth as I took in the stunning beauty of his realm. The sky was violet in color while clouds of different colors filled the space. I observed tiny houses in the distance. What were they made from? Light crystals?

“How do you know my name?”

“You rarely dream little one and when you do your dreams are so pure that I was intrigued.”

Did this mean I was naïve?

“How old are you Ander.”

“Six months.” I muttered.


“It’s what everyone says.”

I stared as the balls of light floated around the dream god. He smiled petting one and I watched as the ball changed from a grey to a bright yellow color and a brief image flashed.

“Happy dreams.” He said smiling serenely. I simply nodded and walked behind him. This happened a few times and a frown wormed itself across my face at the blue color. Ala chuckled, and the sound pierced the blue ball of light like a sharp knife. I waited anxiously for the ball to implode or deflate. My eyebrows shot up in surprised as it turned yellow before drifting away.

“Laughter is usually the best medicine.” He said.

“Wow!” I gasped in surprised.

I could only stare in wonder while reaching out to touch one of the balls, but my hand went through them like smoke. Was I a ghost? Ala simply patted my hand as we continued down the path. Apprehension worked its way into my belly as the balls of light became fewer and the light and serenity began to fall away. Where was Ala taking me? He stopped. I stared into his empty black eyes. It made my flesh crawl.

“Welcome to the Kumi forest.”


My eyes flickered around trying to make sense of the images in front of me, but I continued to fail. This place looked like something that belonged in the underworld. Why did it exist here in the realm of dreams?

“Where are you taking me?” I said suddenly worried and wary of the dream god. Was he working for my father?

“Calm down, young one. I pose no threat to you.” He replied ignoring my question. I stared in horror as his index finger touched my cheek. A warm sensation filled me and began to spread across my body heating me from the inside. I didn’t realize that my brown skin took on the solid golden complexion of his skin until it had spread across my arms and hands. I began to scream.

“I wouldn’t do that. Your fear will only excite them.”

I instantly shut my mouth, although I remained petrified. If anything happened to me, we would lose the war. Surely this god didn’t want my father to rule.

“This coating is to protect you young one. We will past through a barrier into the forest. Only those with permission may enter. Now, steel yourself.”

I gulped staring at the dark gnarled tree limbs. They looked unnatural and grotesque. I gawked as they bore fruit. How could rotting limbs produce such a thing? Terror seized me, what would happen to me? We passed through the barrier and I took a closer look at the strange fruit.

“That’s not fruit.” I said in horror. “Those are—ni.”

“Nightmares.” Ala answered while I remained transfixed by the horrible images. I finally managed to rip my eyes away and look towards the god. My heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach as I took him in. His eyes were no longer black like the star-studded sky in the mortal realm, instead they glowed a luminous white color that stood out like beacons in this dark forest. I didn’t like it. Everything in this forest felt slimy, vile, and evil.

“What’s that?” I squeaked seeing hooded cloaks move around the trees and tend to the glass like fruit…eer nightmares.

“Those are the death dealers.”

“Death dealers?!” I exclaimed. What are they doing here in this realm?

“Sometimes, people have a hard time interpreting reality from fantasy and they die in their sleep.” Ala said as his lips twisted into something ferocious.

What?! Wait a minute. When did Ala get fangs? Where did those choppers coming from? Certainly, I wasn’t to be a meal. I needed to learn some combat skills. The knowledge was there, but the experience was not. I froze as the hooded figures paused, and their heads spun towards me.

Okay, Ander. Control yourself. Mustn’t show fear. I inhaled through my nostrils before exhaling through my mouth.

“You’re learning young one. Now come.”

I followed Ala down the twisted path, I paused briefly as he took the first step up and stood as if the air was solid beneath his feet. This was his domain. How was I to follow?

“Do not think. Come. You really mustn’t linger. Not if you don’t want the crekas to catch you.”


“Insects that thrive in this forest. They are flesh eating creatures. They will drain you of blood before devouring your soul.”

“Wait, I thought you gave permission to enter this forest. I thought this golden skin was to protect me?”

“Ah, it allows you to pass through the barrier and somewhat protection. It is my presence that keep the creatures from coming any closer.”

And without a further ado, I moved with haste and was sure to keep close to the god no matter what misgivings I may have.

“Ala?” I croaked out. I was suddenly upside down and the forest beneath me. Okay. I just needed to focus on Ala’s back. No more questions. I’m sure he would answer me when we get to wherever were going.

My eyes squinted as red light met them and obscured my sight. I blinked repeatedly trying to get a better look. I sighed as I stood right side up and I walked straight into Ala’s back.

“Where are we now?”

“The center of the Kumi forest. I took you through a short cut. The other way is much longer and dangerous. You’ve done well young one.”

“What are these? They are much different from the fruit bore on the trees.”

“Why these are the nightmares of gods and goddesses.”

Huh?! What did gods and goddesses have to fear? I stared at the bright light in the center while the other orbs orbited around the large nightmare as if it were the mortals sun. The sight was brilliants yet chilling.

My eyes widen in awe as black and white light formed creating a path for Ala to walk.

“Where are the death dealers?”

“The death dealers tend to the mortals.” He said before pausing. “I handle the immortals personally.” He continued almost hungrily. It made my flesh crawl.

That made sense, but how do you kill a god? How were we going to destroy my father? I knew I was the key, but I didn’t understand how?

“Look.” Ala said pointing a long golden finger at the large glass sphere.

I stared as an image came to sight. It was Aunt Kil.

“But why?” I asked in confusion.

“Why this is Zadar’s nightmare.”


“And this is yours.” He grinned wickedly. I stared at the glass orb. There was nothing but darkness. Emptiness.

“You’ve still haven’t figured it out. Soon it will become clear to you. When the moon flees the mortal realm, an opening will occur. I will create a pathway for your group to reach Kiluka. This is the only time I will create it. Zadar will be onto us, so you must move quickly.” I nodded my head in understanding.

“Wait a minute. I am not immortal.”

“Are you sure.” Ala answered mysteriously. I squinted at him, why was he so muted now? His lips, they formed the words, wake up.

“Why was he telling me to wake up. Wasn’t I awake?”


I sighed as I opened my eyes and stared into a pair of golden ones, but they were different. They were filled with worry. Who could cause such a beautiful thing to look so sad.

“Ander!” Ehona exclaimed before hugging me. She was so warm I was ready to sink into slumber.

“No! No more sleeping Ander.” She said hurriedly.

“But I’m so sleepy,” I replied rubbing my eyes. Her worried face was replaced by Uncle Iku’s blank one.

“Uncle!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t hard to wake this time. He was cold and interrupted the warmth surrounding me.

“Did you see Kil again?” he asked.

“No. I visited Ala.”

“You mean the dream god,” Keji said cutting in.

“Yes. He took me to the Kumi forest.” I replied shuddering in remembrance of the grotesque looking trees. My eyes widen and focused on Iku. “There were death dealers there! Uncle your realm must be frightening.”

“I always liked Ala.” Iku replied his smile twisting into something sinister.

“What did he say?” Keji asked.

“He showed me Zadar’s nightmare.” I said slowly trying to recall the dream. There was no point in telling them about my own.

“This is good. He fears.” Keji mulled aloud.

“It was strange. It was an image of Aunt Kil. But why does he fear war?” I asked. I knew I was forgetting something very important.

“Was that it?” Iku asked.

“No. There was something more. I’m trying to remember. He said when the moon flees the mortal realm, he will create a path for us to reach Aunt Kiluka.”

“But what about Toya.”

“Remember, Aunt Kil knows where she is. It’s the only reason she’s playing Zadar’s game.” I said reminding Keji of our previous conversation. “But I don’t understand. What does he mean when the moon flees the mortal realm?”

“He means a new moon.” Iku said smiling ferociously. “Finally, it’s time for war.”

I stared as Uncle Iku's celestial powers burst forth. I watched a strange white liquid began to bubble and coat his skin forming battle armor. A silver helm began to form covering his face while his predatory grin remained fixed upon his face. The liquid began to rush covering the rest of his body forming the rest of the strange armor. Links took shape across his upper and lower torso forming chainmail. It was fascinating to see the liquid move towards the rest of his body. I watched as vambraces formed on his lower arms pointy and sharp at the elbow tip.

“Fascinating stuff isn’t nephew.” Iku grinned as I stood simply stunned. I could only stare as the breastplate and greaves took shape.

“Wow.” I said once his battle armor was complete. I moved forward to touch the liquid that still bubbled.

“I wouldn’t do that.” He warned as I leaped away at the black liquid spreading like veins through the silver armor, making it a living breathing creature.

“What is that?!” I asked startled. Was it alive?

“A treasure. Something that only I possess.”

“This can’t be! When did you learn to harness the power of Nagas’ quills?” Keji asked.

“Oh, brother it’s a secret. A secret I don’t mind sharing with the rest of you. I am Death. God of Kumidima.”

“You are a separate power among your own Iku. You’re our death god. I’m sure your power can operate outside of Kalla.”

“Why?” I asked completely confused.

Kalla was the entity that birthed the gods. I couldn’t fathom how someone could operate outside its power, but wasn’t that what Zadar was doing?

“It’s quite complicated. Without Iku the pantheon would die. He is its balance between light and darkness.” Keji answered his golden eyes settling heavily on me. Nerves filled me as the emptiness threatened to rear its ugly head, but Ehona was there by my side, taking my hand into hers and linking our fingers together.

I could feel myself blush as her love poured through our bond and the emptiness faded away.

“How are we going to fight?”

“You won’t be doing any fighting. Keji and I will battle if we encounter anything. You and Ehona will seek Kiluka. You will act as a guide. You are not to fight.”

“Yes, uncle.” I felt Ehona’s hand tighten in my own, but my uncle was right. I had no prior training. I didn’t even know how to wield a weapon. I felt shame. It was such a strange emotion. It burned through me. I was powerless, and I couldn’t even protect Ehona my counterpart.

“Don’t forget I’m thousands of years older than you.” She whispered into my mind. I had to get better at schooling my expression.

I paced as the seconds ticked by. The grandfather clock echoed through the house and with each chime I felt my nerves were on the verge of combusting. I took a deep breath trying to relax, but it was futile. Instead, I opened the window and watched the mortals. The small metal factory across the street had long closed. Children and teens were sporting the latest fashions while racing up and down the sidewalks before the sun’s last dying rays. I briefly wondered what it would be like to be among them. To be carefree and not burden by the weight of wisdom.

It was something I thirsted for. I would be able to enjoy picnics at the park or chat among my friends. But, I was the counterpart of a goddess and a half-breed. The circumstances of my birth brought about death, darkness, and war. Now part of the success of this war relied on me. Was it childish to desire to play the games mortals play? Should I even have these thoughts? I sighed suddenly becoming melancholy. I shouldn’t have these desires. I wasn’t entirely mortal.

“Ander?” I turned at the knock at the door. It was my counterpart Ehona. I smiled. How did such a being become my other half? I would never tire the look of her eyes. It’s where millions of tiny dots of light resided; forming a galaxy all in the sclera of her eyes.


“Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Just thinking as usual. Its nerves. I want everything to work out for aunt Toya’s behalf.”

“Is this about your mother?”

“No. I understand that she’s fine, with all the blessings from the gods how can she not be? She’s residing in a paradise with no worries.” I said still wishing to have her arms wrapped closely around me, but I knew she wouldn’t recognize me. Nor remember birthing me. It was for her protection and I would not put my mother in harm’s way.

“We’ll get through this. Together.” She said engulfing me in a hug.

“Of course,” I said without much conviction. The ominous feelings would go away, but it was too late. Night had fallen and beyond the street lamps, busy skyscrapers and cloudy skies a gateway formed. It was time to for war.

I grabbed Ehona and ran downstairs toward the great room, where everyone gathered. I grumbled as my counterpart teleported there before me. When did she? I could’ve sworn her hand was in my grasp.

“You’ll learn.” She said chuckling while giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Infinite wisdom and I can’t even do a small thing like teleport.”

“Ehona has experience nephew.” Iku said before rolling his eyes at the snarky grin on Ehona’s face.

“I do have experience little Ander. I would love to teach you.”

I frowned. The context of her words seemed off and I was certain uncle Iku was going to devour her soul. Why did she enjoy taunting death? Did she want to send me to an early grave with worry?

“I have no idea what you guys are talking about.”

“Don’t worry about it Ander.” Keji said smiling. “Ehona is going to learn the hard way.”

“Okay.” I said still uncertain and feeling even more like a child. “Well, looks like the gateway is beginning to form in sky.” I said pointing towards the window. My breath left me in a sudden whoosh. We were now standing atop of the slanted rooftop.

“Can’t the mortals see us?”

“No. there’s a barrier around this home.” Ehona replied.

“I’m aware of that, but were outside the house.”

“We are gods. If we want to be seen, we will be seen. If not, we will not be.” Iku answered.

“It’s time.” Keji said eyeing us. I stare as his pupils began to glow and lightening danced within their depths. The sky clapped as if answering his cry.

“Remember. The mission is to get Kiluka.” He said even though sadness enters his eyes.

“Don’t forget Aunt Kil needs you to bless Aunt Toya.” I said taking her hand into mine.

“You’ve got it. I’ve been storing energy just for her.” Ehona said nodding at Keji.

“Now we don’t know what creatures we may come across. You two will move ahead no matter what happens. Keji and I will handle it. I will take the front while Keji take the rear.”

“Understood uncle.” I replied with a grim look as Keji nodded.


I stared in amazement as the cosmos aligned themselves producing a beam of multi-colored particles that weaved through the air like a kiss from mother earth. The color was blinding reminding me of the power of my counterpart. My eyes flickered over to her form only to see a soft glow surrounding her. Her eyes glowed brightest like two beacons in the night calling home all the lost sailors from the sea. I was instantly lost to such beauty. Her smile widened at my last thought.

“It’s not fair.” I grumbled.

“Oh, don’t be that way darling. Your love for me is so intense that it fills our bonds and covers me like a warm blanket.” She said as Iku rolled his eyes.

“How do we get to the gateway?” I asked wishing for a change of subject.

“The light.”

“Wait. What? How does that work?” I asked confused and not thrilled at the ideal. “We are physical beings. We can’t travel by something that—what?” I asked cutting off my sentence to stare at the knowing smile on my counterpart’s face.

“We are gods Ander, and besides, light is essentially my domain. Come watch me in action suga.”

“Just get moving,” Iku growled.

Ehona snapped her fingers and suddenly we were in white space. My head swiveled back and forth taking in the area. An eerie feeling settled in my bones and I fought the instinct to shiver at the sense of forebode. Chills erupted along my skin.

“Smart man.” Iku said noticing my body’s reaction. “Nothing is as it seems.”

We continued walking and panic seeped through me spreading like a demon’s miasma. I blinked, and I was no longer in the pathways connecting dimensions. Instead, I sat at a dining room table. The woman across the room smiled at me.

“What’s wrong honey? Everything okay?”

Confusion filled me. What was I thinking about? Why was I thinking? Instead I observed the beautiful woman as she poured me a glass of lemonade. Her eyes were a rich brown color. She wore regular jeans and a white long sleeve shirt. Her smile made my heart swell.

“I’m fine mom.” The word felt foreign leaving my mouth, but somehow familiar.

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