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Babysitter in Heat

Jillian Cumming

Copyright 2018 Jillian Cumming

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note: All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older and of no relation.

Shawna earned most of her money babysitting. It worked out pretty nicely with her college schedule, let her get her homework done.

She’d started back in high school, sitting for family friends.

And now she was home for a couple of weeks in the summer before starting her co-op program.

One of those family friends, Michael, a single dad who’d been her father’s friend forever, needed a sitter on short notice.

And of course Shawna agreed. Actually, when she answered the phone and heard his voice, threads of heat stirred in the pit of her stomach and her heart sped up.

She’d developed a crush on Michael years ago. Back then it wouldn’t have been right. But now she was 18, old enough to make her own choices.

Like the choice to go back to the one who’d gotten away.

He’d gotten away because one night she’d told him how she felt. He told her that it wasn’t appropriate. That it wasn’t right. She was so young, all that.

So when she hung up the phone she felt hopeful. Why would he call her? There were plenty of other sitters around.

There’d been a couple of guys at college that she’d hooked up with just because they sort of resembled Michael.

All it took for her to cum all over their hard cocks was for her to picture his face. She liked to imagine him whispering into her ear, his breath all hot with need, about how much he wanted to fuck her, and for how long.

Even just standing there in her parents’ kitchen, she got wet thinking about it.

She’d never needed to be fucked like she did right at that moment. Her tight little pussy quivered with it, and the bottom of her stomach felt all taut and tingly.

Her high, pert breasts ached, and her nipples pushed hard against the padding of her sports bra.

Michael… she thought. She hadn’t even seen him since she’d gone away to college.

Shawna rushed upstairs to grab her cell, then ran just as quickly down the stairs to pull on a pair of flats.

Her parents had left her the Corolla, their standby vehicle, to get around town in while she was home.

It started right up and she peeled out of the driveway.

Her heart kept throbbing the whole way over, and she kept shifting her butt around the seat, her body all squirmy and full of restless energy.

She didn’t even remember that he didn’t want her over that night, but the next.

She pulled into his driveway and killed the engine. Then she made herself take a single moment to pull the sun visor down and check herself in the mirror.

Triangles of blush adorned her cheeks, and her lips looked all plump and red. There was a spray of freckles across her face that she’d always thought made her look a little too girlish.

None of the guys at school had minded looking at those freckles when she had their cocks in her mouth, though.

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