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Introducing Believe It

Believe It: My Journey of Success, Failure, and Overcoming the Odds is a book written by Nick Foles who led the Philadelphia Eagles to their very first victory in the Super Bowl during the 2017 National Football League season.

Foles tells the story of his football career, how he got started and how it led to him rally the team's historic win. The Eagles were not seen as contenders to the championship. Their starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, had a serious injury on their 14th week and this meant the season was over for them. Foles proved the commentators and football fans wrong when he came off the bench and led the Eagles into Super Bowl history. He won the MVP award for 2017. In his book, Foles tells how he did it. He was about to retire two seasons earlier than expected. He went through discouraging trades and serious injuries in the past years but was able to remain in top form which eventually enabled him to win the game. The book tells the trials and tribulations that he faced. It tells how fans and readers can overcome these and achieve success just like he did.

The book's Foreword is written by a fellow athlete and close friend Frank Reich. He describes Foles' 2017 performance as amazing. He says he and his teammates knew that Foles was capable of leading the Eagles into victory, though fans would not have seen it in him. Reich says he has the humility that is rooted in his self-confidence. Even before the Super Bowl, he has already proven that he is among the best quarterback players in the NFL. Reich compares Foles's story to the bible story of David who fought against the formidable Goliath. Foles is an ordinary man like David, and he fought challenges that were larger-than-life, like the giant Goliath. It was Foles' faith in God, his humility and confidence that made him win the Super Bowl, Reich says. Foles writes in the first-person voice as he opens the book in the Prologue. He starts by recounting the day he was informed by his Eagles coach that he was being traded to St. Louis Rams for another player. He felt great that day and was looking forward to the next season with the team. But coach Chip Kelly told him the news, and though he accepted the news calmly, he was shocked and unprepared. His dreams were dashed. He had to accept the reality "the NFL was a business, and I was an expendable commodity." The 16 chapters of the book tell how Foles moved on from there, and previous to that, how he became a professional football player. Chapter one features his thoughts about his identity and how he grappled with who he truly is. He says he is known, among many other names, as a backup, a word that he does not like. He likes playing supporting roles in his teams but being called backup still does not agree with him. It does not describe who he is as a person. He reveals that it took him years to separate his identity as a football player from his identity as a person. He talks about how he was born into his identity as a football player when his father placed a football in his small hands when he was a baby. He shares his high school days when football games were major events in school and in the whole of Texas. He played football and basketball in high school. The book also talks about his faith in God and how this helped him pursue his dream of becoming a professional player. It features his love story with wife Tori who struggled with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) during Foles' most promising years as a quarterback. It tells how the two weathered the difficulties presented by the illness and the long periods of separation due to Foles' work. Readers like Foles' play-by-play accounts and the behind-the-scenes stories describing the games and the events that led to the Super Bowl LII. His tone is candid and intimate, making readers feel like he is personally present as he tells them his story. Readers feel the excitement and rapture as he tells the high points of his games. NFL fans' interest in the ongoings behind the camera and the field are heightened and satisfied as Foles tells his anecdotes. His struggle is made apparent and heartfelt as he told these through his own words. The losses came out intensely felt too through Foles' telling.

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