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This book is Part Five of “The Mind Talker Paranormal Romance Series

1 - Awareness

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3 - Heat

Ananda couldn't help herself. Jared's scent just sends her over the edge. No one else understood Ananda's gift...not even her parents. When Jared found Ananda, he explained what her special powers meant. Only certain people acquired the gift of reading minds. Along with that, Ananda was undergoing a maturation process. Every one of her kind will experience it in their 21st year.

4 - Revealed

Jared learns the truth about his dead sister. Ananda had the power to see into his past. She saw what he saw during that fateful day when Jared's sister died. Meanwhile, the truth about Kerri's family is revealed. They are the sole reason why Ananda and her kind are on the endangered list.

5 - Evasion

Ryan is the mystery man who is helping Jared and Ananda to escape to Canada in hopes of evading the organization that is hunting all those with special mind reading powers. Kerri's family is behind the secret organization. Her love for Ryan has forced her to choose between loyalty to family and loyalty to Ryan. Can she be trusted?


The Mind Talker Paranormal Romance Series

Book 5

Copyright Revelry Publishing 2017

By Darla Dunbar

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Chapter One

JARED FELT anything but relaxed as he sat across from the man who just introduced himself as Ananda’s older brother. Typically, he would assume a first meeting with the family of a significant other would include a semi-awkward dinner with the father asking all sorts of probing questions followed by pseudo threats of death by shotgun if a hair on his darling daughter’s head was out of place. Instead Jared sat gingerly on the edge of a raggedy bed, clothes having been hastily pulled on in the wake of their new company, with Ananda sobbing in her big brother’s arms. A big brother who somehow managed to be comforting to his sister while his eyes promised swift and sudden death to Jared if he found she had come to any harm.

Ananda missed the exchange between her brother and Jared as she pulled back, tears in her eyes and a sob stuck in her throat. Truthfully she had thought she would never see Ryan again and was a bit perplexed by his abrupt re-entry into her life. Her gaze was drawn to how close Ryan and Kerrie were as well as the feeling of raw magnetism that almost radiated between them. Slowly, she backed away until Jared guided her down until she was almost perched across his lap, his arm never leaving the place where it was draped across her waist in a possessive and comforting hold.

“I’m…” Ananda, swallowed hard pushing down the lump in her throat. “It’s been months, Ryan. Months! One minute you’re telling me about your exploits in the real world; job, house, car, everything. The next you just up and disappear with no phone calls, no emails, nothing!”

“I know Ana and I’m sorry, I really am but,” Ryan paused, his gaze sliding over to Kerri as if needing her permission to speak the truth. Ananda could feel her fury rising over her brother and best friend’s seemingly unspoken exchange. “We wanted to keep you safe –”

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