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My Young GF Owns a Sex Shop

And That's Just the Beginning


Reese Cantwell

Copyright 2018 Reese Cantwell

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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

My Young GF Owns a Sex Shop

And That's Just the Beginning

Chapter One

I suppose with the title above, you probably think this is some kind of fantasy I've made up. Well, believe me, I have an active imagination but it's just not this good. No, what I'm going to write is just what happened, it's incredible but it's all true.

A few words about me seems a good place to start.

My name is Luke, I'll leave off our last names and the city where we live, and I was thirty-three, yes, edging closer to that birthday we all rather dread.

I was in pretty good shape, I've always been blessed with that naturally, and had been divorced about fourteen months when this began.

I stand six-two, weigh one-eighty or so, pretty nice-looking, brown, wavy hair, hazel eyes and I've been told (by women, mostly) that I have a sexy grin. And my sexy part, well, I've never had any complaints, it's just over eight inches and nicely thick. If you were expecting it to equal the size of a stallion, well, sorry, but I've done well with what I have. And, I seem able to last a good while before I cum, often giving my partner two orgasms before my first.

My partner for a long time was my wife, we'll skip her name, who I discovered was cheating on me with another guy and a couple. I caught her with the guy and the couple-thing, she confessed to afterward. She said she wanted to fuck them all in the open and so we split company.

My sex had been occasional at that point and now it became the way it does with a lot of single people, I suppose, masturbation. It's a substitute for sex, really, not bad, just not really good. You know what I mean, right. It's so nice to have those feelings be given to you by a warm, naked lover than your own hand or fingers. But it's something and it's readily at hand. (Couldn't resist.)

I tried the usual dating things and quickly gave up after finding a lot of damaged people out there and settled into a life of work and masturbation. Things could be worse.

Fortunately, I'm a decent cook and take an interest in making new things.

So, I shop for groceries with, perhaps, a bit more interest than the average single male.

I was just turning into the second aisle when our carriages collided. Even before I said a word, I saw how beautiful she was, younger, yes, I'd guess in her twenties, shiny, dark hair pulled back and crystalline, deep-blue eyes. And a figure that her pink tube top and tight black capri pants did little to hide. My eyes did look her up and down.

"Oh, sorry, my fault," I said, sputtering.

I guess I hadn't hidden my interest well when she asked, "Like what you see?" with a bit of a grin.

"Actually, yes I do, very much so!" I told her as I kept looking at her.

She laughed and said, "Well, there's something to be said for an honest man. I'm Connie," she said extending her hand.

"And I'm Luke," I said and took her small hand in mine, feeling the strength of her grip but, also the softness of her hand.

We each went about our shopping, now my head filled with images of her, mostly naked, and a few aisles later, there she was again.

"Ah, we meet again, Luke," she said with a pretty smile and then I saw her eyes drop. I'd had an erection, of course, I could feel it throbbing.

"I rather like what I see, too, Luke," she chuckled, with her eyes aimed directly at my crotch and just smiled up at me and pushed her carriage on. Well, that did nothing to deflate my cock and as she came up to me in the next aisle, she said, "I've got frozen stuff so I've got to get it home and put away but could you write down your number and perhaps I'll call you sometime?" I eagerly jotted it on her paper bag of raw mushrooms and told her I'd love to hear from her and went on, very distractedly, finishing my shopping.

I put everything away, thinking about her the whole time and went back to my bedroom and slipped off my pants and briefs for a session and got a favorite porn site up on my laptop and just before I put the lube on my hand, my cellphone chimed and it was her, "Hi, Luke, it's Connie from the grocery store, so what are you up to?"

"Do you want the truth?"

"You've been honest so far, sure?"

"Um, I was about to masturbate," I told her figuring I might just hear the phone go silent.

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