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Sophie Sin

Copyright 2017 Lunatic Ink Publishing

Note: This book contains two bonus stories that fit the theme of this book.


CHAPTER 1: The Foolish Secretary

CHAPTER 2: His Anger

CHAPTER 3: The Kink

Bonus Book 1: A Busty Suffocation

Bonus Book 2: He Loves Rears

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Note: This book contains consensual sex between a sexy secretary, an apple, a huge black dildo and her handsome boss. All participants over the age of 18.


I sit at the reception desk of M&L Associates Top News and experience that overwhelming chilly feeling that comes when you’ve done something so unbelievably stupid that even your mother - who is supposed to love you through all your foolishness and faults - would agree that you are a total numbskull.

Mary!” I hear yelled from my boss’s office.

Here it comes.

Five hours ago I was standing in the break room with Jenny, Sandra and our gay friend Thomas. We were of course talking about Tom and the probability that the asshole was going to screw his new assistant in the executive toilets and whether or not she was going to lose her job straight after.

My opinion was “He’s going to fuck her and fire her. Tom doesn’t do commitment.” I said this and then of course we started talking about whether or not we would fuck Tom ourselves knowing that we would be fired straight after.

I remember exactly how I felt before and exactly how I felt after I replied. Before I was comfortable. The coffee I had in my hand was hot but not too hot and I was a little wired on the caffeine in it. Thomas was telling us all how he “wouldn’t fuck that asshole in a million years” and we were all nodding along. I was content I guess. I have been at M&L for six years and my next raise is only a week away, so everything is going fine - perhaps except for who I’m working for.

Then I said...

I’d totally let him fuck me up the ass, but not even once in the pussy. That bastard doesn’t deserve that.”

Thomas had been describing exactly how he likes it and, of course, we are going to talk about anal. It was mostly a joke.

Then a voice said...

Ms. Bridge, I’m sure you’d let me do it anywhere I liked considering it might be the only thing that keeps you in a job today.”

Everyone’s face turned white. I looked past Thomas to the doorway. Tom was standing there with his arms crossed over his muscular chest. I have fantasies about this man taking me by the hair and forcing his cock down my throat until I can’t breathe. At that moment he didn’t need his cock to achieve that effect.

Sir, I...”

Tom just shook his head and walked back out into the hallway and was gone.

Do you think he heard everything?” Thomas asked, sounding rather worried.

I shook my head. What was I thinking saying that in the office? Did I have a death wish.

Five hours later I stand up, square my black rimmed glasses on my slim featured face and brush a lock of strawberry blond hair over my shoulder and head to the location of my impending doom.

The day can’t get much worse than this.


That damn woman!” I rage at my reflection in the executive bathroom’s mirror.

They all had to get together and take it out on the boss. Of all days to do this my secretary decides she’s going to talk shit behind my back on the very day that my wife of five years is moving in with the damn electrician that came over to fix the wall socket and apparently fixed a lot more.

I stare at myself. Cold dark anger rages in me. I know I should control my behavior, but I’ve been fucking everything I can get my hands on. The fact that I fire the women that I fuck has very little to do with it. Someone needs to be punished. Sometimes I think that someone should be me.

I place a hand by the sink and run some water into the other. I splash it on my face and take a good long hard look at the rage in my eyes. It isn’t that she said it, I realize. It’s that she said that there were things that I couldn’t have.

There hasn’t been many times in my life when a woman has told me “no.” Recently it’s become more frequent, but the things I want to do have become more kinky. I shouldn’t really be that surprised if women are holding things back from me.

I straighten my tie. There’s 20 minutes before the end of lunch. I have time to pick up some supplies and be back in my office to make a certain secretary’s life a bit more interesting.

She doesn’t know how bad it can get. Not yet. Not yet.


I let myself in. My heart is thumping in my chest. I think I’m going to faint. Tom must be fuming. I’ve heard him dish out other workers in this office multiple times. I’ve been there myself. What I find is not what I expected.

That’s a big black cock,” I breathe.

They are sitting on the desk in front of the man. I stare at them.

You said some things that I’m not too happy about.”

What is going on here? He’s so calm. His voice is almost soothing. Yet, there’s that huge black dildo sitting at the front of his neatly organized desk next to a few print outs and a big one liter bottle of lube.

Tom sits there staring at me. He doesn’t even blink.

Aren’t you going to answer?”

What can I say? Something awful is about to happen. I can tell by the look in his eyes, the lube on the big fat black cock and how much I’m sweating. That really is a huge dildo.

I’m not sure what to say.”

He smiles.

You should ask what’s the apple for?”

I didn’t even notice it until now. There’s a crisp red apple - the desert kind - sitting beside the dildo. I realize that they form a line from lube to dick to fruit.

I don’t know,” I reply. I can’t figure out what I should say from there.

It’s your lunch.”


It’s going in your ass because you won’t let me put it in your pussy.”

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