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Season 02 | Episode 04


by Misty Vixen

There was maybe an hour left before they hit the planet and made the drop off. At least as far as Ryan knew. After all his sexual escapades, he'd been relaxing, lying in bed with Syl. She was reading something and he was nodding off, tired, content to snuggle up against her. But she'd shifted and it had woke him back up a few minutes ago. Now he didn't think he could get back to sleep, and that was fine, because a question had come to mind.

Hey, Syl,” he said, still wrapped around her, arms and one leg, holding her gently, his bare chest pressed against her back.

Yeah?” she replied, setting down the tablet.

I was curious, and it's okay if you don't feel like talking about it, but, what have your other relationships been like, before me and Colleen?”

Oh. Heh, I thought it was going to be something else. Don't know what, but it's fine. I don't mind. I've dated like a handful of people. They were all pretty decent...for the most part. I was kind of stupid in high school. I was really, you know...weird. Awkward. I wasn't very confident. And I liked humans. I don't really know why, I just...did. There was this foreign exchange student, he kind of reminded me of you, a bit shy, a bit awkward like myself, he was so cute. I had it bad for him. And we started talking and hanging out and then everyone started making fun of us, saying we were dating. We weren't but I wanted to so I...did something shitty and stopped talking to him. I hate that I did that now and if I could change it I would.

I ended up dating some idiot that I knew liked me. He was a jock, he was a jerk. He was nice enough when were alone, I guess, but anytime we were around other people he was always trying to be...cool. Or his idea of cool. It was pathetic, and such a turn off. He was so fucking concerned with what other people thought of him.”

You dump him?” Ryan asked.

Syl snorted and snuggled back a bit further into his embrace. “No. He dumped me. Some hotter babe started hanging on his arm. We lasted four months. I was devastated. Some other guy started sniffing around, less of a jerk but more of a pushover. Seemed like he couldn't make any decisions for himself. Talking to me was the best he could work up to and I asked him out because I didn't want to be alone...ugh. Listen to me, I sound pathetic.”

You were a teenager. Everyone's pathetic when they're a teenager,” Ryan replied.

Syl laughed. “That's true, I guess. It got better after high school. I kind of realized that I'm actually pretty awesome, took more control of my life, started dating better guys...then girls. That was when things got really fun. I dated this cyvit with a big ass, amazing green eyes, and lips to die for. That girl could eat pussy like no other. We had a lot of wild fun. Met during college. She was the one who got me fully into the open relationship lifestyle. We had...a ton of fun together. Why are you asking, anyway?”

Just curious, I guess. I want to know what I have to compete with,” Ryan replied.

You don't have to compete with anyone. That wouldn't be fair of me. Just...take care of me, be nice to me, and I'll do the same for you. I know a lot of people have bizarre views on relationships, but you don't have to worry about that with me or Colleen. We know what we want. Yes, we will hold you to certain standards, but they're very reasonable standards. Don't neglect us, don't abuse us, respect us. You know, easy shit.”

Definitely easy,” Ryan replied.

Good. That's why you're a good boyfriend.”

Ryan squeezed her a little bit tighter and they continued lying there in her bed.

Emily checked the time on her Link.

Or, really, she was checking the countdown timer she'd initiated once they'd left the station. It was matched to the ship's own internal chronometer, counting down to their estimated arrival at their destination. Their destination being what was supposed to be a highly frequented and safe space station floating well above the planet they had to head down to. There was about an hour left until they arrived.

Which was fine. She was training with Ilyse again. Emily had hit the straps again, though this time fixing them to her ankles to strengthen her legs. Ilyse was at the virtual shooting range, banging out round after virtual round. They'd originally wanted to use a real shooting range with real bullets, but figured it'd save money this way. At this point, the range had more than paid for itself. Emily was thinking about the mission.

This was how it usually went. When a mission was on and it was dangerous, it was all that filled her mind. She kind of obsessed over it. That was probably what made her so good at her job. Why she was sort of in charge. Emily kept going, kept working her legs, feeling the burn. She was pretty much coated in sweat and was very much looking forward to the shower that was waiting for her at the end of this workout.

Her thighs were burning from the effort. She took a deep breath, let it out as she pushed, rinsed and repeated. This went on for another fifteen minutes before she finally felt like she'd accomplished enough for the day. Or, at least, in the given allotted time before they would arrive at the station. She disengaged the straps from her leg.

You about done?” she asked, glancing over at Ilyse.

Yeah. I'll be there,” Ilyse replied.

All right. I'm heading up for a shower now.”

See you in the armory.”

Emily began making her way back through the ship, out of the training area, across the cargo bay and up through the engine room. She made it back to her room, kicked out of her shoes, and peeled off her tanktop and jogging shorts, tossing them into a growing pile in the corner. Almost without breaking her stride, Emily walked into the bathroom, hit the shower, and slipped in. When the mission was on her, she always felt the urge to be very efficient, to not waste even a single second if it could be helped. With this in mind, she set to work.

It took close to five minutes to lather some soap up and rub her whole body down, then wash her hair. She'd never been able to break this habit. There was just something that felt...wrong, if she didn't do the whole thing while she was in the shower. When she was finished, she killed the water, stepped out and spent another five minutes drying off. When that was finished, she dressed in some formfitting black pants and a formfitting black top, opting to leave her boots off in favor of black socks. She was going to be wearing armor.

It provided its own set of combat boots and the clothes she was wearing now were specifically designed to go under the armor. Emily checked her time again as she stepped out into the corridor and made for the kitchen. She sent out a general call over the team's Link to ensure that they would all get the message to meet up with her. She found that little rallies and pep talks tended to help just before a mission.

Angel and Ilyse were already in the kitchen waiting for her. Angel was already halfway through a huge energy drink, gearing up for whatever lay ahead. Emily considered how she wanted this to play out as the others trickled into the room in ones and twos. Before long, she had what she wanted and everyone was here.

All right, this is how it's going to go,” she said, getting their attention. “Love, Lindsay, Angel, you're coming with me out to the site. You'll be my back up. That means that Ilyse, Syl, and Colleen will stay behind with Ryan and watch the ship. We're docking at a fairly secure, public location, so there shouldn't be any kind of problem, but I just want to make sure everyone is on the ball. Never know what might be waiting.”

She waited to see if anyone had anything to say, but, like almost all other times similar to this, everyone agreed with her. She nodded and left the room, trailing Love, Lindsay, and Angel, who followed her down the hallway and into the armory, while the others dispersed throughout the ship according to their own whims. She saw Syl move ahead of them, into the bridge, no doubt to ensure the ship was still running smoothly.

In the armory, she felt even more in control. Putting on her armor was always a pleasure. She and the others opened up their respective lockers and spent the next several minutes in silence, getting ready for the mission ahead. As Emily put on her chest piece, fitting it over her large breasts, she'd forgotten how much she liked doing this. How much she missed this part of the mission. She got into her leggings, pulled on her boots, and then grabbed her helmet. All of this stuff was pretty top quality, expensive, supposed to stop most bullets, even the fancy ones. It had been a worthy investment and had saved her life more times than she cared to count.

Now that her armor was on, it was time for the guns.

She liked guns.

There was a huge, nasty pistol that she liked to use. It fired bullets with enough power to punch a fist-sized hole in a man's chest. She slipped that into the holster on her hip and grabbed some ammunition for it, fitting it into the pouches on her armor. Once that was done, she considered grabbing any other armaments, then glanced back at the other girls, who were pretty much all geared up. She decided she could trust them to handle it. Too many guns slowed her down. Her pistol should be enough to handle whatever.

Ready?” she asked, turning to face them all.

They all indicated that they were.

Emily smiled and put on her helmet. It was good to be back in action.

Ryan sat at his desk, looking through his files, but he couldn't really focus. He sat back for a moment, rubbing at his eyes, though it was more reflexive than anything else. He wasn't tired. Just nervous, anxious, really. Syl was in the bridge, looking over the ship with Ilyse. He and Colleen had gone back to their shared bedroom after they'd docked at the space station and found nothing sinister or dangerous waiting for them. As far as he knew, Emily and the others had taken a space taxi down to the surface and were getting on with the mission.

That was part of what was making him nervous. Emily's speeches about danger were beginning to get to him a little, to unnerve him and make him feel kind of guilty for not being a real mercenary. But, again, he consoled himself with the knowledge that the girls would protect him and they wouldn't resent him for it if they had to. At least, he hoped that's how it was. Ryan sat forward again, staring at his laptop.

Over the course of the trip between worlds, he'd managed to look through his files stored in his Link for the old pieces of fiction he'd either planned or begun writing. Ryan had expected the job to take longer than the two or so hours it did, but honestly, the real reason behind that was he hadn't actually written all that much. He remembered flat out deleting about half of what he'd constructed in the past, disgusted with how terrible it was. It was odd to think about that, as, now that he'd thought about it, he'd actually devoted about two solid years to writing, more than just 'toying around' with the notion.

But here it was, the moment of truth.

He started looking through his files. Most of what he'd written were stupid romance fantasies about a young, socially awkward guy meeting the love of his life, a beautiful young woman, typically either a cyvit or a xenian, though he'd written at least one with a quine and that one was actually almost finished. Though 'finished', he realized as he glanced at the word count of the document, hadn't meant much in those days.

This was hardly half an average length novel.

But, he reflected, that didn't mean everything. People didn't buy only novels nowadays. Sure, they were still the most popular, but there was such a thing a novellas, short stories, serial novels, even. So he wasn't totally fucked.


Ugh,” he muttered, reading over one of the passages. It sucked. He'd read a ton since he'd last written and his old stuff sucked out loud.

You okay?” Colleen asked. She was lying on the bed, reading her tablet.

Yeah, just sad,” Ryan replied.

She set the tablet down and rolled over, facing him. “Why are you sad?”

Maybe sad isn't the right word. Disappointed. I was just looking over my old stories. They suck. Like, a lot.”

Let me see,” Colleen said, getting up off the bed.

No, come on...don't read them. I'll go from disappointed to outright embarrassed,” Ryan replied, closing the laptop.

Don't be that way. I won't laugh or anything, Ryan. Come on. We've had sex, we've spent lots of time together. We've seen each other at our most vulnerable. You can trust me,” Colleen said, standing beside him.

He considered it for a moment, then sighed, opened the laptop back up and stood. “Fine, but I swear if I hear one giggle I will totally cut you off from sex for like a week.”

Colleen laughed outright. “Oh, give me a break, Ryan. You can't go twelve hours without jumping me for some pussy. I don't even have to ask, you come begging for it,” she said, grinning and kissing him. “What makes you think you could resist even for a second if I really turned the charm on and started asking you for it?”

He sighed. “Yeah, you've got a point.”

Don't worry. I won't laugh.”

She sat down. Ryan moved over to the bed and flopped back onto it, lying there, waiting anxiously for her to read his crappy, old story. Several minutes passed in silence. Occasionally, he glanced over at her, to see if she was reacting to it at all, but Colleen had a good poker face, keeping her expression carefully neutral.

Well?” he asked after a full fifteen minutes had passed and he'd taken to pacing restlessly across their quarters.

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