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Author’s note: All characters eighteen or over.

“You know for all the time you’ve been fucking me Jim, you have not once went near my back door. Perhaps it’s because you’re not man enough for the job. What do you think about that?”

“My dear, my love, Mary. How could you say that to me? I am a good Christian God fearing man and I firmly believe that anal sex is forbidden in the eyes of the Lord. That’s the devil putting bad thoughts into your head there Mary. God didn’t make a man’s…thing…so it could be up…where a woman goes to the toilet. Oh it’s so disgusting Mary-and it doesn’t lead to a woman getting pregnant-it’s just for sexual pleasure!”

Now most eighteen year old sons hearing those words might have cringed. I mean, who the fuck would want to hear their parents have a conversation like that? I’ll tell you who, sick motherfuckers like me who wanted to fuck their own mothers.

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