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Donovan: Unleashed

Donovan: Unleashed

Ginger Elinburg

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Thank you to everyone who took an interest in this series. I hope you’ve grown to love the Pantar clan as much as I have.

Thanks, Maureen B. and Leslie I., for your help with a character’s name when I was so unsure about it.

As ever, for my girls - Amber, Tiffani, and Paige.

Chapter One

The black leather bodysuit hugged her slender frame and helped her blend into the night. Keeping her footsteps light, she inched forward and looked up into the tree branches above her head. His scent was strong here and she studied the movement of the leaves, looking for any sign that he was hiding above her. The wind shifted, and she heard a woman whimper a short distance away.

Jumping up, she grasped a branch and pulled herself up into the tree and climbed to the top. Her eyes scanned the forest below and she gritted her teeth when she found the woman. What Synfani took for whimpers of pain were smothered cries of passion. The woman lay on the ground beneath the man Synfani had been tracking for the last two years.

Rolling her eyes, she crawled back down the tree and lowered herself to the ground. Propping her hands on her hips, she debated with herself over how to proceed. She wanted to sneak up on him while he was distracted and take him by surprise, but she didn’t want to fight the woman he was currently screwing.

Crossing her arms, she took a few steps in the opposite direction before forcing herself to stop. Walking back to the tree, she sat down and leaned her back against the rough bark and closed her eyes.

She allowed her body to relax and she sent her thoughts out to the other woman. ‘He’ll never leave you alone now.’

She waited for an answer and smiled to herself when she heard the woman’s moans stop.

The man’s voice floated towards her. “What’s wrong? Do you want to change positions?”

“No, I… I thought I heard someone.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? Bexley?”

“I’m fine. Don’t stop.”

Synfani heard a masculine grunt and knew they had begun again. ‘Who will have you once it becomes known that you’ve been fucking someone that’s not your mate?’

Shut up, just… shut up’.

Synfani opened her eyes and stared ahead into the night as she broke the connection to the female panther. She winced when she heard the satisfied growls coming from the male panther when he came.

Getting to her feet, she looked in the direction of the pair once more before trotting off deeper into the woods, in search of a place to bed down for the night.

“Mate with me, Bexley.”

Picking up her pants, she brushed the leaves from her naked skin before pulling them on and turning to face him. “No, please stop asking.”

“So, I’m good enough to fuck but not good enough to be your mate?”

Pulling her shirt on, she glared at him while she buttoned it. “Look, Donovan, I know you’re still convinced that I’m your mate but I’m not. I’ll have sex with you as much as you want but I will not become your life mate.”

Donovan stared at the woman who held his heart and shook his head. “I don’t understand you. What if you get pregnant? Will you become my mate then?”

Sitting down, Bexley pulled on her boots before answering him. “I can’t get pregnant. Not by you or anyone else. I told you when we first met that I was ruined.”

“I thought you meant because you…”

“I did. My body was destroyed during the attack and I had to have my womb removed. So, if you were thinking of trapping me into mating with you, you’re shit outta luck.”

Donovan watched her brush the leaves from her hair and waited for her to look at him. “I can’t keep doing this. The more I’m with you the harder it gets to stay away. Battle has already told me to stay away from you, but I can’t resist you when you come to my house every other night.”

“So, you want to stop?” Bexley shrugged and pulled a pack of cigarettes from her jacket pocket. “We can stop, I don’t think I’ll have any problems finding someone else… do you?”

Donovan wrinkled his nose when she lit the cigarette and took a deep drag from it. “Why do you do that to yourself?”

Bexley looked at him and blew out a few smoke rings before laughing at his obvious disgust. “Stop being so…” she waved her hand in his direction as she searched for the right word to describe his behavior. “prudish. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is best if we stop doing this and go our separate ways.”

Donovan watched her walk away and, instead of following her like he wanted to, he turned and walked in the opposite direction. He lifted his arm and smelled his shirt before pulling it over his head and tucking it into his waistband. He hated the smell of cigarette smoke and he felt the need to brush his teeth after having kissed Bexley.

Lost in his thoughts, it took him a few hours to reach his tiny cabin. Entering through the sliding glass door, he walked straight to the bathroom and turned on the hot water in the shower before walking into the laundry room and stripping off his jeans, wrinkling his nose again when he smelled Bexley’s cigarette smoke laced scent.

He was halfway to the bathroom again when he felt his beast stir. Looking toward the windows, he studied the woods beyond, searching for the female shifter that had been stalking him. He knew she was out there, watching him as he stood, naked, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. She was there every night, but he could never find her exact location.

Lifting his hand, he smiled and waved before continuing to the bathroom and stepping into the shower. His house was dark and quiet, the way he liked it, and he hummed while washing the dirt from his skin.

He was rinsing the conditioner from his hair when he sensed the female enter his home.

Leaving the water running, he wrapped a towel low on his hips and silently walked from the room.

Synfani stood near the open door and took in the location of all the furniture in the room. She studied every shadow, every dark corner, waiting for Donovan to show himself. “I know you’re watching me.”

“Why have you entered my home? You’ve always been satisfied just watching me from a distance.”

Slowly turning her head in the direction of his voice, she let her dagger fall into her hand. “I’m tired. I just want to get this mission over with, so I can go home.” She tensed when she felt his hot breath on the back of her neck seconds before his hand closed over the one she held the dagger in.

“You should’ve stayed outside.” He twisted the dagger from her grip before pushing her across the room. “Who sent you?”

Shaking her head, she bared her teeth at him and hiss as she crouched, preparing to fight her way out of the cabin.

Donovan lifted an eyebrow and crossed his arms over his massive chest. “What are you doing?”

“Defending myself, what the fuck does it look like?”

Donovan’s laugh was low and throaty. “I’m not fighting you.”

“What’s the matter, big boy? Scared.”

“Ummm… no. First of all, you’re a girl and second, well, just look at you. I’d probably kill you with a simple slap.” Donovan moved to the side and watched as she stumbled past.

“Give me my dagger.”

Donovan held it up and rocked it back and forth. “You want it back… come and get it.”

Crouching low again, Synfani prepared to launch herself at him.

“You’re seriously going to try to fight me for this little piece of metal?” When she gave a quick nod, Donovan clothed himself and put the dagger in the back pocket of his jeans. Widening his stance, he smiled at her and waved his hands in a motioning gesture. “Well, come on then.”

Synfani roared with indignation and sprang for his throat.

Donovan caught her around her waist and, with a single thought, transported them outside. His laughter was her only warning before he threw her away from him.

Her breath rushed from her lungs as she landed in the icy water. Frantic, she clawed her way to the surface and swam in a circle until she spotted him, doubled over with laughter, on the shore a few yards away. “Why would you do that, asshole?”

“I figured you needed to cool down a little bit.” Reaching back, he pulled her dagger from his back pocket and stabbed it into the sandy soil at his feet. “Next time you want to visit, try calling first.”

Her mouth dropped open and she slapped the surface of the water when he disappeared, leaving her alone in the woods. “Bastard.” Swimming to the shore, she picked up her dagger, slipping it back into its holster as she lifted her nose to sniff the air. His scent was strong but fading fast. Trotting to the edge of the tree line, she looked up at the stars, trying to determine exactly where he had taken her. Her body stiffened, and she swung her head to the right, lifting her lip in a snarl when she saw him leaning against a tree, legs crossed at the ankles, massive arms across his chest and a smug smirk on his lips.

When she bared her teeth at him, he lifted one arm and pointed to the other side of the pond. “You’ll be wanting to go that way, petit chat.” Winking at her, he laughed at her when she clinched her hands into fists and began walking in his direction. Wagging his finger at her, he shook his head and disappeared again.

Synfani ran to where he had been standing and pressed her hand to the earth and lifted her palm to her nose. Calling on all her energy, she used his scent to transport her to his location, a little surprised when she recognized his cabin. Of course, he’d come back home.

Throwing her shoulders back, she strolled up the side walk and tapped her nails against the glass on his front door, smiling and lifting her middle finger when he turned to stare at her in shock. “I’ll be seeing you again soon, trou du cul.”

Donovan shook his head, sure that he was imagining things, and sighed in relief when he looked back and found the window empty. “Who the hell are you?”

“So, how’d it go?”

Synfani glared across the table at her roommate. “As if you didn’t already know. Don’t think I didn’t scent you out there earlier. Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Why should I stop him? This little game is between the two of you.”

“This isn’t a game, Mora. I was hired to bring him in or bring him down. At this point, I’m looking forward to the day I can bring him down.”

Mora chuckled and picked up her snifter of whiskey, tipping it in mock salute. “I have a feeling you’re going to get more than you bargained for with this one.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough. As a matter of fact…”

Synfani’s head swung toward the door and she drew her lip up in a snarl. “What are you doing here?”

Krysi arched an eyebrow. “Where’s pretty boy?”

“Don’t even… Why are you here?”

Krysi rolled her eyes and sighed. “Crabby much? Look, Trent wants you to bring Donovan to him.”

“Yeah, I kinda know that already.”

“Unharmed. He told me to stress that fact to you. Do not hurt this target.”

“Why the sudden change? I could’ve killed him an hour ago. When did Trent change his mind?”

Krysi shrugged and looked down at her nails. “Yesterday morning.” Krysi shrieked and covered her ears when Synfani started singing under her breath. “Stop! I’m sorry, please, just stop!”

Synfani’s eye twitched and she slowly walked over to stand in front of Krysi. “If you ever withhold information like that again, you will be my next target, got it?”

Krysi nodded and looked at the small drops of blood on her palms. “You’re not allowed to use your voice on us. You’re not…”

Synfani lowered her head a notch and looked at Krysi through narrowed eyes. “I’ll do whatever I damn well please. I don’t give two shits that you’re sleeping with Trent. Do that again and you will pay the price.”

The door flew open behind Krysi and she shivered. “I… I’m sorry.”

“Just go.”

Chapter Two

“Battle wants to know when you plan on marrying Donovan.”

Bexley looked over her shoulder at her sister. Her face twisted into a sneer. “Why the hell would he think I was interested in getting married?”

Annadella lifted a questioning brow. “Do you deny that you’ve been sneaking off to meet him?”

Bexley shrugged and turned back to the pot on the stove. “I’m not denying that, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to marry the guy.”

“You’ve been fucking him, of course you’ll marry him.”

Bexley slammed the wooden spoon down and turned to face her sister. “And do you plan to marry Battle? You two have been banging for how long?”

Annadella smiled and her eyes grew distant. “Many, many years. That man knows exactly what he’s doing in that area. And, yeah, I think I’m going to marry that man one day.”

Bexley lifted her lip in a show of disgust and picked the wooden spoon back up. “Well… I’m just saying, I have no intentions of getting married, to Donovan or any other man I’ve been screwing.”

Annadella looked at her sister, stunned that she’d been sleeping with more than one man. “You can’t seriously be admitting to something as vile as that.”

Bexley laughed and spoke without turning to look at Annadella. “What? Like you’ve never done it?” When Annadella remained silent, Bexley looked over her shoulder. “You’re telling me that Battle is the only man you’ve slept with since…”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. We find mates, Bex: we don’t become whores who drop to all fours whenever a stiff dick is available!”

“What did you just say to me? How dare you stand there and judge me like you’ve never done something wrong! Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“Let me ask you something, Bex. What if, one day, Donovan finds a mate? What are you going to do then? Because you can’t tell me you don’t feel something for that man.”

Bexley rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Oh please, Donovan find a mate? I doubt that.” Holding up her hand, she wiggled her pinky finger. “See that? I’ve got him wrapped so tight around my little finger, he’ll turn his back on any woman that tried to claim him.”

“How can you be so… I don’t know… heartless? Crass? You act like nothing affects you at all. He’s a person, who clearly has feelings for you and you’re treating him like your own personal sex slave.”

Bexley crossed her arms and looked at Annadella through narrowed eyes. “Why do you say he has feelings for me?”

“He followed you here, didn’t he? He turned his back on his family for you.”

Bexley held up a finger to stop Annadella. “No, that is not my fault.” Her eyes scanned the room as if searching for someone. “You’re not laying the blame for him abandoning his family at my feet. I didn’t ask him to follow me and I’ll be damned if I’ll have the Queen coming after me for something that wasn’t my doing.”

Annadella turned to face the door and smiled when Battle walked into the room. “Hungry?”

Battle looked from one sister to the other and then back to Annadella. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

Annadella shook her head and turned to the refrigerator, pulling open the door and reaching inside for the tea pitcher. “Not that I’m aware of, why?”

Battle waited for her to set the tea down before speaking. “Oh, just wondering. I could have sworn I heard something about marriage.”

Annadella’s head snapped up and she looked at him with wide eyes. “What?”

Leaning his shoulder on the doorframe, he crossed his arms over his chest and gave her a saucy smile. “Though, to be honest, I’d much rather claim you as my mate.”

Annadella laid a shaking hand over her chest, her heart fluttering franticly beneath her palm. “You… you want to claim me?”

Pushing away from the wall, Battle slowly approached her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I don’t just want to claim you, I’m going to claim you. I’m just waiting for you to acknowledge that I’m your true life mate.”

Annadella looked over at Bexley and frowned when she pretended to gag herself. “You don’t have to be here, you know?”

Bexley pointed to the pot on the stove with the spoon she was holding. “I kinda do. I can’t just walk away from this.”

Battle squeezed Annadella’s hip to get her attention. “How about we go somewhere?”

Annadella laughed and slapped his chest when he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “You’re so bad.”

“Perhaps, but you enjoy it.” Lacing his fingers through hers, he tugged her from the kitchen and led her toward the front door.

Donovan paced in a circle and looked at his watch again. He’d been waiting for over three hours and he was beginning to wonder why he was even bothering.

“Sorry I’m late. Had something come up that needed immediate action.”

Donovan ran a hand through his hair and sighed in frustration. “Did you even think about calling me? I have shit to do too, you know. You asked to meet me and then you leave me hanging like this.”

“Look, I told you I was sorry. You know I’m a busy man.”

Donovan sniffed and wrinkled his nose, his eyes taking in Battles wrinkled shirt. “So, why did you need to see me?”

“I’m here to ask you to leave Bexley alone.”

Donovan shook his head and turned to walk away. “I’m not listening to this shit again.”

“You’re not the only one she’s fucking.”

Donovan’s eyes glowed with anger when he spun to face Battle. “Don’t you dare talk about her that way. You don’t know shit about shit, so you best watch what you say about Bexley.”

“Maybe you should ask her yourself.”

Bexley looked around and blinked in confusion. The skirt she wore barely covered her ass and the thigh-high leather boots she wore were Donovan’s favorites. “What the hell?” Her eyes found Donovan and she swallowed nervously.

Donovan ran his eyes over her and felt his stomach knot in disgust when he smelled the scent of another man emitting from her sweaty skin. “So, he’s telling the truth then? You’re fucking someone else?”

Her chin lifted in defiance and she crossed her arms as she glared at him. “So, what if I am? I’m not mated to anyone.”

Donovan moved so fast she didn’t have time to react. Grabbing her elbow, he towered over her and growled low in his throat. “You knew I planned to claim you as my mate.”

Bexley struggled in his grip and backed away when she broke his hold on her. “And I’ve told you, repeatedly, I’m not your fucking mate. I knew I should’ve ended this shit months ago.”

“Then why didn’t you? Why did you seek me out, night after night, knowing I never had a chance to convince you to become my life mate?”

Bexley let her eyes drop to the crotch of his jeans before looking up at him and biting the corner of her lower lip. “Who could stay away from that?”

“So, it really was all about the sex for you? You don’t harbor even the slightest bit of feelings for me?” When she shrugged, he had to take deep, calming breaths to keep the beast inside of him from breaking free and punishing her for hurting him this way. Stepping back, he ran a trembling hand through his hair and forced a smile. “Consider this over then. I hope you have a great life.”

Bexley blinked slowly as she watched him turn his back on her and began walking away. “Wait a minute. Just because I won’t mate with you doesn’t mean I won’t go out with you every once in a while.”

Donovan stopped and turned to face her. “That’s exactly what it means. I don’t want to see you again, Bexley. Don’t bother coming to my cabin anymore, you’re no longer welcome.”

Bexley opened her mouth to respond and Donovan shook his head before disappearing. Spinning on her heel, she pointed a claw tipped finger in Battle’s direction. “You did this! You just couldn’t leave it alone, could you?”

Battle’s expression was one of boredom. “First of all, I suggest you lower that finger if you plan on keeping it. As for telling Donovan about your… extracurricular activities, he had a right to know that the woman he’s been fucking is getting the reputation of being a whore. Do you realize others of our kind have shunned you? Do you even care that they talk about you and call you a disgrace to our kind?”

“That’s not true.” Bexley swiped at a stray tear and sniffed back the hurt that filled her chest.

Battle crossed his arms and glared down at her. “Trust me, it’s absolutely true. I want you out of my home by day break.”

Bexley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You can’t mean that! No, I won’t go, and I know Annadella wouldn’t allow you to throw me out on the streets.” Her smile of triumph faded when Annadella stepped from the shadows and linked arms with Battle. “I’ve brought you your things, Bexley. I’m sorry, but if my mate says you’re not welcome, I stand by his decision.”

“But, you’re my sister, above all things, we are family!” Bexley rushed toward Battle, her claws extended. She screamed in pain and staggered back, clutching her cheek.

Annadella advanced on Bexley, her face twisted with anger. “If you ever attack my mate again, I will kill you, sister or not. Now you take your ass far away from us and never return, am I clear?”

Bexley’s eyes were swirling red when she met Annadella’s. “Oh, you’re clear, sister dear. You couldn’t be any clearer if you tried.” Bexley drew her arm back and swung her fist toward her sister’s face, crying out when she encountered empty air. Spinning to the left, she sneered at Battle. “That cowardly bitch! It’s just like her to start shit she can’t finish.”

“Oh, she would’ve finished it alright. She would’ve finished you. I’m the one who sent her away, for which you should be grateful.” Dipping his head in a farewell nod, he looked at her briefly before sighing and disappearing.

Bexley’s angry screams echoed through the forest and her body shook with her rage as she tried, unsuccessfully, to send herself back to Battle’s estate. Her claws bit into the flesh of her palms when she curled her hands into fists and sent her thoughts out to Annadella. “I trusted you and you do this to me? I hate you. I hope I never see your cowardly face again.”

The rumble of a motorcycle’s engine echoed through the forest and she turned her head slowly to see if she could detect its precise location. Just as she determined where it was coming from, the sound cut off, as if it had been just a figment of her imagination.

Lifting her head, her nostrils flared as she sniffed the air, searching for the rider’s scent. Her lower stomach grew hot and she pressed her knees together in an attempt to control her sudden desire.

Confusion drew her brows down and she sniffed the air once more before shifting to her panther form and rushing toward the man putting off his mating scent.

Chapter Three

Donovan rolled his eyes and looked up from the papers spread out in front of him. “You may as well come in!”

“You didn’t even ask who it was. How do you know I’m not here to kill you?”

Looking over his shoulder, he arched an eyebrow and looked the woman up and down. “You wouldn’t have hesitated out there for so long if you were planning to kill me.” Turning back to the papers, he turned them over before gesturing toward the chair next to his. “Have a seat. Would you care for something to drink?”

Annadella shook her head and lowered herself onto the butter soft leather. “Thank you, no. I’m not here for a social call, but I’m sure you already know that.”

“I actually didn’t.”

“But you can read the thoughts of others.”

Donovan nodded and leaned back in his chair, crossing his feet at the ankles. “Yeah, but maman taught me not to invade other’s private thoughts unless absolutely necessary. So… what can I do for you?”

Annadella folded her hands in her lap and studied his face, admitting to herself just how handsome he was. “I can see why Bex kept coming back to you to satisfy her needs.”

Color flooded Donovan’s cheeks and he rubbed the back of his neck to keep from meeting her eyes. “How’s she doing? I know I shouldn’t even care, but I do.”

“Actually, she’s the reason I’m here.” When he finally looked at her, she narrowed her eyes and held his gaze. “I was wondering if you could tell me where she’s been staying?”

Confusion clouded his face and he slightly turned his head, looking at her from the corner of his eye. “Why would I know where she’s been staying? I told her I never wanted to see her again and I meant it. Have you asked one of her many bed partners?”

Annadella didn’t miss the hurt laced in his words. “Battle has been in touch with each of them and they’ve not heard from her either. And…”

Donovan surged to his feet and walked toward the front door. “One of them has to be lying. I’ll have Battle take me to each of them and I’ll…”

“Her stuff is still in the woods.”

Donovan stopped, halfway out the front door, and slowly turned to face her. “What did you say?”

Getting to her feet, Annadella cautiously approached the man who loved her sister still. “That day in the woods, when you told her it was over, I brought her things to her and told her to stay away from my home. I decided to return there before coming here and, her things are still there.”

Donovan couldn’t mask the worry that entered his eyes. “That was over two months ago.”

“I know.”

“It took you two months to realize she was missing?”

Annadella held up a hand and glared at him. “Hold up. You didn’t know she was missing either, so don’t go getting your back hairs up at me.”

“Maybe she went back to her… your, parents?”

“No. They’re the reason I know she’s missing. Tréan contacted Battle and asked if we’d have her call Makena to let her know she’s okay. Apparently, she had a bad feeling, but she’s not been able to connect with Bexley since your mom made her leave.”

“Do you see a pattern here?” At Annadella’s questioning look, he turned back into the room and eased the door closed before leaning against it. “Just when she thinks she has a stable home, she gets told to leave it. Maybe she’s decided to make herself a home somewhere else?”

“Okay, but why leave her belongings just sitting in the woods? She needs her clothes.”

“Not if she’s decided to live on as a panther.”

“I can’t see her making that decision. She’s too spoiled to the luxuries being a human offers her.”

“Do you think she’s been taken by…”

“She hasn’t been taken, she left willingly.”

Donovan spun to face the woman standing on the porch, just outside the sliding door. “How do you know that?”

Morgan stepped into the room and slid the door closed, flicking the lock and shaking her head in disapproval. “You always leave this door open?”

“Maman, how do you know she left willingly?”

Running her finger over the table near the door, she looked at the clean line left in the dust and held her finger up for Donovan to see. “You need to dust this place. I taught you better than this.”


Crossing her arms under her breast, Morgan nodded in acknowledgement at Annadella before answering Donovan. “I was finally able to merge with her for a minute and I went to have a chat with her. She said she would like to be alone for a while. She feels like she needs to get her life together and has decided to start fresh.”

“But, she has no money, no clothes.”

“She does now. I told her the only way I’d keep her location a secret is if she accepted enough money to get back on her feet.”

“So, Donovan was right? She’s been living as a panther?”

Morgan nodded and walked over to the refrigerator. Opening it, she clucked her tongue in disapproval. “How are you surviving on your own?”

“Maman, why do you always go through my fridge?”

Morgan looked back at him and smirked. “Because I know you don’t keep it stocked properly.” Waving her hand toward the interior, she nodded and closed the door.

Annadella’s eyes widened and she took a step back when Morgan walked over to hug Donovan. “You just…”

Morgan dipped her head in a slight nod in Annadella’s direction before turning her attention back to Donovan. “Why didn’t you come over last weekend? You knew we were having a get together with your sister.”

Donovan sighed and lay his cheek against the top of her head. “I was busy with work.”

Annadella snorted out a small laugh. “You have a job? Since when?”

Morgan pulled free of Donovan’s embrace and slowly turned to face the other woman. “That’s a little rude, don’t you think?”

Annadella covered her smile with her fingers and shook her head. “He stayed in my home for months and not once did he mention having a job. I don’t remember him leaving the estate grounds for any length of time, for that matter.” Cocking her head to the side, she looked up at Donovan and dropped her hand. “What kind of job is it, exactly?”

Instead of answering her, he took Morgan’s hand and led her over to the sofa. “Are you sure Bexley is okay?”

Sitting down, Morgan leaned back and crossed her legs, running her hand absently over the arm of the sofa. “She seemed to be okay. A little saddened to have lost her home…”, Morgan cut her eyes to Annadella who shrugged and looked at the floor. “But, other than that, she seemed to be doing okay.”

“You can’t condemn me for doing exactly what you did when she didn’t obey your rules.” Annadella slowly lifted her eyes to meet Morgan’s. “She disrespected my home and my mate. I had every right to make her leave.”

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