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Tentacles on the Beach by Talia Trace Tentacles on the Beach by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 4037 words Sample 20%
Abbey is vacationing with her friends, looking for a little relaxation and maybe a little action. But sometimes action comes from the strangest places and Abbey is confronted with some tentacles eager to show her how.
Nancy Werlock's Diary: Last Rites by Julie Ann Dawson Nancy Werlock's Diary: Last Rites by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 7744 words Sample 20%
Episode 12 of the series includes three short stories Couples Counseling: With only a few more days until Samhain, the last thing Nancy needs is to find Houston straddling a succubus. Interview With the Vampire: Nobody wants to be stalked by a vampire…even if it is just an ambush-style job interview. Last Rites: Nancy is unexpectedly confronted by the widow of the man who killed her mother.
The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: Remember by A.H. Scott The Poetry Of A.H. Scott: Remember by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 666 words Sample 47%
September 11th, 2001. “Remember”. Remember the past. Honor the present. Cherish the future. "The Poetry Of A.H. Scott".
The Grab Bag #2 - Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping & Hand Me Down by Kris Kreme The Grab Bag #2 - Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping & Hand Me Down by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.79 11650 words Sample 20%
Two popular stories written by the Kreme now in a single book, at a very special price! From the very first Klassic to the very first of an all new instant Klassic series, enjoy this bargain double-feature of extra special Kreme! Fantasy Fashions: Selective Shopping & Hand Me Down tell of the dangers of paying too much attention to fashion!
Nancy Werlock's Diary: Judgement Day by Julie Ann Dawson Nancy Werlock's Diary: Judgement Day by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 7535 words Sample 20%
Episode Thirteen of the Nancy Werlock's Diary series includes two stories (estimated word count 7400 words) Blame Games: A formal investigation from the Justicars into the attempt on Nancy’s life reveals unexpected information. Judgement Day: The trap has been set for Chana Magus, but will it catch her?
Exposed by Rage by Sherrel Lee Exposed by Rage by Sep. 03, 2015 $4.99 49951 words Sample 20%
He has a dead body.  She has the seedy connections. To solve the crime they are forced to work together
Penetration Politics - A Political Parody Erotic Satire by Claire Westwood Penetration Politics - A Political Parody Erotic Satire by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 7528 words Sample 20%
What do you do when, as a Republican strategist for the Presidential front runner Mark Rubisco, you’re tasked with stealing away one of your Democratic opponent’s key campaign planners? Only one possible choice - seduce her, romance her, and convince her to switch sides "across the aisle" through longing and lust!
AGE OF HUMANITY:BORN HUNTER by Dave Rudden AGE OF HUMANITY:BORN HUNTER by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 21366 words Sample 20%
There are things in this world that we choose to ignore. Witches, vampires and werewolves prowl in the shadows and wait to strike. They hide in our nightmares, bringing fear to our children. Drew Singer was born to hunt these creatures and keep them confined to our dreams. What scares a man who hunts nightmares for a living? Drew is about to find out.
Rape Day Wednesday by Lon Maisttison Rape Day Wednesday by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 12633 words Read a sample
" General Madad allows his troops to rape the women and girls of a small village on Wednesdays and Jimmy & team are hired to go kill him.
A Voz by Donnefar Skedar A Voz by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 2078 words Sample 10%
A rotina de um jovem trabalhador ao final de seu expediente sempre é a mesma, parar em um ponto de ônibus vazio esperando pelo rotineiro automóvel com os mesmos passageiros que talvez não fossem tão diferentes dele mesmo.
Coconut Oil Hacks: 19 Life Changing Coconut Oil Hacks for Weight Loss, Radiant Health & Beauty Including Amazing Coconut Oil Recipes by Chris Reichert Coconut Oil Hacks: 19 Life Changing Coconut Oil Hacks for Weight Loss, Radiant Health & Beauty Including Amazing Coconut Oil Recipes by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 10293 words Sample 10%
Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a superfood. It can have such a profound positive effect on your overall health. This includes fat loss, better brain function and so many other amazing benefits!
Burns Too Deep by Erin O'Quinn Burns Too Deep by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 20390 words Sample 20%
Can two men stop running long enough to find each other? The story of an Irish detective and a mysterious Scot. Two men meet on a stretch of highway between nowhere and Dundee, Scotland. What secret does each man hold? And what will happen if those truths are ever revealed? Both men have much to lose. And something crucial to gain, if only they can stop running.
Word to Negus by Chandra Meadows Word to Negus by Sep. 03, 2015 $4.99 7897 words Sample 20%
Word to Negus is a short doctrine filled with "scriptures" created to connect with the soul and mind of the black man.
Yuhanna'nın Müjdesi (1.cilt, 1-10 bölümler) by Doug Dede Yuhanna'nın Müjdesi (1.cilt, 1-10 bölümler) by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 19237 words Read a sample
İsa Mesih’in en çok sevdiği elçi olan Yuhanna, İsa’nın unutulmaz öğretileri ve baş mucizelerini kaydetti. Özellikle bu yedi mucize (belirtiler), bize İsa’nın tüm kainat üzerindeki RAB’liğini kanıtlamaktır. Hepsi var Yuhanna'nın Müjdesi'nde!
Death In Tombstone by Jennifer York Death In Tombstone by Sep. 03, 2015 $1.99 10168 words Sample 20%
When Rebecca leaves sleepy Cape Cod for Tombstone, Arizona in the fall of 1881, she is hoping for a new life. However, she soon is caught in a deadly web of intrigue. Will Wyatt Earp be able to save her, or will she fall victim to a deadly game of intrigue?
The Justice of Null by A R Dent The Justice of Null by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 41189 words Sample 25%
An alternative history of Australia during the horrendous years of the 1800s, when a nation was being carved out of a penal colony. The world was going through enormous change and in some small way, Terrence Null, ex naval lieutenant, experienced every problem dealing with ex-convicts given their freedom. The justice of Null, Terrence Null after he was told, he was to be a Justice of the Peace.
Coxworth Academy 11 by KC Crozetti Coxworth Academy 11 by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 13553 words Sample 15%
A stranger was caught trespassing on the island. After learning his identity, thanks to some personal persuasion by Assistant Principal Tuckerman, Mrs. Coxworth arranges his punishment. Meanwhile, Bert cannot find a private place to relieve his sexual tension. Too shy to ask one of the coeds for help, he considers a suggestion from a surprising source: lusty Lady Oakley, his dorm's housemother.
Through Hell: Origins by Brandi Miller Through Hell: Origins by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 3563 words Read a sample
The beginning of a book series, Through Hell.
Non Verbal Autism by Tom Smith Non Verbal Autism by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 1190 words Sample 15%
Tom describes what living with non-verbal autism is like. He shares how it is a struggle to communicate with others. He tries hard to make friends but feels no one really takes the time to get to know him. He communicates with a communication device and he is a brilliant person.. Getting people to take extra time to communicate with him is challenging. Tom shares the challenges and triumphs.
Word and Grammar Puzzles by Elizaveta Heinonen Word and Grammar Puzzles by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 12522 words Sample 20%
Word puzzles and detective stories based on linguistic phenomena.
Comensais by Eliane Morais Araújo Comensais by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 110367 words Sample 20%
Entre em um mundo em que uma conversa simples e inocente transforma-se em um perigoso jogo de sedução, levando os personagens a entregarem-se ao despertar de uma embriagante e louca paixão. Chegando ao ápice do amor absoluto.
India without Gandhi by Harishnyama India without Gandhi by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.00 109092 words Sample 20%
मार्च 1922 की एक रात गांधी जी की हत्या हो जाती है, उसके बाद किस तरह से भारत माओवाद/साम्यवाद की तरफ बढ जाता है, यही इस उपन्यास की मूल कहानी है। यह उपन्यास भारत की धार्मिक, सामाजिक और राजनीतिक कमजोरियोँ पर सिधा प्रहाय करती है। इस उपन्यास मेँ आपको एक अन्तर धार्मिक प्रेम कहानी भी पढने को मिलेगी।
Exactly What's Missing (Lesbian Romantic BDSM) by Leslie Laye Exactly What's Missing (Lesbian Romantic BDSM) by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 5520 words Sample 20%
Leah, a muralist, has been hired on by Valeria to decorate her bedroom. But instead of letting her paint, Valeria ties Leah to her bed and introduces her to a world of pain and pleasure, leaving her with a sore ass and skin tingling like fire, as well as the key to unlocking what was missing from her designs. And she also leaves Leah with a love that keeps her coming back for more.
Proximal Tauri by Charles Moore Proximal Tauri by Sep. 03, 2015 $1.99 20602 words Sample 10%
Marshal Rodne is sent to a very un-friendly planet to bring back an escapee. He meets a few assorted aliens and should not be surprised by what or who he encounters. His boss isn't much help. His partner is in trouble. But, Rodne brings his man back --most of the time.
O Anel de Arame by Sérgio Reinaldo Rosman O Anel de Arame by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 28016 words Sample 20%
Um menino de nove anos e sua professora vivem uma linda história de amizade, repleta de inocência e ternura. Quarenta e oito anos depois, uma fotografia, colada em uma folha de um velho caderno, é encontrada por acaso, dando origem a este livro encantador...
Os Diamantes Azuis by Juvenil Tomás Os Diamantes Azuis by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 50233 words Sample 20%
Neste volume da Série Os Diamantes Azuis, aprofundamos um pouco mais a visão espiritualista. Encontramos nossos amigos espirituais – Os Diamantes Azuis – em experiências mais contundentes e transformadoras.
Terra - A Herança dos Deuses by Alcides Ferreira Terra - A Herança dos Deuses by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 92843 words Sample 20%
A ciência afirma que a Humanidade é o resultado da evolução natural de um hominídeo primata, apesar de ter comprovado que existiram outras espécies de hominídeos e existem outros primatas, mas nenhuns deles evoluíram, assim como os outros animais.
The Power of Words: Practical Ways to Use Positive Thinking by Nikki King The Power of Words: Practical Ways to Use Positive Thinking by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 7194 words Sample 20%
Positive thinking is not about sparkly rainbows and majestic unicorns, where bad things never happen. Instead, it retrains your brain so that the good things in life are not overshadowed by the bad. With positive thinking, you learn from negative experiences instead of dwelling on them. You expect the best for yourself and see the good in others. You are better able to relax and enjoy life.
What Is Needed by P. H. Solomon What Is Needed by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 13544 words Read a sample
Hastra begins having visions of the destruction the mystic Withling order of which she is a member. Without any guidance, she investigates who the source of the danger may be. But how much time does she have and who should she trust with her visions?
Lucifer Lucifer"s Son by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.99 198328 words Sample 20%
Mavrodi's Lucifer's Son is a supernatural horror thriller in the vein of King, Koontz and Stoker.
Stay ahead in competition with SAP EWS by Sam Das Stay ahead in competition with SAP EWS by Sep. 03, 2015 $1.00 1800 words
In today’s economic scenario it is all more vital that companies leverage full potential of its existing IT investment by exploiting out of box functionalities to the fullest extent. SAP EWS is one of the most overlooked native functionality by many companies. The information presented in this book covers step by step configuration of SAP EWS with detail explanation and real life example
Island of Women by Leslie Laye Island of Women by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 8137 words Sample 20%
Captain Hannah's all-female pirate crew is gearing for a vacation filled with white sandy beaches, all the rum they could handle, and a hunt for treasure. But instead they find an island full of women--and Captain Hannah's got her eye on one in particular. Adaeze is a dark-skinned warrior, rough and brave with a streak for adventure, and is looking to get herself on Hannah's ship--and in her bed.
Ayurvedic Detox Water Recipes. by kindleful1 Ayurvedic Detox Water Recipes. by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 1157 words Read a sample
A health guide to better drinking.
Feliz Lusitânia ou a Belém da Saudade by José Santiago Feliz Lusitânia ou a Belém da Saudade by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 31030 words Sample 20%
Neste relato de vida apreciei particularmente a viva descrição do seu primeiro passeio por Belém e a narração das atribuladas deslocações pela Amazónia e das viagens a localidades com nomes portugueses como Santarém e Alter-do-Chão. O autor pinta ainda um fresco de pitorescas personagens com quem conviveu e ilustra bem como Belém tem tanto de familiar e reconhecível para um português como de “dife
Como os Pássaros Que Migram by José Manuel Pyrrait Como os Pássaros Que Migram by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 51604 words Sample 20%
Debaixo dos pés descalços a areia chiava a cada passo que dava. Esse ruído marcava a cadência do andar, pois absorto nos meus pensamentos já deixara de ouvir o mar e os gritos dispersos das gaivotas à beira-mar.
Power by Moonstone by Vanessa Haberkorn Power by Moonstone by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.00 71951 words Sample 20%
Twenty-one year-old Joby and his friends Samantha, Evan, and Oliver are part of the small group of people who know about moonstones, space rocks that allow people to control elements of nature. However, soon Joby joins a street art group who seem more into crimes than art. And now, they want him to introduce them to moonstones. Joby must choose where his loyalty lies.
Electricista Prático by José Vieira Marques Electricista Prático by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 9306 words Sample 20%
A electricidade deve ser tratada com o maior gosto e brio que um profissional possa ter, seguindo as boas normas técnicas em vigor, na execução das instalações eléctricas, a fim de obter a maior segurança e o maior rendimento. Este manual prático de electricidade “ELECTRICISTA PRÁTICO” tem por fim resolver os diversos problemas práticos do electricista, sem enredos no desempenho da sua profissão.
The Lake of Glass by Josh Shiben The Lake of Glass by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 2910 words Read a sample
When two archeologists investigate an ancient sheet of glass found buried in the Libyan Desert, they unwittingly awaken an ancient evil.
O Diabo do Advogado by Flávio Juarez Feijó O Diabo do Advogado by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.75 45726 words Sample 20%
Um famoso advogado, representante de réus de projeção nacional, é encontrado enforcado em uma casa abandonada no Rio de Janeiro. O policial encarregado de investigar o caso é afastado em prol da Polícia Federal quando surgem outros corpos pendurados, mas segue farejando com o auxílio de um jornalista de um portal virtual, seu ex-colega de ensino médio.
Don't Quit While You're Ahead by Cynthia MacGregor Don't Quit While You're Ahead by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 30871 words Sample 20%
There is room for improvement in the life of even the most successful person. This motivational book may give you the boost you need to change your life for the better.
Very Rare Interesting Facts In Hindi by Sachin Saparia Very Rare Interesting Facts In Hindi by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 1953 words Read a sample
Very Rare Interesting Facts In Hindi This Books Includes Some Interesting Facts on Different Things on The World In Hindi!
The Hag in the Woods by Deb Scudder The Hag in the Woods by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 69482 words Read a sample
Everyone knows the Hag lurks in her bower in the Old Wood of Annisthorpe listening for children so she can seize and devour them, but fourteen year old Tom Gibson is beginning to wonder if the famous local legend is more than just a story.
Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Chloe & Bill’s Story) by Doreen Milstead Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Chloe & Bill’s Story) by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 12187 words Sample 20%
Three sisters from London strike out for the Americas, where one already has a fiancé in waiting – a cowboy in Nevada. He knows that two other women are coming but doesn’t know what he’ll quite do with them when they arrive.
IT Technical best practices: How to Reduce Agile cycle time with reusable code? by Shanthi Vemulapalli IT Technical best practices: How to Reduce Agile cycle time with reusable code? by Sep. 03, 2015 You set the price! 1660 words Sample 10%
This book is written for Saving the agile projects cycle time. The proposed or mandatory readers are: Agile developers Agile Designers Agile PMS Agile Product Owners Agile teams Who all intended to learn Agile Practices?
Punto de Amor by John Blandly Punto de Amor by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 960 words Sample 20%
Quatro jovens, ao mesmo tempo caçando galinhas na África do Sul, lutar com um animal selvagem e encontrar uma linda jovem.
No Kiss Goodbye by Brooke Harris No Kiss Goodbye by Sep. 03, 2015 $3.99 97108 words Sample 20%
Unfortunately, sometimes wishes really do come true.
Moon Chosen #7 (BBW Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Mac Flynn Moon Chosen #7 (BBW Werewolf / Shifter Romance) by Sep. 03, 2015 $2.99 18705 words Sample 20%
Friends. Foes. Lots of trouble. The end comes for Sophie as she and her companions confront Blackwood for a final showdown at the Old Den. Wits and warriors are pitted against each other in fierce battles that will decide the fate of the werewolves and their beloved islands. Sophie must confront what she is and her feelings for Erik before it’s too late.
Social Relationships with Autism by Tom Jacibons Social Relationships with Autism by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 1458 words Sample 15%
Social relationships involve so much more than just practicing good social skills. Adaptive social skills or adaptive living skills are simple for people with high-functioning autism but what is extremely challenging for folks who are mid to high functioning on the autism spectrum is understanding social thinking. Social thinking involves understanding body language, and reading a person's face.
The Boarding School Series Introduction by Elizabeth Lennox The Boarding School Series Introduction by Sep. 03, 2015 Free! 22146 words Read a sample
Learn about how it all began! The Boarding School Series features a group of five boys and one girl: Damon, Grayson, Stefan, Malik, Harrison, and Scarlett. This collection of introduction stories explains how they met and some of their adventures together at Headmaster Evan’s school. This collection also includes a preview of the first book in the series: The Greek's Forgotten Bride.
Taken by Katie Epstein Taken by Sep. 03, 2015 $0.99 99128 words Sample 15%
Book Three in the Prophecy Child Series. After vowing to protect the two children of her deceased friends, ex-demon slayer Macey is mortified when she discovers they have been kidnapped. It is a race against time as she tries to track them down, but abducted children are not Macey’s only concern...