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Season 02 | Episode 05


by Misty Vixen

Ryan couldn't deny that he was nervous. He watched as most of the others drifted out of the bridge. Syl still sat at the controls, working them, making sure that they started heading off to where they needed to go. Angel stood by his side, looking a bit nervous herself. The look was one Ryan didn't think he had ever seen her wear, at least not genuinely. It didn't suit her. She looked a little...lost. Then he saw her gaze settle on someone.


The sexbot was passing her by, following Lindsay. Angel reached out and gently took her hand. Love stopped, glanced back at her, curious.

Yes?” she asked with a small smile.

I was hoping that you could, uh, come to my room with me and Ryan. Maybe we could all relax together,” Angel replied.

Love's smile broadened. “Sure. That sounds like fun,” she said.

Okay. Thank you.”

Love laced their fingers together. Ryan reached out and did the same with her other hand. Together, the three of them headed out of the bridge, trailing in the wake of the others, and began making their way back to Angel's room. Nobody spoke until they had moved through the door and come into her bedroom.

So...” Ryan said, closing the door behind them. “What's up?” he asked.

Angel walked over to her bed, sat down, and stared at them both, chewing on her lower lip. “I'm a little rattled,” she admitted suddenly.

That's to be expected,” Love replied. “Even battle-hardened combat vets get rattled from time to time, and if I remember right, it's been months since anyone has openly attacked you.”

Yeah. Normally, I would just...deal with it on my own. Being rattled isn't exactly conducive to being a mercenary. But lately I've felt more...open. I trust the two of you. I was originally going to ask Ryan to fuck me, as that really helps take my mind off of things, but then I saw you and...I've always wondered, you know?”

Wondered what I'd be like in bed? I'll blow your mind,” Love replied.

Angel laughed. “Yeah, I figured. What I mean is...I honestly didn't think I'd be interested in girls. I mean, I always thought boobs were hot but, like, come on, who doesn't? So I never really tried. But all my life I've gotten...inklings and sparks every now and then. I'd see a woman who was really hot in one way or another. I didn't really think anything of it though until Emily fucked me in a threesome with Ryan. It was hot because she was so strong and domineering, but also, it kinda made me think that...yeah, maybe I should get more involved with women in the bedroom. And I thought, being a sexbot and a friend, you might be a good choice to get a bit more involved than just holding me down and fucking me with a strap-on,” she explained.

I think that makes sense. And I'd definitely like to make love with you,” Love replied. “I've always thought you were a very attractive dysil woman.”

I'm always down for a threesome, and for making you feel better in whatever way I can,” Ryan said.

Angel laughed and grinned. “I appreciate that. You two are great friends. Great people to have in my life...now, the other thing I wanted. It isn't going to be what I normally go for. I'm not entirely sure why but...well, you ever have those days where all you want to do is sit around in your underwear, eat some comfort food, and watch a comedy series? That's how I kind of feel right now. So I just want some nice sex and some TLC, some tender love and care. So...” she shrugged. “That's basically what I'm asking for.”

I'm down,” Love said.

Me too. You want us to just...take care of you?” Ryan asked.

Yeah.” She laughed. “I'm still submissive in the bedroom.”

I can manage that,” Love said.

Ryan looked over. She was naked now. Her silver breasts were fuller, bare, nipples obvious and perfectly sized. Her ass, hips, and thighs had grown a bit thicker, her vagina becoming obvious now, smooth and bare. Ryan could feel himself getting harder. This would help him, too. Help him take his mind off of how dangerous things were getting lately. He took off his shirt and tossed it aside as Angel stood up and began stripping as well. As they began taking their clothes off, there was something different in their motions.

This wasn't fast or frantic like it had been in the past. There was a slowness, a deliberateness that seemed to exude a notion of togetherness, of unity. He kicked off his shoes and shucked his pants, boxers, and socks, soon standing naked before the two women. It was a joy watching Angel strip. She tended to wear tight clothing and she had quite a voluptuous form that kind of burst from her clothing, as if freed from it.

Her breasts were large, happy, and full, her thighs quite thick, her well-padded ass given that hot, teardrop shape, broad at the bottom and along the sides, complimented by her hips, thinning up to a narrow stomach and waistline. Her pussy was very obvious, a thin pink line set into orange flesh, free of hair.

So...this is me,” Angel said, looking at Love.

You've kept yourself in great shape,” Love replied, studying her with a mixture of sexual hunger and curiosity.

Well...not all me. I workout a lot but I also take advantage of technology,” she replied.

Most people do nowadays,” Ryan replied. “I don't think it makes you any less hot, because...wow, you are fucking hot.”

Angel laughed. “You're going to make me blush. Can we get to it?”

Definitely,” Ryan replied.

He and Love walked slowly up to her. Love took Angel's face in her hands and pressed her lips firmly against Angel's. Ryan began kissing her neck and groping her breasts. He saw Love take one of Angel's arms by the wrist and bring it up to her large, silver breast. Angel began groping it, gently squeezing and massaging it, moaning softly as she passionately made out with the silver sexbot. Ryan kept kissing down her neck, crossed her collarbone, and then along her large breasts. He licked his tongue slowly across her right breast while reaching around and down, getting a handful of her thick, firm ass in his grasp.

He continued licking across her breast until he got her nipple into his mouth. He began sucking on it, causing her to cry out softly in pleasure. With his other hand, he reached down and slipped a finger in between the lips of her pussy. They parted wetly for him and he found the small nub of her clit and began to stimulate it, slowly, gently.

Angel let out a loud moan and broke the kiss. “May-maybe we should lay down,” she said, breathing heavily now. She laughed softly. “I don't know if my legs can handle all this. Too much stimuli, I'm going to end up falling down.”

Fair enough,” Ryan replied.

They moved back to the bed together, which was just big enough for all three of them to fit on without too much trouble. Ryan laid on one side and Love laid on the other, Angel was in the middle, the center of all their attention and affection. Love began giving attention to Angel's breasts, kissing and licking and sucking on them, while Ryan started making out with her, twining their tongues together as he reached back down in between her thick thighs, which she spread wide for him, and found her clit once more.

She moaned into the kiss, which was, as it always was, a pleasurable sensation. Ryan began working her clit in gentle little circles. She was incredibly warm and wet down there. He kept tongue kissing her, tasting her saliva, staring into her eyes, as he began to increase the pressure and speed at which he pleasured here.

Angel moaned again, louder.

Here,” Love said suddenly. “How about you take the inside, I'll take the outside?” she suggested as she moved one hand lower and brought her face up level with theirs.

Happy to,” Ryan replied.

Oh boy,” Angel said.

Get ready, this is going to be great,” Love said with a smile.

She started kissing Angel as she began stimulating her clit. Ryan slipped a finger inside of her, relishing the feel of her slick, tight, hot wetness. She seemed practically overheated and she was crazy wet inside. He started sliding his finger in and out of her rapidly, fucking her first with one finger, then, before long, he slipped a second one inside of her. Angel began crying out as she made out with Love. Love broke away from her kissing for a moment and Angel rested her head back against her pillow and began crying out even louder, panting as the pleasure from being fingered by two different hands simultaneously overtook her.

It didn't take long for her to start orgasming.

Ryan felt her muscles contract, felt the heat ratchet up a notch and suddenly she cried out, shouting in ecstasy, as a spray of hot, feminine juices escaped her tight opening. Her hips thrust wildly and she seemed to buck up against them, bouncing back down onto the bed as she climaxed. Love was having her own bout of pleasure, feeding off of the various signs and signals Angel's body was giving off as she came. Love rolled onto her back and cried out, moaning desperately as her body simulated its own climax.

When they were both done, they simply lay there for a long moment. Finally, Love rolled back over and sat up, staring at Angel, smiling.

Feel better?” she asked.

Mmm-hmm,” Angel replied, lying still, her eyes closed, breathing slowly. “Much better. That was great.”

Want more?” Ryan asked.

Yep,” Angel replied.

She reached over and pulled his face to hers, making out with him. They spent the next few minutes kissing, Angel being passed back and forth between the two of them, kissing them each. Then both Ryan and Love lowered themselves and began sucking on her breasts, each of them taking one. Angel let out a startled sound of pleasure.

That's great,” she whispered.

They kept pleasuring her until Ryan's horniness ended up moving them onto the next phase of the threesome. He broke away slightly and looked up at her. “Would you mind sucking my dick?” he asked.

Nope,” Angel replied. “If Love wouldn't mind eating my pussy.”

Gladly,” Love replied.

Angel stayed where she was at as Ryan got on top of her, straddling her chest and positioning his dick right in front of her mouth, which she opened for him. As he slid it into the wet, warm opening of her mouth, he felt as much as heard Love shift into position between Angel's thick, orange thighs and set to work.

Ryan placed a hand on Angel's head, resting the heel of his palm against her forehead, in between her hot little horns, and started sliding his cock slowly in and out of her mouth, fucking it. She let out a loud moan that was echoed by Love as Love began eating her pussy out. He groaned in pleasure as Angel sucked on his cock while he slid it in and out of her mouth, going a bit faster, trying to make it feel even better.

He kept going, listening to and loving the sound of both women moaning loudly in pleasure, until he could no longer hold onto his orgasm. He pulled out of Angel's mouth, not wanting to come yet, and got off of her, closing his eyes, bringing himself back under control.

You okay there?” Angel asked, sounding out of breath.

Yeah, that was just a bit too hot,” he replied.

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