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The Whole30

Melissa Hartwig

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Introducing The Whole30

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Introducing The Whole30

In the fall of 2014, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig co-authored and released their book titled The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom. This was the follow up guide to their 2012 book titled It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways. Their initial book was a reference to the why behind the Whole30 program. The second book was the complete guide to beginning, following, and staying on the Whole30 program. According to the Hartwigs, who are both Certified Sports Nutritionists, this plan helps individuals find a relationship with the foods in their lives. “Bad” foods are cut out of their diets, “good” foods are kept on their diets, and a whole new lifestyle with their food is born. The book is split into five separate parts, and each is a detailed portion of the Whole30 concept.

Part One of the book introduces the Whole30 program to readers – what it is, why it came about, and which foods are considered good foods. The book then goes on to detail the rules of the Whole30 program step-by-step, and how to get started on the program. The day-by-day timeline of the Whole30 is planned out, and reintroduction to foods beyond the first thirty days is explained.

Part Two of the book contains every single detail about the program anyone would want to know. Every question which has ever been asked of the authors is answered in their frequently asked questions portion of the book. Which food, drink, and supplements participants may partake of are then listed. Helpful tips for shopping and eating out are offered, as well as how to maintain the Whole30 program while travelling. The foods and drinks which can be used as treats for reaching goals are listed in the next segment of Part Two. Medical conditions, pregnancy, breastfeeding, children, and vegans and vegetarians are all of the remaining topics in Part Two of The Whole30.

Part Three of the book focuses on the kitchen. The authors provide participants of the program and readers of the book with a list of essentials for the kitchen. The list provides people with every tool they could need to be healthy and successful while in their kitchen. Part Three then goes on to provide a secondary list of items that while not necessary, may be nice to also have in the kitchen. The remainder of this portion of the book explains the fundamentals of healthy cooking.

Part Four of the book is all about the food. This portion begins with proper meal planning and how to shop for needed items, the lists to make, and how to prepare the items. A plethora of recipes are included, which have all been tried and taste-tested positively. Chef Richard Bradford is the genius behind the healthy recipes. Chef Richard Bradford studied in New York. After he graduated from culinary school, Richard moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, where he started his own catering business. He kept the business going for approximately seven years, then decided to move on to other ventures. Chef Bradford now runs Pre-Made Paleo, which offers already prepared gourmet meals to participants of the Whole30 program. The remainder of this portion of the book details how to properly prepare the following: drinks, special meals, one-dish meals, side dishes, sauces and dips, eggs, poultry, seafood, pork, and red meat.

Part Five is the last portion of the book. As such, it closes out the Whole30 program and the book. This portion of the book contains: the appendix, information resources, acknowledgements from the authors, the index, a special recipe index, a section on cooking conversions, and lastly, a section dedicated to information about the authors of the book, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig and Chef Richard Bradford.

Overall, reviews of the book have been quite positive, especially from the Paleo Diet community. One fellow author, Michelle Tam, considers the book a “gamechanger”. Most have praised the book as being the ultimate tool to use when one’s intentions are creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Readers have termed the book as being “life-altering”. The information contained within the book can also be found online on the websites dedicated to the Whole30 and Whole9 programs. Whether one is looking for a healthier lifestyle or for a way to see food for what it really is and how it affects the body, this guide is the best tool to use. Participants of the Whole30 program can attest to the veracity of the program. It works.

Discussion Questions

Get Ready to Enter a New World”

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question 1

The Whole30 is yet another “healthy” guide which states whole grains are “bad” foods to be deleted from people’s diets. Why are whole grains unhealthy, and how do they negatively affect people’s bodies?

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