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Season 02 | Episode 01


by Misty Vixen

The space taxi finished linking up with the Hellcat.

Ryan and Syl, who had drifted off into a cautious sleep against each other despite the murmur of conversation from the rest of the squad, awoke with a start as the loud clang reverberated through the hull. He was quite tired. They'd spent seven days on that pleasure planet, in the White Sand Islands. They'd just left as the seventh day was coming to a close, twilight falling on the impossibly beautiful islands.

Part of him was sad to see it go, because, in all honesty, it was his first real vacation. But another part, perhaps a larger part, was glad he was home. And that thought struck him as odd. He'd only been aboard the Hellcat for a week or so before the vacation. Had he really come to think of it as his home so quickly?

Ryan supposed he had.

He looked over at Syl, who smiled sleepily at him. He smiled back at her, then leaned in and kissed her.

Are we back already?” she asked after they finished kissing. She yawned and stretched.

Yep,” Emily replied. “Come on.”

The others were getting up, all of them various states of exhaustion. Except for Colleen, who was sitting on his other side. She seemed excited. She had stood up the moment the ship had locked airlocks with theirs.

Ryan got up and looked around, doing a quick headcount. Emily and Ilyse, their two resident seven foot Amazonian warrior women, clad in nothing but jogging shorts and form-fitting tanktops, were gathering up their things. Love, the sexbot turned mercenary, already had her stuff, which consisted of a little black suitcase with a bright silver zipper, clasped firmly in hand. Some of the time down there he'd spent was with her, following her around the island they were staying on, looking for an assortment of seemingly random and only vaguely useful or novel items sold along the strip malls that plagued all resort towns.

Angel looked a bit fierce. She'd apparently really screwed up her sleeping schedule and had had to be woken for their departure and had a hangover. She was grumpy and quiet, and her horns and tail only made her seem that much more threatening when she was in a bad mood. And then, finally, there were his two girlfriends: Syl and Colleen. He still wasn't sure how to feel about that. He was in an actual relationship with two different women. It didn't seem like it was going to be all that different from how things had been before.

He would still sleep around, still be happy to be passed around like a party favor between the badass female crew of the Hellcat. And Colleen and Syl would be okay with that. (He hoped, at least.) The biggest difference would be that he was now living with Colleen. They had agreed to set up a room together. That, and, he supposed, he would be spending more time with the two women. He hoped it would go well.

Ryan stood and stretched, then grabbed his duffel-bag. He joined the general shuffle for the airlock with the others and they all moved through until they were back aboard their own ship. Angel and Love immediately went for their rooms. Emily and Ilyse lingered in the main hallway for a bit, then seemed to come to a decision between the two of them and made for the galley. Colleen and Syl lingered with him.

So...I was hoping to start the moving process,” Colleen said. She seemed to be practically bursting with energy.

Right now?” Syl asked groggily.

Yes...please? I could really use your guys' help with it,” Colleen replied.

I'd be down for it,” Ryan said. What he really wanted to do was lie around for a little while, but he could tell that this was important to Colleen.

I guess so, at least for a bit.” Syl yawned again. “Sorry, I'm just so damned tired. But I can offer some help.”

Thanks you two,” Colleen said, and all but bounded down the corridor.

Ryan and Syl trailed after her.

The room next to mine is empty,” Colleen said as she opened her door and disappeared in through it. The pair followed her in. Ryan had been told earlier about the joining of two rooms, or even three, or as much as six, technically. The living quarters were divided up in rows, six to a row, and all of the walls could theoretically be broken down. Though he couldn't imagine everyone agreeing to that. And besides, two was enough.

He looked around Colleen's room, imagining what it would be like to share it with her. One thing that immediately jumped out at him was the idea that their ideas of cleanliness, or, more appropriately, organization, were going to clash. Colleen seemed to not care where things went. While Ryan didn't quite consider himself a neat freak, he did like to be more organized than her. He hoped that wouldn't present a problem.

The three of them set to work.

The first order of business was to move her bed away from the far left wall. Once they shifted it to the middle of the room, Syl went off to grab the tools necessary to disengage the wall from its locked-in position.

So how does this work?” Ryan asked while they waited.

Colleen was crouched down, gathering things up off the floor. For a moment, all he had eyes for was her beautiful, well-formed ass. Ever since she'd gotten more comfortable with him and Syl, she'd ditched the baggy clothing and started showing off her beautiful pink-furred body. Right now she was wearing some only slightly baggy sweatpants that were stretched tight across her broad ass. She was very distracting.

Once we disengage the wall, it'll basically slide up into the ceiling. Like a garage door,” Colleen replied.

And that's it?” Ryan replied.

She stood up, turned around, and stretched. Ryan couldn't help but notice the way her breasts pressed against the fabric of her t-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

Almost. After that we just have to engage the seals.”


I'll show you once we move it.”

A moment later, Syl returned with her toolkit. She set the kit down on Colleen's desk and dug through it for a moment. Finally, she came up with the right tool and walked over to one corner where the walls touched and met the floor. She crouched and set to work. Ryan became distracted by her tight butt as well. He thought back to the last time he'd had sex and realized it had been this morning. Had it really? It felt like longer, but...no. He'd woken up and had a threesome with Syl and Colleen before enjoying one last day on the island.

Why was he so damned horny all the time?

He supposed, if you were going to be horny all the time, it helped to live with a group of hot alien women who were willing to hop on your dick pretty much every day. Syl stood back up, moved over to the other corner, and repeated the procedure.

There,” she said.

The wall suddenly came loose, popping up about an inch or two off the floor, leaving a gap of space. The three of them each took up position alongside the wall, crouched, worked their fingers through the slot of space and lifted it up. The wall went fairly easily. It slid up and back into its recessed niche in the ceiling, until it was all the way gone. As soon as it was, Colleen crouched down again and pointed.

This is what I meant, Ryan,” she said. “These grooves.”

He saw what she meant about engaging the seals. Where the wall had once been, along the floor, walls, and ceiling, were inch-deep slots.

I've got it,” Syl said.

She moved back over to one corner, crouched, and opened a small panel in the wall. She worked at it with the tools for a moment, and then a soft sound of working machinery came to them. Thin metal pieces slid out from their own recessed niches by the grooves and sealed them up, making the walls and ceiling look unbroken. It was a little awkward for the floor, because there was carpeting, but it was purely a cosmetic problem.

Now we can't trip over them or lose things in them,” Colleen said.

That's pretty neat,” Ryan replied. “Has anyone ever done this before? Broken down the walls, I mean.”

No, we've never really had reason to, as far as I know,” Syl said. “We originally talked about it for Emily and Ilyse, back when she lived here with us, but they said one bedroom was enough. I think they just didn't what 'special accommodations' or something like that. Emily and Ilyse are cool and all, but sometimes they let their tough girl mentalities get in the way of common sense. Like how they always insist on carrying everything when we're moving cargo or something like that. Sometimes I like to tease them about it.”

I'm sure they love that,” Ryan replied.

Syl snorted. “Yeah. Ilyse is pretty laid back but Emily gets huffy sometimes.”

They moved over into the other bedroom. Ryan called for lights and they flickered into existence, illuminating the place. It looked like it had never been lived in. There was even a very thin layer of dust across everything. 'Everything' being a single-wide bed shoved into one corner, a squat dresser with three drawers, an empty desk, and a rolling chair.

Has anyone ever lived over here?” he asked.

No,” Colleen replied. “Not as far as I know.”

Certainly looks that way,” Syl replied.

So how are we going to handle this?” he asked, looking at the furniture.

I imagine you won't have any use for the bed. I also imagine that, for the sake of convenience, Colleen will want to keep all her stuff over on that side of the room and Ryan, you can have this side of the room. And you'll get two bathrooms, won't that be nice when one of you is taking like a million years to get something done in there?”

Oh, I do not,” Colleen said, sticking her tongue out.

Syl rolled her eyes and grinned. “Come on, I'll help you break this spare bed down. We can shift it to storage.”

Emily opened the fridge and looked through it.

What stood out to her immediately was that they were running low on food. Not just kind of low, but low-low, as in, they'd need to make a supply run and soon. Sooner the better. Preferably by tomorrow. Because all they had left were some materials for sandwiches, most of a gallon of milk, a handful of energy drinks and sodas and some leftover Chinese takeout. Not finding much worthwhile in the fridge, she sighed, slammed it shut, (a little too hard, whenever she was frustrated she always forgot her strength), and gave the freezer a go.

It wasn't in much better condition.

There were just a couple of frozen pizzas and burritos, as well as a half-drunk bottle of vodka stuffed into the back.

Well, what's for dinner?” Ilyse asked. She had taken a seat at the table behind Emily, entrusting her with their meal.

Not a whole lot,” Emily replied.

Already she was figuring out where the nearest place to buy stuff from was. Technically it was right below them, on the islands, but that was too expensive. Emily had the nagging feeling that maybe they'd spent more money than they thought they had while on vacation. It wasn't impossible, especially considering the kind of lifestyle you grew used to as a mercenary and it was easy to go from broke to rolling in the credits like it was nothing.

With a small sigh, she selected the two frozen pizzas and a big black box of what turned out to be beef and cheese enchiladas.

We're practically cleaned out,” she said as she dumped these three items on the counter and turned to the oven, working the controls and bringing it online.

Ugh, I'm starving,” Ilyse complained.

I know. Me too.” One of the side effects of being seven fucking feet tall and super fit: you were hungry basically all the time. It wasn't even a question of if you were a hungry, it was: how hungry were you at the moment.

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