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Taboo Inclinations

Written by: Jack Ryder

Smashwords Edition

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Taboo Inclinations

I have to tell you from the very beginning that I loved my fiancé Cheri more than words could ever convey. Cheri was my very first girlfriend all the way back to 7th grade. She was my first love, she was my prom queen and she was the one I gave my virginity to.

If it weren’t for an accident with her favorite vibrator, I would have had her virginity as well. But I was satisfied that Cheri screwed me after our senior prom. Even though I had not been the prom King, Cheri had made sure to spend most of her time dancing with me and had snuck out the back so we could go hump at the local motel down by the train tracks.

I reveled in the fact that my sexy redhead was stripping naked for me and not my twin brother. Jake had brashly announced that he could bang any girl at the prom since he was the King of the prom. When I told him he could not bang my Cheri, he had goaded me by asking how I was so sure he hasn’t already humped her. “Is she even still a virgin?” he had taunted.

My dick pulsated and seeped some precum onto my belly as I laid on the bed naked and watched my lovely red-head girlfriend remove her prom gown. I was delighted to see that she no-longer had the panties she had on when we left her house earlier. Although I had no idea when she could have removed them, I thought it was sexy that she was bare when she removed her dress.

I was surprised when Cheri did not allow me to eat her pussy before I mounted her that first time. She usually needs a good tongue bath before she’ll get horny enough to allow anything that will get me off. I was amazed at how slimy wet and squishy her pussy was when I rammed my dick into her for the very first time. Since this was the first pussy I had ever been inside, I had no idea that she was already filled with cum.

Cheri casually ran her fingers through my hair the entire time I rutted into her sloppy gash. She murmured that she loved me while I spurted my seed into her sloppy vagina.

Cheri asked if I intended for Jake to be my best man for our marriage while we were cuddling to go to sleep. “I bet I could be very helpful in planning your bachelor party,” she suggested. I fell asleep wondering why Cheri was thinking of my brother after our very first time in bed together. I was quite disappointed when I awoke in the morning and she was gone.

Cheri did not allow me to fuck her again over the next two months leading up to the wedding. She told me she wanted to be fresh for me for our honeymoon. Although she would jerk me off at the end of our dates in my van, she would not allow me to come into her apartment.

During those two months leading to the wedding, I noticed that Cheri spent a lot of time hanging out with my brother Jake. Cheri just brushed aside my concern about that by saying that they were making wedding plans or that they were planning my bachelor party.

There was a tense several days the week before the wedding when Cheri thought she was pregnant when she missed her cycle. It seemed funny to me that Jake seemed more relieved than I was when she announced her period started the day before my bachelor party.

Cheri announced that she would be gone for the entire last two days before the wedding. She made it a point to tell me that I was free to do whatever I want to do at the bachelor party. “Jake has made a great arrangement for you,” she advised me. “I would expect you to take full advantage of the opportunity,” she added cryptically.

There were a half dozen girls in dad’s private beach condo when I arrived for my bachelor party just after 8pm on Friday evening. Two of the girls were already completely naked. Three of them were only wearing thong panties and the last was wearing a very sexy transparent black baby doll nighty.

The naked girls were doing lap dances for several of the men on the couches. The three with their panties still on were dancing around in the center of the living room while kissing and fondling each other. Most of the two dozen men had their pants down and were casually jerking their cocks.

“It’s about time,” one of the men called out as soon as Jake and I entered the living room. “We’ve been waiting for over an hour to bang these nasty babes,” the man snarled just as Jake made a bee-line to the dancing girls and then hauled one of them into one of the bedrooms.

“The party is yours, Jack…Do anything or anyone you want,” Jake yelled from the bedroom. “Oooooh, Jaaaaaake!” was the next sound that emanated from inside the room just before the door swung closed. “Fuck me, Jake…Fuck me up the ass,” was mumbled through the door.

“You must be the groom,” the blonde in the black nightie purred as she approached. As I glanced around the room, I saw that the men were now in the process of starting at gang bang with the other four girls. “Jake hired me to be your personal playmate for the night,” she informed me while she reached out to take my hand. My eyes were devouring her lovely 36D tits.

“My name is Isabelle,” she cooed softly as she began to pull me back towards the master bedroom. “My friends call me Izzy,” she whispered while she drug me to the bedroom. “But you can call me Oh Baby as much as you like,” she giggled while she let her free hand fondle my tight athletic ass.

Although my cock was swelling at the idea of banging this stunning blonde holding my hand, my heart was filled with guilt and uncertainty. Although Cheri made it very clear that I was free to do anything at this party, it felt wrong to desire this sexy girl holding my hand. Cheri is the only girl I have ever been with since the 7th grade. She was the one I gave my virginity to.

“I don’t think…I can do this,” I gasped miserably as Izzy pressed me onto the foot of the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. “Your brother made it very clear that he won’t pay me unless I fuck you and spend the entire night here with you,” Izzy purred while she yanked my shoes off and began unfastening my 501 jeans.

“Besides, you won’t be fucking me, Jack…I’ll be fucking you,” she giggled as she wiggled my jeans down and yanked them off my feet. “I’d be crazy to pass up a chance to ride this fat dick,” she growled throatily as she wrapped her hand around my swelling pecker.

“This is your night, Jack…your special night,” she murmured just before she sucked my dick into her hot watery mouth. “Oooooooh, baby that’s good,” I groaned as she swirled her tongue around my dick head.

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