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Once Upon A Wish : Book One by Richard Poche Once Upon A Wish : Book One by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 20145 words Read a sample
Two illegal immigrants from Mexico struggle to earn a living in California until they become hit men. When they accidentally kill a beautiful young woman during a hit, their lives spiral downward into guilt, fear and loneliness in this character study of male alienation.
Someone to Call Home (A Short Story) by Rhonda Bowen Someone to Call Home (A Short Story) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 9889 words Sample 20%
Piper Blake is only home in Port Charlotte for a few days to sort out her grandmother's affairs. But when she runs into her old friend Jackson Crawford she realizes that there might be more treasures in her home town than she thought.
Ready Reference Treatise: An Abundance of Katherines by Raja Sharma Ready Reference Treatise: An Abundance of Katherines by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 10720 words Sample 20%
The story revolves around the central character Colin. He happens to be a child prodigy. He definitely has a type. He happens to have dated nineteen girls up to the present time. All of them are named Katherine.
Starting Over by Annabelle Garcia Starting Over by Aug. 31, 2015 $1.99 78083 words Sample 15%
People like me never got happy endings; we never got to live happily ever after. We never deserve what the beautiful people were handed on silver, gold or platinum platters. We were expected to go on scratching and clawing just to get by. We didn’t live life to its fullest, we just existed. Kailen Timmons has a second chance at happiness. Will she take it? Will it last?
The Island of Crows by Rhonda Parrish The Island of Crows by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 16604 words Sample 20%
Strange and unusual high-quality speculative fiction and poems that will make your heart skip a beat. This issue contains uncanny children, a retold urban legend, a fairy tale, hunchbacks, vampires, Coyote and so much more!
His to Command—Welcome Home Soldier by Andi Madden His to Command—Welcome Home Soldier by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 3179 words Sample 15%
His commands, his pleasure, for this night. After months of separation, this soldier demands an erotic welcome home night from his woman. ~ A complete, sweet and hot EROTICA romance if you only have 15 minutes of time to read. Perfectly bite-sized erotica short stories for your reading pleasure.
My Big Fat Nerd Bundle (Nerd Weight Gain BBW Collection) by T.F. Wright My Big Fat Nerd Bundle (Nerd Weight Gain BBW Collection) by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 42993 words Read a sample
My Big Fat Nerd Bundle is a collection of 7 transformation-themed short stories, with a focus on nerd and weight gain changes. A cheerleaders goes from anorexic bimbo to shy, chubby intellectual, a nerdy, overweight man manages to transfer his attributes to his skinny, popular female friend, a straight-laced, skinny conservative young woman becomes liberated when she goes to Europe, and much more!
State vs. the Malhutan Envoy by Tom D Wright State vs. the Malhutan Envoy by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 23098 words Sample 20%
This is the second of a series of four Sci Fi murder mysteries, which take place in the futuristic cooperative society of Malhutan. Ana comes to Greater New York, asking Devon to represent a Malhutan diplomat accused of the kidnap and murder of a member of the Elite, and two police officers. But when the envoy refuses to cooperate, Devon has to find out who, or what, is the diplomat covering up?
The Baylah Run: And Other Quantum Leaps of Imagination by Tom D Wright The Baylah Run: And Other Quantum Leaps of Imagination by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 107423 words Sample 15%
What are quantum leaps of imagination? A preacher with a zombie congregation, which includes his dead wife, or a xenoarchaeologist who uncovers alien, ghostly echoes from a long buried catastrophe. These are some of the stories in this collection of SF&F stories which explore worlds far and near, from the present to the far distant future. And none of those worlds will be quite what you expect
Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison Rape: An Interracial Alpha Male Filth Tale by Curtis Kingsmith Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison Rape: An Interracial Alpha Male Filth Tale by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 15434 words Sample 20%
When an American soldier is caught off-base in Turkey with a small amount of marijuana, he is sent off to the hardest, cruelest prison in the country. The inmates there are tough and macho, bulging with muscles and curves, but are comfortable with a degree of physical intimacy that would be seen as gay in much of the Western world.
Santopia - The New Ravenmaster (The Annals of Santopia) by Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Santopia - The New Ravenmaster (The Annals of Santopia) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 10535 words Sample 4%
While Elf Duncan gets to know Elf Boldo and the other Red Elves, he gets settled in the warren beneath the Tower of London Where the Red Elves live. The Red Elves do not know that Duncan is a lowly Blue Elf because he’s wearing the Gold Elf uniform he slipped into while he was on the Grand Sleigh. i
Santopia - Journey to Santopolis  (The Annals of Santopia) by Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Santopia - Journey to Santopolis (The Annals of Santopia) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 11434 words Sample 4%
This volume in ‘The Annals of Santopia” tells of the perilous journey endured by Taraxa and Inula after the Pirandelves swept them into the freezing waters below Frozen Lake. Taraxa convinces the Gelf commander, Spicata, to rescue them by helping them to escape to Santopolis.
Santopia - Attack of the Pirandelves  (The Annals of Santopia) by Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Santopia - Attack of the Pirandelves (The Annals of Santopia) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 11428 words Sample 4%
In the third installment of “The Annals of Santopia,” Sir Nicholas relates what happened when Taraxa and Inula attempted to sneak out across Frozen Lake while the Baroness von Drear and her dreaded Flying Trelves were occupied saluting Santa as he traveled in the Grand Sleigh through the Forest of Shadows to the Other World on Christmas Eve.
Burnt Magnolia by Ronald Kelly Burnt Magnolia by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 132370 words Sample 20%
As a young girl, Laura Locke ignored the warnings of local superstition and played among the burnt-out ruins of Magnolia; a Tennessee plantation that had been forcibly occupied by the Union Army and then laid to waste during the bloody Battle of Franklin in 1864. She had always thought the ghost stories and tall tales to be untrue… until the night when she witnessed it for herself.
Santopia - Saving Noelle (The Annals of Santopia) by Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Santopia - Saving Noelle (The Annals of Santopia) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 11722 words Sample 4%
While Taraxa makes a brave escape across Frozen Lake at night in a blizzard to get Noelle out of Drear, the Baroness meets with the Black Haruspex, a Seer of Some Things Unseen, to discuss the subject of Prince Deck being born before Princess Dazzle. Taraxa makes it to the White Sage’s Palace and when the Sage hears his story, he takes Taraxa and the baby to Santopolis to meet with Santa Pops.
Kate Unmasked by Cindy M. Hogan Kate Unmasked by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 82558 words Sample 15%
The mysteries of her past consume her. Seventeen-year-old Kate has never stopped searching for the secrets of her past—the secrets that began with her missing birth parents. After years of every lead drying up and every hope turning false, Kate finally lucks onto a promising lead. What she finds is way worse than she'd ever imagined
Resilient (A Pretty Pill, #3) by Criss Copp Resilient (A Pretty Pill, #3) by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 72209 words Sample 15%
Contains explicit content: When Isobelle Mulligan is kidnapped, she fights to free herself from not only from her depraved tormentor, but the aftermath as well. Several years after his fiancé abandoned him; Silas Tayte has rebuilt his life. When an opportunity sees them reunite, it's clear this resilient pair were always meant to be together. This is the last book of the "A Pretty Pill" series
Checkmate (The Eternal Dungeon: Sweet Blood #4) by Dusk Peterson Checkmate (The Eternal Dungeon: Sweet Blood #4) by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.99 62494 words Sample 20%
Split apart from their closest loves and friends, a small group of prison-workers seek to abolish the use of torture against prisoners in the queendom's royal dungeon. Time is running out, for the deadly High Seeker has already flogged and executed prison-workers who opposed his policies. Do the reformers have enough time and skill to bring about radical change in the dungeon?
Silversion (Wood Cow Chronicles, #3) by Rick Johnson Silversion (Wood Cow Chronicles, #3) by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 99870 words Sample 20%
Unleashing dragons on the slavers at Tilk Duraow was the easy part. Now Helga and her comrades must confront foes far more powerful than ever before, as their rebellion succeeds in penetrating to the very heart of the High One’s evil order.
John Smith and the Ocean Spire by R G Amaya John Smith and the Ocean Spire by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.99 50279 words Sample 20%
The United Forces Republic has begun testing and manufacturing of the illegal MRK-33 weapon at the only place on Earth the World Government can’t touch—the Ocean Spire. They call on John Smith to investigate and take all necessary actions. But when informed his former wife is being held there, it becomes personal.
Zangrell Recruiter by Angelika Alvarez Zangrell Recruiter by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.99 129405 words Sample 10%
A writer of fictional stories usually writes for fun or profit. Sometimes though things do not go exactly as planned by the author… When one certain erotica fictional author gets far more than he bargained for he finds out he now has to live out his fantasies. Along the way he helps a dying race on a planet far from earth.
Klein Kuiken by Scott Gordon Klein Kuiken by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 592 words Sample 20%
Na maanden van eenzaamheid, beseft Klein Kuiken dat hij iemand heel erg mist. Hij schrijft voortdurend brieven en wacht op haar terugkeer, maar de tijd kruipt voorbij en er lijkt geen einde in zicht te komen. Er is iets wat hij aan haar wil vertellen - iets heel bijzonders. Zal hij de kans krijgen?
My Perverted Little Sister (Incest Erotica Series) by Taboo Erotica My Perverted Little Sister (Incest Erotica Series) by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 28616 words Sample 5%
"My Perverted Little Sister" is a full-length erotic novel and is part of the legendary “Incest Taboo Series”. It’s packed full of over 90 pages of hot, kinky family action from start to finish. You'll never experience a dull moment! The entire family gets involved in these kinky adult tales.
The Incest Gangbang (Incest Erotica Series) by Taboo Erotica The Incest Gangbang (Incest Erotica Series) by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 39492 words Sample 5%
The Linden family has a dark secret that no one else in the neighborhood knows about. When Friday night rolls around, they draw the curtains and get down to business. Everyone joins in on the action, including mom and dad!
Entangle (A Lure Novella) by Tarynn Kerr Entangle (A Lure Novella) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 27956 words Sample 20%
Randolph loves a good story. But what's his story? In this novella, he finally tells you about his life and what really happened between him and Tova. Soon, he'll be ready to tell David too.
Ugly Whores by Edward K. Ryan Ugly Whores by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 5531 words Read a sample
Afton Leer is a mercenary with too many years - and battles - behind him. Today, however, he has chosen the wrong side in a very one-sided fight. As the enemy closes in, he uses what time he has left to reflect on a life lived by the sword.
The Taken by the Warlord Trilogy: An Erotic Alpha Male/Elf BDSM Romance Box Set Bundle by Francesca Young The Taken by the Warlord Trilogy: An Erotic Alpha Male/Elf BDSM Romance Box Set Bundle by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.99 17863 words Sample 10%
Three great stories, one great price! Follow the journey of elven warrior-maiden Anwyn as she is made to submit to Tarq, a brutal orc warlord. These tales tell her story as she learns the joys of submission, humiliation and masochism, and, most deadliest of all... the joy of love! Contains Books I, II, and III of the Orc Love Slave series.
Hangin' Out at the Oasis by H K Kiting Hangin' Out at the Oasis by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 9179 words Sample 20%
An oasis spells relief for cowboy lovers Henry and Jesse. They waste no time diving into the cool spring, and once they get refreshed, sex in the water is the first thing on their minds. Then talk turns to nooseplay, and the rope comes out for bondage. Both men get a taste, with Nick giving Jesse the full treatment. Find out how far things will go in this tale of romance, sex, and peril play.
Alien Twister (Paranormal Erotica) by Mina Shay Alien Twister (Paranormal Erotica) by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 4929 words Sample 20%
Brittany thought she wanted to get away from the drama of her life, but moving to Ohio just filled her with utter boredom. Reduced to hoping for a natural disaster just for some excitement, Brittany wasn’t prepared for her first contact with an alien life-form. An alien intent on playing a different kind of game with her. This paranormal erotic short story is about 3,400 words.
Glimmer of Fear (Violet Chaser Series, Episode 2) by Erica Reeder Glimmer of Fear (Violet Chaser Series, Episode 2) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 21969 words Sample 20%
The Violet Chaser series is a serial contemporary romance. This set is the first of many seasons to come in the world of Cy Vanguard, AWOL fairy princess. You’ll be swept away in the mystery and true romance of this set. The season starts with Episode 1: Glimmer of Fate. If you haven't read it yet, purchase that by going here:
The Settlement by Ali Spooner The Settlement by Aug. 31, 2015 $5.99 56538 words Sample 15%
Devastated when her lover dies from an error made during a simple operation, Cadin Michaels vows to make the guilty pay for their deadly error. She uses the settlement won to create a foundation in her lover’s name to help women and children. Cadin mounts her motorcycle, and lets fate, and a dart, lead her on her journey of discovery to find healing and love.
Difficult Lies by Christopher T. Werkman Difficult Lies by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 37789 words Sample 20%
Allan Vickery emerges from a coma with knowledge that tears his life apart, only to reassemble it in a way "Vic" could never anticipate.
Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Jake & Laura’s Story) by Helen Keating Mail Order Bride: A Clean Western Cowboy Romance (Jake & Laura’s Story) by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 10275 words Sample 20%
Jake & Laura’s Story is about a lonely California rancher who requests a mail order bride, but considers sending her back when she tells him adamantly that she doesn’t want to get married yet -- or ever.
Fervor by Lynn Carmer Fervor by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 59421 words
His world is on fire. A volcano is about to devour King Arun’s realm. With only days to total destruction, he dives through a mysterious portal to find refuge for his people, but he arrives in a land of ice. Kidnapped and enslaved in this frozen hell, he spots her, his fervor. With one glance he is imbued with a dangerous new power. He must save himself, his kingdom and the woman destined for him.
Assault on Hell by Volk Presmaren Assault on Hell by Aug. 31, 2015 $5.99 49479 words Sample 15%
Eric volunteers for a mission that has wrong written all over it in sixteen languages: the military invasion of Hell, which seems to actually be a parallel dimension. The mission goes south quickly and Eric is stranded in the city with Bennett. They discover not all demons are bad - a few want to actively help them get rid of Satan. First, they have to start by freeing all the souls in Purgatory.
Sing Me Your Love Song by Raine O'Tierney Sing Me Your Love Song by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 14180 words Read a sample
Who wouldn’t be thrilled at the opportunity to see the red thread of fate that binds them to their destined lover? No more awkward dates, no more broken hearts, no more of the messy unknown that comes with finding “the one.” Just you and your perfect match, right? But Reed and Kennick are about to find out that fate is a funny thing.
Science in the Real World: A Simplified Story of How Technology Using Chemistry and Physics is Used in the Real World of Industry by Alan McGown Science in the Real World: A Simplified Story of How Technology Using Chemistry and Physics is Used in the Real World of Industry by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 40535 words Sample 20%
This is a book for secondary school students in years 7 to 10 and is intended to show the readers that there are many applications of science in industry. Whether you already have an interest in Science or are not sure what Science is, then this book is designed to show you in a simplified way, how science is used in the real world.
The Vision Within by LaTasha A. Parkmond The Vision Within by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.99 5999 words Sample 10%
“THE VISION WITHIN” can be called poems, stories, thoughts, surprises, great memories, and peace of the inner mind and the beauty of the heart. It can be explained as an interesting and touching of the heart book.
Il battito di un cuore Nalee by Lucrezia Il battito di un cuore Nalee by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.20 72790 words Sample 20%
Kail Primo Imperatore Nalee è disperatamente solo sul trono. I secolari nemici di Evert ostacolano il processo di cambiamento e lui è privo di un compagno e di eredi. Riceve un oracolo. Sono la cattura di un grande pesce gli darà la felicità
Naked Man Loses His Goose by Kyle Baxter Naked Man Loses His Goose by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 566 words Sample 25%
This story is about that peculiar problem each of us faces once in a while - losing our goose! Join Naked Man as he attempts to rescue his goose before it gets cooked!
Alpha Enchanted (Haven City Series #8) by Zoe Perdita Alpha Enchanted (Haven City Series #8) by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 60749 words Sample 10%
Tyler Harrison doesn’t believe in love. Between his fledgling tattoo parlor and an annoying older brother he’s got too much shit going on in his life to even think about it. But when he meets Quinn Winters, a mysterious shifter, he realizes he might’ve been wrong. Even if Tyler assumed he was straight, Quinn fills him with desires he’s never known.
Ticket to Ride by J. Paddy Spaight Ticket to Ride by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 5501 words Sample 20%
Brothers experience the adventure of a lifetime in the strangest place.
Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) by Zoe Perdita Cole (Alpha's Reign Book One) by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 35674 words Sample 10%
Humans nearly died out over a hundred years ago, but the age of wolves is just beginning. . . . Alphas rule what’s left of the world, and humans are little more than slaves. If a human is lucky enough to get bitten by an alpha, a whole new world opens up to them. A world of danger and luxury – sex and submission to their alpha. Trent is a powerful alpha wolf intent upon building the best pack.
My Sister Gets So Pissed When She Can't Make Me Hard by Luca Satana My Sister Gets So Pissed When She Can't Make Me Hard by Aug. 31, 2015 $0.99 1998 words Sample 20%
Luca's Naughty Bits is a series of short and sweet erotic tales. Some are stand alone stories, while some will be continuations. Eventually, there will be loads of these Luca's Naughty Bits stories and you'll be able to grab one or two at a time or go for the whole sha-bang when they're published in bulk. So be on the lookout for more Luca's Naughty Bits!
The World Broke by A. I. Nasser The World Broke by Aug. 31, 2015 Free! 7990 words Read a sample
Nadia has always loved the outdoors, the feel of soil beneath her bare feet and the peace offered by surrounding nature. Her world is shattered, though, when she is faced with a tragedy too much for her to handle, and her emotions awaken a power within that she can barely control.
Jail Byrd by Phil Geusz Jail Byrd by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 85899 words Sample 20%
Robert Herman Byrd, now properly Robertherman of Clan Gonther, a celebrated Hero, is sent again to a miserable, failing colony of the Empire. This one, however, is the domain of his adoptive brother, heir to the Imperial throne. Forced into morale-sapping service light-years from Earth, will Robert and his experimental platoon of human warriors ever return home with their lives, much less honor?
Nerds Downlow by Ethan Scarsdale Nerds Downlow by Aug. 31, 2015 $2.99 8757 words Sample 20%
The boys of Kappa Gamma Pi can’t escape one unassailable fact: they are nerds. They're the dorkiest frat on campus, until one day a mysterious visitor offers to help. His name is Kelvin, and he’s got more than one trick up his sleeve!
Sexy Men With Hairy Backs, Vol. 1 by Randall Eisenhorn Sexy Men With Hairy Backs, Vol. 1 by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 19467 words Sample 20%
Welcome to the sexy world of hairbacks! Some people like hairy str8 alpha male studs with hairy backs, and if that describes you, this ebook is right up your alley! Inside you'll find three complete tales of hairy-backed studs and the gay men who lust for them.
The Hairback Appreciation Society, Vol. 1 by Forrest Manacre The Hairback Appreciation Society, Vol. 1 by Aug. 31, 2015 $3.99 19793 words Sample 20%
Here's the first three stories in the ongoing saga of Rufus Butler, president of the Hairback Appreciation Society, a group of gay men who love the primal and primitive alpha males who have hairy backs and shoulders. He services these str8 studs who are too rough for women, leaving them satisfied and smiling!
Secrets of the Fortress 'sorcery' by John Victor Secrets of the Fortress 'sorcery' by Aug. 31, 2015 $4.00 13992 words Sample 10%
Emily and Evalle are in different worlds,faced by somewhat the same circumstances. Emily and her father were kidnapped and she lost her father. Evalle lost all the members of her family. As they travel round the world in search for something they don't know about, they meet new people, Will they fall into temptation and abandon their quest?