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by Misty Vixen

Season 02 | Episodes 10 – 12



The space taxi finished linking up with the Hellcat.

Ryan and Syl, who had drifted off into a cautious sleep against each other despite the murmur of conversation from the rest of the squad, awoke with a start as the loud clang reverberated through the hull. He was quite tired. They'd spent seven days on that pleasure planet, in the White Sand Islands. They'd just left as the seventh day was coming to a close, twilight falling on the impossibly beautiful islands.

Part of him was sad to see it go, because, in all honesty, it was his first real vacation. But another part, perhaps a larger part, was glad he was home. And that thought struck him as odd. He'd only been aboard the Hellcat for a week or so before the vacation. Had he really come to think of it as his home so quickly?

Ryan supposed he had.

He looked over at Syl, who smiled sleepily at him. He smiled back at her, then leaned in and kissed her.

Are we back already?” she asked after they finished kissing. She yawned and stretched.

Yep,” Emily replied. “Come on.”

The others were getting up, all of them various states of exhaustion. Except for Colleen, who was sitting on his other side. She seemed excited. She had stood up the moment the ship had locked airlocks with theirs.

Ryan got up and looked around, doing a quick headcount. Emily and Ilyse, their two resident seven foot Amazonian warrior women, clad in nothing but jogging shorts and form-fitting tanktops, were gathering up their things. Love, the sexbot turned mercenary, already had her stuff, which consisted of a little black suitcase with a bright silver zipper, clasped firmly in hand. Some of the time down there he'd spent was with her, following her around the island they were staying on, looking for an assortment of seemingly random and only vaguely useful or novel items sold along the strip malls that plagued all resort towns.

Angel looked a bit fierce. She'd apparently really screwed up her sleeping schedule and had had to be woken for their departure and had a hangover. She was grumpy and quiet, and her horns and tail only made her seem that much more threatening when she was in a bad mood. And then, finally, there were his two girlfriends: Syl and Colleen. He still wasn't sure how to feel about that. He was in an actual relationship with two different women. It didn't seem like it was going to be all that different from how things had been before.

He would still sleep around, still be happy to be passed around like a party favor between the badass female crew of the Hellcat. And Colleen and Syl would be okay with that. (He hoped, at least.) The biggest difference would be that he was now living with Colleen. They had agreed to set up a room together. That, and, he supposed, he would be spending more time with the two women. He hoped it would go well.

Ryan stood and stretched, then grabbed his duffel-bag. He joined the general shuffle for the airlock with the others and they all moved through until they were back aboard their own ship. Angel and Love immediately went for their rooms. Emily and Ilyse lingered in the main hallway for a bit, then seemed to come to a decision between the two of them and made for the galley. Colleen and Syl lingered with him.

So...I was hoping to start the moving process,” Colleen said. She seemed to be practically bursting with energy.

Right now?” Syl asked groggily.

Yes...please? I could really use your guys' help with it,” Colleen replied.

I'd be down for it,” Ryan said. What he really wanted to do was lie around for a little while, but he could tell that this was important to Colleen.

I guess so, at least for a bit.” Syl yawned again. “Sorry, I'm just so damned tired. But I can offer some help.”

Thanks you two,” Colleen said, and all but bounded down the corridor.

Ryan and Syl trailed after her.

The room next to mine is empty,” Colleen said as she opened her door and disappeared in through it. The pair followed her in. Ryan had been told earlier about the joining of two rooms, or even three, or as much as six, technically. The living quarters were divided up in rows, six to a row, and all of the walls could theoretically be broken down. Though he couldn't imagine everyone agreeing to that. And besides, two was enough.

He looked around Colleen's room, imagining what it would be like to share it with her. One thing that immediately jumped out at him was the idea that their ideas of cleanliness, or, more appropriately, organization, were going to clash. Colleen seemed to not care where things went. While Ryan didn't quite consider himself a neat freak, he did like to be more organized than her. He hoped that wouldn't present a problem.

The three of them set to work.

The first order of business was to move her bed away from the far left wall. Once they shifted it to the middle of the room, Syl went off to grab the tools necessary to disengage the wall from its locked-in position.

So how does this work?” Ryan asked while they waited.

Colleen was crouched down, gathering things up off the floor. For a moment, all he had eyes for was her beautiful, well-formed ass. Ever since she'd gotten more comfortable with him and Syl, she'd ditched the baggy clothing and started showing off her beautiful pink-furred body. Right now she was wearing some only slightly baggy sweatpants that were stretched tight across her broad ass. She was very distracting.

Once we disengage the wall, it'll basically slide up into the ceiling. Like a garage door,” Colleen replied.

And that's it?” Ryan replied.

She stood up, turned around, and stretched. Ryan couldn't help but notice the way her breasts pressed against the fabric of her t-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

Almost. After that we just have to engage the seals.”


I'll show you once we move it.”

A moment later, Syl returned with her toolkit. She set the kit down on Colleen's desk and dug through it for a moment. Finally, she came up with the right tool and walked over to one corner where the walls touched and met the floor. She crouched and set to work. Ryan became distracted by her tight butt as well. He thought back to the last time he'd had sex and realized it had been this morning. Had it really? It felt like longer, but...no. He'd woken up and had a threesome with Syl and Colleen before enjoying one last day on the island.

Why was he so damned horny all the time?

He supposed, if you were going to be horny all the time, it helped to live with a group of hot alien women who were willing to hop on your dick pretty much every day. Syl stood back up, moved over to the other corner, and repeated the procedure.

There,” she said.

The wall suddenly came loose, popping up about an inch or two off the floor, leaving a gap of space. The three of them each took up position alongside the wall, crouched, worked their fingers through the slot of space and lifted it up. The wall went fairly easily. It slid up and back into its recessed niche in the ceiling, until it was all the way gone. As soon as it was, Colleen crouched down again and pointed.

This is what I meant, Ryan,” she said. “These grooves.”

He saw what she meant about engaging the seals. Where the wall had once been, along the floor, walls, and ceiling, were inch-deep slots.

I've got it,” Syl said.

She moved back over to one corner, crouched, and opened a small panel in the wall. She worked at it with the tools for a moment, and then a soft sound of working machinery came to them. Thin metal pieces slid out from their own recessed niches by the grooves and sealed them up, making the walls and ceiling look unbroken. It was a little awkward for the floor, because there was carpeting, but it was purely a cosmetic problem.

Now we can't trip over them or lose things in them,” Colleen said.

That's pretty neat,” Ryan replied. “Has anyone ever done this before? Broken down the walls, I mean.”

No, we've never really had reason to, as far as I know,” Syl said. “We originally talked about it for Emily and Ilyse, back when she lived here with us, but they said one bedroom was enough. I think they just didn't what 'special accommodations' or something like that. Emily and Ilyse are cool and all, but sometimes they let their tough girl mentalities get in the way of common sense. Like how they always insist on carrying everything when we're moving cargo or something like that. Sometimes I like to tease them about it.”

I'm sure they love that,” Ryan replied.

Syl snorted. “Yeah. Ilyse is pretty laid back but Emily gets huffy sometimes.”

They moved over into the other bedroom. Ryan called for lights and they flickered into existence, illuminating the place. It looked like it had never been lived in. There was even a very thin layer of dust across everything. 'Everything' being a single-wide bed shoved into one corner, a squat dresser with three drawers, an empty desk, and a rolling chair.

Has anyone ever lived over here?” he asked.

No,” Colleen replied. “Not as far as I know.”

Certainly looks that way,” Syl replied.

So how are we going to handle this?” he asked, looking at the furniture.

I imagine you won't have any use for the bed. I also imagine that, for the sake of convenience, Colleen will want to keep all her stuff over on that side of the room and Ryan, you can have this side of the room. And you'll get two bathrooms, won't that be nice when one of you is taking like a million years to get something done in there?”

Oh, I do not,” Colleen said, sticking her tongue out.

Syl rolled her eyes and grinned. “Come on, I'll help you break this spare bed down. We can shift it to storage.”

Emily opened the fridge and looked through it.

What stood out to her immediately was that they were running low on food. Not just kind of low, but low-low, as in, they'd need to make a supply run and soon. Sooner the better. Preferably by tomorrow. Because all they had left were some materials for sandwiches, most of a gallon of milk, a handful of energy drinks and sodas and some leftover Chinese takeout. Not finding much worthwhile in the fridge, she sighed, slammed it shut, (a little too hard, whenever she was frustrated she always forgot her strength), and gave the freezer a go.

It wasn't in much better condition.

There were just a couple of frozen pizzas and burritos, as well as a half-drunk bottle of vodka stuffed into the back.

Well, what's for dinner?” Ilyse asked. She had taken a seat at the table behind Emily, entrusting her with their meal.

Not a whole lot,” Emily replied.

Already she was figuring out where the nearest place to buy stuff from was. Technically it was right below them, on the islands, but that was too expensive. Emily had the nagging feeling that maybe they'd spent more money than they thought they had while on vacation. It wasn't impossible, especially considering the kind of lifestyle you grew used to as a mercenary and it was easy to go from broke to rolling in the credits like it was nothing.

With a small sigh, she selected the two frozen pizzas and a big black box of what turned out to be beef and cheese enchiladas.

We're practically cleaned out,” she said as she dumped these three items on the counter and turned to the oven, working the controls and bringing it online.

Ugh, I'm starving,” Ilyse complained.

I know. Me too.” One of the side effects of being seven fucking feet tall and super fit: you were hungry basically all the time. It wasn't even a question of if you were a hungry, it was: how hungry were you at the moment.

How long until we go grocery shopping?” Ilyse asked.

Not soon enough,” Emily replied as she started tearing everything out of its packaging. “Hopefully tomorrow. I'm going to do some checking on our account, see where we're at. I'm also going to look for a job.”

Should be fun,” Ilyse replied.

The door opened and Love came in. She was wearing a bright, polished gold locket and chain around her neck. It looked very odd and incongruous with her all-silver body. She sat down next to Ilyse.

What's up?” she asked.

Where'd you get that?” Emily replied as she started putting all the frozen food into the oven, then set a five minute timer. She closed the oven door and crossed the room, taking a seat at the dinner table with the others.

I met a man during my last day,” Love replied with a smirk.

Oh, so that's where you slipped off to you little silver slut,” Ilyse replied, prodding her with a wide grin on her face.

Better than being a tall slut,” Love replied easily.

So who was he?” Emily asked.

Just a guy. His name was Mark. He was a technician, like Ryan. He was about thirty and apparently he worked for about a year as a repairman on a brothel that catered exclusively to people who wanted quick, easy sex with a sexbot but couldn't afford their own. He made repairs on the bots and apparently he agreed to take a pay cut in exchange for being able to have sex with any of the sexbots whenever he pleased. So he was used to seeing through the facade and liked the idea of having sex with a robot. We had...a good time. And he bought me this, something to remember him buy. He was very nice,” Love said.

I'm glad you made a friend,” Ilyse replied. “One of us should.”

Don't tell me you girls didn't find anyone while we were down there,” Love said.

There was one guy,” Emily replied. “We met him at the gym, went back to his place for a threesome but he couldn't get it up. Same old story. 'This never happens, I swear!' We ended up giving Ryan a run for his money this trip.”

Speaking of Ryan...did I hear right? He and Syl and Colleen are actually an item now?”

Yep,” Emily replied. “Him and Colleen are going to share a room, actually.”


What?” Emily asked.

What do you mean 'what'?” Love replied.

You had a tone when you said that.”

No, I didn't.”

Behind her, the oven chimed. She stood up and crossed the room. “You did. You're worried, aren't you? About them.”

Maybe a little,” Love said.

You aren't?” Ilyse asked.

I dunno, not really. I think it'll be okay.” Emily pulled on oven mitts and brought the pizzas and enchiladas over to the table. She put the mitts back, turned off the oven, and grabbed a couple of energy drinks out of the fridge, then came back and sat at the table.

Both Amazonian women dug into the meal.

Well, however that turns out,” Love said, “I was hoping to talk to you girls about getting back on the Hellcats. I've been a bit lonely lately.”

Can sexbots get lonely?” Ilyse asked.

I thought it was programmed in,” Emily said.

Love rolled her eyes. “Yeah, like I kept that subroutine in. Anyway, are you okay with it? I brought it up with the others already and they said they'd love to have me back.”

I'm still not entirely sure I've been accepted back myself so I don't know how much my vote is worth,” Ilyse said.

Give me a break. Of course you're back, Ilyse. And yeah, Love, you can come back. No big deal, same cut as before. There's only one thing...”


Would you mind covering the next supply run? You've been talking up that fat bank account of yours all this past week.”

Love laughed. “Yeah, sure. I can handle that...wait, you guys haven't been, like, waiting to fix some huge problem and I'm going to get like a twenty thousand credit bill or something, am I? Cause I'm not cool with that.”

Oh, come on, Love. You know us. We don't fuck each other over in the Hellcats.”

Love nodded. “Yeah, sorry...” She suddenly looked Emily up and down. “Maybe you can let me make it up to you later...”

Whoa,” Ilyse said. “Your sexbot side is showing.”

You coming onto me?” Emily asked.

I could if you wanted me to,” Love said. “Come on, we've always flirted with the idea but we never really gave it that full go...what do you say?”

Emily considered it as she and Ilyse ate. She had to admit, Love was pretty hot. Of course, she was designed to be hot, but who cared? Hot was hot. In terms of women, she'd only ever been intimate with Ilyse and a couple of the other Amazonian girls. She wasn't entirely sure why that was, only that it had worked out that way.

Maybe she should do this.

I'll let you know, but...I have to admit, I'm enticed by idea,” she said finally.

Love smirked and stood up. “Hey, who wouldn't be? I mean, look at me,” she said, doing a little spin and then running her hands down her sides.

Yeah, yeah. Go gloat in a mirror or something, we're eating,” Emily replied.

Love blew them both a kiss and left. For a long moment, both women focused entirely on eating, demolishing the pair of pizzas and tray of enchiladas before them. When they finished, they sat back and let their food settle, which usually didn't take long for them.

So you really aren't worried about Ryan and Colleen and Syl?” Ilyse asked.

I don't know. I mean, they're all adults and at least fairly reasonable. I guess it's a risk but...what in life isn't? Everything's a risk. And we can't ask them to not take that risk if they're all willing to take it. It wouldn't be fair at all. Everyone has a right to live their life how they want to live it as long as they aren't fucking over other people,” Emily replied.

Yeah...I guess you're right.”

They were both silent a moment longer and then Ilyse stood up and stretched. “Well, I'm going to go work out. Care to join me?”

In a bit. I have to go look for a new job and see what kind of bill a refit and supply run is going to cost,” Emily replied.

Ilyse nodded and left the room. Emily followed her out and moved down the hall to her bedroom. She passed an open door and caught a brief glimpse of Ryan's lily white ass as he fucked the living shit out of Colleen, who was panting and moaning. She smirked and kept walking. Well, sometimes you just wanted to fuck so bad you forgot to close the door...

Emily stepped into her room. What she really wanted to do was go join Ilyse for a workout, but she needed to be responsible for once and that was never any fun. With a sigh, she snagged the tablet off her desk, flopped back onto her bed, and activated it. The first order of business was to fire up her algorithm. It was something that Syl had designed, something they'd all had input on and something that could be changed on the fly.

Basically, it was a little program that searched the Net looking for jobs. But not just any jobs. Jobs that fit a certain checklist. For example, there were a list of planets that was on that checklist. If a job required going to or from this list of planets, it would be excluded, because, for one reason or another, one or all of the women didn't want to or couldn't go there. There was also a minimum payout. Typically, if a job fell below a five thousand credit payday, they didn't bother. They also had a list of people red-flagged. People who either had fucked them over or had a history of fucking people over. The list went on.

Obviously, the algorithm took time.

Once she set it trawling the Net, looking for work, she opened up another file they had set up some time ago. Well, Syl had. It had been Angel's idea, actually, but that's because Angel was the one who usually oversaw their refit and resupply runs. Basically, it was a program that ran throughout the ship. It kept track of everything they could think of: from how many cans of soda were in the fridge to how much fuel was left in the tank to how many bullets they'd used on their last mission and even what caliber.

It was amazing.

It was also a work-in-progress and thus needed to be tweaked and adjusted every now and then, but mostly it was on the mark and at least gave them a decent estimate of how much money they needed to spend to refill everything. It also kept track of the wear-and-tear their ship usually endured in between these runs. Right now, this program was telling her that, altogether, they were going to run about a thousand credits.

Of course, that could change depending on where they actually went to get refilled, because prices changed from port to port.

Emily sighed. Ugh. All the crap that came with being an independent, do-it-yourself mercenary. It was by far the best lifestyle she'd ever had but...well, it was kind of annoying and, if she was being honest, just a tad bit frightening at times, because she was her own boss. She answered to no one but herself and her crewmates.

Wanting to just stop thinking for a little while, Emily stood, stretched, and left her room, intent on joining Ilyse for a workout.

Syl stood up as they finished breaking down the secondary bed into its component parts. She stretched, yawned, and rubbed at her eyes.

Okay, I think I'm done for the day,” she said.

Sure I can't tempt you into helping out some more?” Colleen asked.

I'm sure. Sorry but I'm just...dead on my feet. I need to unwind,” Syl replied.

Okay, I won't keep you. Thanks for the help,” Colleen said.

She smiled and gave Colleen and Ryan a hug and a kiss. Colleen grabbed her ass. Ryan gave it a smack.

Syl sighed. “You two are so immature,” she said as she headed out.

Oh, like you aren't,” Colleen replied.

Never claimed I wasn't.”

Ryan watched her go. When she had disappeared, he turned back to Colleen, who was staring at the pile of stuff the single-wide bed had become.

What should we do with it?” he asked.

Store it in the cargo bay. Come on, I'm sure we can get it in just a few trips.”

I've never seen the cargo bay. Where is it?”

Under the engine room. There's a stairway that leads down into the cargo bay. Come on, I'll show you.”

They grabbed a load of metal parts that made up the broken down bed frame and carefully maneuvered their way out of the bedroom and into the hallway. Ryan looked around for anyone else but all the doors were closed. He wondered where the others were at, but quickly lost his train of thought as he hit the door that led to the engine room and had to try and both hold onto the bed frame and, at the same time, open the door.

Somehow, he got it done and moved through the door.

Thanks for indulging me,” Colleen said as they came into the engine room.

What do you mean?” Ryan replied. He saw the stairwell she was talking about. It was along the right side of the bay and led down into the floor. The pair of them carefully began moving their load over the safety railing and down into the stairwell.

You know, for helping me with this. I know you wanted to relax and...I just get so excited about things sometimes, I just have to do them right then and there, you know what I mean?”

Yeah, I think I do. And it's fine. I like seeing you happy.”

I appreciate that. It's nice to have someone in my life like that...I mean, I do, the others are great, but it's nice to have, you know, someone I'm like really attracted to and has agreed to be in a relationship with me...except Syl kinda fits that bill too...ugh, you know what I mean.”

Ryan laughed. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

The cargo bay was a lot larger than he expected it to be. It ran half the length of the ship. He realized it was kind of like the ship's basement. It was large, clean, and mostly empty. Well lit, too, once Colleen flipped on the lights. There were some crates at the back of the room, lashed to a wall with elastic orange crash netting. Colleen guided him and their load over to a row of what looked like giant, metal dresser drawers.

She opened one and they laid the bed frame down inside of it.

So that's the cargo bay? Freaking huge,” he said.

Yeah. We haul cargo from time-to-time, when we need the money. Sometimes it's legit, sometimes not. Either way, you can make good money doing it.”

What's that?” he asked, spying a door at the back of the room. Besides a large door at the front of the room, which Ryan imagined was an airlock and must be where they load and unload the cargo through, it was the only door in the room.

Oh, that's the gym and shooting range. That's where Emily, and now, I imagine, Ilyse, will be spending most of their time,” Colleen replied.

They headed back upstairs and did, indeed, manage to grab the rest of the stuff, making it just in two trips. Once they had the rest of the stuff in the drawer, they shut it, secured it, and then headed back upstairs to the bedroom. Colleen paused once they were inside to take off some of her clothes, stripping down to a sports bra and panties.

That's better,” she said. “Getting hot in here.”

Now what?” Ryan asked after a moment of staring at her. She really did have an amazing body. How was she his girlfriend? It seemed impossible.

Now we move my bed...actually, our bed, to the middle of the room,” Colleen replied.

Ryan couldn't help but grin a little. “Our bed...”

You excited to be sharing a bed with me regularly now?” she asked as they moved across the room and got on either side of it.

Definitely. I was kind of worried about it before. I mean, I didn't know how well I'd make the transition from sleeping alone, but it's gone pretty well so far.”

I had similar fears,” Colleen replied.

They moved the bed into place, pausing only to make a few adjustments to it, then Colleen climbed onto it and flopped down.

This is good,” she said, staring up at the ceiling. “This'll be great. You okay with splitting the room? If there's one thing I learned, it's that I've got to have me time. And while I'm totally high on new relationship chemicals, I know that as time goes on, I'll need more me time.”

That make sense, and yeah, I'm fine with taking that side of the room. Makes the most sense,” Ryan replied.

He stood at the edge of the bed, staring at her, feeling himself stiffening. He quickly stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed with her.

Oh...hello,” Colleen said, smiling suddenly as he snuggled up next to her and ran a hand suggestively down the front of her body.

Hey there,” he replied. “I was wondering if I might interest you in some sex.”

She burst out laughing. “That's got to be the shittiest pick-up I've ever heard in my entire life, and I've heard some stupid ones.”

He chuckled. “I'm not exactly thinking clearly right now.”

Hmm...I guess not,” she said, reaching down and gripping his cock, which was straining against his boxers. “Yes, I would love some sex,” she said.

She pressed her lips against his and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. He loved the feel of her soft pink fur against his skin. He began running his hands over her body, kissing her as well, gently opening her mouth. As Ryan started freeing her breasts from her bra, he felt her tongue start probing in his mouth, searching for his own. He twined his tongue with her own, tasting her, groping her breasts.

She paused briefly to get her bra off, tossing it aside, then quickly got out of her panties and kept kissing him, shoving her hand down his boxers and massaging his cock. The lust was start to take him and he really, really wanted to fuck her. Ryan reached down in between her thighs and found her clit, then began to slowly rub it. She let out a startled moan into the kiss as he did this and she opened her legs a bit more for him.

He started working her clit a bit harder, a bit faster, switching from up-and-down motions to little circles that she seemed to like so much. Colleen moaned and writhed against him, panting into his lips, then slipping her rough tongue into his mouth again.

Here,” she whispered. “Let me do you some,” she said huskily.

Okay,” he replied, rolling over onto his back. As he did this, he suddenly realized that they'd left the door open and it would give whoever walked by a perfect view of the bed. He started to get up but Colleen pushed him back down.

Where do you think you're going?” she asked.

We left the door open,” he replied, pointing.

Colleen began pulling his boxers down. “So?”

He realized she had a point. There wasn't anyone on this ship that he hadn't been naked in front of and inside of, so he really had nothing to be embarrassed about. Hell, if anything, it actually made the prospect of sex that much more exciting. Colleen tossed his boxers aside and got down between his legs, staring at his hard cock. She smiled at him, catching his eyes with hers, then leaned forward and put it into her mouth.

Ryan groaned as she did this, the wet, heated pleasure of her mouth immediate and immense as she started sucking him off, bobbing her head rapidly. He reached down with both hands, running his fingertips across her cat ears, then placing one hand on the back of her head. She kept sucking his dick, staring deeply into his eyes, occasionally flicking her tongue across its head, working up a ton of spit, then finally took it out of her mouth.

Ready to fuck?” she asked.

Yes. Can we do it doggystyle?” he replied.

Definitely. My favorite position,” Colleen said with a smirk.

He got out and let her get into position on her hands and knees. She kept her legs pressed together, presenting her thick, pink-furred ass and her wet, glistening pussy to him. Ryan quickly got into position, wanting nothing more than to feel the hot, slick perfection of her tight cyvit pussy. Hard as steel and still coated in a sticky film of her saliva, he put the head of his dick up to her tight opening, causing her to gasp slightly.

She let out a loud moan as he penetrated her, working himself carefully inside. She cried out as he started fucking her, pushing himself a bit deeper each time until his hips were meeting her well-padded ass. Ryan gripped her hips and started pounding her.

Oh my fuck yes!” she cried, burying her head in the pillow. “Oh Ryan, give it to me! Give it to me hard! Fuck me like a whore!” she yelled.

He did just that.

He could feel her getting wetter and hotter, feel her building towards a climax, a result of a largely sexless day. He was getting there himself after just a few moments. He started going faster and deeper and just as he began considering reaching around and stimulating her some more, she came. It was sudden and powerful and she let out a scream of bliss as he felt her vagina begin to tighten and constrict, to grow hotter and wetter, and then there was a spray of feminine juices that coated his stomach and thighs.

Ryan kept drilling into her harder and faster, causing her to be even louder. He glanced to the right and caught a hint of ghostly motion. He realized it was a screen she'd hung on her wall. They'd watched lots of cartoons and movies on it over the past week. The screen was off and he could see their reflection in it.

He saw himself, pounding Colleen from behind, her bent over on her hands and knees. It looked crazy hot.

That was it. That did it.

Ryan moaned as he started to come inside of her. He could feel his dick kicking and twitching as it spurted his hot seed deep inside of his lover's pussy. He gripped her hips, digging in his fingernails involuntarily, as he came inside of her. The orgasm lasted for what felt like quite awhile, and then he was finished.

Pulling out of her, he flopped onto his side and Colleen fell forward.

Holy shit,” she muttered, rolling over and spreading her legs. “You came a lot, could you get me some toilet paper? It's going to start leaking out all over the place.”

Yeah, not a problem,” he replied.

He got up and walked on shaky legs over to her bathroom, grabbed a wad of toilet paper and returned, passing it off to her. She thanked him, took it, and began wiping at herself. Before long, she tossed it away into a wastebasket.

You must've been really horny,” she said. “You only blow loads like that when you're crazy turned on.”

Yeah. That, and, well, we haven't done anything almost all day.”

She smirked and crawled over to him, resting her head on his chest. “Poor boy. A whole day without sex!? What torment!”

Ugh, don't be a jerk,” he said, grinning.

You're a cutie,” she said, then she pushed herself up, kissed him briefly and stood up. She pulled back on her panties and a tanktop. “I'm getting back to work.”

Really?” he asked, then he yawned. “You aren't tired?”

No! I'm all full of energy and stuff. I'm going to rearrange my room. I think I'll put the desk over there, up against the other wall, shift my dresser...it's a time of renewal, dear. Time for a new look. I intend to take advantage, but you should go see Syl. I don't want her feeling left out and I do feel a bit guilt about bullying her into helping with the wall.”

I'm sure she was happy to help,” Ryan said. “But I think I will go see her. I know that I could use a break. I'll take a shower first,” he added, getting up and gathering his clothes from the floor. “You'll come get me if you need anything, right?”

Yeah, but I think I'll be fine.”

Would you be terribly angry if I fell asleep over there?” he asked, yawning again. “I mean, if you think this rearranging and reorganizing might go on for more than an hour or so, it might just be easier that way.”

Colleen seemed to consider it. “Worst case scenario, I'll just sneak in and get in bed with you two. Sound good?” she asked.

Yeah, sounds fine me.”

He leaned in and kissed her, and she grabbed his ass with a smirk, then he headed into the bathroom for a shower.

Emily kept pushing, straining against the resistance. Beside her, Ilyse was doing squats. She had to admit, she was getting distracted. She focused on her workout. Or tried to. They had a few free weights and a few of the machines, but what Emily had found worked best for her was a machine attached to the wall that had adjustable, elastic straps with handles at the end. You could move them into any position you wanted and adjust the resistance each strap gave. Right now, she had her back to the wall and was pushing forward, handles firmly in each hand. The weight resistance was set to three hundred.

Tough, but not impossible.

It was what Love had said, that passing remark about casual sex...she wondered why she'd never given it a shot. She didn't have anything against sleeping with women or friends, only that she preferred Amazonians. But why was that? Emily liked to think of herself as a pretty simple woman. Simple pleasures, simple life. She'd been in the military before, that special division of Amazonians, and it had all been so...stressful.

She didn't like stress.

It was a little ironic, she thought, that she found a situation in which she was the one in charge, making most of the decisions and taking on a lot of the responsibility less stressful than having someone else make all the decisions. But maybe that was it. She felt like she had actual control over her life in the Hellcats.

And it made all the difference.

Right now, on the other hand, she felt like control was slipping.

Ilyse was looking really fucking good in her sports bra and tight, clinging shorts. Especially her ass, which came into full focus each time she moved up and each time she squatted back down. Her thighs, too, glistening with sweat, muscles working beneath the surface of her smooth, white skin...and then there was the way her ass curved, big and round on the bottom, then smoothing inwards to her thin waistline, making a sort of teardrop shape.

Emily let go of the straps.

She was pretty sweaty herself.

Ilyse stopped squatting for a moment and turned to face her, wiping her forehead off on the back of her arm. “You done?” she asked.

I'm distracted,” Emily replied.

Oh yeah? What's got you all worked up? Thinking about Love's hot face down between your legs?” she asked.

No, I'm thinking about your hot face down between my legs,” Emily replied.

Oh. Well...uh...wanna go take a shower together?”

Emily grinned. “You read my mind.”

They both turned and left the gym, covering a lot of distance quickly given that they were in a hurry and had very long legs. They hurried up the stairs, through the engine room and down the central hallway to Emily's room. Although her shower was a bit constrictive given her size, she knew from experience that two Amazonian women doing sexy things in it was definitely possible. She and Ilyse said nothing as they quickly stripped of what little clothing they had on and made their way into the bathroom.

When you worked out a lot, showering was kind of a reality of daily life. Emily tended to shower at least twice a day, if not more, given that she hated being sweaty when she wasn't in the gym or having sex. Some of the money she'd spent was an investment in a fancy shower. It was big, probably taking up half the bathroom, but it also had multiple showerheads and came with a lot of options. She tapped the start button on a waterproof keypad built into the wall just outside of the shower for convenience.

At the tap of that button, the shower immediately sprang to life, water cascading down from four different showerheads, already at an appropriately comfortable eight five degrees. She stepped smoothly inside and made way for Ilyse, who quickly joined her. Apparently Ilyse was as horny as she was because there was no pretense, no waiting. As soon as they were facing each other, Ilyse stepped forward, wrapped her long, thin arms around Emily and pressed her lips against her and beautiful, wet tits against Emily's own, much larger rack.

Emily responded in kind, reaching down and groping Ilyse's nice, tight ass. She rubbed herself against her best friend and occasional fuck buddy. They kept kissing, soaking wet now, (both inside and out, at least in Emily's case), and running their hands across each other's bodies. Emily loved her time in the shower. In a way, it was better than the bed. It was like its own enclosed little world, walled off from the rest of reality. It was warm and comfortable and safe. Her only regret was that it wasn't bigger. She wished she could lay down in it.

As it was, she broke away from Ilyse and gently turned her around. She responded well, turning around and pressing her back against Emily's immense chest. Their wet skin rubbed smoothly together and Emily loved the feel of it. She reached around and placed her hands on Ilyse's breasts, gently massaging them while kissing her neck. Ilyse was taller than her but only just enough as to not cause problems with this kind of position.

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