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Tourists` Guide

Copyright 2017 Muyassar Sattarova

Published by Muyassar Sattarova

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Do you want or enjoy traveling? Maybe, you have already packed your suitcase, but still wondering where to go what to do how to spend your holiday as memorably as possible. This small book will save your time supplying all of the best sites and places of interest in the countries all over the world.

It will guide wherever and whenever you are. You will know and have a chance to compare which city to choose and from where to start the trip. In Europe, in Asia, in America, in Africa you will feel comfortable and confident about the new-for-places and unknown-to-you people. First of all, this book is for myself. I have decided to make up a complete list of the places to visit before travelling.


In my opinion, the USA is the richest country in sites for tourists in the world. There are fifty states and each of the states can show its attractive places to have a good rest and enjoy. Today I am going to write about the most famous of them. Everyone knows New York City well. It is the city, which never sleeps. Because, its streets are crowded even at nights! Here is situated Wall Street, famous for its skyscrapers. How can we miss the Statue of Liberty visiting New York? Besides, the United Nations building, the Empire State Building, New York Public Library will make your journey even more enjoyable!

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