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The Stranger

You crossed me like a shadow

Saw you like someone I didn’t know

But destiny brought you back to me

And now you’re the stranger I want to know

You flushed your eyes at me

In the weirdest place over

Had my soul with mixed emotions

Like opposite poles of a magnet

We attracted and bonded

Something I never thought would happen

Meeting you was like

Embracing a piece of me that I had lost

And I love this feeling

Never thought meeting u

Could be this fun

But now I’m having the time of my life

THE STRANGER 2 Never trusted someone like this before

But with you, it is different

It’s like I’ve known you all my life

Blocked most people out

But let you so easily that even I didn’t notice

You make me want to explore you

Like a hidden treasure in the ruins

Know what makes you happy

Like I’m part of your life

I want to read you like a magazine

And fix myself in your life

I know it sounds crazy

But you make me want to act crazy

You’re the stranger I want to know

Because you make my heart glow

Have me so compelled with all the things that u do


Sometimes you make me like you

It’s awesome and terrifying

Because I might lose myself to you

And I might not be ready for that

Have your image looked in my thoughts

Like you own my mind

You’re changing my life day by day

When we are together

I lose track of time

Hours are like seconds

And miss u terribly when we’re apart

It’s like my heart is bond to you

Because you got me so high

The stranger in my heart

You steal all thoughts

With the little things that you do


I don’t want to hurt you more than I have

But you need to know the truth

I didn’t fall for you in the first place

I was only attracted to your tattoos

You’re the pleasure I needed at that time

To fill the vault of lust in my life

We did things most couples do but

There was no love in that

We had sex but sometimes sex is just sex

I know these words hurt like hell

But you need to know the truth

Even if it is too much to handle

Don’t blame me because we didn’t work out

You knew we’re doomed from day one

But you acted like it was a match in heaven

Yet it was not


Our relationship was built on money, liquor and sex

To me that’s not love

If it was to you

Then you need to recheck your definition of love

Don’t want to be a jerk

But just had to let this out

We had more sex than normal conservations

You didn’t know my best song nor my favorite movie

But knew every inch of my body

We tried too much to make things work

But we came crushing down

Because we never fixed the real problem (us)

Until we could not handle the mess we made

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