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Sexual Masseuse

Copyright 2018 by Mary Suzanne

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

“There he is again.” Lettie peeked through the blinds at the well-built man carrying a black case and striding down the street. His muscled legs filled tight slacks, topped off by a polo shirt hugging his wide chest. Black hair touched his neck, giving him a roguish appearance. He exuded sex and Lettie picked up on his aura immediately.

“What do you think he’s selling?” She didn’t bother waiting for an answer. “I’d sure love to find out.”

“I haven’t the slightest idea; maybe it’s sexual in nature. He could possibly be a sexual machine made to satisfy his customers.” Marin’s laugh rang out, “Put your tongue back in your mouth, Lettie, he’s passing us up-as usual. This had been the third time this month without a glance in our direction. I’m wondering if Suzie the cat said something to him about us; the sneaky bitch. She’s given us a bad rap in the past and now isn’t any different.”

“Possible.” Lettie had to laugh when Marin called their neighbor a cat and bitch. But she had the description down pat. Every time Suzie saw a man, you could almost hear her purring, and her long, red fingernails looked like claws ready to strike as they gripped her unsuspecting prey.

“Maybe, we’ll get lucky today,” Lettie’s soft giggle filled the living room. She kept watching the stranger until he disappeared into Suzie’s house.

“By lucky, you mean he’ll stop by and show us his wares,” Marin remarked with a grin, joining Lettie near the window to see his disappearing figure enter the other house. “Now, that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing; wares I mean.”

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