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‘Submit Against your Will’ is the first part of the ‘Dominated by his Bodyguard’ series by Tara Jones. Each story can be read and enjoyed separately or together (like episodes in a mini-series!).


George K. Jameson is a famous billionaire from New York. He has a serious heart condition and he needs to travel to London for surgery, which must be kept secret from ruthless business rivals and hungry journalists.

But nothing goes according to plan and George gets kidnapped on his way from his Wall Street office. His female kidnapper turns out to be a dangerously attractive woman, and before he knows what has happened he’s tied to a chair in an old abandoned house.

However, her plans are much more pleasurable than George could ever have imagine…

Warning: This story is for adult reading only and contains BDSM erotica content including: Bondage, handcuffs, duct tape, and a strong, dominant woman with a British accent.

Dominated by his Bodyguard (Romantic male submission erotica):
Part #1 ‘Submit Against your Will’
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Published by Dubious Press

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This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s peculiar imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be regarded or constructed as real in any way. Any resemblance to persons, actual events, locales, organisations, or groups is wholly coincidental.

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This story is written and dedicated to all of
my readers and fans!

xxx/ Tara Jones

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Dominated by his Bodyguard

Male Submission: Submit Against your Will
by Tara Jones

I had no idea that I was going to get kidnapped later that day when I woke up in the morning and after a quick shower went to the office on Wall Street in my bulletproof black Mercedes.

I hate Wednesdays, I thought tetchily while I spun my fountain pen rapidly between my fingers as a miniature outlet of my frustration. When will the security check be finished? Next year?

Wednesday was the only day during the week when I didn’t work. I’m one of the best stock market analysts in the world and I’m the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, which is located on Wall Street in one of the tallest and most impressive buildings in Manhattan. However, on Wednesdays my entire company was shut down for half a day for inspection. This included screening all the company’s computers and a random vigorous check of my employees. I admit the whole procedure was a little bit 1984, but time had shown that even if it was a rather paranoid system, it worked and had proven to be remarkably efficient.

I was a little bit more impatient than usual, which–although I didn’t want to admit it!–was a result of not receiving any phone calls, mysterious messages, or further erotic visits from Kithira since our meeting on the rooftop of my penthouse apartment a week earlier. The fact that I hadn’t heard from her left me equally disappointed, relieved, and highly on edge at the same time. And although she never contacted me directly, Kithira figured in my dreams at night over and over again and effectively invaded my private life, whether I wanted it or not, something which I was not accustomed to.

I was used to being in charge and control of everything, from my multi-billion-dollar company down to the sock index in my drawer.

Not that I did my own laundry, of course, but still. You get the idea.

“Hannah said she’ll be finished in about thirty minutes, Mr Jameson.” My personal assistant, Jonas Sørensen, showed up in the doorway, carrying a small metal cup of hot coffee.

Jonas had been my personal assistant for several years and was impressively well-organised, loyal, and had an uncanny knack for mind-reading regarding my coffee addiction. He was tall, ridiculously fit, and–for lack of better words–quite stunningly beautiful. Born in Norway, he had Scandinavian blond hair and clear blue eyes and he was so good-looking it would make even the straightest guy at least momentarily ponder their sexual orientation, since Jonas also was openly gay.

The last part had shown to be strategically beneficial, especially if I had an important meeting with people that I wanted to get off balance, since most guys–regardless of how modern and metrosexual they would like to appear–were often deep down rather homophobic. And having a tall and beautiful blond man serving coffee or brushing biscuit crumbs from their laps tended to get people quite distracted.

“Half an hour?” I said and stifled a sigh. “Really?”

“Yes, sir,” Jonas replied and handed me the stainless steel cup of steaming Vietnamese drip coffee. The coffee was strong enough to turn even the calmest Buddhist monk into a frolicking hyper Border collie. I sipped the coffee carefully, not because I wasn’t used to the strength of the beverage, but because it was hot.

According to my doctors, I should avoid caffeine and alcohol. It had been a strict recommendation, but I had decided that it was more of a slightly overambitious suggestion and therefore I thoroughly ignored the advice, despite the fact that I had recently been diagnosed with a serious heart condition and that my operation was in less than two weeks’ time.

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