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This book is dedicated to Vammies, that is the

name I call those people that enjoy reading

Vampire books and movies. Even though

I don’t believe in vampires, I enjoyed

writing this book. It made me

open my mind to different

topics other than the

Christian themes I write

so very often.


There are myths and legends of Vampires, Werewolves, and other things that stalk the night for victims. One such legend that started in Mexico and is now folklore in the states that border that country is the Chupacabra. This wild beast drinks the blood of its victims, supposedly. It never eats its victims, it only drinks their blood.

Calves, goats, sheep, and now humans have all fallen victim to this so-called blood drinker. Could all of those reports be true or is there something more cynical out there that is not only stalking animals, but now has a taste for human blood?

If we go back to Transylvania, Romania, and look at a character by the name of Dracula, we might discover that Vampires really did exist at that time and, if they existed at that time, what event killed them off?

I purpose that Vampires never did die off. They are with us today and the events in this book will prove that the Chupacabra is a vampire type of animal and it is responsible for all the deaths along the Mexican Border, especially those human deaths in and around Phoenix.

Don’t let the dark nights frighten you; all they can do is kill you.


Just northwest of Phoenix, about a mile or so past the city limits, there is a ridge that is five hundred foot tall. Half way up that ridge is a cave about ten foot deep and about six foot high. All kinds of animals could use it as a den or a home during the winter months. But once a Chupacabra moves in and takes over, no other animal will try to take it from them. All animals know it would be certain death, if they were to attack a Chupacabra. If that Chupacabra had a den full of babies, she would defend them to her death.

On that ridge at night, you can hear what sounds like the mating call of a bull elk. The same sound that a bugling elk makes is almost the same sound that the Chupacabra makes. When the male is close to the den with his mate's meal, he will call out letting her know the food has arrived. The female will not allow the male to come near her new babies, but she will accept the food he brings. That food would be a small goat or sheep. The goat or sheep is not dead yet. Once the female starts sucking the blood, it will only take a few minutes for death to occur. The male will remove the dead animal and take it far from the den.

If you were to visit a ghost town in Arizona and you hear what you think is a bull elk bugling for a mate, you had better think twice. Those sounds are probably the cries of a Chupacabra. You must also remember that, wherever there is one Chupacabra, there will always be another. You must remember that they do not attack until they are hungry. When they are hungry, they will attack anything, even humans.

Also, northwest of Phoenix, about two or three miles, is a ghost town by the name of Blackjack. The first building was built around 1878 and it became a ghost town around 1910. Some people claim when they visit Blackjack they can hear the Chupacabra calling to its mate from time to time. Tradition says that the Chupacabra changes from a human during the day to a vampire like being at night. If this is true, a person must ask: Is the Chupacabra responsible for killing the local livestock and the humans?

Follow along as we discover if the myths, tales, and legends of an animal that sucks the blood from its victims are related to vampires. If it is a type of vampire, are there more all over the world, or just along the border of Mexico?

Chapter 1

AS WE know, there are things out there that can kill at night. When we do not know what these things are, we make up myths and tales of things that creep around and attack people. Some of these things become so ingrained in us they then become legends. These legends somehow become alive and they continue for years, then for hundreds of years, until people accept them as fact.

This is the story about my husband who is the Medical Examiner for the city of Phoenix, Arizona. You may not believe what I am going to tell you, but it is true; every last word that I speak. If you do not believe me, just go outside at night, preferably sometime around midnight. Oh, don’t forget to go alone. It would not be any fun if you had someone with you that likes to scream or who likes to hear you scream.

The Phoenix Gazette first picked up on the story when it was monitoring the police scanner and they heard of a body being found in the alley behind the Bare End Tavern. The officer that received the call was told that a body had been found that looked like it had been attacked by some sort of wild animal.

When the officer arrived on the scene, the first thing he did was to put the yellow tape out so the crime scene would not be disturbed and the evidence could be secured for the investigators. This was a new officer. He had only been on the force for five months, but the one thing he knew was that the crime scene had to be preserved.

It only took thirty minutes for the investigators to show up and that is when they took a real good look at the victim. The victim looked as if he was pure white when the flashlights shown on the body. The detectives knew it was probably the bad lighting, so they would wait until the body was transported to the morgue before writing it down as a fact of the investigation. The only sign of foul play were two puncture marks on the victim’s throat. This sounded exactly like a body which was found about a month or so ago in northern Phoenix.

The police let the coroner take the body and the detectives remained on the scene to gather as much evidence as possible. There wasn’t much to gather; there were no footprints or signs of a struggle. A dead body was all there was. To assume that some type of wild animal had attacked this person was what had made the story of the Chupacabra so popular in Mexico and in the states along the Mexican border.

This wild animal, “The Chupacabra,” supposedly attacks other animals and people and sucks the blood from them. Even though there have never been any documented facts or bodies attributed to an attack from the Chupacabra, the myths and tales still linger in the back of people’s minds.

Wednesday morning was bright and sunny in Phoenix, just like it is almost every day. The showers that we receive usually show up in the evening. Hank, my husband, was up at 6:30, just like he is everyday of the week. He showers in the mornings and he showers in the evening when he gets off work. He has stated many times that working with dead bodies all day long makes him feel unclean. I guess that is one thing that he does not like about his job; the feeling of being dirty all the time. I told him many times he should look for some other job, but he insists that he loves what he is doing. He says when he is speaking for the dead and putting people in prison for murder and other types of crimes against people, it makes him feel good.

After breakfast this day, he was out the door and on his way to the morgue. When he arrived, there were already four bodies that had to have autopsies performed. Three of those bodies could wait. The body that looked like it had been attacked by a wild animal would take preference over the others. Before he performed the autopsy, he had to call the detectives and let them know he was ready to begin on a possible murder victim. It took the detectives twenty minutes to arrive.

When the detectives arrived and Hank pulled back the sheet, the victim looked as white as a ghost. Hank started looking at the victim and the only thing he noticed were two puncture wounds on the neck. Hank was sure it was going to be just like all the other bodies that had come in during his first year on the job as the Chief Medical Examiner. This would be victim number twelve. All the others were listed as an unknown cause of death, due to a massive loss of blood from what appeared to be an attack from a wild dog, coyote or wolf. The thing that did NOT look like that was the lack of tearing or shredding of the rest of the body.

Hank did the Y-incision and checked all the organs for any possible problems the victim might have had. After the organs were checked, he had to remove the brain and see if there were any fractures or brain damage. Everything checked out just fine except for the massive loss of blood. This was going to be another one of those victims that Hank could not explain.

Once the autopsy was over and the paper work was filled out, the next step would be to answer any questions the media might have about the body. This time, the media asked so many questions about the victim that Hank wanted some of his own questions answered, also.

One of the questions that Hank had pertained to the lack of police work in trying to find out what killed these people. Yes, Hank had heard the stories of the Chupacabra and the myth that this animal would drink the blood of its victims. He had also heard that this animal did not eat its victims, it only wanted the blood.

Farmers throughout the region, on both sides of the border, told about their animals being attacked and, whatever it was that killed them, only drank their blood. None of the bodies were ever eaten or chewed on like a bear or wolf would do to its victims. Most of the animals that were being killed were young calves, goats, and sheep. The toll was staggering. It was estimated that Arizona alone had lost over 5,000 animals in the last year. Other states along the border of Mexico had lost just as many animals or more to this wild animal.

Myths and legends are not facts and the idea of a wild animal killing all of these people was not plausible, so the police stated. The police did not have any witnesses to a crime and they did not have any hard evidence that would indicate that a crime had been committed. The only thing the police had were twelve dead human bodies for the year. The autopsy that had been performed on all of the victims did not shed any clues to what had killed these people. If a person was killing these people, then what type of instrument was used to take their life? If an animal had killed these people, what type of animal would be able to take down a full grown adult and then suck the blood from the body? Currently, the police did not have any answers to the questions.

Because of all the old movies on TV and because of all the new movies about vampires, the media started asking questions about the possibility of vampires really existing. Because of the web, people from all over the world were asking the same question: Do vampires exist and have they been with us for as long as people have been on the earth?

It got so bad that the web was loaded with information about vampires and how there were different groups forming all over the United States on how to suck blood. These groups were recruiting people so fast, they could hardly keep up with the names. The older generations did not believe in vampires and the sucking of blood. They thought it was media hype and that it would go away, just like all other fads that just go away after awhile.

When the day was over, Hank walked through the front door and sat down and stated that he was totally exhausted. He started telling me about all the things that had occurred during the day and how the media had hopped on the band wagon about there being real vampires and that they were the ones responsible for the deaths of those twelve victims. He said it was just one thing after another that brought him to the point of exhaustion.

He was glad he was home and he could now take a shower and get the feel of dirt off of his body. Before he took a shower, he asked me what we were having for supper, as if he did not know what I was going to cook. What I was going to cook was a T-bone steak. Hank loved T-bone steaks and there is a reason for that.

When Hank was a young boy, his father would buy one beef and have it raised and grain fed and then he would have it butchered. He told Hank it was always better to raise your own beef instead of buying meat at the store. You never know where the beef came from or what it was fed otherwise. His dad told Hank it was always better to eat a T-bone steak rare. By eating it rare, you could taste if there was something in the meat that was not supposed to be there.

But the main reason I cooked a T-bone steak that night was because of what happen a number of years ago. The first victim that had the two puncture wounds on their neck was discovered outside of Phoenix about two miles. This was the very first person that Hank helped perform an autopsy on as an assistant. He was the new assistant to the Medical Examiner and, when he arrived for work that first day, there were two bodies that he had to help perform an autopsy on. Because possible homicides are performed first, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

He did help with the autopsy and the Medical Examiner looked for all of the signs of a violent encounter with someone or something. The only thing that he found was no blood in the victim. When he arrived home, I had decided to fix a couple of T-Bone steaks. He told me he wanted his steak almost totally rare. He said to grill it for a couple of minutes or so on one side and then flip it over for a couple of minutes or so on the other side. I had never seen him eat a steak that rare before. Then he explained to me why he wanted it that rare.

He told me about the victim he had helped perform the autopsy on and how the person had lost all of its blood from two puncture wounds on its neck. He assumed that it was some type of wild dog or wolf that had rabies that had attacked the person.

The reason he wanted his steak rare was so he could be reminded of the blood the victim lost. Hank said the taste of blood made him crave another steak and another. Hank also stated that anytime in the future, if this were to ever happen again, he would want a very rare T-bone steak, to remember the victim by. When the steak was ready, we sat down to eat. Hank took one bite of his steak and gave me that look of satisfaction, and then he gave me that wink, and I understood what it meant.

Chapter 2

BEFORE I go on with this story, I believe it is best to take just a little bit of time and tell you about my husband and how he was able to become the Medical Examiner for the city of Phoenix.

Hank was born and raised in Phoenix. He would tell me stories that I thought were exaggerations about different times when he was growing up and when he thought for sure that something was following him. One such story was when he was only ten years old. He said that his family owned a house on the outskirts of Phoenix. If you went two blocks west, you were out of the city limits.

Just like all young kids, Hank was always looking for adventure and mischievous things to do. His best two friends were Billy (whom all the kids called Billy the Kid) and Johnny (whom all the kids called Big John, because of the song with that same name). He said that whenever he went some place, his two best friends always followed. The boys were never allowed to go past the city limits. One reason was because of rattlesnakes and the other reason was because of the stories or tales of the Chupacabra.

Hank’s dad and uncles were always telling him stories about the Chupacabra attacking young kids in the middle of the day and drinking their blood. He warned, “If you ever go past the city limits, out into the wilderness, you and your friends could be attacked and killed by these blood thirsty animals.”

He was told all kinds of stories how the Chupacabra would run in packs just like the Dingo’s in Australia. The Dingo’s would never bark like other dogs, so the question is: How could they communicate? If the Chupacabra is like the Dingo, they may use the same type of communication system to let each other know what each animal is doing. There were stories of the Dingo’s attacking people and killing and eating them. It has also been stated that children were never to go outside unless an adult was with them because a Dingo would attack a child, if it saw it was alone.

Hank said he never really did believe all of those stories, he just thought his dad and uncles were saying those things so he would not go far from the house. But, you know how young boys are. If you tell them not to put their hand in a trap, what will they do? That is right, they will put their hand in the trap or, if you tell them to stay out of the candy store, you know where you can find them any time of the day.

Hank said one night his dad and his dad’s three brothers decided to have a cook out. After the cook out, they would crank up a container of homemade ice cream. Then after all of that, they would sit around the fire they had made and they would tell stories of their childhood and stories of the unknown.

One story was about a creature that drinks the blood of its victim. Hank’s dad said he was out in the wilderness with two other friends when they were attacked by what he said was a Chupacabra. He said they all ran as fast as they could back to his house. Once he was at his home he went into the garage and picked up a can of gasoline. He decided he and his friends would go back and see if they could find the Chupacabra. If they found him, they would try and pour it on him and set him on fire.

The walk back to the place where the Chupacabra attacked them was only a six minute walk. When they reached the spot, there was no Chupacabra to be found. They all turned to head back home when the Chupacabra came out from behind a bush and attacked once again.

Hank’s dad said that he and his friends fought as hard as they could. He said they were able to take the Chupacabra down and that is when his dad poured the gasoline down the Chupacabra’s throat. He said the Chupacabra started to scream and fight even harder and then it broke away. Hank’s dad said the Chupacabra started to run around in circles and then it collapsed and rolled over on its back.

Hank said that he and his two buddies were scared to death when they heard the story and they were all wondering if the Chupacabra had died or if it only passed out. Hank’s dad and three brothers all shouted out at the same time that the Chupacabra was not dead; it just ran out of gas. Hank and his two friends did not think the story was very funny, but his dad and his three brothers laughed for another five minutes.

The next story is the one that always made Hank and his friends really think about the Chupacabra. Hank’s dad said that when he was a small boy, he was told about a nine year old boy that went out into the wilderness to look for his lost puppy. The story says that the puppy started barking and the little boy went in that direction. When he reached where he thought the barking was coming from, he saw a man-like creature drinking the blood of his puppy.

The little boy ran for his life and when he reached his home, he told his dad what had happened. His dad reached above the fire place for his 30-30 and headed for the area his son told him about. The father said he found the creature exactly where his son said it would be. He stated that he shot it five times and, when he saw that the creature was not hurt, he ran back to his house as fast as he could run.

From that day on, the stories and myths have been told of a creature that is half human and half wild animal that is stalking the deserts of Arizona. Once it finds a victim, whether it is animal or human, it will suck its blood until it is dead. That is the story that Hank and his two friends had heard all their lives.

Like I said, the boys were told never to go out into the wilds of Phoenix. Hank told his buddies that his dad and others called it the wild, but Hank always called it the frontier. It always sounded like an adventure when you go into the frontier, instead of going into the wild. The wild does not sound exciting enough. He also stated that the TV show, Star Trek, always had the beginning lines of the show say, “Space, the final frontier, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” He and his friends always considered anything outside of the city limits as a frontier that needed to be explored and things that needed to be discovered. They always felt as if they were on a Starship, pretending to seek out new life and new civilizations, when they were out in the frontier.

The fourth time they went into the frontier was on a Wednesday morning. They decided the first thing they had to do was to take two or three canteens of water with them. The heat during the summer months sometimes gets as hot as 115 degrees or hotter. If anyone goes into the frontier or the desert without water, they are asking for trouble.

The boys had made all the plans. They had four canteens of water, four peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a sack full of red grapes, and they had three umbrellas. I know you are probably wondering why they had four canteens of water and four sandwiches. The answer is easy; Johnny, I mean, Big John, always ate twice as much as the others.

Out the door and down the street, Hank ran until he reach Big John’s house. One knock on the door and both boys were heading to Billy’s. Out the front door, off to the frontier went Billy, Big John, and Hank. One quick look at Hank’s wristwatch indicated it was 8:15 a.m.

All three boys had told their mothers that they would be at each other’s house until supper; this meant that they had the whole day to explore. The first place they went was about a half mile out of town. They had heard of this place and of its secrets and they wanted to be surprised with what they found.

The half mile walk only took four minutes and, to their astonishment, they only found an old junk yard. They reasoned there must be 1,000 cars rusting in the sun. They also decided this would be a great place to hide, if they ever needed to hide. As they walked and looked all around, there seemed to be something wrong. Big John was the first to notice it, but he did not say a word until Billy stopped and looked all around as if he was looking for something special.

"What are you looking for," was the first thing Hank asked Billy.

"I feel as if we are being watched or someone is following us."

Big John then spoke up and stated that he'd had that same feeling for the last three minutes.

All three boys looked at each other and that is when they went into action. Hank had put his large hunting knife in the flaps of his umbrella and he pulled it out, unbuckled his belt, and ran the belt through the loops and buckled it back. The other boys reached inside their pockets and pulled out their pocket knives. Each boy let the others know they were ready for anything, even if it meant a fight to the death. But, you know how little boys are. They watch the kid shows on Saturday and if they’re in school, they get with all their friends and talk about different things they watched and, pretty soon, they sound just like the stars on the TV. For these little boys to state that they would fight to the death was stretching it just a bit.

Walking, and now listening to every little sound, made the boy's imaginations run wild. Without saying a word to each other, their thoughts were on the what ifs. What if there is a man that has escaped from jail and he is hiding here and he is thinking about killing kids? What if a person broke out of a mental institution and they hate kids and they want to kill all kids they find? What if the stories of the Chupacabra are true and one of them is stalking us? If the stories were true, it would attack and then start sucking their blood. But, what if the movies on TV about vampires are really true? It could be that a vampire was following them and thinking about sucking their blood. Then the boys started to share their thoughts with each other and the "what ifs."

The "what ifs" went on and on until Hank hollered out and said, "Stop, everyone knows there are no vampires and, if they do exist, they do not come out during the day. If they were to come out during the day, they would melt. It is just like the movie, Wizard of Oz. Remember when we first saw the movie on TV and, at the end, Dorothy tried to put out the fire on the broom and the water splashed on the witch? What happen to the witch? She started to melt. Vampires are just like witches. If they get caught in the sun they will melt. Why do you think all the movies show them trying to get back before the sun comes up? They know it is certain death, if they fail to get back into their coffins before the sun comes up." After that, all three boys knew they had let their imaginations run wild and now it was back to reality and some serious adventures.

Hank was the first to get a fantastic idea. He saw how the cars were stacked on top of each other. The idea was to find the highest stack of cars and climb to the top and take a good look in all directions to see where the next adventure would take them. Off to the west, about a mile or so, was a ridge that was about five hundred foot high. That would be the next great adventure for the boys was Hank’s thinking.

The walk would take about ten or fifteen minutes, but the idea of a cave or finding gold or some type of jewels made the walk seem to last only a few minutes. At the ridge, they climbed to the top and that is when the real adventure started. Looking out at all of the countryside made them think of drawing maps and plotting where they would go next. They could see for miles and they could see things that make little boys' minds run wild with all kinds of things they could do.

One thing I did not tell you about was the climb up to the top of the ridge. About half way up the ridge, they did find a small opening in the rocks. They did not think much of the opening until they started their descent. It was at that time that they paused and tried to look inside the opening. However, it was so dark inside that they decided they would have to come back with flashlights to see what jewels or gold they could find.

Trying to see into the darkness of a cave or just an opening was exciting and they had almost forgotten all about the things they had talked about on the way from the junkyard. Those thoughts came quickly back when something inside the opening made a sound. All three boys jumped back from the entrance and stood there with their knives in their hands. You know how their imaginations had been running wild before, so just a rock falling from one of the inside walls would make them think that there was something inside.

There was something inside the cave and, if the boys were to have gone inside, they would never have been seen again. The thing that had been killing the local livestock lived in this cave and, if the boys would have gone inside where the mother of three new babies lived, they would have been torn to pieces. You see, this was one of the caves that a Chupacabra lived in. A Chupacabra mother will do anything to save her new born babies from a predator; anything.

The boys had drawn a small map of a place they could see at the top of the ridge and that was where they were going to go next, unless they decided that something had to be done about the cave. They decided the cave would have to wait until some other day. The new adventure was north about a mile or so and that is where they were headed.

At the bottom of the ridge, they took another look at the map and started to take the first step north when a bugle cry sounded. Big John and Billy looked at each other and then the "what ifs" started again. It was Big John who asked the first question about that sound. Billy answered and said it was something he had never heard before and looking at his face proved that he was really scared.

Hank knew exactly what the sound was, but he was not going to say anything at first, he wanted to see what they were going to say about the sound. Hank asked Big John what he thought it was. While walking, Big John finally had a pretty good idea what the sound was. He said it was not an animal at all; it was one of those secret aircrafts that Area 51 is always test flying. Big John reminded Hank and Billy about the one hour program they watched on TV the other day about Area 51 and all the secrets that the government does not want people to know about. “As shrill as that sound was, it had to be a secret plane," Big John stammered.

Hank had heard enough. "That sound is the sound of a male elk bugling for a mate. When I was with my dad last year in northern New Mexico hunting for elk, those sounds could be heard all over the mountains. You two are getting scared for nothing. Also, it is not secret planes from Area 51. My dad said that those are just stories to make our enemies think we have a secret base that is making flying saucers and other things that we can use on them."

This walk would take the boys about two miles north of the ridge and it would also be time for them to sit down and eat lunch. But the idea of eating would have to wait. Who can eat when you are so excited about exploring and the idea that something may be thinking of eating you?

As they were walking, they continued to sense that something was following them or that something was watching them. Before they reached their new adventure, Billy commented to Hank about a disturbing thought. "I have never heard of elk being in or around Phoenix, have you?"

Hank stopped and looked at Billy and remarked that his dad said one reason they went hunting in New Mexico was because there are no elk in Arizona.

Big John spoke up and asked one of those questions that would start the "what ifs" all over again. "If the sound was not the bugling of an elk, then what was it?"

They continued to walk and, just about the time they reached their destination, that sound erupted once again, but this time it sounded as if it were right on top of them. They looked all around, but could not see anything. Hank put his hand on his large hunting knife, just in case.

All three started walking once again and that is when they saw it. It was a ghost town. Billy shouted out as loud as he could shout, “BINGO! We did it! We are going to be rich! I know there is gold and silver here and who knows, maybe we will find some money that was stolen in a bank robbery or train robbery here!"

Big John and Hank looked at each other as if to say, “That would be great, but all this is, is a ghost town.” The town was only about two hundred yards away, but they could see at least seven old buildings one story high. Once inside the ghost town, they took one look up the street and one look down the street. There were a total of sixteen buildings on the street. One side had nine buildings on it and the other side had seven.

The buildings were old, very old. On one of the buildings was a date of 1878 and on one building, that may have been a court house, was an 1880 date. The boys decided they had to be very careful going into those old buildings; it is always possible there could be rattlesnakes around or Gila Monsters. They walked in one building after another until they had been in and out of every building in town. To the surprise of Billy, they did not find one treasure or anything that would be worth something. The only thing they did find was an old spur.

It was now that they decided to sit down and eat lunch and just talk about the ghost town and to think of other things to do. While they were eating, Billy stated that they had found a gold mine. He started to reason that, if they could get some paint and come back and paint the town, they could then charge people to come and see the old west.

"That is a good idea," stated Hank, "but you always have to remember that, if you paint the town, it is no longer an Old West town. Old West towns look just like it does now and that is what people want to see. People don’t want to see an Old West town all painted up so it looks like our homes back in Phoenix." Before he could say another word, the loud cry sounded again at the east side of town. As the boys looked east, another cry then came from the west side of town.

"I told you something was following us and it is not an elk." They all decided it may be best to head back home.

Chapter 3

THE WALK home would take a little longer than it took for them to get to the ghost town. All the way home, they walked slower, so they could hear or see if anything was following them. They would also pause, every three or four minutes, just to take a look around.

Once they reached the ridge, they knew home was only ten or fifteen minutes away. At the bottom of the ridge, they stopped and took a look up to where they thought the entrance of the cave would be. When they looked, something was watching them. They could not make out what it was, but they could see movement about half way up the ridge and that was where the cave was. Whatever it was had followed them all the way back to the ridge. Right then, that cry sounded for the last time that day.

Hank never did tell his dad about the ridge or the ghost town. That was something the boys kept to themselves until they were older. It was a secret and you know how little boys are about keeping secrets. However, when one of their best friends was killed seven years later in the same location of the ridge, their thoughts returned to something they thought had been following them.

Each and every month, the boys would take hammers and nails out to the ghost town and would make sure that anything that needed some type of a repair would be fixed. Every time they would take that walk to the ghost town, they always had a feeling that something or someone was watching or following them.

When they started Junior High, their trips to the ghost town were not as frequent as they used to be. They had other things to think about; you know, girls. However, even though the ghost town left the minds of Hank and Big John, it never left the mind of Billy.

Billy’s grandfather was from Oklahoma and he owned some brush land in western Oklahoma around Fay. Fay was just a small town of about a thousand, but the land was full of oil and gas. Billy’s grandfather had signed a lease and, to his amazement, when the well was dug, they hit gas. Just overnight, Billy’s grandfather became very rich. However, Billy’s grandfather was very old by then and, within a year, he was gone.

The money from the well went to Billy’s dad and he told Billy he could have anything he wanted. You would never believe what Billy wanted. You may be a step ahead of me at this time. Yes, Billy wanted to buy the ghost town. His dad called a lawyer and found out that the town did not belong to anyone and Billy could file the papers in court, after he moved into the town and became a resident. Once a resident, he then filed the papers and, just like that, Billy was the new owner of a ghost town.

When Billy’s dad told him he had to move into the town and become a resident, that idea scared Billy. He remembered the sounds and how he felt when he and Hank and Big John would walk to the town. It was always an eerie walk with the feeling of someone or something following them or watching them.

Billy’s dad had the best idea. He would rent a trailer and he and Billy could stay there for the thirty days that was required to become a resident. Once the thirty days were over, they would be legal residents.

Billy let Hank and Big John know what he had done and he made an agreement with them. The agreement would be that they were all partners in the ghost town. What they had to do was to help fix the town up for tourists. Billy had the idea that people would come to the town, if there were a number of interesting things for them to see and things to do.

Hank and Big John agreed to help and that is when things started to take off like gangbusters. The first year they started working on the town was in the summer, right after Junior High. Oh, let me back up and say that it was Billy’s dad that really started the work. Billy, Hank, and Big John helped some, but most of the work was done by Billy’s dad or hired help.

When Billy told his dad about the ghost town that Hank, Big John, and he had been going to for the last five years, he was really upset with his son. But, when Billy told his dad of his idea about fixing up the town and getting tourists to come and spend money, all Billy’s dad could see were dollar bills. Billy’s dad knew it was a great idea and he knew it would take a lot of adult supervision for this plan to work.

Like I said before, you need some interesting things for a ghost town to prosper. One thing that Billy did was to check the library and see what the history of the town had to offer. To the amazement of Billy, there were two gunfights during the history of the town. One was in 1885 between Peg Legged Pete and a rancher named Shawn Albright. History stated that Shawn Albright was an ex-gunfighter who made Wyatt Earp walk away from a gunfight. Peg Legged Pete was a known cattle rustler and bank robber. The history books say that Shawn Albright caught Pete and two other men trying to rustle his cattle. When Shawn caught the trio, they high tailed it back to town. Shawn was right behind them and when he reached town, the trio was at the bar, pretending as if they had been there all day. Shawn walked through the swinging doors and called out all three on the spot. They went for their guns and, in a split second, Shawn drew his gun and shot all three dead. It was stated in the paper of that time, that the first shot hit Pete between the eyes.

The second gunfight occurred in 1892, when two of the local residents, John McComb and Rusty Davis, were interested in the same girl, Betsy Wilson. The paper told the story how both men, for the last two months, were always arguing and fighting over who was going to marry Betsy. One night at the saloon, they both were drinking heavily, when one of the men decided to settle the question right then. It was stated they backed away from each other and then they both drew. Shots rang out and when they hit the floor they both had been shot dead. The paper also reported that Betsy married a new stranger in town, a month after the shooting.

These were two of the things that a ghost town needed in order to draw tourist in from all over the country. But the one thing that really drew the tourist to this ghost town was the story that Billy produced out of the clear blue sky. He remembered about the small cave he and the other boys had found, when they were only ten years old.

That is where I will continue, because I never did tell you the rest of the story after the boys arrived home from their trip to the ghost town. They did not forget about the small entrance or the cave they found, half-way up the ridge. Big John’s dad had promised his father that John could come and stay at his house for three weeks during the summer. Three days after the trip to the ghost town, Big John had to leave for his grandfather’s house. When the three weeks were over, the boys thought that they would go to the ghost town, but Hank’s family went on a two week vacation and then Billy had to go to football camp for two weeks.

When the boys finally were able to go back to the cave, seven weeks had already gone by. This time, they each took a flashlight. Because Hank was an expert shot with a 22, he snuck his gun out of the bedroom window. Hank told me he was really smart about that rifle. He said he unzipped his jeans and stuck it down his pants leg. He did have to walk stiff legged until they were out of the city limits, but once they reached the frontier, he pulled the rifle out and he was now ready for bear; well, for anything that walked, crawled, or flew.

As they were walking to the ridge, Hank made a remark about the last time they were there and that they thought someone or something was following them. He let his friends know that he had enough ammo to do anything in, if they got within range. With that, he pulled out a whole box of 22 shells and loaded his rifle. He let both boys know that this 22 was a semi-automatic, which meant all you had to do was to pull the trigger and it would fire a round. The rifle carried 17 rounds and he said he was pretty fast at pulling the trigger. That gave them all the confidence they needed to forge on.

The walk to the ridge did not take a lot of time. Once at the ridge, all three boys looked up at where they thought the cave entrance would be and then the climb started. It took a few minutes to reach the entrance. Then they all stopped and stood there and looked at each other. The decision was made that, before they went inside, it may be better to take two or three rocks and throw inside and see if anything moved around or came running out. All three picked up a rock and threw them inside. Hank had his 22 ready, just in case something came out. Nothing did come out and that is when they decided to go inside and take a look.

Someone had to be to be the first one in and they decided the best way to make that choice was to play a game. That game is called Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The game would be decided on the best two out of three games. Billy and Big John were the first to go. Billy’s first choice was a pair of scissors, but Big John had a closed fist, which indicated a rock. Big John won the first game. Billy won the second and then it was time to see who would win. The loser would go against Hank. Billy chose a rock and Big John picked the paper and everyone knows that a piece of paper will go around a rock, Big John won. Then it was time for Billy and Hank to go at it. Well, Hank won over Billy very easily, which made Hank very happy. Now it was time for the loser, Billy, to enter the cave.

At the cave entrance, Billy turned on his flashlight and stuck his head in and looked all around to see if there was anything inside. The cave was about ten foot deep, so Billy went all the way in. Then the screams started from Billy. He was screaming bloody murder and hollering out that the Chupacabra was killing him. Hank and Big John could hear the commotion inside and thought for sure Billy was being killed. Big John started crying and asked Hank what they could do. Hank yelled out, “I’m coming in and I will kill anything that moves.”

That is when Billy shouted out, “Don’t shoot, I was only kidding.”

Hank and Big John were totally irate with the joke that Billy had played on them and they both let Billy know how they felt. Hank and Big John stuck their heads through the opening and looked all around. Once they went inside, it looked like it was a place where a wild animal could come and live, without anyone or anything brothering it. There were small bones on the cave floor that looked to be the remains of a rabbit or maybe a cat.

The boys were very lucky because, if they would have gone back to the cave within the next three days after they first found it, they would have run into the Chupacabra mother. That first day the boys were at the ridge was the day the mother Chupacabra knew that she had to move the babies to another location that was safer. Mother animals are like that. Once their hiding place has been discovered, they have to move to another location, because the babies are in grave danger from enemies. In this case, it was not from other animals, but it was from humans; Hank, Billy and Big John.

After leaving the ridge, they went to the ghost town. As they were walking around town, they went to the back of one building and, off in the brush, something was moving. Hank told Billy and Big John not to move. He said he wanted to get close enough for a sure shot. Hank walked very quietly to the edge of the brush. He stopped and looked in the direction of the movement and then he fired two shots. The first hit home. It was a direct hit on the animal that had been stalking them. The animal let out a loud shrill and then it took off into the heavy brush. All three boys went to where the animal was shot and that is when they found a blood trail. The trail only lasted for ten yards, so the boys went back to the ghost town. As soon as they reached the ghost town, they heard the sound that was like a bugling elk, calling for a mate, once again. They decided then to come back when they had time and do a little fixing up of the place.

They did come back with nails and a hammer and did some repairs. Each time they would make that trip, Hank always had his rifle with him, just in case they had to defend themselves against wild animals or of the unknown. Hank never let that shrill sound leave his mind; he always thought about the animal that made that sound.

Now, let me tell you about the story Billy came up with that really was the key to getting a lot of people coming to the ghost town. Once Billy’s dad helped Billy get the town fixed up, the next step was to give the town a new name. The name on the records was Blackjack, so Billy’s dad had his lawyer draw up the papers that would change the name from Blackjack to Chupacabra. The ghost town that was Blackjack was now known as Chupacabra.

In order to get people coming to Chupacabra, there had to be some kind of story to entice people to come. The story Billy came up with revolved around that cave. Billy took his dad to the ridge where the cave was and then the lawyer found out that no one owned that ridge, except the State of Arizona. The lawyer asked the state if they would be willing to sell the ridge, provided they did not destroy it, or change any of the rock formations. The state agreed to the sell and Billy now owned the ridge for a mere $5,000.

What happened next was what earned the boys a lot of money and made Billy’s dad a multi-millionaire. The first thing he did was to buy some horses so the guides could take tourists on a scenic ride to the ridge, where Billy said the Chupacabra once lived. The trail to the ridge would go the long way, which meant the guides would take the tourist by the junk yard, where the story got even better. The story the guides would give would pertain to the boy’s first trip to the junk yard and to the ridge. The guides would tell of the boys being followed by one or more Chupacabras.

When the tourists first arrived in town, they were told about the Chupacabra and the sounds that they make. They would tell of the strange cry or bugling sound they made in order to communicate with each other. These were like the sounds of an elk bugling for a mate. The tourists were told that you may hear them and sometimes you may not hear them for weeks. They also told a story of Chupacabras living in the junk yard. Even if the stories were not true, they did sound exciting.

The story got even better when the guides told of the boys seeing one Chupacabra on the ridge, when they came back from the ghost town. Just to make things sound even better, Billy’s dad had remote control speakers placed at certain spots along the trail. One spot would be close to the ridge and another would be just outside of the ghost town. The controls were set at different times so neither a tourist nor the guides would be able to know exactly when a bugling sound would occur.

Billy did not forget about the time that Hank shot what they thought was a Chupacabra. His story told of the Chupacabra that was following them and how they went to the back of one of the buildings in the ghost town. He said that Hank walked into the brush and that is when he saw it. He said that Hank said it was ugly and it stood about three to three and a half feet tall. His eyes were blood red and it had something dripping from its mouth. He said that Hank took aim and fired at least five shots, as fast as he could pull the trigger. Hank said at least two or three shots hit home. The Chupacabra took off running and then it let out the bugling sound.

Billy continued with the story as he told how they walked to where Hank had shot the Chupacabra. He said they followed a blood trail for about a quarter of a mile. Billy said they walked around some heavy brush and then the unexpected happened. When they walked around the brush, there were four Chupacabras standing over the dead body of the one Hank shot. They all had a look of death in their eyes. It was at that time they dropped down in an attack position and started to move toward the boys.

Billy said they all took off running back toward the ghost town. He, Hank and Big John knew, if they were caught, they would be killed. As they were running, Billy hollered out and told Hank to fire four or five shots at the Chupacabras. He said Hank stopped and fired four quick rounds and the Chupacabras stopped and ran in the direction of their dead brother.

Billy decided those were the stories the guides would use to get tourists interested in his town called Chupacabra. The tourists did come. A timer was set so there was always a bugling sound, which the tourists thought for sure was a Chupacabra.

What Billy’s dad did was to have some log cabins built outside of town where the tourist could stay and that would bring in a lot of money. He started out with six cabins, then he added twenty, and now there are about fifty cabins for tourists. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the two swimming pools, a grocery store, a gas station, a spa, an old time drug store (modeled after a drug store from the 1950’s), and a souvenir store, where you could buy anything that had to do with a Chupacabra or the two gunfights.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: How could people believe in a Chupacabra? Well, you know, people really never did believe, it was just a way of getting a really good vacation. You could stay in an air-conditioned log cabin, take a half day horseback ride, and then jump in a nice swimming pool after the ride. If you wanted to go to Phoenix, it was only five minutes away in a car.

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