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Filthy Father Daughter Incest Collection: 8 Book Bundle

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

Daddy, Is It Going To Hurt Me?

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. The characters are 18 years or older.

When I found out my daughter had been lying about having a boyfriend I was livid. My sweating palms gripped the steering wheel of my truck as I plowed through the snow filled streets on the way to the fraternity house. The guy was twenty years old, a star quarterback, and he was big.

But I was bigger.

My daughter was eighteen and had been telling me she was a virgin. I wanted her to focus on her studies at university, not some piece of shit boyfriend who just had one thing in mind – getting into her pants. I wasn’t going to let that happen, and I couldn’t let myself believe that it possibly already had. No, in my mind, my daughter was still a virgin… I would find out tonight if it was true, in about five minutes.

I skidded to a halt on the slippery ice, damn near plowing into the brick siding of the large complex. I stormed up the steps and banged on the door; loud music was playing inside, some kind of party apparently. I guessed the music was too loud for them to hear me, because after a minute of banging on the door I got impatient and decided to kick it with my booted feet instead.

“Open up, piece of shit.” I hollered at the top of my lungs, and then finally huffed, puffed, and took a few steps back, leaning against the opposite door of the adjacent apartment. I pushed myself off the door, running hard, and then I barreled into the door of the fraternity house, bursting through it, the wood splintering from my weight and then shattering into a million pieces as I flew in like some kind of superhero and then landed on my feet and rolled.

The music blared, but the voices silenced. I stood up like an animal, panting and sweating, red faced and looking homicidal, and then I spotted my daughter and the football player. “Katrina!” I shouted. “Katrina! What the fuck are you doing?”

Her face was even redder than mine, but not as red as the guy that stood next to her. I raised my finger and held it pointed at him as I breathed deep, and then I took a running charge and plowed into him. I clobbered his face and then held him by the shirt collar as his head bobbed up and down loosely like a doll. I was pretty sure if I kept hitting him then I’d break his jaw, so I stopped. I didn’t want any law suits over this, I just wanted to make a point that he kept his hands off my daughter.

“Have you fucked her?” I stared at him. “Don’t lie to me, son.”

“No.” He stammered.

His voice was fearful and shaking, but his eyes stayed locked on mine. He was telling the truth. I dropped him to the ground. “I expected more of a fight from a star quarterback like you, son,” I said. “Don’t ever lay eyes on my girl again, you got me? You understand me, punk?” I grabbed him again and shook him. His head flopped up and down loosely, like he was unconscious. “Answer me, punk!”

“I – I under – I understand, sir!” He screamed, beginning to cry.

My grimace twisted into a sadistic smile. “Good, bitch. Don’t ever do it again.” Then I looked up at my daughter. I was pissed off to say the least. “Katrina, get your purse and let’s go.”


“GET YOUR PURSE AND LET’S GO.” I shouted. Then I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, honey, but please do what I say.”

She started to cry a little bit, and then grabbed her purse and we were off. We walked through the broken door, right through the big hole in the center, my arm around her shoulder lovingly. I turned and stared back through the hole, into the room. Music was still blaring. Everyone was still quiet, staring at us. The football player was on the ground, face bloody, sweaty, tears streaming down his face. I pointed at him long and hard, and then I winked. “Don’t fuck with me, son.”


By the time we got home my daughter had slammed the door to her old bedroom. She never stayed here anymore since going to college, and I missed her. I stood by the bathroom for a minute, feeling kind of regretful of my behavior. Maybe I’d been a little harsh. Then she came out and nudged past me, going into the bathroom. She closed the door, and I listened to her peeing.

I kicked the door open and stared at her, heart pounding, cock hard. I watched her piss. She stared up at me without uttering a word, and then I leaned down and snatched her off the toilet and spun her around, pushing her up against the wall and pulling her hips out so that her ass was sticking out. She had a big ass for such a petite whore, and I was going to fuck that ass.

“I’ll show you how a bad girl learns a lesson, my slut.” I muttered.

She was moaning. She wanted it. The fucking dirty whore – she wanted me to punish her.

“You want daddy to punish you? Huh?” Say it, slut! Say it!” I muttered raspingly.

“Daddy,” she stammered, “I’m sorry I was naughty. I shouldn’t have disobeyed you.”

“Correct answer,” I rasped, and then shoved my face between her cheeks and ate her musky smelling wet pussy… Sticking my long tongue out and stroking it as if with a brush, I lapped at it hungrily and savored the sweet aroma of her virgin musk. God, she smelled good, and she tasted even better – like fresh popcorn in a sick, demented way, I must admit…

I knew then, after tasting her freshness, that she was undoubtedly a virgin. As silly as it sounds, I could smell her innocence… Taste it, even. I was proud of her, and I considered for a moment going a little easier on her, but then I realized that wouldn’t be near as fun – no, I was going to fuck my daughter hard, I was going to punish her for disobeying me. Despite being eighteen years old, she was still under my rules since I was paying for her college tuition!

I pulled her shorts all the way to her ankles. “Kick them off, take them all off. I want to see your feet.”

I slid my tongue down her thighs and pulled her left foot up and began to suck it. I sucked on her toes until they were curling in my mouth, and she was squealing above me. “Daddy, eat my pussy some more.”

“I’ll do as I damn well please with you, you’re still not off the hook yet, honey.” I muttered, and then continued to lick at her gorgeous feet. I slid my tongue up her legs until I reached her ass cheeks and started to rim her then, licking her tight puckered asshole and spreading her cheeks apart so that it was puckering into my mouth. God, that asshole tasted good. I stuck my tongue inside of it and then pulled out, gasping for air as the sounds of my daughter’s screams filled my ears.

“Daddy, that’s my butthole. That’s dirty.”

I giggled like a pervert and then stuck my tongue back into her virgin pussy. It was so good, oh so good… I could hardly stand it, and I stroked my cock so hard and fast, squeezing my dick as I finally realized I couldn’t bear this feeling anymore.

“Suck daddy’s dick, and do a good job, I demand of you.” I said in a strict voice, and then stood to my feet and held my cock out for her. She spun around obediently and grabbed my dick, and then she placed it into her mouth and sucked nice and hard… Wow, she was good at that, I can’t lie, and she sucked it nice and deep as I groaned and throbbed into her mouth.

She went down further than I’d expected, deep throating my massive shaft as I pulsated into her mouth and moaned like wildfire. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to hold my load in much longer… And I wondered for a moment, what would her mother think if she barged in on us right then and there? How would she react?

Lucky for me, or for both of us rather, mommy was out of town on business. I was the man of the house that night, free to do as I pleased with my eighteen year old servant, and at that very moment I was just enjoying a nice blowjob from her virgin lips. She was good at it, damn good I might say, and she sure did know how to please her angry father, and make him soften up a bit as far as his temper went… I still felt mad, but I wasn’t as mad – and when I’d realized earlier as I ate her cunt that she was a virgin, I felt relief wash over me in a majestic wave.

“That’s right – Suck – my – fucking – big – cock!” I squealed, and then couldn’t hold it in any longer! I did what any good parent would do then; I fed my daughter, squirting my load into her mouth as I squealed and my eyeballs bulged from their sockets – my god, I was coming hard and fast, and it felt incredible.

I steadied myself by placing my hands against the bathroom wall, and I let out a low groan as I filled her mouth to the brim, like I was pouring water into a bottle and accidentally made it overflow. Oh yes, it was a beautiful sight to see my daughter’s mouth being filled by my load; to see my cum screaming out from her lips and dripping off her chin, hanging there like some kind of tasty cream until it fell onto her black shirt, providing a beautiful contrast of black and white as I stared down at her with a feeling of complete disbelief.

I pulled out then, unable to handle the sensation of my tingling cock bursting with sensitivity in the grip of her lips, and then I surprised both myself and her by shooting the remainder of my load on her precious face. I didn’t even know I had any left in me, but I sure did – and quite a lot of it, too! Cum rolled from my daughter’s lips as I plastered her with more on her face, and she obediently took it… Obviously knowing damn well I wouldn’t tolerate her spitting it out. I knew it was just excess; more than she could swallow, so I tolerated that – but then I reached down, cupped her chin in my hands, and tilted her head back.

I said in a blank voice, “Swallow.”

She gagged as my load dripped into her throat, and then I suddenly jerked her head back until she was facing the ceiling, and she started to choke on my load. “Slowly, it’s okay. Just take it. Take it all down your fucking throat, whore.” I muttered as I watched her intensely.

She took it like a champ, and I was proud of her. “Daddy,” she muttered with cum ridden lips, “It’s all over my face.”

I nodded my head, smiling and kneeling down to face her. “So push it all down onto your lips, and lick it off. Okay?”

She used her fingers and wiped the cum from her cheeks and eyelids, pushing it down to her lip area like I’d asked. Then she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out, licking it all up, cleaning her own face with her tongue like a cat cleans its body. “Wow,” I said in a trembling voice, “Nice. You’re an obedient cock slut, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Uh-huh.” She nodded, wiping her eyes.

“You’ll do whatever I ask, wont you?” I said.

“Yes, daddy, I will.” She muttered.

“Good.” I said.

The front door opened loudly. I heard a woman’s voice. It was an unmistakable voice, the kind of voice you hear and sometimes feel happy, and the kind of voice you hear and sometimes feel annoyed.

In this case I felt annoyed, but that wasn’t all. More than anything, I felt frightened. I felt fucking frightened to the core.

Judging by the look on my daughter’s face, which was still stricken with a boat load of cum that she hadn’t licked up yet, she was damn frightened too. The reason being that the voice of the woman at the front door belonged to her mother, and my wife. Oh for goodness’ sake, what had we done? We had quite a mess here, that we couldn’t clean up.

There were footsteps then, footsteps coming down the long hall towards the bathroom. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what do say. I put my finger to my lips and whispered, “Shh,” and my daughter nodded her head. She was terrified, and truth be told, so was I. I was perhaps even more terrified than she. After all, it was my damn wife, and she was the only one I was supposed to be fucking. Despite that fact, I never did anything like this to my wife; what I’d done to my daughter I mean… I’d never came in her mouth and let it drip out, and then came more on her face and told her to lick it up. That was vile, lewd, and more than simply raunchy. The sex with my wife was vanilla, always.

She wouldn’t understand this. She wouldn’t get it. This was worse than anything I could imagine. I wasn’t just getting sucked by my daughter. That would be bad enough. No, I’d just blown my load all over her god damn face, and I knew my wife would probably have a heart attack if she caught sight of this, despite being in the gym five days a week and fit as a fiddle at all those marathons she participated in.

“Quiet.” I muttered, and then checked my reflection in the mirror as I pulled my pants up. My cock was still rigid, and I had to adjust it to slip above my belt line so that it would be hidden. I didn’t want my wife to see I had an erection. I didn’t know what to tell her, so I knew I’d have to improvise, but I had at least an idea, and I hoped truly that it would work.

I opened the door and saw that my wife wasn’t there. I turned and said to my daughter, “Lock the fucking door and sit on the toilet like you’re sick.”

She nodded her head and I closed the door, and waited until I heard her lock it. I could hear my wife in the bedroom, fumbling with her suitcase. Why the fuck had she arrived home so soon? She was supposed to be gone until Sunday, late at night. Damn it, why did she have to ruin this moment for me? At least I’d came already, however, but I hadn’t planned on being finished with my daughter so soon… And I damn sure wasn’t finished! I would fuck her after I cleared up this mess, because I knew I may never have a chance to fuck her again.

“Honey?” I said, walking into the bedroom. I wiped the sweat from my face and tried to look as normal as possible.

She was unpacking her suitcases. Fuck’s sake, I hoped that she’d just forgotten something. I guess the trip had been cancelled. “Where were you? I saw your truck out front and knew you were home, but couldn’t find you.”

“Katrina’s home. She feels sick.” I said, and immediately regretted it. As far as she knew, Katrina would be at her own place, and not here. I could have waited until my wife slept, and then returned to the bathroom and finished my daughter off in there.

“Oh, where? Is she okay, honey?” My wife looked worried and began to walk to the bedroom door. I blocked her.

“She’s fine. She’s using the toilet; just upset about her boyfriend.”


“You know the one I told you about the other day, the one I found out she had. Yeah, they broke up tonight and so she called and asked me to pick her up.”

“IS she okay? Is she sad?”

She tried to nudge past me, but I blocked her again with my beefy, muscular arm. “Of course she’s fine. She needs some privacy, sweetie. I already talked to her. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone else now.”

“But I’m her mother.”

“And she loves you, but she also needs you to respect her…. Jessica, sometimes you’re a bit overbearing on Katrina. She told me that tonight.” I furrowed my brow, trying to look as convincing and concerned as possible. “It’s best she is given space tonight. I’m going to talk to her some more. She said she wants to see it from a man’s perspective. I’m explaining to her about college guys, okay? You should get some rest. By the way, what the hell happened? I thought you were gone for the entire weekend?”

“It was cancelled, unfortunately.”

I stood there looking at her and then nodded my head. I felt anger surging through my veins. I was still horny, and rock hard beneath my pants. “Oh, okay.”

“I’m exhausted, sweetie.” She kissed my cheek. “Go take care of our sweet girl. I’m going to get some rest.”

I kissed her on the lips. I felt so filthy, and for a moment panic surged through my body. Those lips I just kissed my wife with had only just been on our daughter’s asshole, along with her pussy. Would she be able to smell it? I stared into her eyes, nervous. Did she give me a weird, suspicious look, or was it merely my imagination?

“Good night.” I said, and returned to the hallway, shutting the door. “I’m going to close the door, in case we talk too loud. She was spilling her heart to me.” I chuckled nervously.

My wife stared at me and nodded. “Okay.” She said. I closed the door all the way and then stood there for a minute and sighed, leaning up against it and closing my eyes. Then I opened them and shifted my gaze back down the hallway, towards the bathroom, which was a mere fifteen or twenty feet away from the bedroom I shared with my wife. I knew I’d have to be quiet, I knew I couldn’t disturb her. I knew she couldn’t hear us, or then everything would be over. My marriage, our relationship between the three of us… Fucking everything would be ruined.

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