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Basics of Human Resources in the Job Market

How to Get that Ideal Job of Your Choice’

Mfalme Davis

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To the determined job-seeker & the discerning Employee/contingency worker upon whom this comprehensive practical guidebook is directed with a view to induct them on job hunting & employability skills.

Table of Contents

Basics of Human Resources in the Job-market
‘How to get that ideal Job of Your choice’

A Introductory Essay:

It so happens to be an obvious fact and objective reality that a significant number of school leavers and college graduates, invariably, leave these educational institutions and tertiary colleges with high hopes of readily securing for themselves gainful employment in the job sector. But, much to their consternation, they are often ,rudely confronted by the rather harsh reality that the high expectations of a better and blissful life, thereafter, could as well had been a mirage of an oasis –that never was-- to a thirsty desert traveler.

Thus, sheer sense of disillusionment begins to weigh them heavily down upon now finding themselves in the uncompromising world of gloom where dreams, invariably, remain dreams even in their wakeful moments. However, this guidebook objectively seek to introduce its above mentioned target audience to the world of work and the intricacies of the job market where nowadays the buzz- word is employability and not employment.

The guidebook opens up by explaining the varied reasons as to why people seek employment in the job sector such as: want of money and /or financial security & prestige. In this regard, the term employment is understood to mean: (I) a productive source of income, or (ii) a source of personal comfort and satisfaction, as derived from the objective reality that one is now able to employ his learned skills that he was acquired in the course of his schooling, professional training, or vocational induction.

In broader context, employment is not only desirable as an ideal for want-satisfaction but in also as a critical tool for the improvement of overall Human Development Indices (HDI), in terms of access to quality education, better health, means of transport and communication facilities.
In other words, employment assist an individual to improve his standards of living by readily affording him the purchasing power to the basic necessities as opposed to living in the indignity of the bondage of deprivation and destitution. Thus, employment enhances socio-economic development which can only be achieved when one has a productive source of income and when the wider society is engaged in productive economic activities.

However, for one to be able to secure some gainful employment either in the formal or informal sectors of employment, he or she need to have acquired relevant vocational, technical or professional skills and knowledge which will desirably enable him/her to work productively and in an efficient and proficient manner. While unemployment may lead to hunger, poverty and destitution, some unlucky lot may resort to such abominable social evils as prostitution, thuggery, drug-abuse and many others unsocial tendencies instead of engaging in acceptable productive economic activities.

Moreover, it is imperative to assert here that securing a job is one thing, while keeping it to the end certainly is another thing altogether. Those who are discerning readily understand that the secret of enhancing one’s employability is continuously learning relevant skills and competencies, and strict adherence to the laid down work ethics.

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