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Kick Your Teeth In by J. Cortez Kick Your Teeth In by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 45298 words
A young girl finds herself thrust into a world full of horrific torture and gruesome sexual acts. She is trained to be a tool of entertainment and pleasure for men. Trust is hard to find, but she must accept help from anyone she can if she wants to escape this nightmare. Can she find the strength to do more? Will she let a tragic history hold her back?
Hasta Mañana by David J Cooper Hasta Mañana by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 44993 words Sample 20%
The story reflects the REAL Mexico and not the Mexico you see on travel programmes.
Back Room Hypnosis by Ava Sterling Back Room Hypnosis by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 4030 words Sample 20%
Paige is bored with her life, and erotic hypnosis seems to be her only answer. When her best friend suggests hypnosis, Paige is skeptical from the beginning. How can something like that solve her boring sex life? Despite never trying it before, she books an appointment, never expecting the handsome, Italian man to be her hypnotist.
Who I Used to Be by Alexa Land Who I Used to Be by Aug. 23, 2016 $4.99 113698 words Sample 10%
Zachary’s life is careening toward disaster. On one of the worst nights of his life, he meets TJ, a broken man with demons of his own. Neither is expecting the attraction that flares between them, not with their substantial age difference, and certainly not while drowning in a sea of pain and regret. Does love stand a chance between two lost souls who are convinced they’re damaged beyond repair?
Housewife Escort 1 by The SexSkits Project Housewife Escort 1 by Aug. 23, 2016 $1.99 8885 words Sample 20%
She is a devoted wife and mother in public, yet an experienced, polished and totally complete vision of sexual perfection that for a price will be the very object of your desires. All of your deepest fantasies fulfilled with the subtle grace and tenderness of a scenario beyond the Girlfriend Experience, teasing, tantalizing and seducing you into her practiced world of the Porn Star Experience.
Patch And The Mouse Kingdom - Episode One by R.D. Greenling Patch And The Mouse Kingdom - Episode One by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 6612 words
The Possum King has invaded the Mouse Kingdom. Princess Penelope has been kidnapped. Patch must raise his hammer and fight to regain the kingdom he has lost.
Fire & Brimstone by R.L. Mathewson Fire & Brimstone by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 95151 words Sample 20%
What happens when a Bradford with questionable OCD, a tempter and a reputation for making his employees cry falls for the woman that refuses to accept the fact that he’s fired her and was terrifyingly more of a Bradford than he was?
The Chambermaid 1 by The SexSkits Project The Chambermaid 1 by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 5036 words Read a sample
This is the classic adult role-play scenario of all time, with a little twist, exploiting the sexual freedom and anonymity that comes with being a businessman alone on the road in a strange town staying in a luxurious five-star hotel room when he is visited by an anonymous, sexy, and sinful foreign seductress dressed in a skimpy French Maid’s outfit complete with fishnet stockings and high heels.
BGC Partners Limited Tokyo to Add Dean Berry to its Global Electronic and Hybrid Execution Team by Viviana De Luca BGC Partners Limited Tokyo to Add Dean Berry to its Global Electronic and Hybrid Execution Team by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.00 627 words Sample 20%
LONDON, July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP) (“BGC Partners,” “BGC” or “the Company”), a leading global brokerage company servicing the financial and real estate markets, today announced that Dean Berry will be joining BGC Partners1 as an Executive Managing Director in its Global Electronic and Hybrid Execution team.
Exodus by Kate McGinn Exodus by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 59201 words Sample 20%
As an ER nurse in a busy hospital, Clare has seen her share of victims. A violent series of attacks on Clare's friends has her wondering if demons from her past have found her. Fearing for her life, she goes on the run leaving it all behind. Two men vie for her affection and promise to protect her, but she doesn't know who to trust with her heart or with her life.
What Cost, a Superhero? Episode 1: The Eyes of the Jury by Jeanette Bradley What Cost, a Superhero? Episode 1: The Eyes of the Jury by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 6253 words Sample 8%
An attorney uses his special gifts in an attempt to convince a jury of his innocence by revealing his unique insights into the true depth of government corruption. Then masterminds his own escape as no one else ever has.
Seven Keys by Noel Romero Seven Keys by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 119971 words Sample 20%
Mystery, puzzles, riddles, crime, suspense and adventure go side by side in this impossible to put down novel, all the way until a very surprising end.
THE GREAT CAMP-OFF by Karen Cogan THE GREAT CAMP-OFF by Aug. 23, 2016 $1.99 22036 words Sample 10%
Paul is a boy who dreams of camping. He and his best friend practice how to survive in the wilderness with the little knowledge they possess. When Paul's family takes a trip to the mountains, he likes cooking outdoors and sleeping in a tent. More than anything else, he likes exploring. He meets an old mountain who teaches him to pan for gold. and a survival skill that saves his life.
Rocket Man - Space, Love & Loss! by The Abbotts Rocket Man - Space, Love & Loss! by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 24606 words Sample 24%
This is the remarkable story of a young, blind man, Sam who on the brink of a new exciting life has a tragic accident that has him questioning, if he should end his own life! Then he is offered an amazing opportunity to become the master of a space ship that will travel to a distant planet. Follow Sam's exciting adventures & share his loves & loss in this new sci-fi novel. A Beacon of Light Book.
Three O'clock by Amy Ashmore Three O'clock by Aug. 23, 2016 $5.99 98159 words Sample 15%
Three 0'clock is a true story about a Cuban boxer and the American woman that loved him and lost him to schizophrenia. Set in Las Vegas in the 1990's you are sure to recognize famous figures as the Mayweather boxing dynasty and countless boxing Latino superstars. Three O'clock is part romance and part boxing history. It is a first hand account of the world's most brutal sport and the aftermath.
Stellar Wind by C.R.Barber Stellar Wind by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 127507 words Sample 20%
The year is 1712. It is up to John Henry to save the world before the Dawn of the Fifth Sun when evil will have the chance to take over Humanity for the next 26,000 years. Stellar Wind is sailor story on a tall ship, the Mayans, mermaids, angels, a demon, pirate and a war on the Chesapeake Bay. An angel from God tells Henry what he has to do to stop it.
Shadow Warrior Retribution by W M Clarke Shadow Warrior Retribution by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 102977 words Sample 20%
Retribution follows on from where Shadow Warrior left off. It’s a love story set in the violence and turmoil of an Extraterrestrial invasion, Corrupt government officials and violent gangs, all of them wanting their share of the spoils. They set out to rid Ginny’s Green Mountain of the Invaders,.and find out what the invaders and others want. Other eyes are watching and wanting as well.
The Moon 905 by Ali Noel Vyain The Moon 905 by Aug. 23, 2016 $4.99 5878 words Sample 20%
Features work from Lyn Lifshin, Gary Every, B.Z. Niditch, T. Kilgore Splake, Geoff Stevens, Michael Estabrook, Michael Lee Johnson, Dan Schreiber, Tyler Malone, Marcyn Del Clements, Emmanuel Jakpa, Gene Hines, and Philip C Loyd.
Puta (bonus track edition) by Juan Giordano Puta (bonus track edition) by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 4201 words Read a sample
Una historia de amor prosaico y malherido donde la redención no es más que una forma desesperada de escapar del sufrimiento.
Boss Bish Guide to Relationships by Virginia Greene Boss Bish Guide to Relationships by Aug. 23, 2016 $1.99 24891 words Sample 10%
Even if your relationship is PERFECT and you have no problems-stop lying to yoself-you still need this eBook.
Return to Casa Grande by mjcarlon Return to Casa Grande by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 55848 words Sample 20%
A washed up 80s soap star is thrust back into the spotlight after an accidental appearance on a hit reality show.
Mother Daughter Ride (The Riding Club 6) by Deana Michaels Mother Daughter Ride (The Riding Club 6) by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 8409 words Sample 20%
Marigold is sucked into a night of lesbian, incestuous passion with her mother, then she helps her mother enjoy a stallion for the first time! Mother Daughter Ride a 7000 word bestiality, horse, lesbian, oral, anal, creampie, incest, first time, exhibitionism, prostitution erotica that is not for the faint at heart!
Rhapsody in Blue by Jessica Barnes Rhapsody in Blue by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 12254 words Read a sample
The third book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Lyric prior to meeting Sonny. His life is ordinary save for his abnormal intellect. Then a pretty girl begins talking to him from sector eight at his internship and the whole world changes.
Daddy's Girl by Nicole Draylock Daddy's Girl by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 4835 words Sample 20%
Things get hotter than this father or daughter ever expected when she moves back home after her divorce. Dreams are realized when her lusts are revealed. Adults only, themes of incest.
Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 48631 words Sample 20%
Victor Storm uses his Special Forces powers to amend a miscarriage of justice, at great personal cost.
Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace by Jessica Barnes Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 17260 words Read a sample
The fourth book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Sonny and Amaryllis prior to the creation of the East Court. Amaryllis is raised by an evil mother who forces her to weave silk into lace until one day when Amaryllis, the innocent devoted daughter, decided to rebel against her mother and send all the lace out the window while her mother was sleeping.
Octavia's War by Tracy Cooper-Posey Octavia's War by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 35895 words Sample 20%
In Mexico, Octavia is fighting the cartels, while ignoring her feelings for Ángel, son of the cartel’s leader. Ángel hates the family business. Until he can find a way out he hides how he feels. When an American is executed, Ángel and Octavia are forced into the desert, where a man called Remmy who has lived for two hundred years tells them about the Grimoré, who make Octavia’s war seem puny.
Impregnating My Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter by Amber FoxxFire Impregnating My Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 3038 words Sample 20%
Having recently broke up with his wife, Dan wasn’t getting his daily dose of hot, marital sex. He soon began lusting after his sexy, sweet and innocent 18-year-old daughter, Emma. Trouble was, she’d never fall for her old man. That’s where he was wrong. With the help of a special ring from his friend, of course. His wife walking in on them was just an added bonus. Two birds with one stone…
Under the Golden Sun: Part Two: Colored Ice by Jessica Barnes Under the Golden Sun: Part Two: Colored Ice by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 15634 words Read a sample
A continuation of Under the Golden Sun: Part One: Tears of Lace and the last book in the Crimson Earth Series. This book follows the story of Mab, a young girl who was born with the condition to age rapidly. Everyone in her village assumes she’s an old maid. Even stranger is that, she becomes ill with the change of seasons and she can see things no one else does.
20 Low calorie Smoothie Recipes for the Nutribullet by Matthew Christey 20 Low calorie Smoothie Recipes for the Nutribullet by Aug. 23, 2016 $1.00 1227 words Sample 20%
Hello! Do you own a high speed blender such as the Nutribullet, Vitamax, or Blendtec? Do you want need quick and easy recipes that are low calorie and will help you lose weight? then I have the book for you! This book contains the following recipes: -Orange you glad smoothie -Caffeine bean smoothie -Cinnamon surprise -The Great Greek Pumpkin -Get up and go! -Minty Fresh -Quick cool whip -Island de
The Demon Conspiracy by R. L. Gemmill The Demon Conspiracy by Aug. 23, 2016 Free! 116182 words Read a sample
Orphaned siblings witness a conspiracy between big business and the demon nation that promises to rid the earth of humans. When they try to expose the plan to a disbelieving world, they becomes targets of a demon death squad. READ WITH CAUTION!
You Can't Stop Us 2 - 11 Hot Taboo Stories by Roxi Harding You Can't Stop Us 2 - 11 Hot Taboo Stories by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.22 36973 words Sample 20%
These stories are too hot to handle! Here are 11 hot new stories about those princes of the house and their little brats! Do they pop their cherries? Do they do it hard and without protection? You bet your sweet rump they do!
The Sheep Look on Psalm 23 by Hezekiah Fatoki The Sheep Look on Psalm 23 by Aug. 23, 2016 $4.99 15536 words Sample 5%
In this book, you will learn how ‘the sheep look on the Shepherd’ in an overall twelve steps with ten keys that guarantee unceasing wealth in life. If you can but open your heart for spiritual enlightenment by the knowledge of the truth set ablaze in this book.
Ditch the Drama by Ginny Priz Ditch the Drama by Aug. 23, 2016 $5.99 36622 words Sample 20%
Why is life so hard? Why do relationships hurt so much? Why can’t I find peace? Will I ever be good enough? Big questions. Important questions. Relentless questions. They are also the wrong questions.
Incubus and the Cub` by Skye Eagleday Incubus and the Cub` by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 6573 words Sample 20%
From the Incubus Series: Luka, the hot and hunky sex fae who can take the form you most desire is back. But he's just been summoned by a chubby Cub from the Bear Community who's looking for a big Daddy. What happens when Luka explores a much larger side of himself with a very happy cub? (A paranormal adult tale from the Bear community. All characters are over 21.)
Strawberries And Cream by Bunny Blu Strawberries And Cream by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 3908 words Sample 20%
Strawberries And Cream is the seventh and final book in The Rainbow Collection. Bunny invites a classmate over for dinner, a revealing game and some strawberries with cream. This story features explicit depictions of sexual activity.
Letting Go by Vanessa  E. Silver Letting Go by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 5086 words Sample 20%
When Aiden escapes from his pack within an inch of his life, he had not expected to meet, let alone be aided by Kerry, an ex cop living out in a remote farmhouse location who is also escaping her own set of demons.But now their paths have crossed Aiden finds it an almost impossible struggle to let go of Kerry as his passion and desire for her becomes inflamed!
Orange Slices by Bunny Blu Orange Slices by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 2205 words Sample 15%
Orange Slices is the sixth book in The Rainbow Collection. Orange Slices is a short, erotic story that features explicit depictions of barely legal sexual activity.
The Nemesis Chronicles: Crime's Death Dealer by Gary Lovisi The Nemesis Chronicles: Crime's Death Dealer by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 55157 words Sample 7%
Action and adventure in the tradition of The Spider and The Executioner! Harry Turner won’t sit on the sidelines any longer. He’s through watching his neighborhoods and fellow New Yorkers suffer. Drug dealers, pimps, and mobsters practically have free reign. When he dons the nightblack disguise of The Nemesis, criminals won’t stand a chance against his brand of Justice.
The Golden Coast by Bunny Blu The Golden Coast by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 2629 words Sample 15%
The Golden Coast is the fifth book in The Rainbow Collection. The Golden Coast is a short, erotic story about a romantic weekend getaway which features explicit depictions of lesbian sexual activity.
MASTERPIECE: Discover Your True Worth by Toni Olatunji MASTERPIECE: Discover Your True Worth by Aug. 23, 2016 $1.99 4783 words Sample 15%
If you are struggling with low self-esteem, constant depression, fear of the future, this is the book you have been searching for! The author reveals that low self-esteem and inferiority complex will be taken care of when the young person understands clearly who he/she really is, and sees him/herself the way God sees him – as a ‘masterpiece’
Emerald Eyes by Bunny Blu Emerald Eyes by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 2169 words Sample 15%
Emerald Eyes is the fourth book in The Rainbow Collection. Emerald Eyes is a short, erotic story featuring explicit depictions of sexual activity.
The Expat/Auslaender by Kate Harlington The Expat/Auslaender by Aug. 23, 2016 $3.99 79039 words Sample 20%
Are the British really that different to their continental counterparts? To Bryony, the answer is a resounding YES. The Expat/Auslaender is the first in the series of how a small-town British girl navigates her way through the cultural minefields of life in Europe. Fiction, but based on real life experiences, this book will bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever been an expat.
E Se Poi L'Amore by Paolo M. E Se Poi L'Amore by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 4940 words
Due coppie, una liaison, le parole per (non) dirlo. Un racconto breve per dialoghi. Per il tema e per il linguaggio usato dai protagonisti fittizi se ne consiglia la lettura al solo pubblico adulto.
Teacher's Pet: Wholesome by Lacey Layton Teacher's Pet: Wholesome by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 12546 words
A young University student is about to learn the dark past of her Professor, and a lot about her own desires...
MechMan by L.J. Garland MechMan by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 32536 words Sample 10%
Raven is on a suicide mission. Jex is a biomech on a mission to save humanity. Together, they discover their mutual passion to destroy the enemy isn't their only desire.
The Truest Bluest Friend by Bunny Blu The Truest Bluest Friend by Aug. 23, 2016 $0.99 2571 words Sample 15%
The Truest Bluest Friend is the third book in The Rainbow Collection. It is a short, erotic story about college roommates featuring explicit depictions of sexual activity.
Exchange of Power by Lacey Layton Exchange of Power by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 10922 words Sample 20%
A chance to learn about new culture leads one unfulfilled woman to learn about real Power...
Programmed for Pleasure by Lacey Layton Programmed for Pleasure by Aug. 23, 2016 $2.99 10352 words Sample 20%
Created for Pleasure. And now it's learning...for a scientist and his wife, they are about to learn what an android can do to their intimate lives...
Loyal: A Retaliation Novel #0.5 by Yasmin Shiraz Loyal: A Retaliation Novel #0.5 by Aug. 23, 2016 $5.99 31830 words Sample 20%
n the prequel to Retaliation, brother and sister, Khalil and Tashera find themselves on different sides of loyalty. Khalil's loyalty to his gang threatens the loyalty he should have to his family. This book illustrates the dynamic between a brother and sister and shows their love, challenges and desire to be there for each other.