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Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 2 Barbara by Dave Rudden Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 2 Barbara by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 5413 words Read a sample
Oni finds an injured Hawk and names her Barbara as he begins a journey to help protect humanity.
Finding Leah: A Steele Standing Novella by Jacqueline M. Sinclair Finding Leah: A Steele Standing Novella by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 14921 words Sample 20%
Leah finds the strength to leave an abusive relationship, but when she's diagnosed with breast cancer when she finds out she's pregnant, she has some tough decisions to make.
Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 1 Zilla by Dave Rudden Chronicles of Oni: Chapter 1 Zilla by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 3483 words Read a sample
Zilla, a dark fairy, tries to deceive Oni in the hopes of killing him and returning magic to the world.
Forgotten Lives by Kerem Granados Forgotten Lives by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 1879 words Read a sample
Compilation of short stories about people's untold stories.
Time Catcher by Rob MacGregor Time Catcher by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 95299 words Sample 20%
An ancient Hopi prophecy … the end of the Fourth World … a mysterious ruin … and a window between worlds. Anthropologist Will Lansa grew up as a privileged child in Aspen, Colorado, but spent summers on the Hopi reservation, where his father was chief of police. Now Lansa grudgingly returns to his roots on the reservation after receiving a baffling message from Vina, his aged grandmother.
Working Titles For A Tired, Mad,Writer by Tyler DuBois Working Titles For A Tired, Mad,Writer by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 888 words Read a sample
Working title is a fantasy story of a man who, after a number of forced ordeals takes maters in his own hands to get revenge on the people who destroyed his life.
Mnemonica vs. The Dominator by Skarlette One Mnemonica vs. The Dominator by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 10073 words Sample 30%
The Dominator has captured Sammie Sims, sidekick of the Libido League. The telepathic superheroine Mnemonica stages a daring rescue. But will the Dominator's chain prove too seductive for Mnemonica to escape?
Freaky Deaky VOL 1 by Ronnie Ron Freaky Deaky VOL 1 by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 10926 words Read a sample
Start of Tiamat's Curse: Prologue to Celestial-Terrestrial Warriors by Beckett Baldwin Start of Tiamat's Curse: Prologue to Celestial-Terrestrial Warriors by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.99 63084 words Sample 20%
Everything begins on the spell-binding, magical, and mystical planet known as "Empyrean", the super rich, prosperous, highly abundance, technologically advanced world of the new; a great war between the turbulence of the Lightning fast "Lightning Paw" clan, and the ultimate battle vixens, such as a the "Hugertar" clan, two of the "Four Noble Animal Tribes".
The Punishment Doctrine (Portland Rebels Book 3.5) by Rebecca Grace Allen The Punishment Doctrine (Portland Rebels Book 3.5) by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 17234 words
Book 3.5 in The Portland Rebels series. A sexy bi-sexual romance MMF, MMF bi-sexual threesome with MM, and mental health romance set in the backdrop of Portland, Maine.
Penelope's New World by Caleb Jonas Penelope's New World by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 79 words Sample 20%
Penelope is young girl who is addicted to TV. But she learns something important about herself and her life, with the help from a few animals of course.
Beginner's Guide to the Tarot: Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meaning by J.D. Rockefeller Beginner's Guide to the Tarot: Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meaning by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 4261 words Sample 20%
Tarot cards have been around since the mid-15th century in Europe. If you have ever been curious about the cards and their true power, here is an easy guide to understanding the Tarot and how the cards can work for you.
The Ship's Fairy and Other Stories by Brandie Larsen The Ship's Fairy and Other Stories by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 8174 words Sample 25%
THE SHIP'S FAIRY AND OTHER STORIES by Brandie Larsen is a collection of flash/short fiction about three different girls, from three different worlds with three very different problems.
Stories from Inside the Melancholy Mind by KNNelson13 Stories from Inside the Melancholy Mind by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 1757 words Read a sample
Stories from Inside the Melancholy Mind is a collection of flash fiction pieces guaranteed to pull your heartstrings with their dramatic twist and turns.
Work & Wagers: (David Wagers Case #1) by Sherrie Sushko Work & Wagers: (David Wagers Case #1) by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 43372 words Sample 20%
Between the investigation of an unsolved murder, an understaffed office, and the development of an alluring new friendship, there's never enough time to play for P.I. David Wagers. But make no mistake -- David Wagers is not a dull boy.
Penelope Rose by C.M. Healy Penelope Rose by Sep. 25, 2016 $1.99 1049 words Sample 20%
Penelope Rose is peculiar. But that's never bothered her. Not one bit. Worried parents or teasing friends, Penelope Rose doesn't let anything get her down. She just keeps right on going. And she uses what makes her different to be daring--rising up to be what only she can be--a beautiful, one-of-a-kind flying pig.
Damn the War, Long Live the Water Woman by Aaron Ward Damn the War, Long Live the Water Woman by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 1527 words Read a sample
A water woman toughs it through a battle in the Revolutionary War.
Matthew's Gospel by James D. Quiggle Matthew's Gospel by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.99 165487 words Sample 20%
A thoroughly exegetical and explanatory commentary explaining the meaning and significance of Matthew’s Gospel. The exposition is based on the author’s literal translation of the Greek text. The book has a high view of Scripture and uses grammatical-historical principles to interpret the text. Section by section and verse by verse the commentary explains who Jesus was and what he did.
Pale Horseman by C.E. Martin Pale Horseman by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 47208 words Sample 20%
America's supersoldiers find themselves on a hunt for a supernatural serial killer on the west coast when the Pale Horseman begins reaping souls in Southern California.
Gun Control: The Debate by Jim Pangrazio Gun Control: The Debate by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 8824 words Sample 20%
Prison inmate Clem has been selected to participate in a debate on gun control before his fellow inmates. Initially he is afraid that being selected to defend gun control will harm his chances for parole. But during the debate gun violence in another part of the country causes increased security in the prison which then results in a surprising action by the outside debating team.
Dragons' Bane by Melody Jackson Dragons' Bane by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.99 90963 words Sample 20%
What would you do if someone offered you unlimited power? Would you take it? And more importantly, what price would you pay to keep it?
Taken By Surprise by Sean Monaghan Taken By Surprise by Sep. 25, 2016 $5.99 64264 words Sample 20%
Louise Steadwell loves taking care of her nephew and niece. Louise's quiet backwater hometown makes the perfect place for some time out. But when Louise witnesses a car plunging into the Machon River, the quiet backwater turns into a frenzy of emergency activity. Louise might be the only one who holds the clue to what happened. A clue that might just place her and her family in harm's way.
Anti-Hero by Erik Robin Anti-Hero by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 12974 words Sample 20%
It was the year 3066 and new technology was developed and sold to anyone in the galaxy for their immediate enjoyment or benefit. However, money still ruled, and corporations guarded their competitive advantage by keeping their designs a secret. As crew leader, Myra had the task to burglarize a Prince’s home and take from him an antimatter engine that he stole. However, she knew from years of exp
Raw On The Road by Abbey Caine Raw On The Road by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 5008 words Sample 20%
Daniel is a successful Dentist with a thriving practice. But occasionally, his secret desires get the better of him, urging him to hit the road to act them out. Ride along as Dan dances into the dark side, only to reemerge a new man in the light of day after his kinks have had their say.
Eye for Eye by F. Lynn Godfriaux Eye for Eye by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.95 95453 words Sample 10%
In the second installment of the Blind Eye series, billionaire heiress Mattie Tyler is abducted by a team of mercenaries sent to avenge the death of their leader, whom Mattie shot while defending herself and her family in the southwest Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Rule of Governance, Quatum Politics by Joe Galilei Rule of Governance, Quatum Politics by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.99 5137 words Sample 20%
Government decisions must be made by a process following the rule of governance. Personal decisions must be made by each person. The processes are separate and complimentary. When government decisions violate the rule in order to control personal behavior they cause conflict and turmoil.
9/11 and 9/26: Days of Judgment by Michael Ross 9/11 and 9/26: Days of Judgment by Sep. 25, 2016 $1.99 7606 words Sample 30%
There are many Christians who wonder "what is happening to America?" If you are one of them, you are not alone. This book helps to uncover modern-day parallels with ancient history and patterns of dates from the Hebrew Calendar that suggest that America is scheduled for judgment. In this book, Michael Ross shows the connection between 9/11/2001 and 9/26/2016.
Tasting Moms Pussy by Tommy Incest Tasting Moms Pussy by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 2350 words Sample 10%
A sons fantasies come to life as his hot mother allows him to touch her the way all men want to touch a woman. Taboo lust as this mother and son experience the ultimate in sinful pleasures.
Chicago Ideas Week by Artemis Buffington Chicago Ideas Week by Sep. 25, 2016 $1.29 1022 words Sample 20%
Artemis Buffington's Yalp review of Chicago Ideas Week.
BWWM Taboo Erotica Bundle: A Steamy Collection by Anita Swirl BWWM Taboo Erotica Bundle: A Steamy Collection by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 20836 words Sample 20%
This collection of 3 steamy shorts features untouched brown beauties yearning to hand in their V-card. Fate hands them sexy white men to handle their needs in taboo ways! Includes: - A HARD LESSON - THE PROFESSOR’S PET - SHOWING HER THE ROPES This set contains forbidden unprotected 'relations' between beautiful black women & sexy white men in the form of student/teacher affairs & naughty steps.
Paradise Found: Cain by L.B. Dunbar Paradise Found: Cain by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 95611 words Sample 15%
“I hate that I love you,” she said. “You left me.” “I lost you, there’s a difference. Now that I found you, I intend to keep you.” This would be the greatest fight of my life.
Tomfool Traveler - A wayfarer's comedy of errors by CC Nixdorf Tomfool Traveler - A wayfarer's comedy of errors by Sep. 25, 2016 $4.99 54411 words Sample 10%
Laugh-out-loud stories, alternated with thought provoking, punctuated with downright ridiculous predicaments. These humorous and witty yarns about Nix’s travel experiences span the globe -- Russia, Nigeria, China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Jordan, Sweden, Australia, you name it. CC "Nix" Nixdorf has certainly had adventures, and happily he survived...and has a lot of fun telling us about it.
Paradise Fought: Abel by L.B. Dunbar Paradise Fought: Abel by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 90409 words Sample 15%
I'm not a fighter. I was born into a fighting family. As the middle child, I was overlooked in favor of my older brother. He took the negative attention, too. In comparison, there's nothing special about me. I’m not as big as Cobra. I’m not as strong as Cobra. He's the alpha. I'm a beta. The second son. The lesser one. Betas come second, but in this fight, my story is first.
Lucy and the Beach Fairies by Thea Van Schalkwyk Lucy and the Beach Fairies by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 1209 words Sample 35%
‘Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a friend of the fairies. I want you to read about my magical encounters with fairies. Fairies do exist and you can find them in unusual places – quite by surprise! Then you can make a drawing of the fairies in the story and send it to the creative art website mentioned in the book. And you will get a friendly reply from me for free!’
The Bear the Girl and the Dog by George Thomson The Bear the Girl and the Dog by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 30947 words Read a sample
When Bailey, her friend Bear and her dog Duncan meet The Great one their lives change for ever. You will experience, with them, the despair of loss and the joy of triumph as they witness The Great One establishing his kingdom. The astonishing events will surprise you as you experience the power of his speaking.
Paradise Tempted: The Beginning by L.B. Dunbar Paradise Tempted: The Beginning by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 15737 words Sample 10%
In the beginning… There was the darkness of his past. A snake in the garden and the woman he admired. Round 1 for Cain Callahan, Cobra, an MMA fighter, and his sweet temptation, Sofie Vincentia. This is a short prequel to the Paradise Stories, followed by Paradise Fought: Abel and Paradise Found: Cain.
Deep Secrets and Other Tales to Excite by Scott Wakefield Deep Secrets and Other Tales to Excite by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 3064 words Read a sample
DEEP SECRETS AND OTHER TALES TO EXCITE is a collection of thrilling flash fiction stories that take an unexpected turn. While pulling readers into the story, each exposes a piece of humanity that we'd prefer to not think about.
A New Discovery by gospel010 A New Discovery by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 1176 words Read a sample
A man finally finds the sunken ship that he has spent his life looking for. He prepares to dive down to it just as an oncoming storm approaches. He must race to the wreckage and get back to his own ship in order to survive.
Couguar Vacation by Charlie B. Couguar Vacation by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 29402 words Sample 10%
When thirty somethings, Faith and Claire book their holiday to the South of France, they are expecting a sun soaked vacation, hot beaches and maybe the odd sexual encounter to make the holiday special, so you may wonder, what could possibly go wrong?
Angel's Nightmare Adventure by Angel Ramon Angel's Nightmare Adventure by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 18049 words Sample 10%
Follow the stories of two people who try to survive a biohazard outbreak in NYC. Zombies are only the beginning as our two regular joes will find out soon enough. Prepare for a survival horror adventure where anything is possible and regular animals such as frogs and spiders become your worse nightmare.One piece of advice, don’t read this book in the dark!
Charlie, Revenge And Redemption by Charlie B. Charlie, Revenge And Redemption by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 33359 words Sample 10%
Charlie is the only witness as a teenager to her mothers death after a severe beating from her father
A Taste Of My Thoughts by Steve Lake A Taste Of My Thoughts by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 247 words Read a sample
I look for, a short poem that failed to yield until it was purged. More thoughts hopefully for more readers. Please feel free to pass me around like a used dollar bill.
The Time Shrink by Scott Skipper The Time Shrink by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 3387 words Read a sample
A couple from the future believe they can save their marriage if they can go back to a time before their troubles started. The alien marriage counselor's temporal displacement device is their salvation, or so they think. Try this short, hilarious foray into the future of psychoanalysis.
Bree Olson, Possesed By Sex by Charlie B. Bree Olson, Possesed By Sex by Sep. 25, 2016 $3.99 32196 words Sample 10%
So what do you do when an ancient Aztec goddess suddenly finds her way into your head? Disbelief, your going crazy, 'go away. leave me alone,' but this ain't going to happen because this ones been sent on a mission. A mission that will turn Bree Olson into a hot vixen, a devourer of men, and that's just for openers.
Donna Fischer's Guide to Residential Real Estate. by Donna Fischer Donna Fischer's Guide to Residential Real Estate. by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 9186 words Sample 20%
The booklet contains information about selling, buying, the real estate sales contract, financing, showing, inspections, title companies, different types of purchases, and situations that may arise or considerations that should be taken into account during a residential real estate transaction. There are short concise lists which nail down the topic for each section.
O circo das sombras by Cibeli da Rocha Hirsch O circo das sombras by Sep. 25, 2016 $5.99 4229 words Sample 20%
Uma grande mudança urge no atual momento em que se encontra a humanidade. A busca por culpados e por bodes expiatórios para não olharmos para nossas próprias mazelas não está funcionando. Chegou a hora de olharmos para dentro de nós mesmos e visitar os lugares mais escuros e escondidos do nosso ser. Somente assim seremos luz e encontraremos a paz.
Wildflowers by Teresa Greene Wildflowers by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 89015 words Sample 20%
Captain Jeremy McDonald was shocked to discover a young girl hiding out in a cabin in the forest. He couldn't leave her to fend for herself since her brothers had been forced to join the Civil War, so he decides to take her to his father's plantation. Willow Riley falls hard for the Confederate Captain. But as the secrets of her violent past surface, she fears Jeremy will never forgive her.
Daima Waaminifu by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena Daima Waaminifu by Sep. 25, 2016 Free! 589 words Read a sample
About a week or so after the disastrous destruction of a deep south junction town due to the hordes of savage race soldiers or more commonly known as slave patrol dressed in blue, we say goodbye and a good life selection to one of the local hometown heroes of the district and a sweet loving father of four, before some new sellout asshole decides to show up in town and ruin the serenity for all.
Life, Liberty, Pursued by Piken Sander Life, Liberty, Pursued by Sep. 25, 2016 $2.99 151167 words Sample 5%
New star Sanapia Jones has overcome her difficult past to forge an amazing life with Hollywood hunk Marc Brand. But vengeful has-been supermodel Juliet Bonner has other plans, and goes to extraordinary lengths to discredit Sanapia, and when that doesn’t work, comes after Sanapia’s life as she awaits the birth of Marc’s son.
Who's My Sugar Daddy? by Misty MacAllister Who's My Sugar Daddy? by Sep. 25, 2016 $0.99 7929 words Sample 20%
Warning: 'Who's my Sugar Daddy?' is intended for a mature audience and all the characters of over the age of consent. If you have a problem with a caring stepfather disciplining his eighteen-year-old virgin daughter with a firm hand on her round bottom, then you really won't like what happens in this story.