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I dedicate this book to everyone yearning for a successful life.


For over a decade, I have dedicated my life to mentoring youths to success which I define as wealth with peace of mind and health. It's on top of this motivation that I founded The SQI ICT Academy in 2008.

I have always encourage against panting after success, the kind that takes away peace and health and an advocate of the type of success that pants after you.

Across the years, I have realize how much success relies on principles just as movements relies on the law of motion.

But it's a struggle all through life when we fail to see or understand this principles.

Taiwo sum it all up in this book. Read and apply and see the miracle unfolding right before you.

Dr Adeyemi Aderinto (CEO SQI ICT Academy)



When I was in secondary school, I was discussing with a hostel mate called Ernest. He told me how the school coach taught them how to play penalty kick. I considered this piece of advice given to be one of the most important words of wisdom that applies to every other areas of life . As a result, I engraved it on a marble plate and placed it in the holy of holies of my heart. Without exaggeration, I use this primary principle in every aspect of my life.

When I was in the university, I taught some students on public speaking and I told them that the most important aspect of public speaking is this piece of advice gotten from the coach. Every other thing follows. I took my time to analyze the life of great people in order to know the reason behind their greatness. One thing I noticed is that it lies on the simple principle of the coach.

Let’s discuss this principle! The coach told his players that whenever they want to play a penalty, they should “pick a point and hit it”.

After seeing it, I added a single word to make it “pick a point and hit it hard”. Everything in this book centers on it.

To succeed in life, you need to pick a point and hit it hard! To succeed in business, you need to pick a point and hit it hard. To succeed in public speaking, you need to pick a point and hit it hard.

NOTE: Pick “A” point and hit it hard.

It only talks about a point, don’t pick two points, one is focus, two is distraction.

Set A clear goal.

If you want to deliver a speech, ask yourself, what one point do I intend to pass across? Build your speech around this single point. What singular message do I want my audience to take home? Make this the foundation of your speech. Anything that doesn’t contribute to these goals, are distractions. Remove it from your speech. Send home your point.

Your point and your life

In life, which is the main reason for writing this book, you need to ask yourself this simple question: what one thing do I want to do with my life?

Remember the ancient rule “the jack of all trade is a master of none”. Define your life. Keep this at the back of your mind. Great people are usually known for one thing. What makes them great is not the number of things they engage in, it is how excellent they are at one major thing.

When someone mentions Abraham Lincoln, what crosses your mind?

You remember his leadership.

When someone mentions Rockefeller, what crosses your mind?

You remember his oil business.

When someone mentions Lionel Messi, what crosses your mind?

You think about football.

That is how greatness is defined. Greatness is defined by how excellent you are in a particular field, not the number of fields.

Digging gold

You must have heard the story of Darby and his uncle that sold their gold mine when they were just three feet away from gold. Many of us are like this, the only difference is that unlike them, most of us will find another land, dig and leave it when we are close to another gold, then to another land…… The cycle continues. Then we complain about life, not knowing that the gold is in all the lands but we aren’t patient enough to reach the depth so as to unearth it. In any field, it requires determination, commitments and perseverance to get the best out of whatever we want to achieve. Remember, nothing good comes easy.

How can I get a good point?

We all want to take charge of our lives, we want to do something great with it but how do you know the point to concentrate on? How do I know the right path to turn to? How do I know where to focus?

I’ve read it times without number that you should identify your talent and focus on it, while it is good, I believe in another thing which is miracle.


Bill gate was so engrossed with the computer system to the extent that he would sneak out at nights to operate a computer. Automobile runs in Henry Ford’s vein.

What happened? Bill Gate brought the computer system to virtually all desks and Henry Ford brought vehicle to virtually every home in America.

If your greatest miracle is “how can I just send a message on my phone and another man will receive it?” Then focus on ICT. If your biggest miracle is “how do plants grow? Then you focus on botany.

Why your biggest miracle?

The reason for advising you to focus on your biggest miracle is because you will always find it interesting. Getting to know more about your biggest miracle will naturally make you happy. You will find it worth doing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

When you work on your biggest miracle, you will work with enthusiasm, you will be committed to your work and you will do it with passion.

If it marvels you, it will interest you. You need this enthusiasm.

Seeing your idol

Imagine how glad you would feel when you are on a journey to meet your idol. Surely, you will put on the best of your clothes and maybe the best of your smiles. This is how you feel when you work on your biggest miracle. The surge, the “eureka feeling” when you finally know how your biggest miracle works especially if you are now a king in that field dictating what happens there, you will feel on top of the world.

This feeling is beyond winning a million dollar in a lotto. Money can’t buy it.

You will never be aware of time and your environment when you work on your biggest miracle. You will be addicted to your work. Even if you aren’t so talented in your field, this work ethics will help you become so great in your chosen field. Commitments rather than mere talent is the heartbeat of achievements.

What is that thing that interests you the most?

What is your biggest miracle?

Neglect other points, work on it and never give up till you achieve results.



After you have identified your biggest miracle, that thing that marvels you the most, the next step is to ask yourself: what do I want to achieve in this?

This must be very clear.

Bill Gate said his goal is to place a computer on every desk. The goal of Mark Zuckerberg is to make the world more open and connected. You aren’t going into a field just to work without a goal.


When you are in a field that interests you, you will find a lot of things interesting. If you aren’t focused, you will be happy with your work but you will only be revolving around a point. You will start a project and happily leave it to another project, not out of frustration but out of enthusiasm. You will work day and night without achieving anything.

I term this: setting a goal at a point.

After you have decided to get involved in a particular field, you must clearly state what you want to achieve in that field, this is your long-term goal


Setting a goal makes you know you are improving. When you get results, you know you are moving forward. At times, the result may not be seen at the moment but you know you are closer to your goal than yesterday, you know you are moving closer to your goals and this knowledge will bring the awareness of improvements. The closer you are to your goal, the better you are.

Goal keeps you focused and paddles your canoe on the sea of career. The bible says “where there is no vision, the people perish.”- (Proverbs 29:18 KJV)

Without goal, you will be wandering about. Goal setting gives focus.

Goal serves as a yardstick to measure progress. When there is no goal, you will not know how far you have moved. Without goal, you will not be able to define success or failure.

A person without a goal hardly celebrates success. When you achieve your goal or when you move closer to your goal, you feel motivated

The worst part is that a person without a goal will not know if he is progressing or not since there is no yardstick for success. He will celebrate mediocrity and incompetence. The only yardstick for such person is his colleagues; he will only know he is not moving as he should when others are ahead.

Don’t live your life this way. Set your goal and ask yourself, what exactly do I want achieve in this field?

Short term goals

Set short term goals, this will help you know how close you are to your final goal. Arrange them accordingly and achieve them one after the other.



SQI (an ICT company) has its motto as: making Africa a tech continent, one mind at a time.

The emphasis is placed on the mind because in the mind lies the being.

Napoleon Hill said “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” The emphasis is on the mind again.

It is not about how big the goal is, it is how big the mind is. You cannot be bigger than your mind. You cannot outgrow your mind. For you to grow, you must first feed and grow your mind. Only after this will you grow.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Mick Clegg, Cristiano Ronaldo’s former coach said this about him “Ronaldo knew he was going to be the best player in the world”. This believe has been in him before the world knew him. With this belief, he got the best set of people to help him achieve this. Mick Clegg continued “Why? Because he put his mind, his heart and his training towards that goal.”

“He got his own dietician. He understood about recovery. He seeked out professionals in every area, whether its free-kick specialist or whether its about going into the gym to train or working more to become more powerful or strong.”

“He got a nutritionist involved.”

“He was almost like the fore-runner of athleticism in football and that’s why he has become the best in the world.”

He is not trying to be the best, he is only trying to express the best.

The best is in your mind

The last sentence says “He is not trying to be the best, he is only expressing the best” because in reality, the best is in the mind. The mindset makes the best. If you have all the talent in your field, all the support, and the best of training but don’t believe in yourself, you will only be above average. Greatness is in the mind.

Whoever you will be, whatever you will make of your life depends on your perspective of yourself.

It starts in your mind

When you want to become a doctor, you go to the medical school.

When you want to become a lawyer, you go the law school.

You spend on your tuition, textbooks, materials and other things even when you are yet to become one. This is because you already see yourself working as a doctor or a lawyer even before your admission. .

Your mind already sees you as one before your admission. This is the reason you could think of the school in the first place. It is this mindset that pushes you to the school.

This is the power of the mind.

Inclined plane

Life is an inclined plane, if you aren’t pushing yourself up, if you aren’t using energy to lift yourself, you will be regressing. It takes determination to get to the top, but when you have no goal, blank mindset and you want to live life the way it throws itself at you, you won’t stay at a point. You will regress. It takes consciousness to move up and nothing to move down.

If you don’t dream it, you can’t see it

You need to dream it, you need to see it in your mind before you can see it in reality. Your mind must conceive it before you can achieve it and your mind must believe it before you can lay your hands on it. Your mind is your biggest success factor.


The author of Hebrew wrote “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen ”(Hebrews 11:1). When I wrote that your faith is your biggest success factor, I am not trying to belittle the place of GOD, I am only stating an already established fact. When your mind believes it, then you pray it with your belief in GOD. When your mind does not believe it, then you will pray with doubts with no result.

The mind, the faith and the work

“With the heart man believes” as said by Apostle Paul (Romans 10:10). It requires the mind to have the faith. When you believe it is possible, then you gladly work it out.

It is like a man who is to climb a hill, if he doesn’t believe it is possible, he may not even attempt it at all and even if he should, he will stop at the slightest disappointment. But if he believes it is possible or he has seen someone he considers as inferior doing it, even if he should fail, he will attempt it again, he will keep doing it till he is able to do it. Faith brings persistency.

Faith gives you perseverance and commitments. Faith expresses itself in work.

Mind makes or mars you

When your mind gives up, no matter how hard you try, it will never be interesting to you, it will look stressful. To make it worse, the effort won’t worth it for you in the long run. This is when the energy “to do” dries up. The ability to do, though is in you, it will never be available at this point.

Kill the mind and kill the man, lift the mind and raise the man. Everything you see, good or bad started from the mind, from bomb blast, to assassin to world-war II, started from someone’s mind. Also, all good things you see today from the computer system to automobiles and to planes, all started from someone’s mind.

Mind your mind.



Now that you have picked a point, set the goals, developed the right mindset, the next is to start your work. Your goal will only remain a mere wish if you don’t work it to reality.

All we have said will only make sense if you work it out. The point, the goal, the faith will not automatically give you the result, the result will be a product of the work.

The Palm-tree

You are like the palm-tree, you have the oil in your kernels but you must be processed to release the oil. You must be pressed to bring out the oil in you. Let me put this in a better way, you must press yourself to release your oil.

Most times, many people believe they lack the oil just because they have not pressed themselves hard enough to release their oil. The oil is there but the discipline to tarry at the place of pressing, to wait at the processing mill is needed for you to release your oil.

10000 hours of work

Malcolm Gladwell explained that anyone can master a skill with 10000 hours of practice. Let me add this; the shorter it takes to complete your 10000 hours of practice, the better you get.

Excellence requires addiction

Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, once said he works for 18hours a day. To get the real picture of this, it is like saying he resumes work by 5 am and closes by 11pm every day, surprised? You can only stay that long when your work interests you. You can only be addicted to your career when it interests you. We have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo’s work ethics. He gets to training before anyone and leaves after everyone. It is only possible because he is addicted to his work. You need that level of addiction to perform at some levels in your career. You need addiction to excel in your chosen field.

This book is to make the addiction spontaneous. When you do what interests and marvels you, you can easily get addicted to it. When you set a clear goal, it keeps you on your toes. When you have the right mindset and the belief that you can do it, no one will force you to stand up and work all nights to bring it to reality. You need to do more than an average man to be above average, you need to do more than an “above average” man to become successful, you need to do more than a successful man to excel, you need to do more than an excellent man to rule your field.

Set excellence as your minimum level and work it out. Make excellence your starting point.


During my undergraduate days, a lecturer punished all the students by asking us to write “success entails discipline, I will embrace it” 1500 times. It wasn’t easy writing it but I did anyway. This simple line should be taken out of punishment and be applied to our day to day activities. Nothing good can be achieved without discipline. It takes discipline to do your work with or without supervision.

Why disciplined people move faster

An undisciplined man cannot do a work without being told. An undisciplined man is always put under supervision before doing the needful. However, to make an undisciplined man responsible, he must be put under the supervision of a disciplined man.

The higher a disciplined man moves in an organization, the better the organization. The higher an undisciplined man moves in an organization, the worse it becomes.

Imagine if someone that should be supervising the work even needs supervision to get his work done. Of what benefits is his work? Of what advantage is his promotion?

The violent takes it by force

The future belongs to those that are ready to fight for it. When everyone competes for a thing, you know mediocrity is not an option. You are not permitted to be lazy, you must take it by force.

Henry Wadsworth wrote “The heights by great men reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

Rise up and start working.


This is one of the biggest myth; you compete for everything in life, in fact, you compete for life itself. Your competition in life started when you were still a sperm. The same principle that applies when you were just a sperm applies to everything in life. The principle is that only the best is recognized.

At a time, you were with other sperm cells competing for fertilization, only you is known today. Where are other cells? Where are the cells that you overtook? Where is that cell that almost got there before you? No one sees them today, no one knows their names. That is how life works. Only the best is recognized. You need to work out the best in you.

Being the best

Let’s discuss football. Imagine if there is no Messi and Ronaldo, the chances are that we will be hailing Neymar today. However, the achievements of Messi and Ronaldo make Neymar’s brilliant performance looks insignificant. Can we deny his talent and brilliance? But how often do we talk about it? Most arguments on football is about Messi and Ronaldo mainly because their achievements eclipsed that of Neymar. That is what it means to be second best. No one appreciates you even if you have performed so well, so far there is that person whose result always eclipse yours. I am sorry to inform you that, you will hardly be rewarded and appreciated as you should as much as you aren’t working out the best in you. People will always compare you with others thereby making look weak. They aren’t wicked, that is how life works.

If I place a pot of gold and a pot of silver before you, which would you pick?

Your answer is as good as mine. Is silver not good and valuable? Of course it is but not when a gold is involved.

Now, if I place a pot of silver and a pot of bronze before you, which would you pick? Silver! The other time, you rejected the silver but this time, it becomes your best choice. That is how life works. So far there is someone out there that is still better than you, then you may keep suffering from rejection. That is an undeniable nature ingrained in us as human being, we lose interest in something once we see something better.

Make it your responsibility to be the best of yourself, then better than everyone else.

What they should tell us

Instead of telling us that life is not a competition, I think it will better to tell us that “life is a competition but you must play by the rules”.

Though life is a competition, this competition should not breed hatred in you. It should be a healthy competition, this is when you have matured for greatness.

Pulling others down will not push you forward, it will only keep you on the ground. While you are wasting your energy pulling others back, another person is overtaking you.

Before setting out your mind on your long-term goal, you must first set your values, your dos and don’ts.

Work to be the best, first of yourself and then of everyone else.

Celebrate your effort and achievements

Celebrate yourself for your effort even if you haven’t gotten any result. Get a gift for yourself for even trying. When you finally achieve your goals, celebrate it even more.




You need to get an idol, a role model, someone you want to be like, a personality to tailor your life after; someone who will serve as a benchmark. Your idol serves as an inspiration. Each time you think about him/her, he/she makes you think about your goals.

Picking your idol

Pick an idol in your career, someone who has done what you want to do and also has the right values. You need to pick someone with right values. Achieving goals is not enough, value is important. If your long-term goal is to achieve things that no one has ever achieved in your field, then pick the closest person to it who also has the right values. Set him before you and baptize yourself with him. If I want to be a tennis player, I will set Federer before me. The effect of idolizing can be seen in Kylian Mbappe Lottin who set Cristiano Ronaldo before him. Every day he wakes up to see Ronaldo, his subconscious mind behaves like him. Gradually, he thinks like him and he becomes another Ronaldo.

The word idol is not just a dictionary word, it carries deep meaning spiritually. When you idolize someone, and you place him at every corner of your room, as your phone’s wallpaper, you are infusing the spirit of that person into yourself. Then, you unconsciously become that person. What you admire in him becomes part of you. This is what happened to Mbappe.

Idolizing someone serves as inspiration. Idolize someone in your field who has achieved what you want to achieve.


In the story of Darby and his uncle as discussed in chapter 1, they might have been successful if they had a mentor in that field. When you are in a new field, you are like a blind man. Some boast of this ignorance while some try to do it all alone; doing this doesn’t connote wisdom or intelligence. In fact, it is the opposite, it is a sign of immaturity. When you have someone in your field who has walked through the field, made some mistakes you would most likely make, wouldn’t that be an easy escape for you? Not having a mentor or tutor can be the difference between 40 days and 40years. An expert beside you to put you through will save you unnecessary stress and delay. A mentor makes it easier for you to overcome challenges in your field, he makes your growth faster and makes you better.

A mentor isn’t just an elderly person, he is someone who is successful in your chosen field and career and someone who will be dedicated to your growth.

You need such person.


Build your team. The main difference between a teammate and just an employee is that a teammate is committed to the growth of the organization while an employee is committed to his income. A teammate looks at the organization’s digits while an employee looks at the digits in his bank account. A teammate is interested in the future of the organization and the project while an employee is interested in himself.

Work with like mind; someone who is committed to “our goal” than “my goal”, “our happiness” than “my happiness”. Align with like minds, it will make your journey much easier. This opens you to a lot of information necessary for your growth. Teamwork pays every member of the team.



Motivation is like a fuel to the vehicle of your achievements. When it is gone, you stop moving.


When you fail, you may lose believe in yourself. Remember I told you in chapter 4 that it starts and ends in your mind. When you start feeling incapable, then you act it out, lose enthusiasm to press on and work out your goal.

Sometimes, failure makes the goal looks impossible


When the goal looks impossible, remember you once held the belief that it is possible. The reality is that it is possible! What you need to do is to review your process. It is possible, but maybe with another plan.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think or you think you can’t you’re right”. If you believe it is possible, all you will think about is “how?” If you believe it is impossible, then you will drop it and accept defeat.

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed." Theodore Roosevelt.

Remind yourself of yourself, remind yourself of your past achievements, talk to yourself, let that proud man in you talk about what he has achieved and what he can still achieve. Remember it is always in you! The potentials are there whether you are failing or not. The oil is in you, press more. Revisit your capabilities and think about the way you can turn them to abilities.

Losing motivation for no reason

Sometimes, you just lose motivation for no reason. You suddenly realize you aren’t working the way you used to.


When this happens to you, revisit your goals. Also, don’t ever leave your project. If it is no longer interesting, sit down and keep working. You may not work the way you used to but never leave your work for days or weeks unattended to. As you continue with this, you will be back to yourself in a month or two. It will get interesting once again and your mojo will be back.

Lack of resources

Lack of resources can be a setback, it kills motivation and enthusiasm.


The first thing is that: with or without resources, don’t stop believing in your dreams. Remember it starts and ends in the mind.

Start the little way you can. “You can start anyhow but don’t end anyhow”- Isaac Sogo.

Inadequate resources does not kill visions, it only prolong the fulfilment. The power to kill a vision does not lie with resources, not with circumstances but in the mind.

Look out for opportunities! Opportunities can come in different ways like scholarship, discounts and partnership. Keep your eyes on them and don’t stop believing.

The power to kill vision does not lie with resources, not with circumstances but in the mind. Decide well.



Do not start another project until you complete the one at hand. I realize it is easier to read 10 pages in 15 books than to finish a book of 100 pages. It is even much easier to read a page in 200 books.

It is easier to start many projects and complete none than to start and finish a single project.

At the beginning of most projects, you feel happy and enthusiastic, but along the line, it may get boring. Most people stop here and rush to another interesting project which they would later leave anyway because it will also get boring. Don’t live your life this way. Be committed to a single project till it is successful. Don’t give up, don’t drop it, keep keeping on, and keep doing it till you complete it.

Make up your mind not to start another project till you complete the one at hand. Resist the temptation.

At the beginning of every project, there is motivation to start, the will, the desire to get it done. As you get to the middle of it, the motivation gradually fades away. This is when you are put to test. Your only motivation at this point is that the work must be completed with or without motivation. You must do it, whether you feel like or not. This is the part that distinguishes successful people from others. At this point, some justify their laziness by starting another project leaving the initial one but they have forgotten that will not give you either x or y. Half of two different projects will never give you a complete project. Press on, there is light at the end of the tunnel, though this may be your darkest period. If you are able to sail through it without giving up, you will realize you are close to the completion of your project. At that level, you will regain your motivation, because motivation comes when success is near. Motivation likes taking glory, it will come up when you are almost done. At that point, you will ask Mr. Motivation “where were you all these while?”

Keep in mind that, at the center of your work, project, career, motivation will hide, your motivation at that point should be “the work must be completed anyway”. Don’t stop, keep running till you cross the finishing line. Whether this will happen or not depends on what you do at the center of your project.

Recycle the procedure

After you have completed one project, move to another using the principles in this book. Set a higher goal, achieve it and move to another. At the blink of an eye, you will place your seat among successful people. You may even redefine success in your career if you are diligent enough. You need determination, perseverance and commitments.

It all starts by PICKING A POINT


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