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About Bruce Savage

Bruce Savage was born in Lewiston, Maine in 1967, the youngest son of 16 brother’s and sister’s to Winfield Strout and Blanche Strout. He published his first successful work when he was 10 years old in Boy’s Life magazine. The publication paid him $1 for a joke he wrote. So excited about his accomplishment and seeing his name published he pursued the art of writing for the next 40 years. In 1984 he enlisted in the United States Army and served his country in Germany. In 1999 he graduated from Columbia Southern University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Systems. He held several positions with several fortune 500 companies until 2002 when he dove head first and full time into the world of writing and publishing. Since then he has produced 11 novels and counting. Casualties of War was his first novel followed by Psycho.

He is currently working on many other novels that will be available soon as well as the screenplay for Russian Games. He currently lives in Florida and the Philippines with his wife Julie and his daughter. He frequently enjoys making donations and contributions to ending poverty and supporting those less fortunate and he is an avid animal rights supporter.

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Encephalitis Lethargica or von Economo disease is an atypical form of encephalitis. Also known as "sleepy sickness" or as "sleeping sickness" (though different from the sleeping sickness transmitted by the tsetse fly), it was first described by the neurologist Constantin von Economo in 1917. The disease attacks the brain, leaving some victims in a statue-like condition, speechless and motionless. Between 1915 and 1926, an epidemic of encephalitis Lethargica spread around the world; no recurrence of the epidemic has since been reported, though isolated cases continue to occur.

Chapter 1

James Lee Psychiatric Hospital

Raleigh, NC.

Dr. William Stephens sat at his desk reviewing patient records when his phone rang. It was late Friday afternoon and almost five o’clock. He had been there for the last twenty-four hours pulling a triple shift with only moments for a break and just wanted to go home when his phone rang-yet again. What the hell could it be this time? Another food fight in the cafeteria between the paranoid schizophrenics and the manic depressives? Perhaps one of psychotic patients is running loose through the hospital and hacking away at the staff with a meat cleaver from the kitchen? Whatever the emergency was he was the doctor on staff and he needed to answer the phone and find out who needed him now. No matter how tired he was. He quickly reached over and picked up the phone before it was allowed once again to ring and send a bolt of excruciating pain through his sleep deprived brain.

“Stephens, what is it?” Dr. Stephens said gruffly as he answered the phone.

“You need to get down here quickly doctor!” The excited voice of head Nurse Albright sounded in Dr. Stephens ear.

“What is it this time?” Dr. Stephens asked massaging his temple in an attempt to prepare for another headache.

“Your patient is speaking!” Came the reply.

"He’s speaking? It’s working! The treatment is working! I’m on my way. Make sure you record everything he says. Everything!” Dr. Stephens excitedly replied.

"That’s not going to be hard to do doctor. He’s repeating the same thing over and over again.”

"What’s he saying?” Dr. Stephens asked.

"I remember now. I remember now. That’s all he keeps saying over and over again Dr. Stephens.”

"I remember now? What could he be remembering? Get in touch with that sheriff over in Roanoke. He wanted to be notified if there was any change in the patient. I’m on my way.” Dr. Stephens replied and hung up the phone and headed for his office door grabbing his white lab coat as he rushed to see a patient he had a deep interest in. This patient could win him the cover spot on the New England Journal of Medicine if he is right about the treatment and experimental drugs that he had been giving him.

Chapter 2

Roanoke Island, North Carolina

I want my fucking money!” John Canton hollered at Timothy Wing. He sold the fishing boat to Timothy. A 40-foot rusted, leaking, had seen better days of a fishing boat along with various fishing equipment and nets for the sum of $50,000. It was a done deal. Timothy had given his word that the boat and equipment would be paid off within two years or he could take the boat back- more like would take the boat back. But Timothy's luck at fishing was about the same as his luck with women- Shitty.

He was a divorcee, well unofficially. His wife took off with another man. No one has seen or heard from either of them since then.

Timothy had agreed to make the payments on time. Once every month until the boat was paid off. Unfortunately, the amount of fish he had been catching hadn’t been enough to keep up with the payments, as well as his own expenses.

“If you don’t have the money you owe me by Friday. I’m taking the boat back.” John said sticking his finger in Timothy’s face.

“I don’t have time for this shit or your damn excuses. Get me my money or that’s it!”

“You’ll get your money dam ‘it! I’m doing the best I can. The catches haven’t been that large. It’s not my fucking fault.” Timothy replied. His face was covered with sweat. The hangover he was working off wasn’t helping him resolve the problem.

“You have till Friday. That’s it no more!” John said turning and walking away. He got into his truck and lit up the tires spraying dirt and rocks in Timothy’s direction.

“FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Timothy screamed as the 79’ Ford pickup sped out of view. He turned and walked back to his house. At least that was paid for. At least his father left him something useful in his will. It was one of Roanoke’s historical landmarks. Built in the late 1600’s by colonist. Beautiful then, but now desperately needing of up keep. A new roof. Paint all around. Hell a new everything!

As he got to the front porch his yellow lab started to bark at him. He turned his anger from his argument with John Canton to his dog.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP ROCK! You worthless mutt! I ought ‘a put you on a hook and use you for bait. Maybe then I’ll catch some fish.” Rock stopped barking and backed up and then went back to lying down on the porch. He quietly positioned himself between a rusted lawn chair and the railing. Never taking his eyes off of Timothy for a moment. He knew from past experience not to anger him. Rock knew that when Timothy was like this it was best to just stay away and stay quiet. Timothy took hold of the front door knob and threw open the door then slammed it behind him as he walked in.

“Fuck! How am I supposed to get Canton's money by Friday?” Timothy screamed out loud.

“I’m screwed! I am so fucking screwed!” He said picking up the bottle of Jack Daniel’s that was half full sitting on the kitchen table.

“Well, at least I still have you my friend. There’s no better friend then Jack.” He said as he unscrewed the cap and put the bottle to his lips and guzzled down a good portion of the contents. His drinking had escalated since his wife left almost a year before. Almost to the point where he was too drunk to get up in the morning and go fishing. Many a morning was spent with him puking his guts out over the side of his boat.

He had become the talk of the island, the brunt of people’s jokes, and the main topic of gossip at the local diner the Korn Hut. That was where the locals would go and talk. His wife Cindy had run off with a writer who stayed on the island for a short while. She became captivated with him the moment she met him. All he had done was tell her about the book he was writing about the legend of the missing colonist of Roanoke and that was that. She was his! Anything would have captivated her. Hell, a tourist asking for directions to the aquarium would have done it.

She was tired of the island and wanted adventure and he was it. Years of marriage had ended with a writer and a promise of adventure. This stuck a knife deep into Timothy’s heart and gave him a good reason to hate writers. Years of trying to please her and give and get her what she wanted. Promises made, but never kept because of his shit luck.

“Well hey! You know what Jack?” He spoke to the bottle of whiskey he held in his hand.

“Fuck’em all! I don’t need her. I don’t need that fucking piece of shit boat. All I need is you good buddy.” He put the bottle of whiskey to his lips again and took another drink then slowly staggered into the living room and planted himself down in an old tattered recliner still holding the bottle of whiskey in one hand. Never letting it go or spilling a drop. He looked over to the end table next to him and picked up the picture of his ex-wife.

“Fuck you! For better or worse. Till death do us part! I hope you’re happy with Mr. Dictionary. FUCK YOU!” He hollered at the picture and in a fit of anger threw the picture against the wall. The picture slammed into the wall and glass from the frame shattered and sprayed about the living room. He calmed down for a moment and gave out a quiet laugh and then took another drink from the bottle.

And then another…

And another…

Until the bottle was empty...

Until he passed out...

For the moment the tempest was at bay.

Chapter 3

Ralph Lane impatiently looked out his windshield at the traffic ahead of him.

"Cars, trucks, buses. Cars, trucks, buses.” he said to himself over and over again as he sat patiently waiting for traffic to finally move.

“I just had to buy a gas guzzler didn’t I? We just had to move to Boston?” He said to his wife Eleanor who sat quietly in the passenger’s seat of the Ford Explorer reading her husband's latest manuscript.



“What did you say honey?” Eleanor said as she turned her attention from the manuscript to her husband.

“I said…I had to buy this frig’gin gas guzzler? Didn’t I? With all this damn traffic, every damn day. We had to pick this vehicle. Might as well of just handed over my credit card and wallet to the gas station attendant.”

“We? I told you not to buy the damn thing. But you wanted it because of the stupid toys. 'Tricked out' I believe was your exact words.” Eleanor chimed.

“And moving to Boston wasn’t such a bad idea. Boston is a perfect place to live and further your career.”

“Well, I should have listened to you.” Ralph replied.

“The next time I promise; I’ll listen to you.”

“Yup, Whatever Ralph.” Eleanor said shortly then turned another page of the manuscript. She knew that this conversation would happen again. Just like it always did. Whenever Ralph spent money he always put aside what was practical for what sparkled and glittered. If it had a button or a flashing light, he bought it- especially collectable model cars. Their apartment was filled with gadgets that he only used once and then lost interest in. A virtual gadget pack rat she would call him.

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