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Brothers Balls by Bledar Tola Brothers Balls by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 29556 words Sample 15%
Her glossy, shapely thighs glimmered, and her crotch become invisible beneath a massive mound of soapy froth. She tried to assume positive guys occurring on her as she lay voluptuously like this in the bathtub, her wet nakedness there for the taking.
Burning Desires by Bledar Tola Burning Desires by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 59133 words Sample 15%
Brushing lengthy strands of frosty blonde hair from her eyes,the girl looked up and smiled. He raised the glass of wine as a summons. Her smile widened in acknowledgment. Half strolling, her naked feet appeared to drift the various deep yellow blooms as she made her manner to the towering okay that shaded Ponkert from the warm June solar overhead. Her moves mesmerized him. She became some unfast
Cippilù, lo scoiattolo del pianeta blu. by Tiziana Capocaccia Cippilù, lo scoiattolo del pianeta blu. by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 0 words Read a sample
Una fiaba per introdurre la comunicazione con le immagini
Tears for the Sand by S van Rooyen Tears for the Sand by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 19388 words Read a sample
Like sand forever. No two grains the same. So were these souls.
Sister In Law Blackmailed by Bledar Tola Sister In Law Blackmailed by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 44281 words Sample 15%
Liam cherished Ashlyn , trusted her, held her on a pedestal. "My sweet Ashlyn ," he regularly whispered as he held her near. "i am the luckiest guy within the international to have a wonderful spouse such as you!"
Just Imagine... by Edua Erasmus Just Imagine... by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 4463 words Read a sample
When we grow up we forget our imaginary friends, but they don't forget us. Shaun used to be James's imaginary friend and is desperately trying to be seen again.
Vitality A Rich Reality by Barbara M Schwarz Vitality A Rich Reality by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 998 words Read a sample
Springtime energy - more than just quaint memory - here I really see : life's vitality.
Mengeling by Stephen Brown Mengeling by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 4692 words Sample 30%
Less a collection, more a disparate group of individual poems all drawn together into one bubbling pot. From the ridiculous Bilgeby Sprite to the deeply introspective Waking Up, the poems in Mengeling offer a slightly more personal glimpse into the writer’s psyche.
Anomona by AnomonaBooks Anomona by Feb. 10, 2016 $5.75 98858 words Sample 5%
In a culture where technology and bio-ware rule, can ancient scrolls hold the key? Can the City of London be at the centre of it all? Zeb needs time to figure out what is happening around him. But SEVEN DAYS is all there is. The resistance is in his hands, the fight is there to be fought, and at stake... at stake are the lives of millions. Understand the beginnings of ANOMONA...
We’re All In the Same Boat by Gregory Edwards We’re All In the Same Boat by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 2539 words Read a sample
‘We’re All In the Same Boat’ is a follow up to last year’s ‘Rotten Rhymes’. Again accompanied throughout by the author’s corresponding illustrations, the poems in this series seek to inspire and amuse, while sometimes asking big questions. They were created for the modern world that we live in and are thus light and lively, but seek to give a taste of parallax with the velocity. Free download.
The Wolves of Wall Street, Volume 2 (Includes Dark Wolf & Demon Wolf) by Jay Ellison The Wolves of Wall Street, Volume 2 (Includes Dark Wolf & Demon Wolf) by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 116395 words Sample 20%
When the moon rises, the hunt begins... The Wolves of Wall Street, Volume Two includes two full novels in The Wolves of Wall Street Series by Amazon bestselling gay erotica author Jay Ellison.
Jasper by Faith Gibson Jasper by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 97358 words Sample 5%
Jasper Jenkins moved to New Atlanta and joined the Stone Society. Now that he’s settling in, an ex-lover has risen from his past and is targeting his family as well as his intended mate. Trevor McKenzie’s life is no stranger to heartache. His insecurities began when he found out he is his older brother's clone. Can Jasper keep Trevor safe while convincing him his love is real?
Re-think Your Reception Area - 10 key recommendations from international hospitality experts by Proxyclick Re-think Your Reception Area - 10 key recommendations from international hospitality experts by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 2231 words Read a sample
Transform your visitor experience with tips from leading international hospitality experts. Discover the best forward-thinking hospitality practices and learn how to: Build a great reception area, inspire your staff and boost your brand identity!
Her Happy Ever After by Lucy Evanson Her Happy Ever After by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 50689 words Sample 20%
Melanie White is forced to flee home and hide out with her aunt on a ranch in a western mining town. She's just passing through on her way farther West, and it's a good thing, too: she can't stand David, the ranch owner. He's rowdy, immature...and undeniably attractive. But when a family emergency forces Melanie and David to work together, she discovers that there's more to him than meets the eye.
Media Landscape 2014 by van fletcher Media Landscape 2014 by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 78520 words Sample 20%
Media Landscape 2014 is a collection of chapters from media experts. Each of them was asked to consider the media landscape of 1994, to reflect on how far we have come, and to suggest a roadmap for the future. All were given the opportunity to present a range of views and opinions and to focus on the print, broadcast and digital media space where appropriate.
Goal Setting Journal: The Best Goal Setting Tool by Elizabeth Earl Goal Setting Journal: The Best Goal Setting Tool by Feb. 10, 2016 Free! 9205 words Read a sample
Are you the type of person who has big plans but just never seems to get anywhere with them? Did you make resolutions at the start of the year and completely ignore them? Perhaps you feel like life is just getting in the way and you can’t stay on track? If you could relate to any of these questions, then this goal setting journal is for you.
Postmodern TEFL by Phil NEWMAN Postmodern TEFL by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 38641 words Sample 20%
Reflexions of a Business English teachers concerning the daily practice of English language teaching to professional adults in the postmodern 21st century.
To Cop a Feel by Electra Simms To Cop a Feel by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 2438 words Sample 20%
Hailey was in a hurry to go home and prepare a romantic dinner for her husband for their fifth anniversary. What she didn’t expect was to run into a cop who had a better idea than to write her a speeding ticket. To Cop a Feel is a 2400 word erotic romance short story. This story contains explicit material. For 18+ only.
Leaving America by Rick D. Jolly Leaving America by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 51384 words
It is a story about an American married couple leaving the United States to live and work in the United Arab Emirates, a small oil rich Muslim country located in the Persian Gulf. Follow the couple as they experience cultural differences and language barriers while adjusting to their new environment. Travel abroad in Europe on weekends and holidays to experience a taste of the old world.
Black Christmas (Plus Bonus Story Black Christmas (Plus Bonus Story "Black Supper") by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 17132 words Sample 20%
Includes two amazing romance stories from the Quentin Black Mystery world. In “Black Christmas” - Miri won’t answer his calls and Black is desperate. Can he win back Miri’s trust, after betraying her when she needed him the most? Also includes “Black Supper” - In the midst of their sex-fog madness, Black and Miri somehow decide going out to dinner is a good idea. It’s not. It’s really not.
In Hot Water by Terry Odell In Hot Water by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 105214 words Sample 20%
Derek Cooper has left the life of an Army Ranger and a covert ops agent for Blackthorne, Inc. to run a cattle ranch in the Colorado mountains. Peace-loving Sabrina Barton believes in second chances, and she's running a vocational culinary school to prove it. When they discover a potential bioterrorism plot, they'll have to put their attraction on hold while they search for a way to prevent it.
Stained Glass Shards by Rosemary Rey Stained Glass Shards by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 79838 words Sample 20%
How does one try to get over first love? Elyce Fielding is trying to move on from her unrequited love of Griffin Belanger, but Griffin won't be easy to walk away from.
Walking on Wild Air by Yvonne Marjot Walking on Wild Air by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 69046 words Sample 10%
There is magic in the heart of the wind. Her name is Sushila Mackenzie. She is a damaged soul, running away to the peaceful refuge of her childhood home, as far away from life as she can get. She seeks sanctuary on a remote Scottish island, but the man she meets there will change her forever – and the difference he makes in her world is one she could never have imagined.
Refuge From The Dead - Lockdown by Joseph A. Coley Refuge From The Dead - Lockdown by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 63255 words Sample 15%
Michael Caine is a loving husband, proud father, and former combat medic. Until the dead began to rise and the world went to hell almost overnight. As the undead hasten the end of the world, he must decide whether to bring his family to the safety of maximum-security Black Mountain State Prison.
A Dog's Guide to Humans by Karen Davison A Dog's Guide to Humans by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 9960 words Sample 20%
A Dog's Guide to Humans - Written by dogs, for dogs. A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog's point of view. Bob the Westie shares some tips and tricks on getting the best out of human beings, attempts to fathom some of their strange behaviour and imparts some of his wisdom on training and manipulation techniques. Is your dog a Master Human Trainer? Take the quiz to find out!
Destined for Love (Destined for Dreams Book 4) by Ginna Moran Destined for Love (Destined for Dreams Book 4) by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 21151 words Sample 10%
When Lovers’ Day arrives, Nadia Petrov and Hunter Sullivan finally have the chance to celebrate their everlasting love. The day spirals downward when new enemies arise from the shadows, threatening to destroy their new life together. In a battle that tests whether or not love can conquer all, they must discover who to trust and who the real enemies are before it’s too late.
Total Control by Tilly Greene Total Control by Feb. 10, 2016 $2.99 24151 words Sample 20%
Everything is great when two matched souls find each other, right?
Snowflake War Journal by Jeremy Zimmerman Snowflake War Journal by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 11015 words Sample 20%
This hyper-evolved and foul-mouthed panda has had a variety of jobs, from pilot to a super hero team to sidekick to a motorcycle vigilante. This book contains three tales of Snowflake's solo adventures in the world of Cobalt City!
Dragon Deception by Mell Eight Dragon Deception by Feb. 10, 2016 $4.99 32350 words Sample 20%
A life full of children and mysteries to solve doesn't leave much time for relaxation or each other, something Lumie wants to help fix for Dane and Mercury by way of arranging a picnic. But good intentions and life rarely cooperate, and Dane knows it's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose...
Only the Strong Survive, A Unique Western Action Adventure Novel by Barbara Neville Only the Strong Survive, A Unique Western Action Adventure Novel by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 79195 words Sample 20%
A 2015 NaNoWriMo winner. Annie and her clan of Rockwalkers, Bãngh and Injins battle pirates, evil preachers and former pals. They visit Britannia, Terminus, planet Vegas and Earth's Las Vegas of the past, hoping to reunite the family and right a few wrongs. You will laugh, love and sometimes shed a tear with our motley crew in this sizzling & sexy adventure series set in the cowboy future.
Running Out of Moonlight by April Kelley Running Out of Moonlight by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 58180 words
They thought finding each other would heal them both, but life in Saint Lakes doesn’t make it that simple.
All That Remains of Me by H. S. Stone All That Remains of Me by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 51736 words Sample 10%
During a routine drive to dinner with her parents, sixteen-year-old Annie Walker’s car is struck by a pickup truck. The resulting accident kills her parents and leaves Annie unconscious. When she wakes up, she thinks she’s in a hospital, but the truth is far stranger. Annie has been downloaded into a computer.
Beside a Black Tarn: Brimstone 4 by Angel Martinez Beside a Black Tarn: Brimstone 4 by Feb. 10, 2016 $3.99 36382 words Sample 15%
When Shax stumbles across rumors of an experimental house that responds to the occupant’s brain functions, creating scenarios to please and delight, naturally he wants to steal it. But with the return of a troubled and hunted Julian Parallax and an overabundance of Poe references, even Shax’s scheming may not be enough to get the Brimstone crew out alive this time.
Minsan Pa by Jessica E. Larsen Minsan Pa by Feb. 10, 2016 $0.99 37943 words Sample 20%
Minahal ni Neena si Yuusuke noong teenagers pa lamang sila, ngunit sobra siyang nasaktan sa bigla nitong pagkawala. After eleven years, he's back as her boss and she's more than willing to welcome him with a punch.
Destroying The Slutty Neighbor by Alex Hunter Destroying The Slutty Neighbor by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 5394 words Read a sample
Mark is at home alone, just hanging out an watching a movie. Alone, that is, until Paula comes knocking on his door. They haven't seen each other since New Year's but they're about to pick up right where they left off; with an extended session of graphic, hardcore, animalistic sex. And this time things are going to get even nastier than before. Adults only. 18+
Filthy Little Spinners - Four Tales Of Extreme Sex by AE Publications Filthy Little Spinners - Four Tales Of Extreme Sex by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 21974 words Read a sample
From AE Publications comes a new collection of four tales sexy tales, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, bdsm, lesbians, threesomes, ménage, anal, rough sex, alpha males, femdom, romance and more. Includes: Asserting Dominance by JT Holland, Seducing A Stranger by Hunter Monroe, Dirty Anal Threesome by Rickie Sheen & A Very Kinky Girl by Dirk Rockwell. Adults only. 18+
Up Against The Wall - 4 Tales Of Punishment by Brock Landers Up Against The Wall - 4 Tales Of Punishment by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 24935 words Read a sample
From Brock Landers comes 4 tales of punishment featuring hardcore, graphic erotica of all kinds, including bdsm, alpha males, femdom, threesomes, lesbians, rough & aggressive and anal sex. INCLUDES: Punishing The Babysitter, Punishing The Neighbor, Caught & Punished & Punishing The Slut. Adults only. 18+
Diary of  Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome - MY LIFE HAS CHANGED - Book 1 by K Campbell Diary of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome - MY LIFE HAS CHANGED - Book 1 by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 11516 words Read a sample
Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome (Mr TDH for short )...well that is Maddi Bull's (Yes Maddi from Diary of an Almost Cool Girl) nickname for Richard Jones. Follow his diary entries and see how he feels about Maddi and everything else going on in his life.
Family Inquisition by Fergie Boy Family Inquisition by Feb. 09, 2016 $2.99 26022 words Sample 10%
Set in medieval Spain during the inquisition, a father and son are brought to the torture chamber to confess to their sins. Witchcraft is the accusation that Diego sets out to prove. He knows the claim is false, but soon discovers a different sin in the form of incestuous longings. The stage is then set for him to have some fun, forcing the men to admit their desires and express them physically.
The Master Next Door 3: An interracial, cuckold threesome by Damani Starr The Master Next Door 3: An interracial, cuckold threesome by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 10593 words Read a sample
Lauren's sex life with Malik is everything she could have imagined and her boyfriend Casey is loving his new cockold role. When Malik instructs her that it’s time that she learned the pleasures of anal sex, and that her boyfriend Casey would there to help, Lauren can’t believe her luck and can’t wait to take it to the next level!
Carnation by Jericho Hale Carnation by Feb. 09, 2016 $1.99 1766 words Sample 30%
A tale of consensual non-consent, humiliation, and romance. A man takes a woman as she begs him not to. Will he listen? Does she want him to? Will they get caught? A short, steamy read that readers who like BDSM should enjoy.
The Egg by Michael Mclean The Egg by Feb. 09, 2016 $5.99 4987 words Sample 20%
Words that the people can feel.
قـلـسـفـــــة: حوارات فلسفية في قالب فكاهي بالمصري الفصيح     Qalsafa: Philosophical Humor in Egyptian Arabic by Kamal Abdel-Malek قـلـسـفـــــة: حوارات فلسفية في قالب فكاهي بالمصري الفصيح Qalsafa: Philosophical Humor in Egyptian Arabic by Feb. 09, 2016 $5.99 9630 words Sample 10%
محاورات فلسفية في قالب فكاهي بالعامية المصرية.
Exploration by Misty Vixen Exploration by Feb. 09, 2016 $2.99 19236 words Sample 20%
John has just been handed an ass-kicking from life. After a relationship with his boss's daughter exploded, he's being shipped out to live on an exploration vessel for a month, scanning a distant solar system. However, he learns that he's going to be living with two attractive alien women that seem to be interested in him...
Buttermilk Ranch by Patricia Logan Buttermilk Ranch by Feb. 09, 2016 $4.99 62477 words Sample 20%
Wendell Blackowl has spent all his life in the working cow horse show ring where toiling with sweaty cowboys all day is the fodder for wet dreams. Though privately he’s come to terms with his sexuality, publicly Dell’s had to build a façade. When his beloved horse Buttermilk dies, Dell finds himself at loose ends so he decides to pick himself up by his boot straps and do what he’s always wanted to
The Irregulars - Chapter 11: HUMINT by Mike Win The Irregulars - Chapter 11: HUMINT by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 4294 words Read a sample
Specialist Sandal Fog, much to his dismay, is ordered to Abu Sayda to check on the unreliable comms, his first mission outside the wire. Accompanied by Garrett Frump, the two are approached by Reece Mitchell for a secret intel gathering operation, but with Frump’s appetite leading the way, the pair finds far more trouble than intelligence.
The Ambrosia Kill by James Hopwood The Ambrosia Kill by Feb. 09, 2016 $2.99 66811 words Sample 20%
Jarvis Love, the intrepid hero of The Danakil Deception, is back in his most action-packed adventure yet. After a failed mission leaves him scarred, Love vows never to work with a partner again. But when a Global Intelligence Network agent is cut down in New Guinea, Love is thrown together with Miranda Jess, deep in the unforgiving jungle. And he learns that sometimes redemption comes at a price.
Timeless Kisses by Monica Burns Timeless Kisses by Feb. 09, 2016 Free! 17359 words Read a sample
Make your skin tingle and your heart race with this short sampler of sweet, steamy, and tantalizing kiss scenes by ten bestselling authors. Excerpts by Sabrina York; Julie Johnstone; Bronwen Evans; Tammy Andresen; Monica Burns; Gina Conkle; Shana Galen; Vanessa Kelly; Amanda Mariel; and Meara Platt Susana and the Scot, Sabrina York
Target Solstice by Kris Sheather Target Solstice by Feb. 09, 2016 $0.99 27101 words Sample 20%
The Phain have been trapped on Earth for a century. They pretend to be human. Flesh by day, Phain by night. Some manipulate, use and abuse us. The others defend us, while searching for a way to leave Earth. When Cressida Ryan’s husband Gabe is killed, she learns his secrets and why her unborn child is a threat to the Phain.
Futa's Pet (Futanari on Female) by Mindy Masters Futa's Pet (Futanari on Female) by Feb. 09, 2016 $2.99 4752 words Sample 30%
Kiera always thought she was straight, but she finds herself hopelessly fascinated by rough and domineering Bella. What Kiera doesn't know is that Bella has a BIG SECRET down there...a secret hungry, lonely Kiera is sure to enjoy! Kiera wants it rough and unprotected...because maybe, just maybe, Bella can give Kiera something no man's been able to yet!