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Quite the Catch: A Cougar Story


by Ava Sterling

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Shannon’s first day back to the gym was a little uncomfortable. All those pretty girls in skimpy outfits made her feel invisible. It had been a week since her divorce, and feeling like an old lady in baggy sweats didn’t do much for her self-esteem.

A handsome guy on the treadmill caught her eye. He was younger than her usual, but athletic. And tall. Most importantly, he was the opposite of her ex-husband.

She thought about approaching him, but something held her back. After all, what would a handsome, college-aged guy want with a woman in her early forties?

When she stepped into the shower, thoughts of him just wouldn’t go away. The hot water cascading down her nude body didn’t help, although she suspected nothing but an ice cold shower would be distracting enough. There was probably nothing to help it until she was home later that night, alone in her bedroom.

On her way out of the shower and into the locker room, she caught a glimpse of her body. It dragged a reluctant smile from her. She’d frequently been told she was “attractive for her age,” but the words always sounded like a backhanded compliment, like they were really saying “not all that bad.”

But this time, she saw something different. It occurred to her that she’d survived her divorce with her firm, toned body intact and that any man–even a younger one–would be happy to have her. And with all those popular TV shows about cougars these days, maybe it wasn’t so taboo after all. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Before reaching her locker, a snotty redhead–no older than twenty at most–turned up her nose as Shannon walked by. Shannon couldn’t tell whether it was out of envy or disgust. Maybe there was only one way to find out exactly how good she looked.

* * *

After leaving the gym, she got to the subway just in time, immediately spotting a familiar face. She stopped in her tracks and composed herself. The handsome stranger from the gym stepped through the sliding doors at the same time, finding a seat near the back. What are the odds? she thought to herself.

Once the shuffling for seats had ended, the only available seat was next to him. Feeling that fate was smiling on her, she took a seat.

They shared polite smiles, although if she was honest, hers lingered a little bit longer. He pulled out two earbuds from a side zipper of his backpack and stuck them in. She’d never made the first move before, but that year had been full of firsts already. So she swallowed hard and took the dive. “So…um, I think we go to the same gym.”

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