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Key West or bust:

A Modern Day

Bonni and Klide

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Chapter 1

The alarm clock is buzz, buzz, buzzing, waking Bonni up at 5 a.m. She's got a big day ahead of her. Today's the day she has to pick up her boyfriend and lover, Klide, from the boy’s home. It's also the day that she'll leave this hole in the wall town she's called home for the last 15 years of her young life.

She's young, but not stupid, she knows a dead-end town when she sees one. No one comes out of Hildebran, North Carolina and becomes someone famous. It's a town full of nobodies, doing nobody things. All a person will become-here is a two-pack a day smoker, an alcoholic, and abuser of their family while working at a nowhere job in a factory or a mill.

That describes her dad to a tee. His life got so miserable that his wife, Bonni's mom, left him to pursue a better life. Why she didn't take Bonni with her is a question Bonni would love for her to answer, but she doesn't know where she is. Her mom just up and left one day, leaving a note saying, “I'm tired of you, this town, and this life. Take care!” Her dad seemed not to care. He still had a female to take care of him... Bonni. Well... that ends today.

She hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom to get ready. She did everything as quietly as possible so not to awaken her monster from his slumber. Her dad will get up in an hour wanting his breakfast and packed lunch, but Bonni won't be there for him this day. She cooked his last egg and bologna sandwich yesterday. He'd have to fend for himself this morning.

After brushing her teeth, she washed her face and hair. She used the strawberry shampoo that Klide loves so much. She loved it when he’d pulled her close and buried his face and her hair, taking a long whiff. He’d wrap his arms around her and she could feel him relax as the tension left his body. She missed him so much.

Six months ago, he got caught stealing two packs of Ramen noodles and package of hot dogs from the local supermarket. The manager was a prick and called the cops on him. Then, his dad refused to bond him out, saying Klide was always stealing and skipping school, so the judge gave Klide six months at Black Mountains Boys Home. Six freaking months for trying to feed himself, where's the justice in that?

Klide’s dad is a major alcoholic, just like Bonni’s. His dad, too, worked at a local factory and hated his life. So, he'd beat Klide every time he got drunk and felt Klide, “deserved it” for some made-up reason. Klide got really tough from the beatings and he acted like it didn't bother him, but he knew, deep down, he wanted to kill his dad. He didn't though, because of Bonni. He knew if he did that, he'd never see Bonni again. Klide was a smart boy, although a very shy one.

Bonni met Klide in junior high. One day a Husky red-haired boy, named Junior, called himself “flirting” with Bonni by pinching her on the butt. Bonni turned on him and ordered him to stop. That just made Junior more brazen so he kept pinching her, getting his friends to laugh at his antics. That's when out of nowhere, Klide stepped between her and Junior. Klide put his hand on Junior’s chest, telling him to leave her alone. Junior got mad and pushed Klide. Klide punched him in the nose, busting it, making him bleed. Junior got enraged and tried to charge at Klide, only to get kicked in the stomach for his troubles. As Junior knelt on the floor, gasping for breath, Klide leaned down and told Junior if he ever saw him bullying anyone else, he’d break his arms so he couldn't wipe his own butt anymore.

Bonni thought that was the craziest, boldest thing she'd ever seen anyone do before. But seeing Klide standing there as her protector... Bonni was smitten.

Every day after school, Bonni awaited Klide’s exit so they could walk home together. For the past two years they were an item and in love. Everyone knew it and left the love birds alone, even Junior.

Chapter 2

Bonni slipped out of the house as quietly as possible. She walked down the block to Mrs. Abernathy's house. Each week she cleaned for Mrs. Abernathy and did all sorts of odd jobs to earn her enough money for school clothes and such.

Bonni's dad was such a drunken lush, that he'd have his paycheck spent by Monday, and he never had enough left over for Bonni a new dress or pair of shoes. She learned early to support herself.

She wasn't no angel, though. Bonni stole as much as she paid for. Klide had taught her well. That’s why it was a shock that he got caught at the supermarket.

The butcher in the back of the store had a two-way mirror that ran the length of meat section. The butcher seen Klide stick the hot dogs in his pants and alerted the manager. The manager locked the electronic doors on Klide before he could get out. The police station was only a block away from the store, so Klide didn't stand a chance.

Today, Bonni was going to Mrs. A’s house for another reason... to borrow her old Ford Falcon to pick up Klide.

Mrs. A loved Bonni like her own child. She thought she knew all about Bonni and Klide's predicament concerning their fathers. Klide’s dad was just as much a drunk and abuser as Bonni's. Where Klide got beatings, Bonni got raped. No one knew that secret but Bonni and her old man... she had plans for him though.

Mrs. A was close to 70-years old and lived in a huge two-story Victorian home close to the local library. She had retired as a high school teacher shortly after her husband retired from the local paper mill. After only a few months into their retirement Mr. A had a massive stroke and died, leaving Mrs. A. all alone. Her two sons were off living their own lives in different states and very rarely visited. Bonni and sometimes Klide, would keep her company on lonely evenings while Mrs. A. told them stories of her glory days.

Bonni loved her like a mother and she hated to leave her, but she knew her future wasn’t in North Carolina. She saw her and Klide in Hollywood, making millions as movie stars. Klide had the Brad Pitt looks with big brown eyes that’d melt a girl’s heart and the face that'd sell tickets to the world.

Bonni was beautiful, too. She was told many times that she should be a model or an actress. There were times that she and Klide would watch a movie together and act out the parts to see if they could really act. To their surprise... they weren’t half bad. Which is why they made plans for their getaway. Today was the day!

Chapter 3

Five a.m. in the boy’s home is no place to wake up. It's loud, smelly, and makes Klide want to kill everybody around him. He looks around at the juvenile raffle he's had to live in for the last six months; kids of every sort were ass-grabbing and horse-playing up and down the walkways around the double bunk beds. Klide's bed shook from an impact of two black kids and they, instantly, stopped in their tracks and looked at Klide, wide-eyed and expectant of the look they didn't want to get. Klide leered at them and shook his head as if he couldn't believe his eyes. Then, he smiled and said, “see ya bitches!!!”

Everybody erupted into cheers and youthful play as street-hood miscreants piled onto Klide. These kids were kids who were, “put up in the hills because you keep getting into trouble,” kind of kids. Klide punched and kicked his way out from under the pile, with one kid in a headlock. That's when the day Warden, Mr. Fletcher, walked into the dorm and everybody got quiet.

“So... Mr. Walker, you’re leaving us, are ya?” He stated more than he asked.

Klide looked up at him as he let the boy’s head go. “Yes sir!” was all he replied.

“Well... then you better get your gear. And everybody else... get ready for morning drills!” he yelled.

Kids scrambled to and from while still trying to congratulate Klide. Mr. Fletcher had a stern face as he left the dorm, but he'd really be missing Klide Walker. He hadn't seen too many kids come through there, who could scare him, but Klide was one of them. He looked at you with cold, calculating eyes and it’d make you feel as if he’d seen your soul and he knew you were scared. Yeah... he was glad to see this kid go. He couldn't count how many times he's had to pull Klide off of some dumb poor kid who thought they could kick Klide's ass, but so far Klide was 11 and 0; eleven fights won and zero losses. Mr. Fletcher didn't know who taught this kid his skills, but he sure was impressed. Impressed enough, to not want to have a go with him.

Klide gathered up the small canvas carry-all bag that's given to each boy upon arrival. He's had the bag packed for days anticipating this day. Klide only possessed a few items, but what was important to him the most was his letters and photos of his best friend and soul-mate, Bonni. She was coming to get him soon and he’d never see this Mountain Reformatory ever again. Not if he could help it.

After his morning ritual of brushing his teeth, washing his face and brushing his hair, Klide grabbed his bag and went to the front office to retrieve his meager weekly pay he was owed for the work he was forced to do for pennies on the dollar.

The boy’s home had a contract with the state which put the boys to work when they weren’t in school. They cleaned up the sides of the roads, fence lines, overhanging trees, and helped out if there was a forest fire. The heads of state looked at it as a way to teach the boys life skills. The boys thought of it as slave labor.

Klide collected his whopping $12.47, then, strolled to the chow-hall for one last breakfast. One thing the state did right was fed them a good breakfast. That's the only thing Klide would miss... the food. He grew up eating sparingly due to his dad's drinking, so he valued a good meal whenever he could get one.

Upon entering the chow-hall all eyes were on Klide! That's just how it was when someone was getting freed; everyone knew their day was coming, but they were getting one last envious look at you before you disappeared. Some, envied Klide... some, couldn't wait for him to go so they could step in and fill in his shoes as the alpha male of the Black Mountain Boys Home.

Klide sat in his usual seat after he got his breakfast. Kids, steadily, walked by and told him to, “take it easy!” or “don't come back, man.” Klide would shake his head and say, “I'm going to be to famous to come back. You'll see!”

Eight a.m. was coming soon.

Chapter 4

Bonni drove the car just like Klide taught her... casually, “As if you’ve been doing it your whole life.” She was a vet, now. She could even drive with her knees, but she wasn't doing that this morning. She had a perma-grin plastered on her face and she was humming a tune of happiness knowing she was fixin’ to see her beau.

Mrs. A. cried when she gave Bonni the keys to her car. “You, two, be careful please. There's a big old world out there and it will swallow you up if you ain't careful.” She said, as she pushed Bonni from their hug, holding her out at arm’s length to look at her one last time.

“We’ll be careful. I promise.” replied a teary Bonni.

Mrs. A. handed her an envelope containing $500 in cash. Bonni cried even harder as she hugged the old woman, again, before leaving the house. She'd missed the woman who was the closest thing to a real mother the girl never had. But... Klide was Bonni's life and he needed her, so she was on her way to get him.

When she pulled the car into the little gravel driveway, Klide was leaning against a wooden rail waiting and smiling. She couldn't stop the car or put it in park fast enough. Once stopped, she leaped out of the car and into Klide's arms. They kissed and hugged and wiped each other tears, while trying to breathe and laugh at the same time.

“Come on, Baby before they change their mind and keep me here,” joked Klide. “I'll drive from here.” He stated as Bonni jumped into the open driver’s side door and slid over a bit for him to get in.

“Where are we going, Klide?” asked an excited, very happy Bonni.

“First stop... the rest area down the road. I need some of you, fast.” He replied, leaning over so Bonni could plant another kiss on his lips.

“Well, hurry up then... a girl’s horny, too.” She teased as she grabbed his crotch and ran her tongue down his ear to his neck.

“Don't make me wreck Mrs. A.’s car, you know she loves this piece of junk.” He teasingly admonished as he, also, moaned from Bonni's attention.

“You drive... I'll shift gears!” She said as she leaned over into Klide’s lap and unbuttoned his pants.

Klide drove as careful as he could as Bonni did her thing on him. It didn't last long before she was done.

Klide said, “Good God almighty, I’ve missed you, Bonni.”

“I know, right! I'm ready for mine, too, so you need to drive faster, Sweetie.” She said as she kissed his neck, teasing him some more.

“Any faster and we’ll fly off the side of this mountain.” he laughed.

“We’ll be flying alright, but it won’t be because we drove off the side of this mountain. Still leaving, ain't we?” she asked.

“Nothing in the world will keep us in that hick town, any longer, Baby. Our future begins today.” He stated with excitement in his voice.

“Good! I didn't want that place to corrupt your mind.” she said, meaning the boys home.

“Shit! You're all I need to corrupt me, Baby!” he said with a grin.

“You got that right!” she returned. “Look”... she pointed up ahead.” There's the rest area. Park away from everyone so we can have some privacy.

“I know! I know!” He lovingly said as he drove the Ford Falcon to a secured spot. Once parked, it didn't take long for the windows to get fogged up from all the heavy breathing.

Chapter 5

Thirty minutes later, and satisfied for the moment, Klide drove onward towards Hildebran.

He had enjoyed a life of loneliness until he met Bonni. He had seen her, numerous times, throughout school, but he was too shy to talk to her. Seeing Junior, touch her, pissed him off to know end. He knew he had to intervene or the bully would keep at her, so he did what he had to do. When he put the fool on the ground and turned to look at her... He knew his world was changed forever. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at him as if he were the only boy in school. He felt ashamed at first, for being so brutal in front of her, but all of that faded away when she met him after school. They came together like soul-mates should.

Their love bloomed, quickly, and Klide was actually grateful, now, for Junior grabbing her butt. He wasn't wrong for wanting to grab it... Bonni was the finest girl in school. She had an ass you just wanted to take a bite out of. And, she didn't even realize how beautiful she was. She wore zero makeup because she couldn't afford it, but she didn't need it. She had that God-given beauty that radiated before the whole world. Klide fell head over heels in love in just a few moments with her.

The past couple of years their love grew into a very serious relationship. He was willing to lay down and die for her if he ever needed to. She’s his everything. His all. His heart. His soul. His breath. Their plans were to be together, forever, as one.

They planned to go to Hollywood to become movie stars, or models, whatever they could be because they knew they were headed for greatness. Klide could feel it in his bones. The only skills he possessed were fighting, stealing, and recently learned... hot wiring cars. He knew he'd need that skill for their trip.

He learned how to fight from his dad's drinking buddy, an ex-Green Beret who’d get drunk and use Klide as his punching bag. When Klide started countering his moves, and returning the punches, the man saw enough potential to keep on training Klide. Now... Klide could kick the guy’s ass without breaking a sweat. He wanted so badly to use his skills on his own dad, but most of all, Bonni's.

Klide new Bonni was having trouble at home, so, one night he asked her what they were. She cried as she confessed to him that her father had been raping her since she was seven years old... From the age that she was when her mom had left him. Klide wanted to kill her dad, but Bonni wouldn’t let him. She said that if he did kill her father, she'd never get to see him again. He'd be put in prison, forever. And for what? Killing a piece of shit, no account drunkard that'll die of a liver failure or a heart attack, anyway? Nah! They had other plans made up for him.

Klide’s dad was just as bad, up until Klide beat his ass. Klide wore bruises and busted lips and eyes for years, due to his dad's drunken rages. They had plans for him, too, but first things first.

Chapter 6

Back in Hildebran, Bonni asked Klide what was the next step in their journey.

“We gotta get our stash and then set things right. You got your bag packed, Baby?” he asked.

“My bags have been packed ever since you left me six months ago.” she replied.

“I'm sorry I got caught, Bonni. How was I to know the butcher was back there?” he asked, ashamed.

“Don’t be sorry, Klide. You were just trying to eat. Screw that judge, screw that manager and screw your dad for putting you away over some damned hot dogs. Let's make them pay for fucking with us.” she said defiantly. She leaned her head onto his shoulder as he drove through town.

“Well... my plans aren’t to screw them.” he said, with a chuckle. “Bet they'll wish they never met Klide Walker, I can tell you that!” he exclaimed.

“Bonni Harris, neither.” She added as they pulled into Klide's driveway.

“I'll be back in a second, keep the car running, Sugar.” He gave her a kiss as he got out of the car and went into the dilapidated house he's called home for his young, 16 years.

Bonni watched him go inside and she thought about the butterfly feelings she had in her belly. She was ever so ready to start up her life with Klide, it wasn't funny. She danced in her seat and stifled a yell of glee. She's been awaiting this day for a mighty long time. She said to herself, “Let's get famous, Baby!” And giggled like a little girl.

Having had endured years of her father’s sexual habits, Bonni became so bitter inside that she tricked her emotions to change at will. During her father's assaults, she’d go into a character and become someone else; another person who likes the sex, or even her mother. The night she called her dad by name, in the heat of his passion, he stopped and looked into her eyes, leering.

“What did you say?” he asked, menacingly. For the hell of it, she did it again and again, pressing herself against him and kissing him. He pushed her away and slapped her so hard she thought she’d cry. He got up and told her to get back to her room. She climbed out of the bed, still in her mom character, and lazily sashayed her lean 10-year-old body out of his room. Since then, he only came and got her when he was in a mean drunken mood. Those times, she knew not to talk back or he'd beat her and make the sex more painful. Her father could be very cruel. She just bided her time.

Chapter 7

Inside the house, Klide went to his dad's room and took the gun his father had under the mattress of his bed. A box of 9 mm bullets was in the nightstand drawer. He took them, too. Next, he took the duffel bag from his own closet and packed it full of his clothes and a few hygiene items. When he was done taking the things he thought he'd need, he stood in the house’s doorway and looked back at the wreck of a room. A smile played on his lips as he thought of his future... near distant future.

“Damn, this place stinks!” He blurted out to no one. He turned and left the house that held bad memories handed down to him by a madman.

In the car, he said, “I got his gun and some ammo. Your dad’s gonna hate it that we gotta take his, too.” He burst out laughing at his own joke. Bonni did, too.

“They won't miss it! I guarantee it!” Bonni replied, laughing along with Klide's inside joke.

Bonni slid over to sit next to Klide as he drove them away from his house. “What are we gonna do about Mrs. A's car? Keep it?” she asked.

“Nah... we’ll take something else when we leave. She's been too good to us to do her like that. We’ll take my dad’s truck, then get something better, later. Do you need to go by your place for anything?”

“Nah, I stole everything I'm taking from the house, this morning. Dad's gun and ammo are in my bag already.”

“Good... we need to get a motel. I'm ready for you some more.” He said, leaning over for another kiss and feel.

When they separated Bonni said, “Let's go Baby!”

Klide drove them to Lowman’s Motel; a rundown, sleazebag joint that rented out rooms, cheaply. In the room, they didn't waste time on any foreplay.

Afterwards, Bonni grabbed her bag and took out the gun she stole from her dad.

“I can't wait to shoot it, again.” She said, holding the chrome 38 Revolver in her hands caressingly, admiring it.

“Have you been practicing like I showed you?” asked Klide still lying under the covers on the bed.

“Once a week, Baby. I'm way better than before you left. Pow! Pow! She mimed holding the gun out with both hands at arm’s-length, posing in the mirror, naked.

“Damn, that’s sexy. Get over here and give me some more lovin’. I'm ready, again.” he said with a smile.

“You are, are ya?” as she hopped onto the bed and tossed the gun aside.

Chapter 8

They hung out at Lowman's until they were certain both of their dads were home. They showered and dressed, and drove to Bonni's house, first.

Upon entering the home, Bonni's dad was sitting on the sofa watching TV and drinking a beer. He didn't look happy seeing Klide follow his daughter into the house.

“Well, well, well... if it ain't the jailbird. Or are you a little Princess since your stay in...” Was all he got out of his mouth when Klide walked over and kicked him dead in the face. His head snapped backwards and blood flew from his nose.

Like two people who’s practiced it time and again, Bonni and Klide aimed their cocked and loaded guns at her dad.

Bonni's old man had both hands on his face, trying to blink away the tears that came with a broken nose.

“Wha…….?” Was all he got out as Klide gripped him up by his hair and said, “Let's see that bedroom you love so much!” As he shook him by the hair, making him squeal.

“Please.... Klide?... What are...?” And Klide hit him in the head with the side of the 9 mm, busting open a 3-inch gash.

“Don't hurt him, Klide.” Admonished Bonni as she followed Klide towards the master bedroom. In the room, Klide asked Bonni, “You got your bag, Baby?”

“You know it, Sweetie.” She replied, as she walked around Klide, still aiming her dads gun at her father.

“Take your clothes off, you piece of shit.” She ordered as she set the bag on his nightstand. She tucked the gun in her waistband, then opened the bag.

“What are you gonna do, Bonn ...? Please... Please... I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. I prom...” Just then, Klide hit him, again, with the gun, knocking him onto the bed. He laid there, moaning. Bonni pulled out a new role of gray duct tape and a handful of torn strips of sheet.

She took pride in her handiwork of sheet stripping. They were the same sheets her father had last raped her on. She knew she'd get a kick out of using them on dear old dad. She cut a six-inch strip of tape and leaned down and slapped it into place on her moaning, and bleeding, father’s mouth. His eyes opened and he tried to shriek but could only “mmm…mmm…mmm.”

“Take... your... fucking...clothes off, or I'll shoot you dead.” said a stone cold Klide.

He nodded at Klide and began to undress. When he was totally naked, Bonni ordered, “lay on your back with your arms and legs spread to each corner.”

He didn't hesitate, hoping his daughter and her rogue boyfriend would let him live.

Once spread-eagled, Bonni began to tie his hands first, and then his feet to the four-wooden post of the bed. When she was finished, Klide asked, “You want me to stick around?”

“I've got this from here, Babe.” And she walked over to Klide and kissed him hard on the mouth. Klide took a hold of her by her ass before he broke the kiss.

“I'll wait in the car.” He said, and he turned and walked out of the room.

Bonni turned to her father and said, “Well dad... It's time for us to part ways.” She walked to the bag and pulled out a serrated steak knife. Her dad's eyes got as big as saucers as he watched Bonni look at the blade and, then at him. She smiled.

Bonni climbed up onto the bed and straddled her father. She teased him by grinding her crotch against his limp shriveled penis. “Awww... What's the matter? You can’t get it up, daddy-poo?”

She stopped grinding and sat up. She put the tip of the blade against his right shoulder, where the collarbone meets, and began carving lines into his skin. He bucked and jerked as she cut again and again.

“That's the spirit, honey.” She said in her mother-voice that he hated so much. “Give it to mama, Baby!” She mimicked as she cut her last few lines. When she finished she got up off the bed and inspected her handiwork.

“Not too bad, dad, if I do say so myself.” She said with a twinkle in her eye.

Her dad looked down at himself, still whimpering and trying to talk, but only managing the same nasally, “mmm….mmm…mmm!” He couldn’t read what it said, but he was praying to God that that was the worst of it. Wide-eyed with terror he looked at his daughter with pleading eyes.

“That oughta let the cops know what kind of monster you were, daddy. Now... how about a parting gift?” She leaned over the bed and took his penis and testicles in her hand. She, then, took the steak knife and sawed his genitals completely off. Her father bucked and squirmed and screamed through his nose as Bonni straightened up and looked at him. “Here you go, pops. You can keep these... I don't need ‘em,” and tossed them onto his already bloody chest for him to gaze at as he dies. She dropped the knife onto the floor and turned and walked away.

The message on his chest read: I RAPED MY LITTLE GIRL!

Chapter 9

After cleaning herself up in the bathroom, she walked out of the house smiling. She got into the Falcon and scooted next to Klide.

“Piece of cake. The cops will love it when they see it.” she said with a laugh.

“I'd sure loved to have seen it,” replied Klide.

“The look on his face was priceless. What are we gonna do to your dad?” She asked, as he crunk up the car and drove towards his home.

“I'm not sure, yet. I'll probably just shoot him, but I'd love to make him beg.”

“Whatever you choose, I'm with you,” she added.

He pulled into the driveway next to his dad’s truck. “Get our stuff into the truck. I'll be back in a minute, B.” he said, as he got out of the car.

Klide walked through the front door and there was his dad... sitting exactly in the same place as Bonni's dad--- in front of the TV, except he was drinking liquor out of the glass.

“Huh... they let you out, or you escape?” was the greeting Klide received.

“They let me out long enough to do this...” and Klide raised his right arm, holding his dad's gun. Klide fired one shot, right into his father's chest. The impact hit him like a thunderbolt, knocking the wind out of him. He looked down at himself and saw blood pouring out of his chest. He tried to stop the blood with his hands. He looked up at Klide with question of wonderment on his face. Then, he relaxed in his seat and he slumped downward as his lungs expelled the last of its air.

“Rot in hell, you piece of shit!” Klide said, and turned and walked out.

Back in the truck, Klide gave Bonni a long hot kiss before whopping out loud, “Hell Yeah! You ready, Baby?”

“I'm ready when you are, Sweetie.” she answered.

Klide crunk up his dad’s truck and left his home. He was feeling elated, excited, and powerful for having liberated himself from the grasps of his father. He gripped the steering wheel and began laughing. It became contagious that Bonni joined in. She slid next to him and put her hand on his thigh. “Where to, madam?” he asked Bonni.

“Let's go to Florida, first. I want to see Margaritaville in Key West. We got our whole lives to get to Hollywood.” she replied.

“Key West, Florida... here we come!” he said with enthusiasm. “Searching for my... lost shaker of salt...” They sang together, laughing.

Chapter 10

On a back road called Highway 321, Klide let Bonni drive. She was wanting her license and felt she needed more practice. When they got to I-95 Klide took over. He drove them southward until he needed to refill the truck’s tank in South Carolina. They pulled off the highway and found a gas station off the road, out by itself. Sitting at the gas pumps was a shiny, black, brand-new Camaro Z-28. A yuppie kid was pumping gas into it. Klide pulled on the other side of the pumps and got out.

“Nice car, man!” Klide said to the yuppie.

“Yeah, it is!” he replied. Not really wanting to have a conversation with this long-haired hick driving a ratty pickup. He looked back at the pumps.

Klide walked around the truck and went up to the passenger side window. Bonni rolled the window down and Klide said, “I'm going to rob this place. You flirt with pretty boy and keep him here until I come out. We’re taking that chumps car.” He said as he nodded towards the Camaro.

Bonni's eyes lit up and she said, “I gotcha Baby.” Leaning out of the window to give Klide a peck on the lips, “Hurry up!”

Klide turned and walked into the store. A bored, pudgy, pasty-skinned woman of about 30-years old looked at Klide as he walked up to the counter, smiling.

“May I help you?” She asked as she appraised Klide from his waistband to his eyes. She thought it was her lucky night. First, the yuppie comes in all flirty, and now this boy. She poured on the charm that she used on most of the men and boys that caught her eye. She’d put up the “Be back in fifteen-minute” sign, in a heartbeat, if she could get laid by a little hottie. Even if she never saw them again, she didn't care.

Klide smiled at her and said, “Sure you can beautiful...” as he pulled the gun from out of his rear waistband. “You can open the register and give me what you got.”

The girl’s eyes got huge and then tears started to flow, she began to blubber… “P-P-Please don't hurt me.” she begged. She hit a key on the register. With shaking hands, she pulled all the cash out of their separate bins and pushed it across the counter towards Klide. He smiled at her and said, “Thanks! Now, lead me to the back of the store. You got a storage room back there don’t ya?”

Visibly shaking, she nodded her head and began walking. Klide followed her through the open doorway into the storage room filled with boxes of all sorts of merchandise.

“That's good right there.” he ordered. When the clerk turned to Klide, she begged with tears pouring down her pudgy cheeks, “P-P-please don't hurt me.” she begged, again.

“I promise, Sweetie, this won't hurt a bit.! And he leveled his gun to her face and shot her between the eyes. The back of her skull exploded outward behind her before she collapsed onto the floor. Klide turned and walked away, not giving her a second glance.

He walked casually throughout the store grabbing items he knew Bonni would enjoy before he left to join her.

Outside, the yuppie was leaning against his car smiling and talking to Bonni. She was grinning at something he said when Klide walked up.

“Hey dude, how's it hanging?” Klide asked casually as he walked up to Bonni. He put his arm around her, and her him, while the yuppie lost his smile, looking back and forth between the two.

“What was that noise inside the store?” the yuppie asked.

“Oh, I dropped a damn soda and it burst all over the place.” he laughed. “Me and my clumsy self.” he added as he rolled his eyes.

“This here, is Paul. Paul meet Klide... my boyfriend.” Bonni said, as she introduced the two.

Paul looked at Klide with disdain and confusion and said, “I thought you said he was your brother?”

“Oh…. I lied, Sugar. I'm so sorry.” she confessed with a bad of her eyelashes. “Look Paul, we need you to do us a big favor, please.” With that said Bonni, pulled her gun and said, “follow me inside the store while Klide here, moves our stuff from the truck to your car.”

Still looking confused, Paul began to back away until Klide pulled his gun out and aimed it on Paul's face. Klide smiled and said, “I'd listen to her if I were you, dude. She loves shooting people. It's like a drug or something. I don't know.” he chuckled.

Paul stopped in his tracks at seeing Klide’s gun. He knew that there were crazy people in the world, but he had never suspected these two po-dunk kids would be carrying guns, let alone aiming them at him. He should've known better than to pull into an out-of-the-way gas station. Now, he just prayed that they'd steal his car and leave him alone. He had the best insurance money could buy, so he wasn't sweating it. Still... these kids made him nervous.

“Come on, cutie pie. Into the store.” Ordered Bonni with a wave of her gun. Paul began walking as Bonni got behind him.

“I'll take care of things out here, B…. put him with the cashier. She’s in the back of the store. The storage room is straight ahead when you walk in.” conveyed Klide.

“Okay Sweetie! Be right back in a minute.” replied Bonni.

In the store, Paul tried to reason with Bonni, “Look... you don't want to go to jail, do you? When they catch you, that's what they're gonna do. You know that, right? I can help you, my dad's an attorney.”

“Keep walking, pretty boy. We’ll be gone in a minute.” she told him.

When Paul stepped through the threshold of the storage room door, he saw the clerk's feet and stopped in his tracks.

“Oh my God!” Was all he got out of his mouth. Bonni aimed at the back of his head and pulled the trigger on her dad's 38. The bullet tore through Paul's head, grossly disfiguring his face as the bullet took his right eye and some of his brains right out of his head. He took one step forward, as if he was trying to catch himself, before he collapsed into a stack of Budweiser beer cases. When he hit the floor the top case of Budweiser fell on top of him. The bottles tinked and clinked in the case but none of them broke.

Bonni watched the whole thing with awe and happy fascination. She giggled as she turned on her heels and began whistling as she exited the store.

Chapter 11

When they left the gas station Klide drove the Camaro while Bonni followed in the truck. They drove down the road until they found a home being contracted. Klide had Bonni pull the truck behind the house and park it. He took the truck's keys and tossed them into some woods next to the property.

“Somebody else's problem, now,” he said as they got into the Z-28 and they drove away, heading back towards I-95.

As they passed the gas station, a minivan full of kids wearing soccer uniforms were climbing out of a van and running into the store. Klide thought about slowing down to see their reaction when they ran back out, but he decided against it and kept on going.

Back on I-95, Bonni began going through the car's compartments, looking for some good CDs.

“This fags only got rap and crap.” she complained. She powered down her window and began to frisbee tossing the CDs out.

“Don't get us pulled over for littering, okay, Babe? Our journeys just begun!” Klide admonished, with a grin.

“Well.. next time let's steal a car with some good music in it. Even the local radio stations suck. country or rap.. That's all that's on anymore.” she complained further.

“Alright... next time we’ll ask them what kind of music they got before we kill ‘em and rob ‘em.” he said jokingly.

“We should’ve a got us some before we left home. I wasn't even thinking about it.”

“Don't sweat it. We’ll be singing with ole Jimmy Buffet before you know it.” he said, trying to ease her mood.

“At least he sings about real-life stuff and not all that racist crap ya hear all over the place. We were born too late is what I think.”

“Can’t argue with you about that, B..”

Bonni settled down in her seat and put her feet up on the dash, trying to get comfortable. She laid her head back on the seat and hummed some more Buffet as Klide reached over to hold her hand. She looked over at him and smiled a smile of a true, unadulterated love.

“I love you, Klide Walker!”

“And I love you, Bonni Harris!”

Chapter 12

Back in Hildebran, both the houses were being gone over with a fine-tooth comb by the police. The detective in charge was a no-nonsense ex-Marine by the name of Nate Dickens. He was standing at the foot of the bed looking at the remains of Bonni's dad. Next to him was the medical examiner.

“Someone did a hell of a job on him, didn’t they?” declared Detective Dickens.

“Looks that way.” replied, the M. E.. “Can't tell what was carved into his chest until I get him down to the morgue, but it had to be something sexual to get this extreme.” he explained.

“Hell, of a way for man to lose his junk...” Dickens muttered.

“No doubt! Any sign of the daughter, yet?” the M.E. asked.

“We've got people looking for her. If she's around we'll find her. You'd think she may have did this?” Dickens asked.

“Usually.... It's someone close to them that does something like this; the wife, the daughter, the jilted lover. From what I hear his wife left him years ago, so that leaves the kid or the lover. Find the girl and you’ll probably find the answers,” said the M.E., before he called his coworker over to help him bag the body and its parts.

Detective Dickens left the bedroom and walked across the hall to the other bedroom. A female police officer was fingerprinting areas all over the room when he walked in. “Anything good?” he asked her.

“I got two sets of prints, so far. One of them has got to be the daughters. We’ll run a check on the other set and see what we come up with.” She replied as she lifted another print off the nightstand.

“Keep me posted, please.” he requested as he eyed the room. He walked over to the dresser and picked up a picture frame that had a photo of a beautiful, smiling girl in pigtails. “Where are you at, little girl?” He quietly asked the photo.

“Sir?” inquired the female officer, thinking he had said something to her.

“Oh... I'm sorry. I was mumbling to myself.” he said.

“Don't worry... I do it to myself all the time.” She said with a smile as she went back to her tasks.

At Klide's house, Dickens did the exact same routine of looking over the scene. This was a simpler matter for him to deal with. People died of gunshot wounds all the time, but not so much in a little town like Hildebran. He believed the two murders were connected, but he hadn't the proof just yet. He was standing there looking at the body when another cop walked in and said, “Detective Dickens? Sir... may I talk to you a moment, please?”

“Sure... What ya got?”

“Well, we knocked on a few doors and we got some good descriptions of two individuals that we may be looking for. A Mrs. Abernathy lives a few doors down from the knife when victim and she says the victim's daughter....uh... 15-year-old Bonni Sue Harris had left town yesterday with her boyfriend. He’s a 16-year-old boy by the name of Klide Henry Walker.”

“Walker?... That's this guy’s last name.”

“Yes sir! It's his son, sir.” the cop added.

“Well... now, I think we know who we’re looking for, don't we?” contemplated Detective Dickens. “Put out an A.P.B. for both kids. Say that they are armed and dangerous, and to contact me when they're located.”

“Right away, sir.” Said the cop as he turned and left the house to go do his chore.

Just then the M.E. came in and said, “I ain't had two bodies to deal with since the car crash over on Rhodhiss, two weeks ago.” He said, as he put his bag down and put on another set of gloves. Sighing.

“Yeah, but at least we believe we know who we’re looking for, now.” responded Dickens.

“Oh yeah?” questioned the M.E..

“Yeah... it looks like their kids may have snapped before they left town.”

“I can't wait to read the other one’s chest. I can just make out the word, ‘raped’, but the rest of it was too bloody to read. I hope it wasn't his daughter he did that to. If so, I'm guessing he deserved it, expressed the M.E.”

Dickens looked at him and asked, “let me guess... you have a daughter?”

“Two. Both of them in junior high.” he replied as he began his task of examining the dead man's body.

“Unlucky you!” exclaimed Dickens.

“Unlucky me is right. They'll be dating soon and I don’t have enough bullets for my gun if someone hurts one of them, I can tell you that!” he declared.

“I hear you.” stated Dickens, as he made his way around the house, looking about. He couldn't find a photo anywhere in the house of anyone. It's not surprising... this, being a run-down-clapboard-house. There was hardly any food in the kitchen. Dickens figured money was tight and wasted on booze. None would have been spent on photos. Empty beer bottles, cans, and liquor bottles filled the kitchen’s trash can. He really couldn't blame the kid for leaving, but why kill his dad?

“Well... gotta find the kids to find answers,” he thought.

Chapter 13

When they reached Florida, it was in the wee hours of the morning. Bonni had fallen asleep in the passenger seat. Klide was too restless to sleep so he drove onward.

He had plenty of time to think about the things he and Bonni had done and he sincerely didn't feel any remorse for any of their actions. The world was all fucked up and he and Bonni were just two people cruising along in it, doing whatever they chose to do. They've had enough of the abuse and they felt it was time for some payback. Regardless if the people they hurt or killed deserved it or not. “Fuck them!” was Klide attitude. All he wanted out of life was to be with Bonni and with zero restrictions.

Six months away from her was like a lifetime and he'd go to his grave before he let that happen again. He was dead set in his resolve to make certain that Bonni did whatever the fuck she wanted to do... Even, if it meant killing again and again.

He knew she was just as fucked up in the head as he was. Neither one of them was naïve to the fact that they weren't like other teenagers their own age. When he mentioned to her that he liked to watch the “Faces of Death” videos, he never would've imagined that she liked them, too. They’d put on some Metallica, “Master of puppets” album, and turn down the sound on the TV when they rented the gory videos to watch. They’d have sex during some of the scenes, it got them so excited. They could only watch the movie's when Mrs. Abernathy went to church, since neither one had a DVD player at their home. Mrs. A didn't mind them in her house because she trusted them. If she knew what they were doing, she never let on.

Bonni was fixated on seeing Key West and Jimmy Buffet due to her many hours around Mrs. A. No matter... if that's what she wanted, then Klide was going to do whatever it took to make that happen for her.

He knew they probably wouldn’t make it to Hollywood, but none of that mattered to him. Bonni Sue Harris was all he cared about.

Chapter 14

Coming into Jacksonville, Florida Klide took an exit and cruised towards the downtown area. He drove around until he found a gas station that was open. He pulled next to the gas pumps and shut off the car. Bonni stirred in her seat and opened her eyes.

“Where are we, Babe?” she asked, sleepily.

“Jacksonville, Florida. Do you need anything from inside?” he asked.

“Yeah... Could you please grab me a Pepsi and some gum my mouth is icky.” she replied. “I'm going to pee.” With that they both got out of the car and headed into their own directions. The bathrooms were on the side of the building.

Inside the station, a sleepy eyed black girl was behind bulletproof glass watching Klide head towards the drink cooler at the rear of the store. Klide grabbed a couple of drinks, (he liked Mountain Dew), and some gum on his way back to the clerk. He paid for gas, as well, and went out to the car and began to fill the tank. As he was waiting, a cracked-out, disheveled black man staggered over to Klide and asked, “Hey man... can you spare some change for brother?”

Klide dug in his pocket, saying, “Yeah, dude... here's a dollar.” And he separated a one-dollar bill from a handful he had pulled out of his pocket. The next thing he knew, the black dude pulled out a knife saying, “Give me all your money, cracker.”

Klide looked at the man as if he was crazy and backed up a step, pulling the gas nozzle out of the Camaro. The black man was waving a knife a Klide from side to side, saying, “cracker... give it up,” as Bonni came around the side of the building.

When she saw what was transpiring at the pumps she pulled the gun out of her waistband and jogged up behind the man, putting the pistol’s barrel to the dude’s neck.

He froze in place as Bonni said, “Do I blow his fucking brains out or what, Klide?”

“I got a better idea for the stupid motherfucker.” Klide replied. “Drop the knife, fuck-boy.”

The man let the knife clatter to the ground as he pled for his life. “I'm sorry, man... I was just kidding. Please don't kill me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!”

“Yeah... you’re sorry alright. Well, let's see if you like to drink.” And Klide ran the gas nozzle end into the man's mouth, tearing teeth, lips and gums while squeezing the nozzle’s handle. Gas erupted into the dude’s mouth before it spewed out of his nose. Bonni hit the dude in the head with her gun knocking him to the ground. Klide poured gasoline onto the moaning crackhead.

“Get in the car, Bonni. We’re gonna light this place up.”

Bonni hopped into the car as Klide climbed into the driver seat. He pushed the car cigarette lighter in as the man began crawling away. When the man crawled a few feet ahead of the car, Klide crunk it up and pulled up next to him. He took a red-hot cigarette lighter out of its compartment, put the car in park, got out and walked up to the gas-soaked man. He touched the red cherry to the man's ass, and instantly, he was in flames and screaming, rolling around on the ground.

Klide got back into the car and they burned rubber leaving the station and the burning man behind.

“Hot damn, that was cool, Baby!” said an excited Bonni. She was turned in her seat watching the human fireball roll around on the ground. She said, “the clerk just ran out of the store with the fire extinguisher. She’s spraying the dude down. Ha! That was fucking awesome!” She was rippling with laughter.

“We gotta get rid of this car, now. Damn, I smell like gas. Klide commented. ‘Can you believe that piece is shit asked me for a dollar, then tried to rob me?’ People are fucking crazy!” he stated, seriously.

“I've always heard Florida was full of nut cases. Now, I've seen it for real. What are we gonna do next?” asked an excited Bonni.

“Steal another car, but we got to get the hell away from here.” He replied as he sped along, trying to find his way back to I-95.

Chapter 15

A few hours later and further south, the sun was rising from the east. Klide had his window down due to the smell of gas that was all over his hands and shoes. He told Bonni that they'd have to stop somewhere and get a room so he could take a shower. She was all for it, since she, too, was needing one.

Bonni asked, “Klide, do you think the police are looking for us, already?”

“I have no doubt about that, Sweetie. We've left a hell of a trail for them to follow. One things for sure... we’ll be famous if it kills us.” he said with a smile and a chuckle.

“As long as I'm with you, I don't care. You think we’ll make it to Hollywood?” she inquired.

“If we can make it to Key West without any of these damn Florida fruit cakes fuckin’ with us, we got a chance. I figure we can steal a boat and cruise over to Texas... Hell, we can go to Mexico or, even, Cuba, if the cops are too hot after us. We’ll steal ourselves the fastest boat they got, too.” Was the plan he laid out for her.

“I've never been on a boat before,” she said.

“Me neither but it looks like fun.”

They cruised along until they saw sign for Daytona Beach.

“Want to go to Daytona and see what we can see?” he asked.

“You’re driving. Sugar.” Was her response as she was taking in as much of the highway scenery as she could.

Klide took the exit that pointed them eastward towards the beach. Once there, he cruised up and down the main strip until he found himself a perfect motel to pull into. He gave Bonni a handful of cash and told her to go into the hotel and get them a room while he looked for a place to park.

In the office, Bonni walked up to the service counter and tapped on a little bell that had a sign saying, “ring for service.” A man of about 50 years of age, and some foreign origin, came out of the back room behind the counter. He smiled a big smile at seeing Bonni.

“Hello! Hello!” he said happily. “How may I help you today, pretty lady?”

Bonni flirted, saying, “I need a room, please.”

“Okay, we have plenty of vacancies available.”

“Can I get a room way in the back? I don't want to be disturbed, you understand?” She cooed giving him her best sexy, sultry look.

He saw all kinds of people come through his motel in the past 12 years since he bought the place, but he was taken aback by the beauty of this girl. He figured she was no more than 16 years old, but that didn't matter. He's not one to care about age when it comes to his lust for young girls. In India, he's had sex with girls as young as 10. In America, he had to be more careful due to the strict laws on that matter. Every now and then he got lucky and ran across a young runaway that needed a place to stay or something to eat and he’d gladly, “trade”. Most of the girls were prostituting themselves, anyway, so what did it matter? Looking at the prize standing before him, he was hoping she was “in need”. It's been a while for Atuk Patel, but he felt today was his lucky day.

“I have just a room for you my beautiful friend. Room #220 it's all the way in the rear and on the corner. How long will you be staying with me?” He said with a coy look in his eyes.

“Oh... I'm not sure yet. I'll have to let you know.” she replied, pulling money from her pocket.

“Do you have any identification, miss?” Here's where he'll see the truth or a lie... He was hoping it was a lie.

“Oh... I'm sorry, I lost it. Is that going to be a problem?"

“Oh no, no, not at all.” he smiled, “I fully understand, lots of people lose their IDs around here.” He was bubbly inside. “You just put your information on this card and I'll get your key. I'll be right back.” With that, he slid her a registration card and turned on his heels and went back into the apartment. A minute later, he returned and placed the key attached to a flat piece of wood with a number 220 and embossed onto it, onto the counter. Bonni reached to grab it and he reached out and covered her hand with his and said, “now, if you need anything... And I mean anything, do not hesitate to call me. My name’s Atuk. If you need a meal, or another day and you can’t pay, just call me. I'm here for you.” He said in his best sincere voice.

Bonni smiled and replied, “why that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me since I've arrived in this state. Thank you, Atuk. I'll definitely be calling you, later on. I promise.” She said as she slid her hand and the key out from under his sweaty palm. She turned and walked out of the office, making certain he was watching her heart-shaped ass twist from side to side.

Atuk eyed her lustily as she disappeared around the corner. He smiled to himself for being so suave and subtle. He knew she'd be back, so he went into his apartment to get ready for her.

He was so caught up in her, he forgot to collect her money. No worries... he'd collect payment another way.

Bonni met Klide on the side of the motel. She got in the car and said, “we got us a real live one, Sugar. The manager is hot for me, I can tell you that. Our room is on the end around the back.” She showed him the room key as Klide crunk up the car and drove them through the parking lot towards their room.

Inside the room, Klide asked, “you think he's worth robbing?”

“Hell yeah! That old man's a child molester. I see it in his eyes. He flirted with me hard, too.” She said as they undressed and climbed into the shower together. “We’ll fix his ass before we leave.”

In the shower, they bathed and made love.

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