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The Gutfeld Monologues

Greg Gutfeld

Conversation Starters

By Paul Adams

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Introducing The Gutfeld Monologues

Discussion Questions

Introducing the Author

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Introducing The Gutfeld Monologues

The Gutfeld Monologues: Classic Rants From the Five is a book by Greg Gutfeld, the renowned Fox News host. The book is a collection of Gutfeld’s monologues from his shows The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show. The monologues are chosen among the best he has done and the ones he considers his favorites. Gutfeld has covered many issues in his shows, including the elections, academics, and celebrities. Politics and pop culture are his favorite subjects. The book features his unconventional and humorous take on these issues. His wit and insight show through as he does some marginal editing, updates, erasures, and last-minute comments on the things he was wrong about.

The book is divided into seven chapters with each chapter devoted to specific topics namely Identity Politics, Law and Order, Hollywood, Islamic Terror, The Environment, The Campus, and The Sexes. The Epilogue is entitled “This is the End, My Friends.” The Preface, with the title “The Mystery Behind My Failure” shares Gutfeld’s experience that night that Donald Trump won the elections. He mentions his expectations of going home early that night after the news announces Hillary Clinton’s apparent win and says he would be drunk by 11 pm. This, however, was not what happened. He did a second episode of his show The Five at eleven pm. He mentions the doorman, a black man, at the bar he frequents who expressed dismay when Gutfeld told him that Hillary was winning. He did not expect his reaction. Nor did he expect that Trump was going to win. In his Introduction, Gutfeld talks about how wrong he was in thinking that Hillary would win. He issues a joke about Hillary spending time with the most elite like Gwyneth Paltrow instead of going to the places that matter. Readers say that many of the materials in the book are new and unheard of in his shows.

Rob Long says the book is actually a collection of dialogues described as "crockpot conversation among the many Gregs." He says there are different kinds of Gregs speaking in the book including the hipster libertarian Greg, the punk rock Greg, and the Fox News Greg. The result is a hilarious collection of dialogues. Bestselling author Walter Kim says Mark Twain would be a fan of Gutfeld if he were alive today. King Buzzo of The Melvins says Gutfeld is a dangerous combination of smart and funny. The Washington Times review by Anthony J. Sadar says Gutfeld tackles his subjects with clarity and conciseness. He accordingly gives conservatives a fighting chance in the battle of ideas. The reviewer says it takes some getting used to Gutfeld’s numerous interruptions which include his academic notes, updates, and snide opinions. The review cites Gutfeld’s critiques of the left’s attacks on issues like gun control, terrorism, freedom of speech, among others. The review further says Gutfeld has a “shining perspective that illuminates the darkness of liberal closed-mindedness.” It cites his funny views on climate change, environment, and terrorism. The book is easy to read and has thoughtful comments that challenge the arguments from the left. An Amazon review says Gutfeld is a wordsmith and highlights his use of metaphors, similes, and rhymes. He cites the example, "College is the IKEA of intolerance." The reviewer suggests that readers ignore his "potty mouth." Gutfeld is also repetitive and he knows it. He issues repeated attacks against Kerry though these are funny. He accordingly compares Kerry and Trump as "a race between an Olympic sprinter and an Adirondack chair." His poking fun of the Hare Krishnas contrasting them with the "pro-ISIS leaflet handouts in Britain" is cited as a "gentle and witty." Another Amazon review compares Gutfeld to Mark Twain, P.J. O'Rourke, H.L. Menken, and Groucho Marx. It is accordingly an entertaining and enlightening read.

A Goodreads review says the book works if it is done live and if done as a stand-up comedy. The print is not as effective. The “conversational boxes” and the annotations are also not effective, according to the review. Most of the ironies are lost to the reader. He is “twitchy” which comes out of his writing, speeches, and commentaries. Another review from Goodreads says Gutfeld takes an intellectual look at America’s political issues and wraps it in humor, “but deadly accurate analysis.” The reviewer finds his humor “a bit odd, but it grows on you.” He cautions the readers not to be fooled by Gutfeld’s humor because he is a serious and smart person. Still another Goodreads review says Gutfeld repeats himself often, though his humor is bizarre. He is brutally honest and this makes the book a refreshing read.

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