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Die Tochter des Uhrmachers by Kirsten Weiss Die Tochter des Uhrmachers by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 67225 words Sample 20%
Verfolgt von Regierungsagenten, einem Geheimbund und dem rätselhaften Mr. Night muss Sensibility die seltsamen Aufzeichnungen ihres Vaters entziffern, nicht ahnend, dass sie damit die Welt für immer verändern wird.
The Saints & The Sinner 4: Daniel In The Lions' Den by Daniel Chucks The Saints & The Sinner 4: Daniel In The Lions' Den by Oct. 21, 2016 $1.00 11308 words
His narrow escape from being caught with a female member of his church and his luck with not being effectively exposed at the secret Tuesday Leaders' Meeting were unfortunately not viewed by Pastor Daniel as his necessary but limited chance at redemption. Instead he has gone on to fall into a Cindy-shaped trap of seduction. How will he come out of this one, having been presumably ambushed by his v
The Saints & The Sinner 3: Extravagant Grace by Daniel Chucks The Saints & The Sinner 3: Extravagant Grace by Oct. 21, 2016 $1.00 11376 words
The signs of the times just began revealing themselves but it can still be argued that Pastor Daniel is yet to accept any of them to mean too much. He barely managed to come off the web when his wife 'caught' him and Sis. Abigail, but yet he is still willing to let himself get seduced into the dangerous world of campus girls. Now, with an unexpected poisoned arrow coming from one of his concubine'
The Saints & The Sinner 2: Signs Of The Times by Daniel Chucks The Saints & The Sinner 2: Signs Of The Times by Oct. 21, 2016 $1.00 8429 words
Despite a raging war and the overwhelming weight to prove his adopted father right, Pastor Daniel still hasn't been able to determine if he truly can steer clear of those things for which his ability to hold the position of 'Pastor' was questioned in the first place. He has sullied his hands with strange women within his flock, and has even promoted the more decadent ones in his congregation. Will
Aurealis #95 by Stephen Higgins (Editor) Aurealis #95 by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 22431 words Sample 20%
Aurealis #95 features new fiction from around the world, articles, interviews and reviews.
The Saints & The Sinner 1: The Sin That Besets by Daniel Chucks The Saints & The Sinner 1: The Sin That Besets by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 12651 words Read a sample
A young 30-something-ish pastor who against all judgments, has risen to very prominent positions, is to decide if his newest role would mean he forfeits his ever present attraction for sex and women. He has his congregation to please, and then his backers to prove right. But then, with more and more ladies crossing his path within his early reign, how much of these forbidden fruits will he success
The Saints & The Sinner : The Prelude by Daniel Chucks The Saints & The Sinner : The Prelude by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 1414 words Read a sample
When there is a need to do good, it is inherently human to want to. The question of falling to do so, isn't as a function of not wanting to. But more or less a product of our limitations. For some, it is minute, soft and easy to deal with. For others, it is huge, hard and inconceivably overwhelming! A Church Pastor's limitations may fall towards the later, but what about his own personal effort
Dead Letters: A Hungry Love by R.A. Brewster Dead Letters: A Hungry Love by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 13806 words Sample 20%
Wedding Day Horror For Sera and Kent their love was able to overcome those that doubted them but will it be strong enough to survive the monsters from the trees? Bad things happen on even the best of days and sometimes there are no happy endings.
Galaxy Warrior Traven by Karen Wallen Galaxy Warrior Traven by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 113004 words Sample 20%
Warrior Traven must chose between a career advancement or taking a human life-mate. Accident prone, Veronica Archer is a political analyst but she has a stalker who wants revenge against her brother. Not only is her life at risk but the Co-Commander's as well. This is extended to include the trip home, Nopal's evil step-brother, the arrival. And Kodiak's bonus story with a big surprise!
Southern Monsters by Cora Buhlert Southern Monsters by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 8696 words Sample 20%
Three tales of monsters and horror in the Louisiana bayous. Follow the adventures of Cajun lawyers, runaway brides, roadtripping families and inquisitive astronomers and meet Big Puffball, who likes shiny things, the Terror of Crimson Bayou and the sphere that ate the Mississippi Delta. This is a collection of three short horror stories of 7700 words altogether.
Locked & Keyed (Sexy Hotwife Erotica) by Abbey Caine Locked & Keyed (Sexy Hotwife Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 5874 words Sample 20%
Hotwife Sara likes to pleasure herself. Her controlling husband locks her into a chastity belt to prevent her naughty ways. Driven crazy by denial, she calls a locksmith and his apprentice to set her free and scratch her itch with a hard, unprotected three way ride that leaves all of them liberated and lusting for more.
Los ojos de la reina by Sofía Olguín Los ojos de la reina by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 8854 words Read a sample
Luego de su exposición en una modesta galería, el artista Allan Bloomfield es interceptado por un hombre que le hace una tentadora petición: pintar un retrato de su único hijo a cambio de una generosa suma de dinero. Halagado por los modales del extraño, Bloomfield lo acompaña hasta su mansión. Allí conocerá a Nimue, un joven de misteriosa belleza que dejará su mundo convertido en añicos.
Se venden sueños by Sofía Olguín Se venden sueños by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 2352 words Read a sample
Anker vive en un mundo donde los seres humanos no pueden soñar. Por las noches, quienes deseen adentrarse en el mundo de los sueños deben ingerir píldoras diseñadas especialmente para ello. En el tren elevado, Anker compra una día el primer sueño de su vida.
Eternal Love by Lev Minkovsky Eternal Love by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 19999 words Sample 100%
A slightly geeky love story with elements of sci-fi and humor and an epigraph from Nietzsche. A meditation on time and timelessness, memory and forgetting. A drama of an immortal man falling for a mortal woman.
Daddy's Favorites: Georgia by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Georgia by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 10556 words Sample 10%
Georgia runs with the goth/emo crowd at school—she dyes her hair and wears black nail polish and lipstick, but she has to hide all of this from her disapproving mother and stepfather. When she decides to get a tattoo on her birthday, she makes the mistake of talking about it on her cell phone to a friend and her stepfather overhears. Georgia discovers that there’s a price to pay for disobeying.
Daddy's Favorites: Fiona by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Fiona by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 13202 words Sample 10%
Fiona and her new daddy have always had one thing in common—they're the only two in the family who love sports. Fiona’s mother would rather go shopping! So when Fiona’s daddy gets a chance to take her to Lake Tahoe, the two of them plan to spend a great weekend together. But things heat up when they get snowed in, and they find they have far more in common than just a love of sports.
Captain Avery The Galactic Bank Heist by Sheldon1973 Captain Avery The Galactic Bank Heist by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 61324 words Sample 20%
Captain Avery needs to get out of piracy. There have been too many close calls and time spent in jail (which was for gambling and not piracy). Nevertheless, he has to make it good. A change of career is required, a Bounty Hunter would seem more reputable. This was his chosen career path, until a chance meeting with an old friend, Captain Phillips in the notorious bar Bariki, in Diso City.
Sword & Shield by J. L. Spohr Sword & Shield by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 32283 words Read a sample
Sword & Shield is vignettes of the early lives of characters in The Realm series. Even if you’re new to the world of Troixden & its king & queen, I hope the tales in these pages will whet your appetite for more. Throw in foibles of young love & friendship, daggers & death, stolen kisses & hard-fought loyalties, and the stage is set for the breathless, timeless love story that is The Realm. Enjoy!
One Shot. by Von Kambro One Shot. by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 1121 words Read a sample
A cowboy discovers that you get one shot to do things right in life.
All By My Selfie by Jo Noelle All By My Selfie by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 30756 words Read a sample
While on vacation, Gwen Mackenzie has nightly dreams of an ancient warrior bound by a curse. During the day, she sees Niall, nicknamed #ScottishBoyfriend. Oh, and can that man rock a kilt! As she gets to know him, she realizes that Niall is the warrior from her dreams. Niall McLeod has been a prisoner, a ghost, for centuries, but his quest for freedom may cost Gwen her life.
The girl in the Dream esampler by Steven Kai The girl in the Dream esampler by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 3827 words Read a sample
Dr. Sara Mohten was really down on her luck. Some of her patients died mysteriously on the surgical table and complaints were pressed against her. She had some health problems with no real medical explanations. She had dreams and woke up to find objects she saw in them beside her on the bed, a strand of hair, blood, dust or even rusty knives.
Mescalero Blood: A Zach Miller Adventure: Book 3 by Dennis A Nehamen Mescalero Blood: A Zach Miller Adventure: Book 3 by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 106771 words Sample 20%
Zach Miller straddles two worlds: the challenges of mainstream America, and the culture of an American Indian tribe. Then, when he takes on the task of finding a missing celebrity in the Los Angeles side of his life, he has no idea that he's stumbled into a task that is quite literally…impossible. Add a dash of murder, sprinkling of embezzlement, and Zach is on the journey of his life.
Finding Home (Wild Heart #3) by Miya Lee Finding Home (Wild Heart #3) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 35317 words
After the death of his boyfriend three years ago, Will’s tired of coming home to an empty bed. But getting back out there is only half the battle when compared to the war raging inside his mind. The last time Rob put his heart on the line, it ended in tears. He’s not about to face that pain again. One-night stands? No problem. Long-term relationships? Not a chance.
One Dirty Family - Book 3: Mother Son Fun by Jessica Bella One Dirty Family - Book 3: Mother Son Fun by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 3962 words Sample 20%
In this book, Sharon (mom) and Steve (son) get nasty when they're alone at home together. This is book 3 of the One Dirty Family series, but it can be read as a stand-alone story.
Five Women in Black by BF Oswald Five Women in Black by Oct. 21, 2016 $4.88 93808 words Sample 20%
Why do some very intelligent women make such poor choices when it comes to romance? And how do they become embroiled in devious plots not of their making? Rea Parker knows. She’s been there, done that. Five Women in Black is her story.
Change of Heart (Wild Heart #2) by Miya Lee Change of Heart (Wild Heart #2) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 39186 words
The Wild Heart Rescue is on its last leg, and unless Eli can land one of the local grants, he’ll have to close the shelter for good. He can’t afford distractions—not from the staff who up and quit or the gorgeous man walking in the door to surrender his dog. Oscar’s chewed through Caleb’s home, his last pair of shoes, and now, his job. That mutt’s gotta go.
Falling for the Billionaire’s Touch by SteamyReads4U Falling for the Billionaire’s Touch by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 30358 words Sample 15%
Carolyn is fighting through each day with all sorts of problems. Her husband seems to have lost interest in her, they have heavy loans to pay, and she’s trying to learn the ropes of a new job. When Carolyn discovers that her new billionaire boss is being unfaithful to his wife, Carolyn concocts a plan to solve all her financial problems. Of course, things are never as simple as they seem.
Daddy's Favorites: Eva by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Eva by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 12051 words Sample 10%
Eva doesn’t fit in at community college. The kids all say she talks funny and it’s true—her Russian accent makes her a target for a lot teasing. She can’t help it if her mother came to the U.S. as a mail-order bride—with her daughter in tow. Eva’s mother keeps reminding her that they should be grateful her stepfather agreed to accept Eva, too, but her mother doesn’t know everything.
Hello, My Name is Oliver by Paymaneh Ritchie Hello, My Name is Oliver by Oct. 21, 2016 $4.99 10113 words Sample 20%
Oliver, the SPCA adopted black dog is like any other dog and has a basic range of feelings. He just has a lot of them! Anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, and loneliness accompany Oliver to his new home where he sheds a few of these issues and teaches his new owners to cope with the rest. As Oliver matures, his humans learn that love, compassion...
The Tattooed sisters, and other stories by Bill Nagelkerke The Tattooed sisters, and other stories by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.50 24050 words Sample 20%
A bus accident in the mountains . . . Seeing the sights of Paris . . . Busking in the busy mall . . . Getting a tattoo . . . A cold stranger . . . Turning points, of one sort or another. Many of these stories and poems for young adults have been previously published in magazines and anthologies.
Crushing Steel: A Zach Miller Adventure: Book 4 by Dennis A Nehamen Crushing Steel: A Zach Miller Adventure: Book 4 by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 123178 words Sample 20%
WHEN WHO DONE IT, DIDN’T DO IT Zach Miller is a fairly talented writer—give him a story and he’ll put it to words. Nadine Street is a top-notch murder investigator with a whopper of a tale for Zach to tell. The problem is that part way through the narration of what happened that nearly sacked this attractive, tough and talented lady, the script goes through an unexpected revision. Now
Just a Table for One by Jerome Albers Just a Table for One by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.49 53456 words Sample 20%
Romantic comedy about 4 men and 4 women at a resort in the Caribbean. It is humor about the trials and tribulations of being single and the past relationship experience that they have had. It is in today’s world and with today’s attitudes.
A Fighting Chance (Wild Heart #1) by Miya Lee A Fighting Chance (Wild Heart #1) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 38592 words
Veterinarian Greg Evans is better at caring for animals than navigating his own relationships. So when Jasper asks for help in adopting a puppy, it’s just the ice breaker he needs to get his second chance. After losing Bella, his yellow lab, Jasper’s having a hard time ignoring her absence.
Stick Shift by Zayna Noble Stick Shift by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 5000 words Sample 20%
James has had about enough of Brandi's antics. It's one thing to see her prancing around, buying sexy new outfits at every store in the mall, but the thing that irks him the most is that he wishes he could be the one doing the prancing! He returns to the potion shop with Brandi in tow, and the succubus Lala is more than happy to help salvage their unique situation...
Butterfly A Fortuitous Tale: The Coward by A. R Sarker Butterfly A Fortuitous Tale: The Coward by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 0 words Read a sample
When the odds of winning the Mega Million is only 1 in 259 million, only a nut-job would think he’d hit the jackpot. But what if it wasn’t so far-fetched? What if you were that one? Most would nod their heads in disbelieve, but if you never try then how would you know?
Descendent by Will Molinar Descendent by Oct. 21, 2016 $4.88 66373 words Sample 20%
The battle with the northmen has been won and Prince Jason is now the king of the realm. While his sister Jacqueline loses herself to evil, Brahm takes a party of celestials into the netherworld to discover the ultimate plan of the enemy.
Lester's Keeper by George Holm Lester's Keeper by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 12526 words Read a sample
Lester is ready to call quits on his relationship. It's been going on too long. Six whole months. Before he ends things there's one last thing he wants from his girlfriend though. Something he hasn't told her about. Something that takes them to a strange and exclusive club deep in the heart of the picturesque countryside. Before tonight ends, someone is going to get a surprise.
The Bottle Green Mirror by James Baker The Bottle Green Mirror by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 2975 words Sample 10%
Sex in the future has changed. With disease running rampant, choices are limited for most, but the Bottle Green Mirror links to the future, and who knows who might step through it… James B.Baker started the career of many small press writers, and even though he passed away before he saw all of his dreams fulfilled, we at Nomadic Delirium Press are doing everything we can to keep his vision alive.
What Our Ministry Is by Zacharias Tanee Fomum What Our Ministry Is by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 34865 words Sample 20%
I will like to consider four things in this passage (Genesis 17:1-22): God’s purpose. The covenant. The appointments. The conditions.
Bad Trophy Wife! Delphy 2 by Candace Mia Bad Trophy Wife! Delphy 2 by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 1134 words Sample 20%
Trophy wives can be disobedient and stubborn. Good Doctor Rense knows how to handle them.
Bad Trophy Wife! Delphy by Candace Mia Bad Trophy Wife! Delphy by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 1086 words Read a sample
Trophy wives can be disobedient and stubborn. Good Doctor Rense knows how to handle them.
Don't Disarm Us by J.S. Bradford Don't Disarm Us by Oct. 21, 2016 $4.88 67861 words Sample 20%
A brilliant attorney comes up with an ingenious scheme allowing gun owners to secure their weapons in a "Firearms Preservation Trust." It's even better than the 2nd Amendment, plus there's a tax deduction! But when an intrepid paralegal named Darla discovers the hidden agenda of the trust, she vows to shut it down.
Asalto Digital: Entre la fe, el infierno y las fuerzas especiales. by Hector Javier Sanchez Perez Asalto Digital: Entre la fe, el infierno y las fuerzas especiales. by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 56324 words Read a sample
Para Nicole Cremades y sus compañeros en la organización conocida como “Centurion Net Solutions”, la lucha en contra de los hackers que merodean su servidor central no tiene fin. Pero el peligro acaba de llegar a México de una manera que nunca imaginaron.
Chameleon in a Mirror: A Time Travel Novel by Ruth Nestvold Chameleon in a Mirror: A Time Travel Novel by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 111384 words Sample 20%
Meeting Aphra Behn is Billie's wish come true -- and now she's trapped in the 17th century! Take: - one graduate student who wants to change history; - one dead -- and now forgotten -- playwright who did change history; - the colorful and turbulent times of the English Restoration; - one magic mirror. Mix thoroughly, and you have a Chameleon in a Mirror.
Regina, quel est sa Couleur? by Curtis W. Jackson Regina, quel est sa Couleur? by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 5891 words Sample 3%
Mispha écrit à son amie de longue date, Regina. Jusqu'à présent, le conte dans une mémoire fictif n’a jamais été publié ; seules quelques personnes l’on lut. Cette édition peut être considéré comme la version abrégée de « Regina, quel est sa couleur ? » Une version plus longue sortira en ro
Sex, Love, and Ice Cream by Charles Long Sex, Love, and Ice Cream by Oct. 21, 2016 $0.99 80676 words Sample 15%
An erotic romance novel that questions the limits we put onto sex, love, and happiness.
Nursing Daddy by Trisha Treat Nursing Daddy by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 1745 words Sample 20%
When Daddy walks in on his daughter Kimberly nursing her three year old son, he is shocked that she is still lactating. He is mesmerized by her full, luscious breasts, and after his grandson is put to bed, Daddy decides he has to have a taste. Kimberly is more than willing to nurse her Daddy, enjoying the sexual attention that motherhood has robbed her of.
Biosymbionce 2 XenDar by Joseph Philbrook III Biosymbionce 2 XenDar by Oct. 21, 2016 $1.99 192973 words Sample 30%
The biosymbiont, Tom is haunted by reoccurring dreams of a world he's never been to. They are the result of other people's memories having been implanted in his brain. Then Tom, along with his pledged adept, go to the strange forest world of XenDar. Where the daggerthorn plants they bring with them may be the answer to a strange disease that's beginning to decimate it's forests.
DOGMAi by Dennis A Nehamen DOGMAi by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 63042 words Sample 20%
The future of planet earth as a habitable space for man rests on a young child’s shoulders—but nobody believes a word he says. Why should they? A recent accident left him brain dead, though he's finally making a recovery. His father is suspected of orchestrating the downfall of modern civilization. Only DOGMAi has faith in him--but he's thought to exist only in the imagination of this old boy.
The Seventeen Series Short Story Collection 2 (Seventeen Series Short Stories #4-6) by AD Starrling The Seventeen Series Short Story Collection 2 (Seventeen Series Short Stories #4-6) by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 27195 words Sample 5%
This collection includes three short stories in the explosive, award-winning action thriller series Seventeen. The Warrior Monk #4 The Hunger #5 The Bank Job #6