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Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE (Book One) by Violet Walker Billionaire Romance: The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE (Book One) by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 10041 words Read a sample
★★★★★ "POWERFUL! Violet Walker creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."
Poetizando by Deisi Porto Poetizando by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 8602 words Sample 20%
O poeta é aquele que filtra através da fina nuvem de fumaça que se descortina diante do cotidiano. Assim, poetizar é a arte de reconstruir com palavras a beleza de cada dia, a normalidade da rotina, a leveza do amor.
Liver Cleanse with Coffee Enemas by Simon Benjamin Liver Cleanse with Coffee Enemas by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 1967 words Sample 20%
Simon Benjamin was very sick. After doing some research, he changed his diet and started doing coffee enemas. In this e-book, Simon recounts his journey trying to improve his liver's health using coffee enemas. Find out what happened.
Outro Deus Para Ospithos by Saibreira Júnior Outro Deus Para Ospithos by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 52083 words Sample 20%
Um nome estranho como Espite designa uma extensa freguesia com mais de 800 anos, entre Ourém, a cujo concelho pertence, e Leiria, a sede da sua diocese, fazendo geograficamente com estas duas cidades um triângulo.
Shadows in a Library Corner by A.E. Spangler Shadows in a Library Corner by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 5233 words Sample 20%
Teresa, a student going about her studies in an old corner of the university library is suprised to discover one night that her seat comes with some unusal properties, including a strange visitor with a deft touch and a very persuasive tongue. After Teresa is seduced she finds herself pulled down into an eerie mirror world of shadows until she falls back on her own skill and experience to escape.
Trade by Delores Swallows Trade by Sep. 04, 2015 $1.99 5673 words Sample 20%
When Ray brought up the subject of swinging, Denise thought he was suggesting she no longer satisfied his needs. But when he explained he’d been obsessed with the idea of wife-swapping for years, she did a little on-line research and realised the idea of it was giving her a warm feeling, too. Neither of them wanted a different life-partner, but maybe a short-term trade could be a lot of fun…
You Have To Think Positively (A Pair Of Fantasy Short Stories) by Susan Hart You Have To Think Positively (A Pair Of Fantasy Short Stories) by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.50 9558 words Sample 20%
Radiation Can Really Mess Things Up, is a classic Sci-Fi story about what happens when you aren’t monitoring the site of a nuclear disaster like Chernobyl, quite closely enough. We Must Increase Our Bust, is about a woman who feels she is perpetually skinny, no matter how hard she tries to bulk up at the gym.
A Sane Tear by Rabie Soubra A Sane Tear by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 15550 words Sample 20%
Based on true events, this is the story of Jacques, his journey into madness and his discovery of love in the most an expected manner
Breaking the Fall by Lisa Sachs Breaking the Fall by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 62201 words Sample 10%
Breaking the Fall opens as Sherry Berger, a therapist on the northwest side of Chicago, contemplates how to reconcile her apparently middle class life with the life and death emergencies of her clients. Sherry has secrets of her own and she hopes that these secrets won’t impact her ability to help her clients.
The Right Triangle by Mike Bozart The Right Triangle by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 1821 words Read a sample
The author (future Agent 33) visits the infamous knowhere [sic] San Francisco bar (in the Outer Sunset district), Sidle on N, yet again in September of 1992. There, the Amerasian bartender, Dash, tells him about his uber-smart friend's plan for a memorable 'soaring' experience. Dash tells the author that he will film the spectacle. On a Sunday evening in October the bizarre 'stunt' takes place.
The Beast - The First in the Fairytales for Modern Times Trilogy by Sadie Miller The Beast - The First in the Fairytales for Modern Times Trilogy by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 15342 words Sample 20%
“I know you must have heard stories about me. They aren’t true. Well, not all of them.” Zoë Fields is running from her past and Forest Pines looks like the perfect place to get lost. But Forest Pines has a secret. Beau’s family has owned Forest Pines for generations. He doesn’t like strangers and his mansion on the hill has kept them out for years. But he hadn’t counted on Zoë Fields.
A Walk through Winter by Shannon Buchbach A Walk through Winter by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.49 73866 words Sample 20%
Lance is tormented by his recent divorce from Amanda, blaming himself for their troubles having let go of his relationship with God. He is now on the messy road to rediscovering God's grace and mercy in the midst of pain. Lance must walk the arduous journey of healing amidst difficult business decisions and family criticism.
Resurrection Day by Bill K. Underwood Resurrection Day by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 32873 words Sample 20%
This is the weirdest, best day of Steve's life. A middle-aged man who died late in the old world, Steve is now alive, young, healthy, and just beginning to understand what life can really be like, as the earth is slowly being rebuilt into a paradise. Follow Steve's first day of impressions of this new world, as he gets answers to his questions, including what happened to the old one.
Christmas Dinner Party Games by John Jester Christmas Dinner Party Games by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 5690 words Read a sample
Tired of the same old Christmas games being dusted off every year? Fed up with the same person winning the quiz board games? Stuck trying to find a way to keep the family entertained? Well, its time to liven up your Christmas dinner with Christmas Dinner Party Games. Full of fun challenges, quizzes and family games, you are sure to have the best Christmas dinner party ever.
Quantitative Aptitude - Crash Course by Abhishek Verma Quantitative Aptitude - Crash Course by Sep. 04, 2015 $1.29 104440 words Sample 10%
This is a book on Quantitative Aptitude and will be used by candidates appearing for various competitive exams such as SNAP, MAT, CET, IRMA, ATMA, IBSAT, Bank PO, Campus Recruitment, PSU Competitive Exams, etc.
Irontop Gym of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Afra Zaman Irontop Gym of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 9548 words Sample 20%
Wilson Tipper opens up new markets for the Irontop Gym chain of male fitness centers. He's an openly gay man, so he knew moving to Saudi Arabia would entail some compromises and more than a little risk. But when he finally does open, virtually no one signs up! Until one outrageous Saudi prince and his bodyguard come in, and end up getting serviced by Wilson's alpha-loving mouth...
My Billionaire Stepbrother 2 (Forbidden Romance) by L.E. Joyce My Billionaire Stepbrother 2 (Forbidden Romance) by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 7871 words Sample 10%
"Hiding, lying, sneaking—that’s what people do when they're doing something wrong. There is nothing wrong with Bran and I loving each other. My stomach turns. But if Margaret still holds my reigns, what choice do I have? Hide and lie, or live without Bran?"
Brazilians Downlow by Hector Bugarro Brazilians Downlow by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 12326 words Sample 20%
Gary is an American businessman who has come to Brazil on vacation, and he hopes to get laid by some hot chicks while he's there. But a chance encounter with a macho taxi driver sends him down a different path. Though women abound, he finds himself crossing sexual boundaries he never thought he'd cross, and even the sexually adventurous Brazilian Flavio is astonished by what comes next!
Christians Wanted by VC Edwards Christians Wanted by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 5187 words Sample 15%
There is no shortage of jobs for you, if you are a Christian, but you must search for jobs different than advised by today’s secular experts, in order to find them. “Christians Wanted” shows you what to look for in your search. Discover the Christian advantage, not only to find quality work, but to make a difference for Christ.
The Irontop Gym of Rio de Janeiro by Hector Bugarro The Irontop Gym of Rio de Janeiro by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 9167 words Sample 20%
Wilson Tipper opens the first Irontop Gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As he always does, he stumbles on a bunch of muscle-bound gym rats who don't mind a little downlow action, and Wilson is only too happy to oblige. The legendary sun-soaked hunks of Brazil start off with a game of Soggy Biscuit that they push Wilson into joining in on.
Clothes Make the Man: Shredder by Hector Bugarro Clothes Make the Man: Shredder by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 8798 words Sample 20%
Ricky is a sexy Puerto Rican gym rat, who loves wearing shredders -- those sleeveless t-shirts with a partially open side. They're simple, comfortable and make sure everyone can see the fantastic body he spends so much time sculpting. When Ricky makes a new friend at the gym, he doesn't know what he's in for!
Checkout Line by Meyari McFarland Checkout Line by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 5516 words Sample 20%
Trapped in the checkout line, Youneda had no desire to give advice to baby dragons. He was old and did not want desperately earnest questions that could not be properly answered. As the oldest dragon in the store, Youneda was trapped between questions and broken cash registers. A sweet slice-of-life fantasy, Checkout Line speaks of hope, change and the freedom of being yourself no matter what.
Twinks Downlow by Calvin Freeman Twinks Downlow by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 9344 words Sample 20%
Quincy is a cute black twink whose "roommate" is brutal ex-con Thumper, a big black bear whom Quincy would like to dump. But Thumper sees himself as straight, so Quincy doesn't know how he'd take it. Ending the relationship with a camping trip proves more exciting than Quincy expected when they meet another cute twink who strikes Thumper's fancy!
The KEYS to my Diary ~ Fern by Ann Omasta The KEYS to my Diary ~ Fern by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 57480 words Sample 15%
Get ready to be enchanted by the personal diary of Fern Burns. Fern is 42-years-old, lives in the beautiful, tropical Florida Keys, and is not your typical Contemporary Romance heroine. In this journal, Fern shares the wacky, entertaining stories of her life for the year. Go ahead…Take a PEEK!
Spiritual Game   - KIRAN BABA On the Holy Business of Enlightenment) by Olinda Capece Spiritual Game - KIRAN BABA On the Holy Business of Enlightenment) by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.99 58049 words Sample 20%
“Spiritual Game” is a compilation of Kiran Baba’s Discourses, recorded during the period between 2000 and 2005 in Pune, when Kiran Baba was answering to all kind of questions related to the seeker and the search for enlightenment.
Irontop Gym of Lilongwe, Malawi by Calvin Freeman Irontop Gym of Lilongwe, Malawi by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 10377 words Sample 20%
Wilson Tipper loves his job opening up new markets for the Irontop Gym chain of international male fitness centers. His latest assignment is in Lilongwe, the capital city of the African country Malawi. The people there are kind and friendly, but also poor, and often willing to swing on the downlow!
The Pizza Delivery Guy’s Big Tip by Susan Hart The Pizza Delivery Guy’s Big Tip by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 4173 words Sample 20%
Note: All characters are over 18 and this story is for adults only. Synopsis: The Pizza Delivery Guy's Big Tip: Short staffed and on the night of the full moon, the pizza delivery guy has the night of his life when he makes several sexy deliveries.
A Throne At Stake by D.A. Boulter A Throne At Stake by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 110528 words Sample 20%
Pledged to Prince Parsigul’s quest to regain the throne of his deposed father, the beautiful Lady Galinia risks violating the two commandments that every sorcerer learns in the Halls.1: With sorcery, aid no man in a fight against another man; 2: Never cast a weave against another sorcerer. For those arrayed against the two include Hadryl, a powerful sorceress in her own right.
The World of Sexual Fantasy Vol 2-Emma Dodds by Frank Rhyno The World of Sexual Fantasy Vol 2-Emma Dodds by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.95 43267 words Sample 10%
He was an 18 year old hunk. She was his teacher. Was it really just sex and how far were they willing to go? And what was the secret hidden in the basement below? Find out in Emma Dodds
O Que Me Diz o Horizonte by Jorge Paias O Que Me Diz o Horizonte by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 8384 words Sample 20%
O modo de contemplar o horizonte é um acto íntimo e pessoal, pois a sua mensagem é íntima e pessoal.
No Coração de São Miguel by Miguel Passarinho No Coração de São Miguel by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 41314 words Sample 20%
Alma minha gentil a esta santa ilha devotada lírio azul plantado no mar ligustro perfumado liberto pelo ar,
So Many Women To Choose From (A Pair Of Erotic Short Stories) by Susan Hart So Many Women To Choose From (A Pair Of Erotic Short Stories) by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.50 8556 words Sample 20%
How To Satisfy The Persian’s Women: Charles hasn’t a clue what’s in store for him when he visits a drug dealer’s house, until he’s led to one of the many luxurious and exotic rooms in the wealthy man’s mansion. Sex Buffet, is what one inexperienced man who works for a bar owner, gets as a reward for all of his hard work.
UniHack - Die Kunst Des Entspannten Studierens: Der Politisch-Inkorrekte Studienführer by Der Lebenskünstler UniHack - Die Kunst Des Entspannten Studierens: Der Politisch-Inkorrekte Studienführer by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 5538 words Read a sample
UniHack ist kein gewöhnlicher Studentenratgeber. Keine langweiligen Lerntechniken oder weichgekochte Karrieretipps. Hier geht es um weitaus Bedeutenderes: - Warum die Uni in der Krise steckt. - Wie du den Unistress los wist. - Als fauler Student gute Noten bekommst. - Und beste Voraussetzungen für deine Zukunft schaffst.
Ciclos Eternos by Caroline Factum Ciclos Eternos by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 78304 words Sample 20%
Existe um limite entre o real e o imaginário? Até que ponto se pode viver enraizado na realidade e abandonar os sonhos? Sâmia luta entre o real e o que julgou ser imaginário enquanto faz críticas sobre livros de fantasia em um jornal local, tentando por anos sufocar seus desejos mais profundos, a fantasia retorna trazendo com elas valores extremamente reais.
Breaking it Down - Yoga in Meditation by orispace Breaking it Down - Yoga in Meditation by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 55577 words Read a sample
Breaking it Down is an inspirational guide to the Indian science of Yoga that is so much more than we usually think of as Yoga today. It is a story that begins in a pre-historic civilisation and follows a winding trail of mystical teachings and rational philosophies, becoming a global phenomenon; throughout the millennia the practice of meditation has remained the essence of Yoga.
Ecos do Meu Sentir by César Ramos da Silva Ecos do Meu Sentir by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 12984 words Sample 20%
Inventar arte, é viver eternamente a brincar a beleza da arte, não existe por existir - antes, se vai construindo dentro de nós (…), embora, mais dentro e a sós, com quem melhor a souber construir ou definir.
Hardcore Lesson (A mother-daughter hypnosis quickie) by Amoxirakuzan Hardcore Lesson (A mother-daughter hypnosis quickie) by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 4698 words Sample 20%
A dispute in the mall's parking lot ends with Didi and her virgin eighteen-year-old daughter on their knees, blissfully submissive to the man they have wronged.
O Evangelho dos Nazarenos by Paulo Manuel António Fernandes O Evangelho dos Nazarenos by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 69281 words Sample 20%
Durante séculos, pensamos que os Evangelhos Canónicos seriam a última palavra no conhecimento da figura história de Jesus de Nazaré. Contudo, a imagem que nos foi transmitida encontrava-se desfasada da realidade histórica. Yeshua (Jesus) era Judeu e viveu, ensinou e pensou como um Judeu do seu tempo. O Evangelho redescoberto e reconstruído foi conhecido até ao séc. XIV tendo-se perdido o seu rasto
Genocide of thought by Bisrat Woldemichael Handiso Genocide of thought by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 16289 words Read a sample
This essay tells the sad story of the Ethiopian media which is faced – after a spell of press freedom and freedom of speech – with prosecutoin, often based on false accusations. The victims are brave journalists and media publishers who were detained or fled Ehtiopia, so that they can continue reporting about the government’s violation of human rights.
Dreams of Eschaton by Josh Shiben Dreams of Eschaton by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 27220 words Sample 20%
Death. Despair. Madness. When a terrifying nightmare predicts the apocalypse, Detective David Burfict finds himself drawn into an ancient conspiracy to bring about an end to the age of man. Can he stop the machinations of madmen, or is he merely an unwitting link in the chain of our destruction?
Deixa-me Amar-te by Fátima Ribeiro Deixa-me Amar-te by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 57560 words Sample 20%
Serena tem segredos que esconde de todos. Para conseguir manter a sua independência procura uma part-time, mas só consegue ser contratada por uma agência de acompanhantes de luxo, singular. Num dos compromissos, ao serviço da agência, reencontra Rodrigo que conheceu numa situação imposta pelo seu ex-namorado.
It's All Nonsense - Volume 1 by Joe Procopio It's All Nonsense - Volume 1 by Sep. 04, 2015 $0.99 9443 words Sample 20%
It's All Nonsense is a series of eBooks compiled from my blog. Each volume contains about 10 worthy posts, no filler, and commentary on each post, including what kind of feedback I got and any updates to the content. My goal is to turn my experience and wisdom into your guide to growth, achievement, success, and happiness.
As Rosas Que Nascem No Asfalto by Vólia Loureiro As Rosas Que Nascem No Asfalto by Sep. 04, 2015 $3.75 15899 words Sample 20%
As Rosas Que Nascem No Asfalto
Ainsi font, font, font… by Marie-Noëlle Garric Ainsi font, font, font… by Sep. 04, 2015 $4.99 32166 words Sample 20%
J’ai commencé cette carrière sans savoir qu’elle allait durer longtemps. Disons plutôt que je ne l’ai appréhendée qu’année après année, comme une fourmi tâcheronne. C’est ce mélange d’impressions variées que j’ai essayé de décrire dans cet ouvrage qui retrace trente-cinq années de doutes, de joies, d’abattement ou d’enthousiasme. Ainsi font, font, font…
La donna di latta by Riccardo Alberto Quattrini La donna di latta by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 4054 words Read a sample
Una creatura metallica, dal sorriso statico-erotico, cattura l'attenzione della folla e rapisce il cuore di Marco.
Heartfulness Magazine by Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation Heartfulness Magazine by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 157 words Read a sample
Welcome to Heartfulness Magazine, a monthly magazine in which we explore everything from self-development and health, relationships with family and friends, how to thrive in the workplace, to living in tune with nature. We also bring you inspiration from the lives of people who have made a difference to humanity over the ages.
Novena de Liberación Intergenérica by ACOBA Novena de Liberación Intergenérica by Sep. 04, 2015 $2.99 4061 words Sample 20%
Esta novena es una bendición para toda persona que la haga porque a través de la oración, se rompe toda influencia negativa que está estancando las bendiciones. Es fundamental que todas las personas de tu familia hagan estas oraciones para que la oración sea más fuerte. Tienes que ser consciente que de generación en generación se trasmite tanto lo bueno como lo malo, a través del código genético.
Twisted in a Positive Way by Chikamso Efobi Twisted in a Positive Way by Sep. 04, 2015 $5.99 48675 words Sample 15%
This coming-of-age tale is one of a charming young heroine Adaugo who faces difficult odds. The loss of a loved one and navigating cultural expectations and gender roles are major themes in this personal narrative documenting the growth and learning of a young girl with big dreams. Her journey is one that any person will learn from as it illustrates the beauty of dreaming big and never giving up.
Sarajevske (gazim) bare by Goran Vrhunc Sarajevske (gazim) bare by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 725 words Read a sample
Sarajevska zbirka
Prelude: Dreams (The Orphans Revolt 1) by Paul Smith Prelude: Dreams (The Orphans Revolt 1) by Sep. 04, 2015 Free! 3721 words Read a sample
Mark Jocan's peaceful night is about to be disturbed by a nightmare from his city's bloody past. Meanwhile, the Nym Kye is summoned by the dreaming dead of his people to relive an episode from their collective memories that is about to become far more relevant than anyone ever imagined possible.