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Adult Poetry On Life

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  1. Spiced

  2. Lover's Sunrise

  3. Tell Me

  4. Sailing

  5. Unfulfilled Passion

  6. All Else Is Madness

  7. Complicated

  8. Silk

  9. Land Of Fantasy

  10. Polished Ship Deck

  11. Oh I Could Never

  12. Tomorrow's Dream

  13. The Old Monks

  14. Ancient Gown

  15. What Women Want

  16. Love

  17. Let's Be Clear

  18. The Grand Old Shop Of Lust

  19. Visiting The Angels' Library

  20. Babylon

  21. Stalling

  22. Love's Duty

  23. Medicine

  24. Blind Date

  25. "Say When...?"

  26. Three Chimes

  27. The Human Condition

  28. When You're Free

  29. Restaurant Of "Old Love & If"...

  30. Love's Purpose

  31. Frozen

  32. Revenge

  33. Treble Clef

  34. Catch 22

  35. Preferred Menu

  36. Time's Eternal Game...

  37. I Can Understand A Man Like That...

  38. What's Your Colour?

  39. "The Keepers Of Paris"

  40. France For God's Romantics

  41. Wake Up If You Can

  42. What Sound Will We Leave..?

  43. The Guide

  44. My Name Is...

  45. Capitalism's Rosy Stage

  46. I'll Be A Gentleman

  47. Just Shopping

  48. Loving Labour

  49. Muse

  50. Forgotten Art Of Watching

  51. Not Taking A No

  52. Slayer Of Reality

  53. Tomorrow's Ashes

  54. Lonely Loving Hand

  55. Complicated Smile

  56. Old School Sexy

  57. Smoking Hot

  58. Lace And More

  59. If She Was Mine

  60. Flowers And Sickle

  61. Passing Fashion

  62. The Poem With No Name

  63. Marble And Chalk

  64. Love & Art

  65. Sutra's Blush

  66. Axed Edge

  67. Men, Gentlemen And Wolves

  68. Coffee Or Tea...?

  69. So, Tea It Is

  70. Romantic Manual

  71. Missed Until Missing

  72. She Only Needs One

  73. No Apology

  74. Map To Getting Lost

  75. The Old Man

  76. Heads &Tails

  77. Relationship's Badge

  78. Last Prayer

  79. Baking For Keeps

  80. Call It What You Want

  81. If

  82. Date Night Vocabulary

  83. The Best Days

  84. Innocent Temptress

  85. I Beg, Please Control!!!

  86. 50 Shades

  87. The Lighthouse

  88. Please Come Back



Choose to let me undress your mind, and see you as you really are, let me cover you in a secret fragrance you deserve, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Hold still your lips and hips, while I with cinnamon and sugar, to make my drunk love exotic, sweeter, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

And let me paint intoxicating turmeric on your neckline to push my deep long kisses ecstatic, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Rub crushed flowers of lavender deep into your shoulders and all the way down your goose bumped back, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Next let me powder the addictive aroma of sage and sandalwood on your inner softer trembling thighs, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

To aim behind your knees and oil fine mashed ginger down your calves, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Eventually let me taste you when what's left; nature's finest mint leaves decorate you in a heart shaped tasty meadow, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Let my blood rush insane to fill my pride while I clothe you in all these, please don't move a muscle, don't think,

Let me see you watch me, and smile over the crazy things I do before it's time we dress - for that pale-brained world's clothes we have to wear... please don't move muscle, don't think,

Eventually let me be, let me taste you in the spiced clothing I designed for you... don't think...

Wolf Sherman

Lover's Sunrise

T'was always her feet first,

slowly up and down,

his palms burning hot...

T'was always her ankles next,

steamy lips running,

her stomach in a knot...

T'was always her thighs after,


painting memories as he went...

T'was always her lower back then,


shallow as his thumbs in circles sent...

T'was always "that" way he summoned the sunrise,

always slowly,


Wolf Sherman

Tell Me...

Come closer and whisper and in turn let me share,

Hours of things you always wanted but never dare,

All those wishes that never were, lonely minutes with our desires..., gone,

Never to be repeated when we leave the cabin of that unassuming rocking ship,

Tell me some at least - and let me tell you some of mine that keep me up at night,

Every whisper leading to a climax, every climax to another whisper shared,

Listen then to mine, and me in turn to yours,

Lonely thoughts of mine, hugging lonely thoughts and wishes of yours,

Every crazed syllable of unspoken wants, unsatisfied ticks of the clock of life...

Wolf Sherman


Cool ocean wind summoned from the horizon, a slow morning sun, glimmering... kissing your nude perfection...

Hovering lazily above patient chopping waves, a sailboat with you and nothing on my mind but the image of your tanned reflection...

Alone with no cares or land in sight, living out crazy fantasies from sunrise through to sleep time for the sun...

No belongings we'll pack but two items caringly chosen just for you... sunset, following sunset and the ones after those...

Two items only..., complimenting your presence on that fantasy sailboat made for two...

Each morning's rose'd scented massage oil to watch you bask lazily after welcoming you to new days...

Later when we call the moon after a whole day's staring at you clothed in nudeness...

Later when it's impossible to leave you alone, and I'm powerless against your presence...

Ever slowly tying you lightly to that sailboat's mast... a golden scarf, preventing you stopping my hour long kissing your hips, as I circle my way around that mast painted with fantasies... by moonlight's brush...

Wolf Sherman

Unfulfilled Passion

There in the shadows where lonely you travel -

Will you find in the moonlight things to unravel -


Always just you and the swinging low willows -

Be weary as light from pandora's box swallows -


Something draws closer as you put out a hand -

We all have been there and frozen we stand -


Want to open the lid more just a brief feel -

To know what awaits you and forward you reel...


"Try it just once!" A voice far from the back -

Once becomes more and around you goes black -


With that, a wind and the box lid creaked clear -

Someone out there, followed you here...

By Wolf Sherman 2014

All Else Is Madness...

Watching you sleep deep, laugh wildly, weep beautifully and cough properly,

Watching you cry hard, aim straight, sweat angelically and blink fast,

Watching you bake expertly, write coded, fight fierce, and kiss passionately,

Watching you dress slowly, type fast, stare curiously and walk purposefully,

There is a particular order in the chaotic rituals you create..., I do love watching you..., all else is madness...

Wolf Sherman


Complicated is when you think of love in the most erotic, breathless, steamy way,

Hell, when you dare not spell or paint or rhyme what you'd do to her today,

All those breathless moans to compose..., for her,

Needs you want her to spell out on a sailboat, on a summers day, on that deck,

To paint her as she advertises to the wind and sun, what and how and for how long,

Ecstasy just to watch her sleep and draw secrets on her back for hours,

Listen to her heartbeat...

Listen to her talking in her sleep...

Ecstasy is complicated when we're here, not yet on that far off sailing ship...

Wolf Sherman


Cushions and whispers and anticipation smooth as silk, without sex...

Hands and lips and massaging and hips, and silk, without sex...

All part of the silk route... without sex...

Necks and palms and feet and rubs, without sex...

Toes and kissing and cushions and whispers, and silk, without sex...

Ears and kissing and hugging and hips, and silk, without sex...

Legs and massaging and ankles and kissing, and silk, without sex...

Legs and rubbing and backs and holding, and silk, without sex...

Ears and secrets and blindfolds made from silk... without sex... imagine that...

Wolf Sherman

Land Of Fantasy

Candles, just two, lighting up the "us" the world cannot see,

Holding you close, counting your heartbeats, while we let each other be,

All or some of the things better left in the dreamworld we visit when we have to,

Nearer as I blindfold you, and you do me, allowing you and you for me,

To say and hold and feel a world never advertised,

Empower each other to remain there, a different "us", a hidden unsatisfied us,

Let the unsatisfied us just roam around each other's strange darker world,

Let the other "us" do unimaginable awesome things in quiet, slowly, over and over,

Empower the other "us", to be us in a stranger quiet awesome world...

Wolf Sherman

Polished Ship Deck

Climax of the one way route we'll float into,

Hugged by wind as the stars the only witness to our crazy fantasies,

All alone, but never lonely on that polished deck,

Nude and comfortable in our tanned robes,

Travel and travel and never use the same map ever,

Ever getting lost in each other's fantasies, erotic, pleasing, rude, caring, needy,

Loving and loved by ocean air,

Loving and lost in erotic orange sundown glare,

Ecstatic maps to steer and memorise...

Wolf Sherman

Oh, I Could Never

Oh, please no..., I could never be a religious man, a man of the cloth, a holy man. To burn those magic forests to ash, drown the good witches with the bad, and with ritual and logo, turn God's awesome love, for profit? I could never be a religious man...

Oh, please no..., I could never be a man of science. To dilute, weigh and to label; both angels and fairies, shooting star wishes of children and those in love, and the beauty of the stupid things a man in love will do, and explain all this away? I could never be a man of science...

Oh, please no..., I could never be law abiding man. I love the break-neck speed and painful hurt and thrill of imminent colliding love; as much as I love a healthy disrespect for authority, subordination and laws which ignore Marcus Aurelius and what he stood for. I could never be a law abiding man...

Oh, please no..., I could never be a soldier. To train and to train others like me to take the life of another me, from another mother like mine, while the evil on the stage steal both our taxes? We'd be better off burying our leaders before we bury each other. I could never be a soldier...

Oh, please no..., I could never be a teacher. I know that we all know nothing, and I've met three wise men who knew even less. Greed and revenge make evil men sleep snugger, but it's love that keep the good from dreaming on a colder night? I could never be a teacher...

A poet maybe..., to demonstrate with lack of judgement, that we're all those "other" people when challenging hours wait at destiny's door, that we're all equally diabolical and just as loving, every bit as needy to be loved back as to love, that there's nothing comparable to true love and quick flirts, and that keeping secrets, discretion, and losing track of time while we do all in the name of love, is really why we're here...

Wolf Sherman

Tomorrow's Dream

Would ask you to join me where my mind travels to... when it seems I'm still here... but I'm not.

When my eyes go hazy, waxy, when I force a smile against my will and pause my feelings...

When for this world it seems overcast, foggy, end of reality, when it seems all is lost and in sharp shards on the ground,

I can spend three days planning tomorrow where I go... and how I'll react when I'm back in "your" five minutes.

So when I laugh or smile, when it's irrational, unnecessary or in poor taste, just hold me to remind me what's normal, your normal,

I'm addicted to my reality that everything has already been and passed us, and that what we have is a bit of now to hold onto, briefly...

Shock, fear, tears, smiles, giggles and hugs is how it feels when we're still tied here but already living in tomorrow,

It's all a dream really, but tonight again, when you sleep, my whispers will report how we we've already done it tomorrow, how you will still.

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