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Wendy and Windy

Get bendy… and Fly…!




Chapter one: The chase…

“Oh no, he’s catching me up,” the mouse squeaked, turning around to see the panting fox as he scurried relentlessly through the undergrowth of the forest and the crafty fox continued to give chase.

“I heard that, and yes, little fellow, you are mine to gobble all up,” the fox replied with surety as the mouse continued to run for its life, knowing he could well be the hungry fox’s next meal as the fox continued with its goal, and charged after his prize for all he was worth. He brushed hard into a magnolia plant, but carried on regardless of the pain in his tired legs. Just as the fox was about to pounce on the mouse, he finally reached a safe haven and disappeared into his hole.

“Phew, that was close,” he said with a huge sigh of relief, knowing full well, he wasn’t going to be eaten today.

“I’ll get you next time,” the fox said, turning to walk away as his belly rumbled again.

Chapter two: Awakenings…

As the rain began to fall from the heavens, the hidden life on the magnolia plant seemed to be awakened at long last. It was as if the jolt from the fox into the leaves was exactly what the eggs had needed.

Soon, two of the tiny, yellow eggs began to stir, hatch underneath the leaves and awaken, almost at once. Within minutes, the two caterpillars who were the first to arrive, were sat staring at each other, wondering what to say, both in confusion and fear, but more so, with a lot of hunger.

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