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Dribs and Drabbles

Anne Wrightwell

Dribs and Drabbles

Anne Wrightwell

Copyright Anne Wrightwell 2017

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A short story about a young woman who attends a mysterious interview. Why can't she remember the name of the firm or the job she is applying for? Why does everyone come up in the lift but nobody leave by it?

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Twitter Tales

  3. No One There

  4. The Real Dragon Slayer

  5. The Two Assassins

  6. The King’s Revenge

  7. Scrooge

  8. The Elixir of Life

  9. The Sea Monster and Its Mate

  10. Pride and Prejudice

  11. A Tree, Struck by Lightning

  12. The City from the Sea

  13. Red and the Alien Wolf

  14. White and the Alien Queen

  15. About the Author

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This is a collection of short stories of different lengths. Very short stories are known as ‘flash fiction’ or ‘micro fiction’ or ‘sudden fiction’. The first page is incredibly short stories, known as ‘twitter fiction’ or ‘twiterature’; stories told in less than 140 characters. The following ten stories are ‘drabbles’, short stories told in around 100 words. The next two are ‘flash fiction’, stories of less than 750 words and the last is the longest; a short story, of around 1,750 words.

I hope you enjoy them.

Twitter Tales

27-year-old male. Likes to howl at the full moon. Seeks female with penchant for hairy men.

Her – prejudice. Him – pride. Plot includes explanatory letters, stately homes, runaway sisters and interfering aunts.

Down in the labyrinth, The Minotaur roared. Why did they never get his order right? He’d ordered vegetarian not virgin.

One miser. One dead partner. Three ghosts. Change and transformation. Ends up with good will to all men and a great fat turkey. Tiny Tim will become Big Tim.

He was so charming on the internet. Pity, she forgot to tell anyone who he was or where she was going. Even bigger pity, she agreed to meet him at his house.

Oh, God no, Zombies! Please don’t kill—. Me like brains. Brains me like. Like brains. Braains. Braains.

Fairy godmothers don’t always know best. Prince Charming was a sexist miser who had a shoe fetish and lost his hair early.

I am so bored with blood. If I have to bite into one more jugular and watch the blood spurt out, I swear I’ll stake myself.

3 bed house for sale in London. Fantastic bargain price. The buyers were ecstatic. The ghosts of the girls buried in the basement were thrilled too.

Four children find an enchanting and enchanted world in a wardrobe.

‘What’s the best way to kill a knight?’ the young dragon asked her teacher. ‘A strong flame. Don’t forget to let the armour cool down before you peel it off and have a jolly good dinner.’

Three talking walking bears. About to eat Goldilocks until she told them her dad was an agent. Now, they’re performing nightly in Las Vegas.

Advert in yellowed paper. Pair of hand knitted baby booties. For Sale. Never worn.

One wicked stepmother. One magic mirror. One poisoned apple. Seven dwarves. Shame the prince was a necrophiliac.

No One There

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