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A Walk with our Lord

My Personal Journey

Rick Sones


This is my personal walk with the Lord. Everything that follows is true. Many times, the Lord has shown mercy on me, even though He knows I am sinner. The reader will experience many feelings when reading this. Do not be afraid to read it with an open mind. The Lord is constantly reaching out to all of us to follow Him. Jesus wants us to celebrate in the wedding festival that He has planned.

Trust and pray to the Lord because He has said that we will never be alone.

I have had many dreams in the past that have come true. I have heard the Holy Spirit’s audible voice many times before these writings. I fully regret not keeping a journal from the start.

One of the early times when I heard the voice, I was 20 and had just moved out into an apartment with two other roommates. I was playing around and had my rifle in my hand. I pulled the rifle up to my shoulder, centered the scope on one of my roommates head, and put my finger on the trigger. Before I pulled back, the voice shouted “No, don’t do it”. Just then my roommate turned around and freaked out. I was laughing but when I checked the safety, the safety was off and a round was in the chamber. I was playing around and thinking the safety was on like normal. If it was not for the voice, I would have gone to prison. That was one of the earliest events that had happened. Since that time, there have been many instances and some that even I have forgotten about. I regret not writing them down.

When I was 22, my one brother and myself went in together to build a house. After we had the house framed, we were running fascia boards across the front of the house. We were working off extension ladders about sixteen feet from the ground. He was on one side and I was about twenty feet from him. He turned around and was pushing with his legs against the ladder to get the board in place. When he pushed against the ladder, it slid out from beneath him. The ladder fell straight down and bounced about four times before it finally stopped directly below him. As the ladder fell, my brother was suspended in mid-air. He looked as if he was sitting in some-ones hand. He stayed in that position for about six or seven seconds. He looked over at me and all I could do was shrug my shoulders. After the ladder stopped bouncing, is when he finally fell, like the hand was pulled away. Now, by all laws of physics, he should have fell straight down on top of the ladder. He fell two feet from the ladder but his arm hit the ladder. He ended up with only a broken arm and not any back injuries. This happened in the summer of 1984.

In the times after that, I have dreamed countless times of things that were fixing to happen. I could have a dream one morning and within two to three days, the exact scenario took place. It was not an everyday occurrence but it has always been constant. Many other times I have woken up with a name of somebody or something, only to meet them within a day or two.

In 1989, I had a box with a ring in it and I went to visit the girl I was dating. Before I gave her the box, the voice spoke again and said, “Do not marry this one.” I went ahead and proposed and she said yes. It was not a joyful marriage. Infidelity was an issue and it ended long before the split. If I had listened to the Holy Spirit, I often wondered how that part of my life would have been different.

After the marriage ended in the fall of 1996, January had brought something unexpected. I woke one morning with the name Shelby, and I asked the Lord who was Shelby. I was working part time at a Mexican restaurant and a couple of sisters were also working there. One of the sisters had asked me if I was dating anybody and I told her no, not right now. The other sister spoke up and said they had a sister named Shelby who was also single. Shelby and I dated for about three months.

I went into teaching in 1997. I started out in Memphis for a year and then I was transferred to Des Moines. While I was in Des Moines, is when I started to ask the Lord what was coming in the future. I kept being led to the prophecy website. I started to read some of it but did not fully understand it. When I had gotten transferred to St. Louis, I continued to do research on the end of times.

Before 9/11 hit, I kept getting the 11 but I could not figure it out. I knew something bad was coming but I never did have an exact date or what event it was going to be. I had a live-in at that time and I told her there is something bad with 11. She said I was crazy and blew me off. I looked at her and said,” No, there is something going to happen.” This happened in the summer of 2001.

In 2003, I moved back around family and was living with my brother. My brothers’ house is a two bedroom and I slept on a bed in the kitchen. I said a prayer one night and told the Lord that I give up. For forty one years I have tried it my way and never seemed to find the missing piece. Now I give it to You and I lay myself at Your feet. It was that night that I truly started to trust in the Lord in all things. The Lord says put our trust in Him and He will guide and protect us. I did and still do. It was not very long after that when I began driving and my life started to take on change.

It was during this time that I started to read the Bible from start to finish. I had the Bible on cd and that is what I listened to while I was driving. One instance I was driving and I noticed a group of dogs about to cross the road. It was a two lane highway and the dogs were starting across it. I then noticed puppies following the adult dogs and all I could think was that I was going to run over a puppy. I said, “No, Lord, please not the puppies.” One puppy was behind the rest and it was going to be hit. The puppy made it about three quarters into my lane. Just then the hind legs lifted off the ground as if someone was cradling his back end and pushing him back across the road. His hind legs were in the air and only his two front legs were touching the ground. The puppy was even looking back over his shoulders toward his hind end, trying to figure out who was holding him. He made it back to safety while all the other dogs had already crossed the road.

For the next several years I drove across the United States. Often I would listen to the Bible on cd and talked to the Lord many times. I used that time to spread Bible cd’s across the country. One instance in particular was a truck stop in Santa Rosa NM... When I had pulled up to get fuel, I had three cd’s left. The Holy Spirit told me to take them and put them on the counter in the men’s bathroom. I turned my head and told the Holy Spirit that the counter in there is always filthy. I mean the counter looked like it had never been cleaned and this was in a busy truck stop. I asked Him to please show me where He wants them because of the filth. When I went into the bathroom, the counter was nasty as always, but in one corner it had been wiped pristine clean. It was as if an arm just swept across it and that small area would have passed a white glove test with honors. I started to understand the pureness of the Lord and how the Lord is absolutely clean. Nothing on this earth can even compare to the purity of the Spirit.

I was driving across New Mexico on a beautiful sunny day. It was three o’clock in the afternoon, I was not tired. I then noticed the sky. It was a brilliant blue with white pillow shaped clouds. I had ordered some books from the prophecy website and I was in the middle of reading the third or fourth book. I said a silent prayer and I asked the Lord if Ray is truly your prophet, would you show me a cross in the sky. At that very moment, I looked to my left and a cross appeared. The cross was bigger than the set of doubles that I was pulling. It was as if someone had pushed a giant cross from the back of the clouds to the front. The Bible tells us that the Lord will always send prophets to warn His people and we can ask Him for confirmations.

About a year later, I had been asking the Lord if He would allow it, could I see an angel. One day I was pulling out the Dallas terminal and started down the road. It was three o’clock in the morning and nobody was out. I saw a man walking waving his arms at me. What took me back was how clean his clothes were. There is no way a normal wash could have gotten the clothes that clean. When I looked back in the mirror, I saw the back trailer had come loose and was sitting in the middle of the road. I made a quick u turn and turned around. After I had gotten back to the trailer, I started to look for the man who had warned me. I could see a half mile in all directions. There was no sight of him. It was as if he had just vanished. From the first time I saw him to the time I had gotten back to the trailer was less than four minutes.

Many times I was partnered with another driver for a team run. I would often use this time to share the word of the Lord but I never pushed the Lord on anyone. Many were willing to listen. One time I had crawled into the truck with a young man. I was thinking about sharing the Lord with him but then the Holy Spirit spoke, “No, not this one.” I did not understand why but I told the Lord okay. I still read the Bible sitting in the passenger seat but no words of the Lord were spoken between us.

I had taken a sabbatical from dating for four years. I told the Lord, the next lady I lay down in my bed will be my wife. I asked the Lord to please bring me a wife of His choosing, not of my own. I met my wife through a driver that I worked with. We dated for a year and then we knelt before the Lord in my living room and exchanged vows. This was our marriage ceremony with only the Lord and His angels present. After that, I went into the garage and the Spirit told me to come and look. I looked up in the sky and saw total cloud cover. There was a solid line of clouds with no break in them. I turned and asked the Spirit “What am I looking at?” He just said, “Keep looking.” It was then two parts of the clouds parted. The parting was in the shape of eyes, two eyes looking down. I knew at that moment, the Lord was present and He had heard every word of our vows. The following year is when we went before the preacher to satisfy man’s world.

In 2007, one day in the truck I had a dream. My guardian angel came and the two of us went into a room. The room was encased in dark veils but in the center of it was a large globe of the earth. As I was standing in the room looking at the globe, she said, “Let’s try something new.” We went into another room and there stainless steel pipes running in all directions. I was very confused and had no idea what the meaning was.

In the spring of 2008, my wife and I were talking about where to buy a house. She had said lets go to Wilson and look around. I told her no, the house is not in Wilson, but it is over here and I pointed west. I kept telling her that the Lord has a house for us. I told her what the asking price was, where it was, the description of the house, and that it was not even for sale yet. She did not believe me until after we met the homeowner and then I showed her a picture of the house that I had drawn two months earlier.

During that year, our son had to go the Children’s hospital in Little Rock. He had to go in to have spinal fusion surgery. He has Muscular Dystrophy, Duchene’s disease. They cut him from the back of the neck all the way down to the tailbone and inserted two metal rods. After the surgery, his lung collapsed. I stood over him and said a prayer. The next day, his lung inflated on its own. I remember the doctor saying, he has never seen a lung come back that quick.

For three months he stayed in ICU. I had met a man outside the hospital and we started talking. It turned out that his daughter was in the room next to our son. I do not know what disease she had but it did not look good for her. I prayed for her and about two weeks later, I saw the man outside. We got to talking and he said my daughter is getting out tomorrow. He told me he had not even told his wife. He was going to surprise his wife by letting their daughter ring the doorbell when they got home. I just smiled and thanked the Lord.

It was during this time that I was out of work. We had been living on savings for the last year and our account was almost depleted. After our son came home, I had put in over a hundred applications but to no avail. Then I was asking the Lord for help and one day I was out in the garage watching TV. I got up and told the wife I was going next door for a minute. Jack was outside, an elderly man who had lived there most of his life. I had asked Jack if he knew of anybody that was hiring and he broke out his cell phone. He dialed a number and asked the man if they needed help at the factory. Just then, the man he was talking to drove past the driveway. I had my interview in Jack’s driveway. When I was taking a tour of the food factory, there were stainless steel pipes running in all directions. I looked at all the pipes and asked the supervisor, who in the world installed these pipes. He said we did. In my mind I was thinking oops, I just said the wrong thing. I worked there for exactly two years.

I started to get the eleven again, but now it was 3/11. Again I had no idea on the event but I kept getting 3/11. I was working the graveyard shift at a factory that night. I never really thought about the date, but something compelled me to draw on the white board in the shop. I drew the shape of the U.S. and I was drawing the areas where storms and chaos would reign. It was around 2:00 A.M. when I was doing this. As I was standing there looking at the map, the voice spoke and said, “May 24 is the next day of destruction.” I wrote the date on the bottom of the dry erase board after the Spirit told me it was okay to do so. As I wrote it, I prayed and said do not let anyone erase this if this is true. Martin looked at me and said what is up with the date. I repeated what the Spirit told me and shrugged my shoulders. The tsunami hit Japan around 2:00 a.m. on the very night that this happened. The next day, the three other maintenance men came in and they all asked how I knew it. I just smiled and shrugged. The one even made the comment, “What is he a prophet too?” I walked away quietly. I do not consider myself a prophet, for I am just a servant of our Lord. The Lord speaks to us all, but it is up to us if we listen.

On May 25, Martin told me that he had not seen in the news where any destruction had occurred. I just looked at him and told him I do not know, but that is what I was told. May 24, 2011 is when the Army Core of Engineers diverted the Mississippi river, opening the Morganza spillway flooding over 2 million acres of farmland and homes. They opened the flood gates to help prevent flooding in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. For over two months that date stayed on the white board. Many people came in and out of the shop but no one erased it. I finally erased it on May 25.

I kept getting 11 again the following year. I even asked the prayer lists if anyone else had been getting that date. Something was going to happen around the first of November but again I was not sure what it was. I had written the date on the calendar and that made my wife mad because I wrote on her calendar. When I was at school, I was talking with two of the students in my class. I told them something was coming but I was not sure what it was. A couple of days later when I went in to school, I asked Chris when was he was leaving for Germany. He told me the date and then I asked him when he was returning. This was around the end of September - the first of October. He said he was returning on the 10th of November and I said, “Good. You will be fine. It will be over before you return.” When Chris got back, the first thing out of his mouth when he saw me,” How did you know?” I just smiled and shrugged. The other student was standing beside me and he asked me what was coming next. I said a silent prayer and I turned to him and said, “War. Nuclear.” He looked worried and then I told him it was still a ways off, but it is coming. This happened in November of 2012 when hurricane Sandy made a 90 degree turn and hit the east coast.

I regret not keeping a journal as I have said before but the dreams that follow are when the dreams started to take on a different aspect. It was like there was a change that happened and I have written them down as they occurred. Maybe someone has more insight than I do and they can make some sense out of the following events.

July 27, 2012

I saw a piece of hardwood. The white hardwood was square in shape but the edges were rough cut and were not straight. The thought that was so strong was, “You are going to make a decision but there will be others who object and try to talk you out of the decision.” The scene went back to the piece of wood with the impression, “stay solid in your decision.” It will endure.

A piece of a dull white hardwood. The block appeared very solid and was not sanded or polished.

August 18, 2012

My favorite glass was sitting on the counter. All of a sudden it was knocked off the counter and hit the ground hard. The glass broke into a thousand pieces. The Lord said, “I am going to smash this world in an instant.” The glass was broken into very small, bead like pieces.

November 2012

Earthquake – the ground had developed deep ravines like the Grand Canyon. It circled the house on three sides, but the house stood strong.

Vision: 1) tremendous shaking. Two buildings and their foundations cracked and they started to collapse. 2) a tall, 40 -50 foot, polished stainless steel missile. On top of it, it had small cabin with a porch that was perched on the point of the missile. The cabin was braced to keep it from falling. “Man is balancing on total war.” 3) Water –waves were coming ashore, crashing over the top of 6 and 7 story buildings. Total destruction.

December 2012

I saw a solid brace in the sky. As I was watching it, it fell back almost to the ground. It was like I was seeing it from above. The feeling was that Memphis is going to be ¾ destroyed is very strong. The Lord has removed His protective dome.

Dreams April and May 2013

The most puzzling dream was in April. I was standing in heaven facing three figures and we were all clothed in white. The messengers put a white scroll into my right hand. I would wake up, fall back to sleep, dream the same again. This happened three times.

Another dream I was holding like a tablet with doors that were locked. The square was divided into 9 squares, reminded me of a tic tac toe board. I was giving the key to the three center squares. I put the keys in and then the dream was over.

Within just a day or two, I had a dream very similar to the last one. I was given the access to three gifts on a tablet. Before I could open them, the dream was over.

I have had several dreams where I am talking to and watching over a group of people. It was like I was their guide and I helped with directions to where they were going.

I was in heaven, dressed in white garment, talking with other people who were there. For some of the people I greeted we shook hands but for others we did not shake hands. I asked my guide who was standing with me, what was that about. He said that the ones who are shaking hands, smoked when they were on the earth. The other ones did not smoke and thus they did not physically touch the others that did.


This morning, I was in a field with several people. I was their leader in a sense. We were facing a battle that was about to begin. Out of about ten people, six got scared and ran away. I tried to encourage them to stay and calm down, but fear had a strong hold on them. I felt saddened and disappointed because they fled.

I am not sure who I was talking with in heaven, but I was asking Him to please burn my inequities out of me. I believe it was Jesus I was talking to, it was one of great power. I never saw the face or heard their voice or received an answer. The dream ended. When Jesus was asked to burn it out, he had a sad and disappointed look. He cannot help until we try.

I had a dream where I was in charge of a city and people kept coming to me to ask questions and find solutions. What was curious, I had felt this was a common occurrence for me, people always asking.

The other dream was back on the white adobe structure. It was as if I was a guardian of that building. It was not a big building, but one that quite a few people would pass.

The other thing that has gotten me this month is that the Lord keeps telling me, (by means of constantly hearing it), that we are supposed to listen and help any who comes around. As the Lord says, you never know when one of those we help, is actually an angel. I keep feeling, someone who we do not know, is going to come and visit with us. I have heard help those about four to five different times within the last 2 – 3 weeks.


Last night, I was asking the Lord what is coming next. In the distance, I saw a nuclear explosion. There was another area I was shown but that area was in mass confusion. I do not know where that area is.

Before I woke up this morning, I dreamed that I was part of a large crowd of people. Everything was white and from the sky, all the people looked like a square building block. What was amazing, there were about a million people but we all moved as one. Every step and thought was as one. It was absolutely beautiful the way everybody was of one mind and one action. This group was only one of many that will be used. I was in the front row, on the left side. I was not the actual leader, there were no leaders. Just one thought, one mind, and one focus.

June 5, 2013

This morning, my wife asked me if I was having a nightmare early this morning. She said I was hollering, with an almost scared pitch. I then told her this dream.

I was in a crowd of people, talking to Jesus. Jesus was standing there just like everyone else. I was trying to get the people to see Jesus. I told them, “Look, Jesus is trying to show himself to you.” No one even paid attention. In the next moment, Jesus had taken hold of three young people and lifted them off of the ground. The four of them floated down to the right, across the field, and then back up the other side. I kept trying to get the people’s attention, and I was telling them Jesus is trying to show you, but they would not even look over.

Now when Jesus first went up in the air, I was scared. The thought I had was the rapture and I was left with the rest and that did scare me. The fear I was feeling was soon replaced with something else. Although I was left with the crowd, I was the only one that saw Jesus in the air. It was almost like the Lord was showing me that even if Jesus did come back right now and performed miracles, the people still did not want to see Him. The dream ended with me seeing our Lord’s face.

He was floating with the three children, but He had a deep sense of sadness in His face.

When I woke up, even writing this, I still have a sense of fear of being left when the rapture comes. But it is strange; I also have the feeling that I will find great peace.

June 18, 2013

This morning I was dreaming that I was holding a square white solid block but it reminded me of Corian. I was showing other people how to prepare the block for the upcoming events. We were putting holes in the block, not sure why.

Then the dream shifted and my wife was bringing me a red shirt. It was to get ready for war. It was a red, button up, dress style. I keep thinking of the old joke, a captain was watching the enemy get closer. He quickly summoned his page to go get him a red shirt in case he was injured, the enemy would not know it. Get ready.

War is so close and I keep getting the feeling that North Florida and southern Georgia will soon be hit by a tsunami.

June 19, 2013

I was asking the Lord if He would allow me to see the next disaster. What I was shown was a large, massive explosion (nuclear). The shock waves coming from the blast, one could literally see. They were tremendous. All the damage was caused by one explosion.

June 20, 2013

This morning, I woke up saying it is fixing to snow. It is going to snow in July. I mean these were the first words out of my mouth. The snow is actually ash, ash so big, it looks like it is snowing. It will be here very soon.

June 24, 2013

I saw three groups of people standing. Each group looked like they had seven to eight people in each group, could have been more. I was in the second group and all three groups were planning their strategy for their upcoming mission. All three groups were busy setting the groundwork and planning their missions. One thing that stood out was that the three groups from the air reminded of three points on a triangle. I knew we were all under God’s protection and our time is very close.

June 25, 2013

I dreamed the very same dream as I did on June 24.

June 27, 2013

This morning, again I was dreaming of the three groups. But this time the groups had changed location. They were still in heaven, but now they were close to the edge of heaven. They were at the departure point, waiting on orders from our Lord. I again was in the second group. The main group will take the lead and the other two will follow. What amazed me was that I felt these three groups will cover an enormous amount of area although they were so few in each group.


I had several dreams with the same general thought.

I was in the white house and I was supposed to be getting ready for the upcoming events. I was a little confused, but I did start to organize.

Again same dream, except this time I saw a man come in, go into a room, open a chest and pull some items. He gathered the stuff together and then left. Then I went into another room and found another chest. I then started to open it and the dream ended.

There were several dreams along those same lines.

Update, in northern South America, a volcano did erupt and spewed ash and debris on several towns. on July 14, 2013.

August of 2013


Last night I had a very similar dream to the ones in July. I was in the white house preparing for the events to come. I looked over and saw a black man getting ready as well. Then I saw him outside and he was getting ready to leave. He had a tremendous smile on his face, from ear to ear, and he was telling me that all will go well. Just wait, you will see.

What was so special was his smile. It was a perfect smile that warmth and peace and tranquility came from.

August 13, 2013

For the last two or three nights, the dreams have come but not real clear.

The first I see just the face of a black man and he is speaking in tongues to me. I tried to listen and understand but I still could not figure out exactly what he was saying. I mean he was up in my face trying to tell me. He was smiling but it was like he almost had a hidden agenda. He kept repeating the message but I still have no idea what it was.

The second one was about the white adobe structure and I was busy inside getting things ready.

The last two nights I have also dreamed of a frying pan on the stove. I could hear it sizzle but I saw nothing in the pan cooking. The frying pan has reoccurred several times lately.

August 14, 2013

This morning, I was dreaming that I was sitting at a workstation and there were several others doing the same thing. The workstations were heavenly white. Then the voice sounded and said, “It is time.” At that very moment, all of us got up and headed to the departure point. No one said a word; everyone knew that the Lord was saying the time has come. One thought, one focus, one mind, and one action.

The morning news kept reporting the outbreak of violence in Egypt with over 200 people reported to have been killed. The chaos is growing stronger all over the world. The death toll ended up being over 700 people killed in the crackdown in Egypt.

What amazes me is the fact that no one really says much about what is actually going on the world. They notice the weather, but they do not look at the deeper meanings that seems to be hidden from them. The Lord has said that after the floods, the war will come.

I think the dream was a confirmation that the flooding is almost over. Chaos will soon reign all over the world.

August 19, 2013

I was talking with two or three other people and I was showing them how to do something.

Then I was dreaming I was in a house going room to room looking for survivors.

August 21, 2013

This morning I was dreaming, I kept seeing a small red car being pushed across the road. The car was literally sliding to the side. It was being pushed across the road. I could not see water or wind moving the car but it slid like water was pushing it to the side.

How close is the tsunami?

August 23, 2013

This morning as I was waking up, I kept getting the words weekend angels. I do not know if it is about a website or a future event.

Update: The weekend came and the three ladies that were so helpful with our son when he originally started school stopped by for a visit. They helped him with his wheelchair and getting around and had watched over him throughout the rest of his school-years (9 years), like caring mothers would for their own children.

August 30, 2013

I kept dreaming of a white sprocket. The kind of gear that one would see on machinery. It had probably 70 points on it. I kept seeing the gear but nothing else.

Note: Looking at it right now, it could very well be a star that will soon be visible. Maybe it is the Star of David.

One of the students that had started the fall semester came in and showed me his tattoo after he read the dreams. The tattoo was the same image above. He is strong in the Lord. He said that when he read that, it blew him away.

September 2, 2013

This morning I dreamed that I was sitting at a table, putting together a cylinder about three feet high. I was down to the final assembly and only had three or four pieces to go. The cylinder was the heavenly white that I have seen many times. It was not a brilliant, reflective white color. It was a duller white.

The impression I had when I was watching myself do this was that cylinder was my spiritual growth in relation to where I am now. I still have 3 or 4 pieces to work out but it is manageable.

I woke up, but then I fell back asleep. This time I was again building an engine or power core, yet I was still missing three pieces to finish. They were within grasp but I just continued to build and refine the source. Note: It is the spiritual growth that the Lord has instilled in every one of us. For us to grow, we must put all things of this natural world away and concentrate on the Lord, love, and truth.

Note: The thing that impresses me the most is the fact that there are many areas of spiritual growth. Everyone is on their own journey. When one stage is completed, another stage opens up. This is true for everyone. In heaven, everyone, although at different stages, still all have one purpose, one thought, and one action. We are all a small part of the whole, with the Lord intertwined among everybody. It is the Lord’s love that binds all together and it is His Love that is the focus.

September 4, 2013

This morning the dreams were coming in rapid fire succession, one right after another. A couple of things stood out. The first I saw a golden faucet and the right faucet was opened.

Another one was about impurities drying up and falling off. The other ones were so fast that I could not remember or make sense of all the symbols. I even woke up with a headache which for me is very unusual.

September 12, 2013

There were no dreams to really talk about. This week, the Lord has impresses upon me to read Isiah 10. In Isiah 10, the Lord says He will bring Assyria against Jerusalem to punish His people for their indiscretions. Modern day Assyria is actually composed of Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. The Lord gave the message to Ray that blood will flow in Israel by Thanksgiving.

When I drive, I always ask the Lord what Bible cd to listen to. He has given me Ezekiel and Isiah. Both of the main passages talks about the Lords anger and what is to come.

I try to share this with others, and almost everybody does not want to listen to it. It is sad, I want to share but no one wants to hear.

September 16, 2013

The other dream was I was getting things ready for the world events to unfold. Everything I had to organize was held together by a string and even though I thought I was not ready, the Lord was showing me that I am. I still have my doubts but I know the Lord is there and everything is possible.

Week of 16-20

Two main dreams stood out. One as I was walking outside there was a rattlesnake right by the sidewalk. I could only see part of it but I knew what kind of snake it was.

The next night I dreamed there was a large rattlesnake coming after me to strike. It was a very large diamondback with a bright red stripe running the full length of its back. It kept chasing me around the room but it never did strike. The head was the size of a softball and his mouth; one could have stuck the whole arm into it.

What is curious is that as I reflected on the dream and trying to understand, instead of using the word snake, serpent was strong in my thought. Then I keep thinking, the Lord has told us that He will protect what is His. The evil of this country and the world is growing stronger day by day. I mean one can literally feel it in the atmosphere and sky. A sense of foreboding. Evil is coming. But our trust and hope is in the Lord, for He is our great protector. Through His blood we are saved and through His love we are protected. So much pure love the Lord has to give to every one of us. I just want to shout it from the mountains and rooftops; wake up world, the Lord is trying to get your attention.

September 23, 2013

This morning, I dreamed I was in a room watching a group of people at a meeting. They were discussing the moral issues of seeing nudity on regular television. They showed a picture of a nude a woman and then other pictures in the background. They were arguing about easing the restrictions and allow the TV shows to show what they wanted.

What was strange is that they could care less about the moral aspect. All I could sense that very soon, nudity on public TV will be a common place here in the U.S. Just another form from the devil to pull people away from God.

Sept. 24, 2013

This morning I had a dream. I woke up, fell back asleep, and dreamed the same dream all over again.

I saw a man being held by two other figures. They had a man’s shape but they weren’t really men. More like spirits in the flesh. As they were holding this man so tight that he could not move his head, another figure was present. This one had similar facial features but he was a chocolate brown skin. On top of his head there were two mounds, like horns that had grown inside the skin instead of on the outside. His color was almost a putrid brown. What took me back was the sense of great anger that he possessed.

As the one man figure was being held, the brown lifted up his hand to expose fingernails in the shape of real nails that you would use to build something. His nails were five to six inches long. Very sharp points. He dug his nails into the man’s face and sliced his face from just above the eyes all the way to the jawbone. One nail went across his nose, another one went from the corner of the eye all the way down to the bone, and the other two were in the hair. I did not see any blood gush out but I did sense a lot of pain and anger. It was strange, when I first saw the figures; I kept getting the sense that the man was being punished for not harming me. It was like he was sent on a mission and he failed. This was his punishment.

I will not turn from our Lord for any reason. I love the Holy Father, His Beloved Son, Jesus our Lord, and all of our family in heaven. I have felt many spirits over time and even today, I still do not understand why there is so much anger and hate. Maybe they do not understand love. When I confront them and ask them why they cannot love, they usually leave me pretty quick. Just that question alone seems to really piss them off. They have forsaken the truly beautiful love that our Father has offered everyone. I just do not understand why they refuse pure love.

End of September

The one dream that stands out the most is where I kept getting the sense of the number 18. I mean 18 was very strong, it switched to 16 for a brief moment, then went back to 18. I am not sure what it means.

October 8, 2013

Several times already I kept dreaming the same or similar dreams but I can never remember all of it when I woke up.

This morning I had another dream. I was looking at the sidewalk that was next to the house. The sidewalk had several holes in it and It started to separate from the main house. Then at the end by the corner of the house, there was about a foot deep concrete that supported the sidewalk. The foot thick piece then broke off of the house and the corner of the house foundation was exposed. The corner of the foundation was a pristine white with absolutely no damage to it. The other piece broke clean off and left no damage what so ever. The sidewalk was starting to separate but some of it was still attached to the house.

What I keep getting is that the sidewalk represented me smoking. Although I do smoke, the desire is going away (the holes). It still amazed me that the foundation was solid; there was just two external pieces that had attached itself to the house. They were not original but were added later.

October 10, 2013

Yesterday an occurrence happened. I was at the college and I stepped outside to smoke. Three minutes after I was standing outside, a pickup truck pulled into the parking lot. I did not recognize the driver, but he pulled up, turned around then stopped. He got out of his truck and I went to greet him. It turned out he had been in one of my classes about two years ago.

We started talking and the subject matter turned to the Lord. He explained he had been out of work for a while and he was job hunting. He also told me about the troubles he has with his kids straying from the Lord’s teaching. His daughter is in her early twenties and his son is one year younger. He was worried about his kids and his job prospects. Danny is his name. He listens to the Bible daily and watches some of the TV evangelists. You could sense the anxiety but also at the end of our talk, I sensed his peace. He did not really ask for advice, but more like he just needed to talk with someone who could relate.

We stood out there for over an hour just talking and listening. I shared a few things and he shared a few things. We were out there so long, that I actually got mild sunburn on my face. We shared several stories and verses from the Bible. He will be fine. Even in the conversation, he told how he had promised the Lord for help and how he would stop drinking. He was in a car wreck when he was 19; everybody was drinking including the driver. The driver took the blame because he was underage and he would receive less punishment, probation instead of jail time. That was the last time Danny drank. I kept getting the impression of how I am still smoking but really need to quit.

Today I was asking the Lord for a bible verse and He gave Psalms 110. It talks about the Lord coming back and the order of Melchizedek, the priest that met Abraham after Abraham had rescued his nephew Lot and the other people that had been taken captive. Melchizedek had preceded the Levites, he was taught by the Holy Spirit not by man. As I was continuing to do Bible study, doves were singing and walking around. I am not sure what any of it means, and I do not want to speculate. I will follow the Lord where ever he sends me or with whomever He wants me to meet.

Even in the conversation with Danny yesterday, I kept getting the sense to serve the Lord, we often just have to listen. To help others, listening is one of our greatest assets. To serve the Lord, we will do many things that we do not understand in our flesh, but it is our job to do them. I do not know what my title is in heaven that is the Lord’s decision, not mine. All I know is that while I am on this earth, I am to follow the Lord and He will teach me and guide me.

October 10, 2013

This morning I kept having the dream that my house had dings and imperfections. The house is solid but it is not perfect. That’s all.

October 22, 2013

I have had several dreams but they came fast and I remember very little of them.

Today, I fasted, No food or drink until the sun sets. The one thing that keeps going through my mind is that tomorrow, Prince of England has the coronation for their son. They are having it at the same place where Princess Diana spent her last night on earth.

In the prophecy’s given to Ray, the Lord says that on the day of the coronation, blood will flow. The lord says someone is going to be killed (? Prince William?). They are holding the coronation at 3 o’clock, and all of the royal family will be there.

Yesterday, I kept feeling a very heavy presence in the spiritual world. That the next event will soon take place.

October 29, 2013

This morning I was dreaming but then something unusual happened. As I was dreaming, a man appeared and said, “Start the washing machine.” The dream I was in, was still playing in the background when the man appeared. It was almost like a dream within a dream.

When I told the wife and Tammy this dream, my wife blew it off, but Tammy and I said it at the same time. “Let the cleansing begin.” We had no idea that the other was going to say the exact same thing, but we did.

November 24, 2013

November has been quiet for some reason. The last couple of nights I kept dreaming quick dreams. Could never really focus on them, but then this morning I woke up with the words, “Let the first wave begin.”

There is tightness in the spiritual world. Almost tense but more of anticipation and let the things of the Lord begin. Let the Lord and His presence be known. The troubles are so very close now.

After writing this I remembered I dreamed a dream early this month. I was standing at the doorway of house. There was a whole row of houses; I was just part of a complete block. These were the houses in heaven. They were white, the same houses I have dreamed in several other dreams. All the others were standing at their doors also. We are all excited because we knew the times have already begun. We were happy that the cleansing is about to take place.

December 2013

December was fairly quiet except for one reoccurring dream. I kept seeing me in a room with tables set up. Everyone was sitting down at the tables and doing their work. As I looked, I noticed there was a cup in the center of where I was supposed to sit down at. In the cup there were several writing instruments.

I never did sit down, but I did dream the same dream about five or six times.

January 5, 2014

This morning I had a very vivid dream. I was in a white boat floating down a stream. On the shore there about 15 or 20 people waiting to be picked up. I told the people to be very careful where they step, because just below the surface of the water were about twenty alligators following the boat. They were behind the boat, not directly below it. The gators were hungry and ready to pounce on any opportunity that may arise.

I was not the only one in the boat. There were three or four other people and we were there simply to help. I do remember two of the figures. I only saw them from the back, never did see their face. Their hair was just at the shoulders, dark in color, un-brushed, and you could tell that they had been working. To think about it now, the men resembled fishermen from the old, Israel days, clothes and all.

January 10, 2014

Earlier this week, I had been asking the Lord what was going to happen to this area where I live. One morning about 300 am. I woke up hearing this, “The town of Bassett will be underground.” I will not speculate on the meaning.

Many times the Lord gives us specific dreams that stand out. I do not try to interpret them because more often than not, I am wrong if I attempt to. The Lord’s way is more in depth and carries multiple meanings that as a man, I cannot comprehend in this life.

Last night I kept asking the Lord what was coming next. I cannot really remember the dream that came after that, except that I came away from it with economic crash. The other dream was I looking across fields and saw two or three tornados develop in the distance. I was safe but I could see the vortex start to form and then it stayed on the ground for a while.

February 1st

This morning I had dreamed about lions. In the neighbors’ yard, there were 8 or 9 full, grown female lions. There were looking for a fight. They saw the dogs and when the dogs started barking, a couple of lions started to chase them. I walked outside and yelled at the lions but it did not scare them away. They went after the dog that was within just a few feet of me. I ran back inside the garage and closed the door. I never heard any other sounds, no fighting, no nothing.

It was like the lions were evil spirits just waiting for the chance to hurt me. They stayed out of the yard, but they were always at the property line.

I have dreamed a very similar dream before, but it was several months back.

The Lord had given the prophecy to Ray, on how the evil spirits are all around just waiting for victims, just the day before.

February 20, 2014

Last night I had a dream about snakes. I was standing looking at several snake holes in the ground. Then I saw a snake and wanted to kill it. By the time I had found some tools a large snake disappeared into a hole. He was going in and out of the holes and all I could see was his back. There were about six holes.

When I went to work today, I had to go up to the main office. When I walked in, the way the people were standing, they were in the exact spots of the holes in the dream. My perspective was the same as in the dream. It was strange, because I always get an eerie feeling when I go in the office. Where I had seen the large snake, there sat the dean of economic development.

On looking back, maybe the Lord was trying to show me how evil had gotten into the office. It is not that they are mean people, but maybe because they have their feet planted in this world. What I get from the office is simply very vindictive. If you cross them or bring up their underhanded dealings, they will try to eliminate you from your position.

I pray for the Lord to continue His protection. He led me to this spot and it is only through our Lord that I shall remain. I do not do well with dishonesty and inflated egos, but I pray for patience and protection. Please Lord forgive me and please help me through this.

March 5, 2014

Last night I had a dream about a man on a motorcycle. On the front of the bike was a 6-7 ft. chainsaw attachment. The rider could lift the bar up and down. He was dressed in all black and the bike was jet black. He lowered the chainsaw blade and tried to run it into my back. He had a very sadistic smile as he was doing this. I had sidestepped the blade and just looked at the man. The blade missed me by about a foot, but he was just smiling and smirking.

Lately I have the feeling that I am trying to be attacked by demonic beings. I know the Lord is my protection and it is in Him that only I will trust. I am not sure exactly why the attack except for the end is very near and Satan is trying his best to derail people from following our Lord. I stand with the Lord and whatever happens to me is to glorify the Lord or it is for my benefit. Either way, the Lord is our strength and protection. It is through the Holy Father and the love of Jesus that we can overcome anything that happens.

Yes, I am worried a little about the future but I also have a great peace about me. It is strange to feel both the feelings at the same time.

March 18, 2014

This morning I had another dream. I was standing on a narrow beach with trees lining the edge of the beach. I kept looking at the ocean. I kept getting the sense that I was looking to the east and the sun was about the eleventh hour, just before noon.

As I was walking in the water, others were playing not far from me. I found myself in the water with another man in the water beside me. The first wave came in and lifted us up about two feet, then the next wave came and lifted us about three feet.

Then the third wave came and I was caught up in the wave. The wave was sixty feet tall and moving very fast. I was in the crest of the wave, at the very top of the wave. When it lifted me up, I squealed like a little kid. I was feeling fear but at the same time, I was not afraid. It is hard to explain that feeling. The guide that was with me was still sitting in the water and was not affected by the giant wave at all. I mean the wave passed directly by him, but his water level never changed. He started laughing when I squealed like a kid. I looked down at him from the top of the wave with a puzzled look. I woke up at that moment.

Post note: For the last several weeks I have been getting the number 11 again with a sense of impending danger. After I woke up this morning, I turned on the news and they soon started talking about that Connecticut had voted to approve assisted suicide. I am not sure if the two are related, but in time we will see.

April 1, 2014


I had to go to Vegas for a convention. When I first got there, I got the gambling bug. So over the next two days, I played slots and of course lost. At the end, I played my last money and was headed back to the room. Just then a transvestite passed me on the casino floor. He was mad all dressed in high heels and short skirt. He disgusted me and I thought I was literally going to be sick. I promised the Lord at that moment, that I will never play slots again.

The things in Vegas were everything that the Lord hates. I mean even the water tastes funny. The following day, I went to Walmart looking for a red ribbon to wear in remembrance of the plight of the Lord’s people. I could not find one so I prayed a silent pray and asked the Lord to show me where one is. Just then I walked around and within two minutes, I found a red lanyard. I wore it for the next few days.

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