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The Speaking Rock

Author: Sreechinth C

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The name Dwayne Johnson will be an unfamiliar one, but ‘The Rock’ is familiar to all as the popular wrestling champion. This legend who once made his fans stand on the toes is now one among the highest paid luminaries of Hollywood. His rising from a delinquent teenager to a footballer turned wrestler and eventually to a Hollywood mogul, have all the entertainments like a movie itself.

Dwayne Johnson’s birth was on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California to a family with professional wrestling lineage. Wrestling was in his blood, as his father Rocky Johnson was a professional wrestler who continued the legacy started by his grandparents Peter and Lia Maivia. Though he was brought up seeing his father performing in the rings, Johnson was not at all interested in following his footsteps. Despite he was interested in football and had a promising career as he got selection in the Miami Hurricanes' National Championship team. But an unfortunate serious back injury forced him to withdrew and was replaced by Warren Sapp who turned out a future hero of NFL.

In 1996, he embarked on wrestling career and his debuting was against Brooklyn Brawler under the name Rocky Maivia, a combination of names of his father and grand father. After a few more matches, he got signed with WWF with name Flex Kavana. Joining the famous Nation of Domination, he continued the winning saga against prominent wrestlers like Triple H, John Cena and Undertaker. It was at that time he began to call himself as The Rock and People’s Champion. Out of the numerous fights, his feud with Steve Austin is the most notorious one. Nevertheless a knee injury made him away from the ring for a few matches, Rock came back strongly winning seven consecutive WWE championships. His power packed strokes and inborn speaking talents, Rock earned millions of fans worldwide before his entry to Hollywood. He debuted in the main stream motion pictures as the supernatural Scorpion King in the 2001’s Mummy Returns. He set a world record in his first film itself as the highest paid debuting actor. He appeared in a number of films including the fifth and sixth parts of Fast and Furious, The Mysterious Island and Be cool. In spite of the busy schedule in Hollywood, he gives appearances in the ring frequently. In 2015, he again portrayed as the critically acclaimed Luke Hobbs. in the seventh part of Fast and Furious movie Franchise. He was married to his high school girlfriend Dany Garcia in 1997 whom he divorced a decade later and the couple have a daughter.

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