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Season 02 | Episode 03


by Misty Vixen

Angel, get the ship uncoupled from the station and get us moving towards the drop off point right now,” Emily said as the inner door finished opening up and the three of them stepped out into the room beyond.

On it,” Angel replied crisply, disappearing through the door at the front of the room into the main corridor and heading left.

Ilyse,” Emily said, reaching down and patting one of her many pockets almost unconsciously, to reassure herself that the package was still there. It was. “Go get everyone, gather them in the kitchen. Group meeting,” she said.

Got it,” Ilyse replied, her voice tight and clipped.

It was good to see that neither woman had lost her step. It had honestly been awhile since their lives had been in a real danger, since they'd been in the line of fire, as it were. It was almost...refreshing, in a hectic, crazy kind of way. Emily realized that she missed it. She also realized she was still standing there in the transitional room, daydreaming and reminiscing about the good old days of getting her ass shot off.

She had things to do.

Quickly marching out of the room and down the corridor, she passed Ilyse, Syl, Love, and Lindsay. “Where's Ryan and Colleen?” she asked, pausing.

They're showering,” Syl replied. “Don't worry, I poked my head in and let them know what's up. They should be out in five more minutes. What happened?” she asked.

I'll let everyone know in the meeting,” Emily replied, then she continued making her way down the length of the corridor, into the engine room and over to the stairwell that quickly led her down to the cargo bay.

Here was where they kept their most precious cargo. Emily hurried across the bay, to the far right corner along the back and felt along the floor until she found the button and pressed it. A false panel dropped an inch, then slid into its niche, revealing their little vault. The button was basically invisible, painted to look like the rest of the floor. You pretty much had to just memorize where it was. On top of that, the panel looked absolutely no different from the rest of the tiled panels that made up the cargo bay floor.

She activated the vault with a thumb scan and by punching in the code. It opened up. Right now, it didn't hold anything, meant just for handling cargo. Other, more personal and precious items, were stored elsewhere throughout the ship. Emily retrieved the package from her pocket, placed it in the vault, and firmly closed it and then the panel behind it, making sure they were both secure. With that out of the way, she turned and traced her way back through the ship, several thoughts racing through her head like adrenaline.

There was a quiet buzz of conversation drifting out into the hallway as she approached the kitchen. Stepping inside, she did a quick headcount and saw that everyone was there. The conversation died away.

Okay, here's what happened,” she said as everyone focused wholly on her. “We picked up the package and we were attacked by four unknown hostiles. We killed two of them for sure, possibly three. There didn't seem to be anything unifying about them and the attack itself, combined with the ragtag appearance, suggest a mercenary band. Probably not a big deal, they were kind of sloppy. The three of us made it out fine, obviously. Angel, what are we looking at in terms of time to target?” she asked, looking at the dysil.

About fifteen hours until we get to where we're going,” Angel replied.

Good. Syl, Ryan, I want all of our primary systems double-checked, make sure everything is running. Everyone else, do whatever it is you feel like you need to do to be ready for another attack. We don't know how bad this could get. That could have been the only half-hearted attempt, hell, it could even have been some random attempt at mugging, though I doubt it, or we could be looking at a full-on assault. Questions?”

There didn't seem to be any.

She nodded to them and headed out of the kitchen, making a left and heading onto the bridge to double-check their coordinates. It was just something she did out of habit more than anything else. Less than she didn't trust whoever had done it and more that she just needed to see the information for herself. She settled into the seat, which barely held her big ass since it was more designed for a regular-sized person, and quickly sorted through the information. Sure enough, they were on target, making their way towards the destination the company had provided for them, and the travel time was just shy of fifteen hours in transit.

She ran through the procedure once they got there once more in her head as she stood, sensing Syl and Ryan coming into the bridge to do as she'd asked. She nodded to them and moved back along the corridor, deciding she wanted to work out. The whole run and gun thing had given her a lot of adrenaline and she needed to burn it off. Once they got to the planet, they'd have to dock with a local station and take a shuttle down to the surface, where they would rent a vehicle and drive out to a semi-isolated warehouse that stored some of the company's goods. Then they'd hand off the package and be done with it.



She headed back into the engine room and then down through the cargo bay to their little training and exercise area.

Then she set to work.

Ryan leaned against a section of wall in between two pieces of gear that helped run the ship and watched Syl do her thing. He knew that she would be handling the majority of this work. Which was fine, it was really more her territory than his. She seemed really into it, too. Her faced scrunched up a bit, her cute little tongue occasionally slipping out, running over her lips. Her glowing white eyes so intense and focused.

As he stared at her, he thought about the events that had happened outside of the ship, and found himself a bit worried. He knew, from the beginning, that he could be getting into dangerous situations by signing up with a mercenary crew. But he also had come to know, and perhaps take for granted, that life aboard the Hellcat wasn't exactly the constant rush of danger and excitement and gun battles that it could have been.

If anything, it was pretty relaxing. Hardly anything serious ever happened. This was, actually, the first serious thing that had occurred. And he liked it that way, obviously, because Ryan knew that he was not a violent person. Not at all. He didn't know pretty much anything about shooting or fighting or...anything related. What would he do if he was faced with that? On the one hand, he trusted the women onboard to deal with those problems and he was glad to be out of their way if he were, for some reason, involved.

But it also made him feel guilty, because didn't that make him a liability? There were several scenarios he could think of that would put him in danger...and then one of the others would have to put herself in danger to save him. And they might get injured, or die...and he didn't think he could live with that. On the other hand, surely the women, the Hellcats, had realized this, and thought about this. And that must mean that they felt it was worth the risk to have him around, to protect him even. At least...he hoped so.

He hoped it wasn't just something they thought they wouldn't need to go up against.

There,” Syl muttered, sitting back. “I'm letting the scan run. Should take a little while. Want to chat to fill the time?” she asked, turning to face him.

Yeah...I've actually got a question. Something I've wondered about,” Ryan replied.


Well, I see Emily and Ilyse working out a lot. And training. And Angel too, occasionally. But what about you and Colleen? I don't think I've ever seen either of you doing it, yet you're both in pretty good shape.”

Ah. Well, for me, part of that is my technology. The nodes we xenians have under our skin helps keep the body in shape and also kind of make it so that I don't need to train. Colleen just takes pills and has those little electrode pads that stimulates your muscles. I'm surprised you haven't seen her with them on...though, to be honest, I haven't seen her with them on, either, lately. Heh, maybe you've been giving her all the workout she needs. Well, the two of us. And she does train sometimes, but she's just naturally pretty good at it, you know?”

I guess that makes sense,” Ryan replied.

Something chimed, garnering their attention. Syl spun back around, a look of confusion on her face, and then let out a sigh as she studied her screen.

What is it?” Ryan asked.

The scan detected something. Apparently I didn't quite install a part I thought I had installed in entirely the correct way. It'll be a quick fix. Come on, come back to the engine room with me and keep me company,” Syl replied, spinning the chair around and standing.

Happy to,” Ryan said.

As they left the bridge, they made their way down the corridor and passed Angel, who grinned and winked at Ryan, then grabbed and kissed him in passing. “I think I'm going to need a visit from you later,” she said.

I'll make sure to find some time,” Ryan replied, a little awkwardly.

Angel's smile became a bit more seductive. “See to it that you do. Don't keep him busy for too long, Syl.”

You know how it is,” Syl replied. “I can hardly keep my hands to myself around him.”

I know the feeling,” Angel said, and headed into her room.

They came into the engine room and moved over to one of the many machines and pieces of equipment that made up the vast engine that powered their vessel. Syl grabbed her toolkit from her little work niche and moved across the room, sitting down on the floor next to a panel and immediately setting to work. Ryan sat down next to her, ready to provide any help, though it looked like she had it all under control.

Does our relationship ever feel weird to you?” Syl asked as she worked.

What do you mean?” Ryan replied.

I mean...you're in a relationship with me and Colleen. A real one. But you also have sex with...well, at the moment, five other women, casually. I mean, it must seem strange to you. I know it also must seem fucking awesome to you, but does it also seem weird?”

Yeah, I mean, it does. Even putting aside the fact that it's basically a waking dream, it is a little odd. I imagine pretty much everyone wants to be in this kind of relationship, but I also wonder if some people just wouldn't be ready for it, ready for the reality of it. I wasn't even sure I was. I thought, for a little while there, that I might get overwhelmed or...I don't even know. Sometimes I feel guilty, even though I know I don't have a reason to...I guess it's just some kind of reaction. How do you handle it? Passing me around, I mean?”

I don't really have to handle it,” Syl replied, getting the panel off and digging into the innards of the ship. “I've been in open relationships before and I've gotta say, some of it, by 'it' I mean our current relationship, is that it's a female-female-male relationship.”

Why does that make a difference?” Ryan replied.

Based on my own experiences and other relationships I've seen like it, women are just less...possessive, I guess. Not sure what it is exactly and obviously not all women are, but it just generally seems to work more. Another thing that works in our favor is that the relationship isn't two women sort of dating one man at the same time. We're all dating each other. We're all connected on basically an equal level. And, on top of that, we Hellcats have been together for awhile, and we don't really mind sharing,” Syl answered.

Yeah, that makes sense...you all are a really cool group.”

Syl laughed. “Yeah, definitely...” She hesitated, then chewed on her lip for a moment. “So, I'm a little curious...”


Well, you and Angel, I mean...”


I was hoping you could tell me about some of the sex you had with here. I mean, like, she said she's into, you know, rough stuff.”

Oh. Yeah, sure, I mean, if you want to. Um...well, the first time we did that stuff was the first time I'd ever done anything like it.”

What did you do...exactly?”

He realized she'd stopped working. He shifted a little uncomfortably. “Well, I mean, she had me...hit her. Slap her around, you know? And choke her and yell at her. I held her down and kinda, you know, fucked her in the mouth. Then I held her down some more and fucked her.”

Syl was breathing a little more heavily now. She seemed to notice his pause and his interest in her sudden interest and her cheeks reddened a little and she turned back to her work, quickly burying herself in it once more.

Was it the only time?” she asked after another moment.

No. She took me to this club on the White Sand Islands that was like, designed for stuff like that. They had ropes and rigs. We got into this room where I strapped her to a table, like bent over, and forced her to take my dick. And then we met this bartender who was also into it and I did pretty much the same thing to her.”

And how did it all make you feel?” Syl asked.

I dunno...kind of weird, at first. I mean, guilty, you know? I felt bad for doing these things to Angel and then I felt worse cause it was actually turning me on. But, I'm pretty cool with it now, I guess. I know I'm not actually hurting her. Or, well, I mean, I kind of am, but she likes it, so it's all safe and happy. It really gets her off, I guess...why are you asking about this?” Ryan replied.

Syl licked her lips. She paused for a moment, finishing up her project. “Hold on,” she murmured, checking over the work. Seemingly satisfied with it, she closed up the panel and replaced all the tools in her kit.

Then, she turned and looked at him fully. “Okay, so...I might kind of be interested in maybe having some rough sex with you like that,” she said.

Oh, really?” he replied.

Yeah. I mean, I've always kind of liked the idea of being on the receiving end of some rough sex, you know? Being dominated...but it was always more a curiosity than anything else. And I hadn't really met anyone I thought I could trust to do it. But now you're in my life, and I really trust you. I trust you not to judge me and I trust you to stop if I tell you stop. So, while the scan is running, do you think you and me could...you know?”

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