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The Stolen Ring

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This book contains extremely violent content

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This story and all its characters are make believe and not based on real people or real events.

All places mentioned in this story are make believe and doesn’t really exist

Do not try this at home.

All characters depicted in this erotic story are 18 years and older.

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Copyright © 2018 Bakerman

Title: The Stolen Ring

Author: Bakerman 

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

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Cape Town is one of the murder capitals of the world, with 22 murders on average per day. The Cape Flats, in the bigger Cape Town area, is one of the most violent regions in the world, with some even comparing it to a warzone. It is dominated by organized crime-gangs, uncontrollable crime and corrupt politicians.

The Lords of Sin series tells the story of the townships of the Cape Flats. Start reading it today and enter a strange and violent world you never knew existed on the planet.

In The Stolen Ring, we meet Renée Felts a young resident in one of the most notorious townships on the Cape Flats. She has a lot of ambition, but she doesn’t have the resources to make her ambition come true. So, as mostly everyone in their big household is unemployed, she has to go out and work as a domestic servant in the house of some rich Indian people.

But strangely, here in the house of the Dhingra family, Renée suddenly experience the love and appreciation that is so lacking at home. Her talents are noted and the Dhingras decide that it can’t be left just like that and not worked upon. Within a few weeks, all Renée’s dreams will become reality.

But then something happens…

The Stolen Ring

Renée Felts had been working for the rich Indian people in New Vivadi for the past two weeks now.

She is a seventeen year old girl and she is not happy. Her unhappiness does not stem from anything her employer is doing. In fact her employer is treating her very well. Her unhappiness comes from other factors. Factors she believes to be outside her control.

In fact, there isn’t a time in her short life that she can remember ever having been happy.

Her duties in the Indians’ house include vacuuming and polishing all the floors throughout the house and especially the bedrooms. All the rooms have tiles and they have to be cleaned and polished every day. Then she has to wash all the dishes so that there are never any dirty utensils in the kitchen. The kitchen itself also has to be kept neat and clean at all times. Then finally, she has to help in the kitchen when Archana, the housewife, starts with the evening meal. At first she had to do simple tasks, like washing and peeling vegetables, spicing the meat, etc. But as Archana noted her talents she got more and more complicated duties as the time went by.

Now, as Renée works in the big double storey house during the day, her mind always compares it with the house she grew up in with her own family. She lived her whole life in Roseveld, not too far from New Vivadi. Roseveld is a sub-economic area and consists of row upon row of box-like houses that all look the same. Not only do all the houses look the same, all of them also have lots of dirty sand all around them. Then there are the streets that are made of slabs of gray-white concrete. These concrete streets causes the wheels of vehicles to make a strange and sometimes irritating sound when they drive over it. After all these years Renée never got used to that sound.

Their house is small and compact with very thin walls. Two bedrooms, one small lounge, one very small and unnaturally long kitchen and then the toilet and washroom. The main feature of their house was that it was mostly semi-dark. Dark and dank. It was always very difficult to open the windows, and once it was open, it was difficult to close it properly again. Due to this the people of the house seldom bothered with the windows. This made air circulation in the house almost non-existent, hence the dank smell that seemed to permeate everything in the house.

At the beginning it was only the four of them living in the house. Her mother and father and she and her brother. But then her brother’s girlfriend moved in and they had two children. Later his father’s aunt also moved in with them. They were poor, but her father never refused anyone anything that he could give them. And now, their house was totally overcrowded and especially with young and lively children in the house, it became a nightmare.

Strangely, the main problem was not the overcrowding in their small council-house. The problem was that if one person in the house got sick, everyone else in the house soon had that sickness too. There was simply no way of avoiding that.

Her mother tried her best to keep the house neat and clean, but it didn’t help much. There were too many uncontrollable factors in the house now.

Her brother became the problem. He was mostly drunk and his girlfriend also drank a lot. And this led to fights that her mother just couldn’t stand. Her mother was always crying and unhappy now and this also made her unhappy. Her father did nothing about this, because her brother gave him enough beer to make him not to do anything. Her father was always a man who tried to avoid trouble at all cost, in any case.

So now there were always fighting and shouting inside their house. This led to furniture being broken and even windows getting smashed. There was no money to replace those broken window panes. This meant they had to cover it with cardboard that her father taped over the window. Other people usually put lots of pantyhose inside the holes to keep in the warmth, but her mother didn’t want to allow this. But, alas, they had now become like everyone else around them.

She and her mother were the only ones trying to keep the inside of the house in order, but to very little avail. Her brother’s girlfriend, on the other hand, helped with nothing. She spends most of the day out at the local shebeen and only came home in the evening to eat. By that time she was already drunk and then the shouting and fighting would start almost immediately.

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