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by Misty Vixen

You're right,” Cassie said, after glancing back over her shoulder. “They do actually make a really cute couple.”

They were walking back to the castle now.

I know, right?! I'm so excited. Lena's been so depressed for the last year and this is, by far, the happiest I've see her since she turned,” Ellie replied.

Yeah, it's always so sad, seeing her walking around the castle in a slump. I try to talk to her as much as I can, but I get the feeling she kind of felt the way I used to feel,” Cassie said.

What do you mean?”

When I first came over to the human lands. Sometimes I would travel through villages where elves weren't exactly welcome, but you couldn't exactly throw them out, either. So you made everyone uncomfortable, and if you weren't exactly the confrontational type, which I haven't always been, then you felt guilty for making people uncomfortable, and you kind of withdraw. To keep them from having to feel the discomfort of talking to you, you know?”

It makes a sad kind of sense, and yeah, I can see it...” They both fell silent for a minute as Ellie thought about how sad Lena had been over the past year. She glanced at Cassie, who was looking back over her shoulder again at the new couple. A new idea occurred to her and she couldn't help but smirk. “So, you going going to hop on his sword too?” she asked.

What?” Cassie replied, startled.

Warren. He's cute. I know you think he is. And now you know he eats pussy like a grandmaster. And come on, how long's it been? I haven't seen any men coming your way lately, unless you're a lot sneakier than you look...”

Cassie let out a huff of irritation. “You're lucky that you're a princess. You're so...forward, with everyone you meet.”

Perks of being a royal. Fess up. Do you want his dick? Want to go for a ride on his tongue?” she asked.

I...” she hesitated.

Are you blushing?” Ellie teased, grinning further.

No. I'm not,” Cassie replied firmly. She sighed again. “Ugh. Ellie, you...are annoying. But listen, it doesn't matter. I mean, he can't be interested in me. I'm more than old enough to be his mother. I mean, I get that an elf year is about three human years or so, but still, I'm middle-aged by now and I'm not as fair as I once was.”

Who fucking cares, Cassie? I'm six and a half feet tall and I've got scars all over me. Lena is an undead. We took the chance. Warren doesn't care. If he's attracted to you then he's attracted to you. And you've been around him for years now. So just answer me this question. If he offered to give you a good roll in the hay, would you accept it? Yes or no.”

Cassie hesitated, looked once more over her shoulder, then nodded. “Yeah. I would. He is cute. And I do remember that what teenage boys lack in experience they more than make for in enthusiasm,” she replied.

He's got some experience now, and a natural talent. Trust me, it'd be worth it. I'll see if I can set something up while we're going on this trip,” Ellie said.

...thanks,” Cassie replied.

You're welcome, and trust me, Cass, you're still hot. I mean hot,” Ellie said. “Don't doubt that. Now, you're going to help me convince my dad of this trip if I need backup, right?”

Yes, of course. I'll come with the three of you to make sure nothing happens, which will be fruitless since you can obviously take care of yourself, but in all honestly, I've been feeling the call of adventuring just lately. Not very strongly, but enough that even a three or four day journey to a cave and back would be nice. It would scratch that itch.”

Ellie grinned. “More than one itch.”

Cassie chuckled. “You've got a dirty mind.”

Filthy,” Ellie agreed. “It's much more fun that way. Sex is awesome. It's healthy. Everyone should have it as often as they can, because life sucks and it can end at any moment. So why not enjoy yourself while you still can?”

What about people in committed relationships?”

Ellie shrugged. “Don't know about them. That's why I never bother with committed relationships. I mean, look at what me and Lena have going with Warren. We'll both fuck him, and I'll fuck other guys if I can, and girls, and maybe so will Lena and Warren when they settle into each other a bit more. Or sooner, in your case.”

Well, you won't have that option when the marriage goes through,” Cassie said, quietly.

Ellie's features darkened. They were cresting a rise and now she could see the full breadth of the castle and its grounds. “Yeah,” she said. “That's true.”

They kept walking.

Warren realized that Ellie was talking to him. He was having trouble focusing right now because Lena was holding his hand, and although her hand was a bit clammy, he didn't care, because the woman of his dreams was holding his hand and resting her head on his shoulder and he could feel her red hair whispering across his skin in the wind.

What?” he replied.

Ellie smiled and rolled her eyes. They were back at the castle now, standing maybe twenty feet beyond the back gate. Cassie had gone forward and was standing at the gate, talking with the only guard on duty there, possibly keeping him distracted for one reason or another. Ellie took a few steps closer to them.

I said, you two young lovers, that Cassie and I are going to go take care of my father and let him know what's up. Make sure you have everything you need for the trip. And don't get too distracted while I'm gone, you two,” Ellie replied.

Uh...yeah, we'll get right on that,” Lena replied. She began walking forward and tugging at Warren. “Come on, Warren.”

See you,” Warren said as they passed Ellie, who was rolling her eyes at them.

Lena pulled him past Cassie and the guard, through the gate and off towards the servant's quarters where they both lived. They maintained a brisk walk, moving past several of the other servants who were going about their given chores for the day. They gave Lena and Warren a wide berth and awkward looks. Warren hardly noticed. He was too happy right now. Lena seemed nervous though. He squeezed her hand. She looked at him, the expression on her face one of worry, but he smiled at her. She offered him a reluctant smile and squeezed his hand back.

They finished passing the row of cabins that made up the servant's quarters and came to Lena's one-room cabin. Warren knew that it used to belong to a second blacksmith they'd had, but the man had been old and a friend of the family and ultimately unnecessary. Despite how Warren felt about the current head blacksmith, the man was very good at his job. So, when kindly old Mister Smith had passed away, there wasn't really a reason to replace him. In the year and a half since he'd died, they hadn't found anyone else to take up residence. So that was why they'd given it to Lena. Warren hadn't come here often.

Lena usually came to him.

They hurried up the handful of steps that led to the front door and Lena opened the door, walked inside with Warren, and then shut and locked the door behind them.

They both shrugged out of their backpacks, setting them on the floor.

You didn't lock your door?” Warren asked.

Lena walked across the room and sat down on her bed.

No. Nothing I have anymore worth stealing, honestly. I didn't take anything with me when I was unceremoniously dumped by my family. All I had on me was a little bag of gold that's long gone and a red dress that I burned about a month later because I was still so pissed at my mom and dad,” Lena explained.

That...sucks,” Warren replied awkwardly, looking around. She was right. There wasn't much. Just a bed, a desk with a fairly barren desktop, just a quill and some ink and some parchment, a chair, a dresser, and a small chest on the floor.

It's okay,” Lena said. “I've vented enough to you over the past year. I know you're firmly on my side of the conflict.”

Anyone who isn't is a jerk,” Warren replied.

Lena laughed. “Maybe. Undead are reviled for a reason. That's because most of them are mindless horrors that try to kill you on sight or, even worse, prey on you in your sleep for blood,” she replied.

You aren't a vampire and that's no excuse. You're still who you are, you just...look a little different. I mean, basically, you're ill. You have a sickness that can't be spread. Everyone here but Ellie and Cassie are jerks.”

Lena smiled and stood up. She walked over to him and wrapped him in a hug. “You're a sweetheart,” she said, then she kissed him.

He kissed her back, then hesitated.

What?” she asked. “Do I taste weird?”

No, no. It's not you. I just...does it really not bother you? My age? I mean, you're at least ten years older than me.”

Eleven, actually. I'm turned thirty not that long ago.”

Your birthday was recently?”

Yes...don't worry. I didn't want to make a deal out of it. But no, Warren. The fact that I'm thirty and you're nineteen doesn't bother me. Before you ask, yes...it probably would have before the whole undead thing. But I don't care now.”

She kissed him again. He wanted to say more, but she was really good at kissing. Especially when she used her tongue, which she was doing right now. What started as a simple kiss blossomed, quite suddenly, into something more. Warren found his hands wandering as Lena kept kissing him, tilting her head slightly and deepening the kiss. Warren reached and around and settled his hands on the swell of her shapely ass and she pressed herself against him, rubbing her body against his. He could feel himself stiffening almost immediately.

He slipped a hand into her pants and her panties and began groping her bare ass directly. “Help me get these clothes off,” she whispered.

He responded with his actions, getting her shirt off, then undoing her bra. He'd figured that one out practicing on his first, (no longer only!), girlfriend. Her bra came off with relative ease and he tossed it aside, stepping back a moment to admire her large, pale breasts. She really did have world-class tits. Perfectly shaped, perfect little pink nipples, and that spray of freckles. He heard her laugh. “Enjoying yourself?” she asked.

Immensely,” he replied.

Slowly, Warren bent down so that his head was level with her breasts and he began to lick across her nipples, first one, then the other. Lena let out a startled moan of pleasure. He started to undo her pants as he continued licking and kissing her breasts, then, as he pulled them down, he started sucking on one of her beautiful tits.

Oh that's good,” she moaned, running her hands through his short, brown hair. He switched to her other breast and gave it similar treatment as he pulled down her pants and panties, exposing her pleasantly padded, pale thighs and her smooth, bald vagina. Warren stood back up, kissed her, then guided her over to her bed, where he placed his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her into a sitting position.

What are you doing?” she asked as he knelt in front of her.

Warren placed his hands on her knees and opened her legs. “Pleasuring you,” he replied, “with my tongue.”

Oh...you don't have to if you don't want to, I'm good to fuck,” she said.

I want to,” he replied simply.

Lena opened her mouth to say something further, then she simply closed it and smiled, leaning back and propping herself up on the heels of her hands. Warren dropped down onto his knees and leaned forward, running his hands along her smooth thighs until they met in the center, near her pussy. Using his thumbs, he gently parted the lips, exposing her clit, where it seemed to crouch in a pink field. Slowly, he lowered his head towards it, opened his mouth and exhaled slowly. Lena let out a slow moan as he did this.

When his breath was expended, he took another, then leaned in and touched the tip of his tongue to her clit. Lena let out a small, startled sound of delighted sexual joy. She started panting and moaning softly as he started massaging her clit with the tip his tongue. He kept this up for another good minute or so, then he started using more of his tongue, increasing the pressure and the speed with which he ate her out, slowly building up the sexual bliss. Lena was moaning almost constantly now and was running one hand through his hair again.

Oh, Warren, Ellie was right, it's-oh yes!-so good, so fucking good! It feels so fucking good Warren, thank you...” she moaned.

He responded by reaching up and slipping a finger inside of her. Lena cried out louder this time, moaning his name as he started fingering her. He pressed up repeatedly into her most sensitive spot, then he began using his lower lip, eating her out like crazy.

Oh, Warren! Oh-I'm coming! Oh fucking Gods it's so fucking good I can't believe how good it feels!” she shrieked.

He licked and fingered her a bit longer, feeling her get somewhat hotter and wetter inside. Her muscles, on the other hand, were spasming and convulsing violently, as though trying to crush his finger. “Oh, stop! It's too much!” she moaned.

Warren let up immediately, pulling out and leaning back. Lena was flopped back onto the bed now, clapping her hands over her mouth as she cried out. Warren grinned and stood up. He took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

Well, did Ellie lie or was she telling the truth?” Warren asked.

I...oh man...how did your first girlfriend ever leave you!?” Lena replied. “I think I'd stay with you for how good you are at that alone.”

Well, to be fair, it had been awhile for both you and Ellie. You especially. Standards get lowered a lot, I imagine, when you're that sexually frustrated.”

Lena sat up. “Don't sell yourself short, Warren. You really are gifted.” She stood up suddenly, then got down on her knees. “I'm going to suck you off,” she said. “Then you're going to fuck me so hard,” she added.

I'm very okay with this plan,” Warren replied.

Lena laughed as she began digging him out of his pants. He let her pull his cock out, which was already stiff as a blade now and almost throbbing in time with his heartbeat, which was fast and heavy. He was ready for action. Staring up at him with her gorgeous bloodshot blue eyes, Lena let her tongue slide out and brought it up across the head of his dick. He let out a small moan. Apparently, that wasn't enough for Lena.

She gripped his dick more firmly, then she started licking it over and over again and that elicited a louder, longer groan of pleasure. Seemingly satisfied by this, she slid his cock into her mouth, past her thick red lips, and started bobbing her head. He could feel her sucking powerfully, could feel the lukewarm interior of her mouth. She was using her fingers too, gripping his dick firmly with her thumb and forefinger, bringing his foreskin up over the head of his dick each time she brought her head back up so that she was effectively both giving him a handjob and a blowjob. It felt almost too good, the pleasure stacking, mounting.

Okay!” he said in a forceful exhale.

Lena got his message and took his dick out of her mouth. She popped up like a spring and quickly fell back onto the bed. She spread her legs wide, hooking a hand beneath each of her wonderful thighs so that she could hold her legs up and spread them even wider, as wide as they could possibly go. She smiled up at him.

Fuck me, Warren,” she said, her voice sultry and slutty. “Fuck me good and hard.”

Warren responded with an action, stepping forward and putting the head of his dick up against her undead pussy. Her bed was the absolute perfect height for this. Warren slipped his cock inside of her one inch at a time, sliding it in and out until he was buried all the way inside of her tight, hot, wet pussy. Lena moaned loudly as he did this. She looked absurdly hot, insanely erotic with her legs up like that, her tits bouncing with each thrust, her blood-red hair in disarray. Warren kept pounding her, reaching forward and grabbing her tits.

They felt so perfect in his grasp, every bit as amazing as he had always fantasized about. Lena was everything he'd thought she would be and more. He continued pounding her, sliding his dick in and out of her, absolutely in love with the feel of unprotected sex. In a way, he was glad that Linnie hadn't let him do it to her without protection. She had been a good girlfriend, nice, very hot, definitely, but he didn't feel the spark, the explosion of passion with her that he felt with Lena. Warren looked down at his dick going rapidly in and out of her.

He knew he was going to come in another minute or so, but he wanted to give Lena another orgasm, mainly because he loved it when the woman he was screwing experienced sexual bliss but also because he loved the feel of being inside of a pussy that was climaxing. So, he reached down, found her clit and began rubbing it vigorously with his thumb. Lena let out a cry and then clamped her mouth shut, moaning.

No, Warren, please, I'll be too loud...oh fuck!” she cried.

If Warren was being completely honest with himself, he wanted her to be loud. He wasn't sure why, but he really liked the thought of other people knowing he was pleasuring his girlfriend. However, in respect to her wishes, now that he could feel her orgasming, he reached forward and grabbed her ankles, taking over the job of holding her legs out. Immediately she let go of her thighs and clapped both hands over her mouth, screaming into them, unable to contain herself. Inside, she was getting hotter and wetter, he muscles tensing and contracting and squeezing him, making the sex all that much more pleasurable for him.

Warren came.

He cried out, becoming tense and rigid as his own climax overtook him. He moaned as waves of hot, raw pleasure lapped through him, radiating out from his core, his cock forcefully ejecting a huge load directly into Lena's undead vagina. He could feel his dick pulsing and throbbing, each new spray sending out a fresh wave of pleasure through him as he emptied his seed into her. He was, somewhere in the back of his mind, very glad that she was incapable of getting pregnant. When it was over and his senses returned to him, he realized he was still holding her legs up. Gently, he lowered them and then let go of them.

Feel better?” Lena asked.

Oh wow, yeah, I can't even...oh wow,” he replied, stupefied, trying to get his wind back and collect his scattered thoughts.

He gently pulled out of her, then sat down next to her on the bed.

That was one huge load,” she said, standing up and crossing to a washbasin she had tucked in one corner. She grabbed a washcloth and began wiping at herself.

I know,” he replied. “Sorry.”

It's fine,” Lena replied. “You gave me two orgasms. Like...oh wow, I'm still kind of feeling that last one. It was fantastic.”

He opened his mouth to respond, but there was a sharp rap at the door. They both jumped, startled, then heard a laugh.

Hey, you two done in there? Can we come in?” It was Ellie.

Warren sighed.

Give us a minute,” Lena said.

Oh come on, it's not like I haven't seen you naked before. And Cassie has too, now that you left your curtains drawn.”

Lena paused again and they both looked to a window not far from the front door that would have given anyone who cared to look a perfect view of the bed.

Fantastic,” Lena muttered. “Fine, come in!” she called, going to gather her clothes. Warren began to do the same.

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