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Weird Trade: The Cuckold With a Micropenis

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Evan drove home from Ocean City, where he had gotten fucked by a wereclam. It had been an exciting weekend. But he was looking forward to some time alone at home to relax. After all that hubbub on the beach -- Evan had had to go underwater and fight against the Slithering King's army before hooking up with the wereclam warrior-prince Jesstril -- he was now overjoyed to have some time to chill.

He had only just driven into Markland Estates, the neighborhood in Cecil County, Maryland where he owned a summer home, when he heard a commotion and saw a window shatter from the inside. Something small -- maybe a television remote control -- flew through the glass. A deep voice chortled. Evan could hear because his windows were down and the radio was off.

His heart pounded, and he wondered if he was going to need to call the police. Or maybe he should have brought Jesstril, who was a warrior who could step in if this was a crime in progress. The sound of more glass shattering, and a woman's scream, was audible too, though this time Evan didn't see any window break.

Then, the front door opened, and a naked man appeared there. He was sexy, white but very tan on his arms and neck -- his chest was as pale as snow. He had a great body and a Marine crew cut. He was a Marine, Evan was pretty sure, though he had never met him in person. At least there was a Marine Corps sticker on the back of his truck, Evan had noticed that when driving past the house.

"You fucking bitch! You think I'm gonna do that shit?"

A woman's voice came back in answer, sounding haughty and dismissive. The white man -- Jeffers -- pounded his fists on the front door. Another man appeared there and shoved him back. This second one was sexy too, but he looked like a jerk. He was black, his body a little less toned but maybe sexier in a hefty way; he certainly had a more cocky, swaggerous step to him than Jeffers did. He stood there in the doorway, dick dangling, a foot-long slab of brown meat between his legs.

Jeffers and the black man exchanged a few words, then Jeffers turned around. He shouted, "you go fuck yourself, you bitch! You're never getting a cent of alimony from me!"

Jeffers backed up as he shouted, and then nearly bumped into Evan's car, which idled there on the street. Evan blushed and smiled.

"Hey. Sorry, I didn't mean to peep or anything," Evan said. "I just wanted to see if I should, you know... call the police or anything."

"No. It's fine," Jeffers said. He blushed, only now realizing he was still naked in public, covering his crotch with one hand. "That fucking bitch!" He roared and pounded on Evan's car roof. "Sorry, sorry, I..."

"It's okay. You want a ride somewhere?"

"Yeah. Cool. Thanks," Jeffers said. He got in and sighed. "Sorry, I'm naked, I... I..."

"What happened?"

"My wife is fucking around on me. That stupid cunt, you know she steals from her boss? She works for this pool management company," he said with a sneer as though that was preposterous. "She's totally embezzling. I'm turning her in. I swear to Christ."

"Oh, cool. Okay," Evan said. "You want some clothes? I mean... You won't fit in mine, I think. But I could go to Wal-Mart and run in and buy some or whatever."

He sighed. "Nah. Just take me to my sister's," he said. He sounded uncomfortable, like there was a secret reason he couldn't reveal why he didn't want to go to Wal-Mart. "I can't really -- my sister has got clothes. I can't afford to buy more. She'll go get my clothes too, or her husband will, he could come get my clothes from here."

"Oh. Okay. Yeah, no problem," Evan said. He cleared his throat. "You know you're really sexy. You're like... so hot. You've got that Marine-daddy look."

Jeffers glanced at him in a way that suggested he only just now realized Evan was gay. He nodded and blushed. "Cool. Uh... thanks."

"I just mean, y'know, you'll get another girl. You're hotter than she is. I've seen your wife, I think, she's got black hair, right? Skinny as shit, she looks like a game of pick-up sticks that came to life?"

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