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Olufisayo Alabi

Beyond the vows, a play.

Olufisayo Alabi

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To Karen Kingsbury, my model in Christian fiction and whose work influenced this play.


MRS ROWLAND: An old woman

RHODA: Her first child

RICHARD: Her second child

REBECCA: Richard’s wife

CHARLES: Rhoda’s husband

SANDRA: Rebecca’s friend

Any of the characters can double-cast as voices of Rhoda’s staff in the restaurant.


Love, beyond the vows

You got to love,

Beyond the marriage vows.

Love is patient, love is kind

Forgiving, understanding, always encouraging

Lo… ve

You got to love

Beyond the vows


Mrs. Rowland is seen on hospital bed, being very sick. Her children are with her.

MRS ROWLAND: (Coughs with pain, sighs heavily) Hmmn.

RHODA: Sorry Mum, (asks her brother) Richard, How is

she doing now?

RICHARD: (sighs) Well, She is getting better, but it looks

like Mum does not want to fight it out with the


MRS ROWLAND: (speaks slowly) You are right Son. I am ready

to go. What more do I want? I have wonderful

children with good jobs and loving homes. I

miss my husband every day. I want to go and

continue our love with him in heaven.

RHODA: (scared) Mu-mmy! Don’t talk like that, we still

need you here, please? How do you want us to

cope without you?

RICHARD: Sis, I think Mum needs to rest, let me just take

her vital signs, she refuses to take her drugs ,

maybe you can persuade her on that.

MRS. ROWLAND: I’m happy the way I am (coughs slowly) I saw

your father in my dream yesterday, we talked,

like of old.

RHODA: Now I’m really afraid (sighs) Mum, you know

we can’t afford to lose you, please, stay with

us, (softly) pleeeaase.

MRS. ROWLAND: (clears throat) It will be okay, sweetie, you

have Charles and, Richard, you have beautiful

Rebecca. They are wonderful spouses to you.

RHODA: But they are not you, Mum, Charles can never

take your place. You’re my confidant, you’re ..

RICHARD: It’s okay Rhoda, you are stressing mummy. Let

her rest.

RHODA: (shouts) What if ...? (sighs) Okay.(moves to a

side and pick the drugs) Here, take your drugs,


MRS. ROWLAND: Thank you. Richard, please open the drawer on

that bedside.

RICHARD: Okay Mum. (opens the drawer) Yeah?

MRS. ROWLAND: Bring the two envelopes that are inside (coughs

loudly) Rhoda, give me….

RHODA: Water? (carries cup) here Mum, drink.

MRS ROWLAND: (Drinks) Thank you. The brown envelope is

for you Charles. The White one is for Rhoda.

(sighs) Those are my last words to you. They

are my farewell gifts. (clears throat) Those are

the principles for a successful marriage, whose

love will last beyond the vows and even the

grave . They are our secrets, those words helped

your father and I (pauses) I miss him so

much. (coughs) Read them (breaks into

hiccups), re…

RHODA: We will read them Mummy, it’s okay. Right,


RICHARD: Of course, we will read them. Now, just rest

Mummy, we’ll talk better tomorrow.

RHODA: Here Mum, let me adjust your cover cloth.

MRS. ROWLAND: Use … them ... well (gasps)

RHODA: Richard , do something!(Walks up and down,

scared )

RICHARD: Let me give her something to calm her, where

Is my bag?

RHODA: (moves to him) Here, please hurry.

MRS. ROWLAND: I … love … you (sighs heavily, sound effect

denoting her death)

RICHARD: Relax Mum, let me check your pulse. It’s

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