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Storytelling is definitely one of the most beautiful arts. Only few people are blessed with such gifts. We have several such storytellers at our academy. The teachers at our academy often come out with the stories that really touch hearts.

Having seen that the stories written by our authors must be shared with more people, we decided to publish this anthology. This book is also available in its paperback form on Amazon. We hope that these stories will entertain, motivate, and educated the readers.

All the best

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An old man named Chaman Lal lived in a village with his wife. Their only son Rajan lived in a city, about 400 kilometers from the village. Chaman Lal had not seen his son for about seven years.

One morning, he took a bus to the city where his son lived and worked. His son had sent Chaman Lal about a year before. He had that address with him. He went to that address and asked about his son.

He met a man outside the house where his son, Rajan, used to live. The man said to Chaman Lal, “Oh, Rajan, yes, I know him, but he left this house last year.”

Chaman Lal was extremely sad and disappointed. He was about to go back when he heard a voice. It was a neighbour, “Are you looking for Rajan?” Chaman Lal sadly nodded his head.

The neighbour gave him his son’s present address. Chaman Lal thanked the man and hailed an auto rickshaw to take him to that address. It was his son’s office address.

At the reception he asked about Rajan. The man said, “May I know why do you want to meet Mr. Rajan?”

Chaman Lal said, “I am his father. I have come from the village to meet my son.”

The receptionist pressed a button on his intercom and talked to Rajan. Rajan was shocked to hear that his father was in his office, but he said, “Show him into my office immediately.”

Chaman Lal entered the cabin and when he saw Rajan; his eyes were filled with tears. Rajan was obviously happy to see his father, but he seemed to be hiding something.

They had a simple conversation for a while and then Chaman Lal asked Rajan, “Son! Your mother wants to see you. Can you come home with me?”

Rajan thought for a moment and then said, “No, father. I can’t come with you. I am very busy. This is my new job and I must be present here. I must work hard to be successful. I have a lot of work to do.”

Chaman Lal smiled and said, “That is all right. I will go back this evening.”

Rajan said, “No father, you can stay with me for a few days if you like. I will take you around and show the city.”

Chaman Lal said, “No, Son. You are very busy. I don’t want to disturb you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I will go back. When you are free, you can come and meet your mother. She would be happy.” Chaman Lal turned and went out of the office.

After a few weeks, Rajan wondered why his father came alone after a long time. He felt bad for treating his father in a weird manner. He felt guilty for it and took a leave in office for few days and went to his village to meet his father.

When he went to the place where he was born and grew up, he saw that his parents were not there. He was shocked and asked the neighbors, “What happened here? My parents have to be there. Where are they now?”

The neighbors gave the address of the place where his parents were staying.

Rajan rushed to the place and noticed that the place was like a graveyard. Rajan's eyes were filled with tears and he started to walk slowly towards the place.

His father Chaman Lal noticed Rajan in a far distance and waved his hand to draw his attention. Rajan saw his father and started to run towards him. He embraced his father.

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