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Season 02 | Episode 02


by Misty Vixen

So, what is this job?” Syl asked.

It's a courier job,” Emily replied. “What I'm hoping will be an easy one but, if it goes wrong, it definitely won't be a milk run. Essentially what we're looking at is this: we have to go to a location, pick up a package and deliver it to another location. Basic courier job. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly that simple. There's a decent payout, twenty thousand credits, and the reason for this is because there's a rival mercenary faction working for a rival corporation to the one that's hiring us. They want to steal the package.”

What is it?” Love asked.

Not entirely sure. They were evasive. They at least can confirm that it isn't like a bomb or some kind of biological agent or something, so it's physically safe to move. My guess is it's some prototype piece of technology or equipment or something. Either way, someone else wants it. Which is where we come in. We protect it, make sure it gets to where it's going. We'll be spending about a day in transit in between the two locations. I've already contacted them and told them I might be interested, but, obviously, I had to talk to everyone here before confirming. Are there any questions? Any one against this idea?”

The general consensus seemed to be that Emily knew what she was doing and that it wasn't as if they were really in a position to be turning down job opportunities. Emily also let it be known that right now, this was the highest paying job the algorithm had turned up. So, no one had any arguments about accepting the job.

Good,” Emily said, when the discussion was over. “Now, obviously, before we go pick up the package, we need to have ourselves a little shopping expedition. I've found a space station not too far from here that should sell the things we need, both for the ship and for ourselves. Now, I want to remind everyone, as I seem to always have to remind everyone, that the shopping list is for generic stuff. If you want anything special, you need to either find it on your own while you're on the station or put it into the damn list yourself. We're about twelve hours out from the station, so fill the time but be ready. Remember, we've all got different duties to attend to when it comes to these shopping expeditions. I'll let you know when we get there.”

She waited for a moment, but there seemed to be no questions, no assenting argument beyond Ilyse rolling her eyes. One by the one, the group began to trickle out of the galley, until all that remained were Emily and Love.

What's up?” Emily asked, realizing that there seemed to be a reason she was lingering.

I've got a request,” Love replied. “I've been in contact with my former partner, you might remember me mentioning her before. A stealth expert, a cyvit named Lindsay. She's not far from where we're going for the shopping trip. Would you be adverse to her joining up for this mission, since it, apparently, has the capacity to go wrong.”

Emily considered it for a moment. “If you think we can trust her and she agrees to take five percent instead of the usual eight since we're dragging on funds right now.”

Love nodded. “Okay, sounds good. I'll get in touch with her.”

How it worked was everyone except for Ryan got eight percent of every cut. He'd agreed to take five since he was getting obvious bonus benefits out of it. They shoved the rest of the money into the primary account to cover all of the expenses that came with living as a mercenary group on a spaceship traveling the stars. Usually they did pretty good for themselves but Emily knew that a lot of that was lucky. They just hadn't had anyone come screwing with them for awhile and nothing really major had broken down, either.

So,” Emily said, before Love had a chance to leave. “I've been thinking about that indecent proposal you made you me yesterday...”

Love turned back to face her and smiled. “Oh yeah? Make any decisions?”

I did...got a minute?”

It'll take longer than a minute, I promise you that.”

Ryan looked at his desk. Although, for much longer, it wasn't going to be his desk. He had a new, identical desk waiting for him over in his and Colleen's shared room. Everything he owned was on this desk right now. There was the laptop the ladies had given him, a tablet he'd picked up while he was on the islands, since they were even more portable than laptops. His clothing, laundered, folded, and separated into two stacks. A small, holographic display that cycled through pictures he'd collected over his life and stored in his Link.

And that was it. That was everything, besides the duffel-bag, that he physically owned. All the rest of it was digital, stored in his head, (okay, and technically stored in a server somewhere). He thought it was strange that, hundreds of years ago, people had to buy physical copies of everything. Books, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, games...it would create such a clutter! But, he supposed, there was a certain satisfaction to owning a physical object, being able to hold it in your hands.

Ryan gathered up his clothes first, since he knew he was kind of clumsy naturally and didn't want to drop the tablet or the laptop, and moved out of his old room, across the hall and into the new one. Colleen was lying on the bed, staring at her tablet.

Hey you,” she said as he came.

Hey pretty girl,” he replied. “What are you up to?”

Downloading the next season of Mind's Eye Blind. Did I tell you about that one?” she replied.

He shook his head and crouched by his dresser. “No, what's it about?” he asked as he begin sorting his clothes into the drawers.

It's about a cyvit girl who's brother is killed, and she suddenly discovers that she has the ability to read minds, and she starts using it to track down her brother's killer, but gets involved in other, shady things, as well as trying to help regular people with their own problems...we should watch it. We can marathon it today if you're feeling particularly lazy-bones,” Colleen replied.

You know, I still kind of am. How long's the first season?” he replied, finishing sorting and standing back up.

Ten episodes. Half hour each.”

Sounds good. Let me go grab the rest of my stuff, then we can snuggle up in bed together and start bingeing.”

Colleen grinned. “And this is why you're the best boyfriend I've ever had.”

He stopped by the end of the bed. “Cause I'll watch a show with you?”

More like, cause you'll indulge my bad habits of laying around all day. I like hanging out in my room most of the time, just kicking back, maybe smoking a little weed, watching some cartoons, playing some games...I knew that anyone I got into a relationship with, they'd need to at least tolerate that part of me. But you're one step better than that, you're a lot like me yourself. Opposites may attract, but similars actually stay together.”

I don't think similars is actually a word.”

Colleen rolled her eyes. “Shut up and get your stuff.”

Yes, dear,” he replied.

As he made his way back into his room and went to collect his things, Ryan remembered something else that had settled uncomfortably into the depths of his brain near the end of the vacation. It was his job, technically, to service the ship. But the ship was mostly fine on its own and even when it wasn't, Syl was there. It was his unofficial job to service the women. And that was great, obviously. A mind-blowingly fantastic job.

But what else was there?

That was what seemed to be bugging him. A question, or rather a sort of base need for something more. Meaning.

What was his meaning?

Ryan gathered his things and shrugged it off. It was something he would let sit and accrue in his mind for now.

Are you sure you're ready for this?” Love asked as they stepped into Emily's room.

Emily rolled her eyes as she pulled her tanktop over her head, freeing her immense breasts. “Please, Love, give me some credit. I've been around the block quite a few times.”

Yes, but what you seem to keep forgetting, my dear, is that I was quite literally designed to fuck. Specifically to fuck well,” Love replied.

I suppose we'll find out,” Emily said.

She pulled down her gym shorts and tossed them aside, now fully nude since she rarely bothered with panties if she was just on the ship.

So, here I am in all my glory,” she said, standing before her.

You really are something else,” Love replied. Emily realized that, while she was undressing, Love had become nude, growing nipples and a vagina. She was also curvier, her breasts much bigger. “I mean just look at that rack...” she murmured.

You've seem to have grown quite a rack yourself,” Emily replied.

Oh, yeah, I measured your hands,” Love replied.

My hands?”

Boobs feel best when they fit just perfectly into your hand. You've got big hands, hence, I've now got big breasts, and a big butt. Same properties,” Love said. “Now, how about you lay down on your bed and let me eat your pussy?”

That sounds nice,” Emily replied.

She complied with Love's suggestion, flopping backwards onto her huge bed and spreading her long legs wide. Love knew what Emily liked, apparently. Emily wasn't much for kissing and groping, (unless Ilyse was involved and even then only if the mood really took her), she was an impatient lover and she wanted to cut right to the meat of the experience. Love got down in between her legs and Emily watched her work.

She felt a ripple of anticipation roll through her as she felt Love's smooth, warm fingers part the lips of her pussy. Then the tension ratcheted up another notch as a slow wave of hot air escaped Love's mouth and whispered across Emily's more sensitive parts. She let out a low moan, feeling the anticipation building within her.

Come on, get on with it,” she murmured.

You'll take what you get and like it,” Love replied.

Emily opened her mouth to give a cutting reply but what came out instead was a surprised cry of pleasure as Love's tongue touched her clit and immediately began working it with an expert, machine-like precision.

Oh Love!” she cried.

It was like a fire had been ignited in her lower belly. Pleasure blossomed out from her core as Love continued licking her pussy, at first using just the tip of her tongue for some precision work, then her whole tongue and her lower lip, taking all of her sensitive skin in broad strokes. She could hear Love moaning loudly as well, deriving her own pleasure from their sexual encounter. Emily let out another cry of pleasure as Love slipped two fingers into her tight opening, still eating her out as she started to finger her as well.

It was like when Ilyse had done it, only better. The movements were in perfect sync with each other, her tongue, lips, and fingers all working in unison to bring her rushing ever closer to a powerful climax that she could feel building, growing inside of her. She tried to hold on, to ride the pleasure, to ride Love's tongue, but...


Emily let out a howling screaming as the orgasm took her with all the force of a tsunami. She could feel her muscles tensing and releasing and contracting, could feel a hot, powerful spray of sex juices escaping her tight opening in gushes. The pleasure was like a vivid pink light, filling her, all her limbs, her torso, her head.

For a long moment, there was only the climax.

Finally, it receded, and she found herself lying on her back, panting, slicked with sweat, sticky all over. Love was sitting in between her long, spread-wide legs.

You came a lot,” she said matter-of-factly. “I'm very glad you did. That orgasm was fucking incredible,” she added.

You earned it,” Emily replied. “That was something else. I'm not sure I've ever been eaten like that before. Now I can see why all that money goes into the sexbot trade. You girls are really, really good at sex.”

Girls and guys,” Love corrected offhandedly as she stood, crossed to the bathroom door at the back of the room, and stepped in.

Yeah, I guess so. Guess I just haven't see a guy sexbot before,” Emily said, opting to continue laying there, sprawled out, nude and sticky, for the moment.

They're there. More subtle, though, I think. Girls tend to have a better eye for subtlety, you've probably seen a fair amount out and about.”

I've gotta wonder why...I mean, it's gotta be easy to just go out and get laid,” Emily replied.

Love came back into the bedroom after washing herself off and sat in Emily's rolling computer chair. “Oh, yeah. It is. Crazy easy for the average woman. But it's less easy to get, you know, more. Someone who's nice to you, who listens to you, who'll take care of you. Lovebot is actually a more accurate term for the guy versions of me.”

That can't replace the real thing, I imagine,” Emily replied.

You'd be surprised how close it can come. And it's never meant to be a permanent solution, for most people anyway, just...fun, until the real thing comes along. Or hell, maybe just fun in and of itself. Some people don't really need that. Like you. Or Angel. You don't need Ryan in your life, you just want him, and even then, just for sex and some tender love and care every now and then.”

That's very true,” Emily replied. “I've always wondered about that.”

About what?”

Why I've never really needed a...partner, I guess. Like regular people.”

You're a bit of a loner and you get what you need from a partner in bits and pieces. You get the sex from Ryan and Ilyse, and sometimes others, you get the support and the trust and the help from all of us, and you do the rest yourself. You're independent. We all are, to varying degrees. Independent enough to be mercenaries, anyway.”

I guess so...ugh, I'm all sticky. I'm going to take a shower, then go work out.”

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