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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Naked

Chapter 2 - The Joy of Nudity

Chapter 3 - Almost

Chapter 4 - The Reluctant Exhibitionist

Chapter 5 - My Kinky Little Secret

Chapter 6 - The Ultimate Exhibitionist

Chapter 7 - The Bored Housewife

Chapter 8 - At The Restaurant

Chapter 1 - Naked

I’ve been naked all my life, well as long as I can remember. Obviously not all the time, the rules of society mean I have to wear clothes far more often than I want to, but you need to play the game to get on in this world. I was brought up in a nudist family, Mum, Dad my brother and I would spend as much time as possible naked. I think my earliest memory was when I was about four or five playing with Peter, my brother, in the sandpit in our back garden with not a stitch on, it was the most natural thing in the world. Mum was sat in a deck chair as naked as us waiting for Dad to arrive home from work before cooking dinner. Mum would put an apron on to cook dinner, well frying sausages could be a bit painful without protection, but that would come off as we all sat down to dinner as a family, an event I believe which has gone out of fashion in a lot of families, so sad.

Weekend jaunts out in the car would usually take us to a nudist beach where hundreds of people would be parading around as naked as we were, or to other families Mum and Dad were friendly with who were nudists like ourselves. I really didn’t think anything of it and it never occurred to me to question the difference between men and women’s bodies. The only difference I did notice were that some people were fat, some thin with a lot in between, the naivety of youth I guess, and I never thought that other people were different and didn’t realise that most people spent their lives covered up. This was explained to me after I nearly committed a faux pas at a school friend’s eighth birthday party, the first party I had ever attended outside our family’s immediate circle of friends. Mum dropped me off for the party a little early as she had something else to do. My friend’s mum showed me out to the back garden where a bouncy castle was in operation. I was the first one there and quite naturally started to take my clothes off. I had just lifted off my dress and was stood there in my vest and pants when Mrs Jones came out with a plate of food and looking at me said, “What are you doing?”

“Pardon,” I said in surprise.

“Why have you taken your dress off?”

“To get naked of course.”

She really opened her eyes at that. “Err no young lady, not here you don’t. What you get up to in your own house is your business, but not here so be a good girl and put your dress back on.”

I did as I was told and quickly put my dress back on all the while shaking my head in confusion. The party was good, the bouncy castle was excellent fun, I really enjoyed myself and Jessica appreciated the gift I had bought her.

When Mum came to pick me up I saw her and Mrs Jones having words, it looked quite serious for a few moments but then they hugged and next thing we were in the car heading home. As soon as we pulled away from the house Mum said, “Sorry darling Daddy and I should have explained that not everybody likes to take their clothes off.”

“Weirdoes,” I replied a little annoyed at my mother for not having been given that little gem of information before the party. I should mention that I was precocious even at that age.

“No they’re not weird Darling, they just have a different lifestyle to us. Some people are actually quite shy where nudity is concerned.”

“But everybody is naked under their clothes, what’s their problem?”

“I don’t know darling, I’ve been a nudist all my life as were my mum and dad.”

Indeed we had gone to the beach with Nanna and Granddad on more than one occasion with them stripping off the same as us.

That night in bed I thought long and hard about Mum’s words, it was hard to understand, but then so much in life is also hard to understand.

Nothing of any significance happened until I was thirteen, nearly fourteen. My granddad died from a stroke but my life carried on pretty much as it had before. As a family we went to nudist beaches and parties at our nudist friends houses. I never again made the mistake of stripping off where it wasn’t appropriate, a valuable lesson learned and then at school I learnt about the power a woman had over men by displaying her nude body.

One lunch time when I was in the third year in high school I came across five lads from my class behind the gym laughing and joking while looking at a magazine of some sort. They didn’t spot me until it was too late.

“What you lot up to?” I said making them all jump.

“Nothing to do with you, go away,” The tallest of the five said.

“Come on what were you looking at?”


“Go on show her,” A lad called Ben said with a feint smirk on his face.

Shaking his head Michael passed over a very ragged copy of Fiesta a nudie magazine. I quickly looked through it, flicking the pages over.

“So this is what you get up to.”

“You’re not going to tell on us are you?” Ben whined.

“Of course not silly boy, but I’m thinking the real thing has got to be better than photos.” My quick mind had already thought of a plan.

“What, you gonna show us your tits then?” Michael boldly asked.

“Why not, for a price.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah. Tell you what meet me in the store room at the back of classroom 6B tomorrow at twelve thirty. It’ll cost you a pound each and I’ll show you my tits.”

“Are you for real?”

“Absolutely but you had better not tell anybody else or the deal’s off understand.”

They all nodded their heads. I passed the magazine back to Michael. “See you tomorrow lads.”

That night in bed I thought about what I had committed to. I was excited by the prospect of showing myself off. It would be the first time ever for me to be nude, well topless, with any sexual connotation. All my nudity in the past had been purely innocent, just a desire to be au natural, nothing wrong with that. This was going to be different.

At twelve thirty on the dot I walked into the storeroom, it was long and thin with shelves stacked with stationary, books and what have you. The door was half glass so I told Eric, one of the lads, to stand guard, I was well aware that what we were doing was naughty and did not want to get caught by a teacher half naked with a load of lads.

“Right, have any of you told anybody else about our little arrangement?”

All five shook their heads.

“Good, cause you know we would all get into trouble, especially you lot because I’d claim you made me do it and on top of that I’ll get my brother to hunt you down and beat the crap out of you, okay?”

They all nodded their heads this time.

“Let’s get the financial side of this transaction out of the way, a quid each please.”

Five pounds were passed over which quickly disappeared into my school bag.

“Everybody ready?” I asked, again they all nodded I think the prospect of little old me and my tits had got them all tongue tied.

I went to the far end of the store room and turning away from the lads took of my navy blue cardigan, my white blouse and then slipped off my bra. I turned round with my arms in the air displaying my tits for my avid fans.

Michael said, “Fucking hell Liv I never thought you’d do it. You look gorgeous.”

I nodded in appreciation and I didn’t short change the lads either, I stood there for a full five minutes, striking various poses even picking up my tits and giving the nipples a squeeze. Alright at nearly fourteen my body hadn’t become that of a full woman yet. My tits weren’t bad though and my hips had started to swell. When I felt the time was right I turned away from the lads and put my clothes back on. Then turning back to face them asked, “Okay?”






They were happy, I was happy and excited.

“Come on let’s get out of here,” I said.

Michael was the last lad to leave and turning to me asked, “Any chance we could see your fanny?”

“I don’t see why not, same time next week and another pound each.”

He nodded.

That night in bed where I do all my best thinking I reviewed the day’s action. I had felt really excited showing myself off in a sexual way, a couple of the lads had grabbed at their crotches, I’d probably given them an erection, wow. I’d never seen one of those despite seeing hundreds or even thousands of willies, as I called the male appendage back in those days, the family name for a cock. I kind of hoped one of the lads would get it out so I could have a look. During this thought process I became aware of a tingling in my moo moo, another family name for the female genitalia. I reached down with my hand and gave myself a little rub, the tingly feeling increased in a very pleasant way and before long I was giving my clit a severe going over and moments later had my first ever orgasm. My goodness what a wonderful feeling that was, gorgeous.

Don’t think I was naïve regarding sex I wasn’t. My class had endured the sex education classes at school and Mum and I had discussed it quite openly one day when Dad and my brother were out so I believed I had a pretty good idea of what it was all about.

The following night in bed I masturbated myself to orgasm once again and have been doing so virtually every day since until I became properly sexually active only masturbating when I didn’t have a bloke handy.

The next week in the storeroom we followed the same routine, I took the money off the lads and then with my back to them lowered my skirt and knickers to the floor, giving them a view of my bum and then stepped out of the clothes placing them on an empty place on a shelf. I turned around, “There you go boys, I hope you like the view.”

I now had a reasonable amount of dark pubic hair so that I looked like a proper woman. I spun around, bent down with my back to them and pulled my bum cheeks apart. Then dragged over a packing case, sat down, opened my legs and pulled my labia apart showing off every intimate detail of my moo moo.

“You can come closer and have a proper look if you want to lads, I’m not shy.”

So one by one they came and gazed upon my cunt. As before I didn’t short change the lads they more than got their monies worth of yours truly. Finished I began to dress and realised that my slit was wet which usually happened when I was playing with myself. That was a revelation, exposing myself was a turn on for me, I couldn’t wait to get into bed that night to enjoy the fruits of my exhibitionism. I was delighted also when three of the lads had to make themselves comfortable in the willy department during my display, yay.

The family spent the weekend camping at a nude site out in the country, it was a wonderful weekend, we spent the entire time from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon naked a lovely way to while away your time. Peter and I played tennis, volleyball, pool, we went swimming, glorious.

In the storeroom the following week I gave my boy friends a special treat, I stripped off completely, even my white ankle socks and shoes, giving them the full nude experience. They loved it and when I noticed a couple of them fiddling with their crotch I invited them to get it out and wank.

“Us girls do it too you know,” and promptly sat down on the packing case, opened my legs and gave them a display of female masturbation. Michael, as always the leader of the group and the oldest of all of us by a few weeks, was the first to unzip and get his willy out and started to jerk off. So that’s what an erection looked like, interesting. Pretty soon four more cocks were out and being played with, boy was I one very hot young lady. Eric was the first to climax and splattered his cum on the floor, I hadn’t thought through the consequences and when there were five puddles of the stuff on the floor made them clean it all up with a piece of rag I found on one of the shelves. If you are going to be naughty, make sure you don’t get caught. By the way I had a very satisfying and noisy orgasm watching the lads jerking off helped of course by being naked and the very centre of attention.

These sessions carried on all the way to the end of the fifth year when we were all fifteen, nearly sixteen. How we never got caught I’ve no idea, the lads kept their word and never told a soul about our little get togethers they didn’t want to spoil a good thing and perhaps the threat of my older brother who had a reputation for being a bit of a rough house helped. We had one close call, Michael was standing guard by the door when he said, “Smithy just walked in.”

Mr Smith was our English teacher and deputy head master. We all froze, me starkers and the lads as usual with their cocks out. After two minutes Michael gave the all clear, the teacher had just rummaged around in his desk for something then left, whew.

As time progressed in our adventures I began to let the lads feel me up which was lovely, I found having a man’s hand playing with my nipples lovely and of course as things developed fingers started penetrating my hole. I took to giving the lads a hand jerking them off so all in all we were having a pretty good time. I never once failed to enjoy being naked for the lads.

Thinking about those times I suspect what we were doing was perhaps morally wrong, or were we just kids doing what thousands of other kids were doing, experimenting with our sexuality. I suppose the normal course of events would be one on one. So I was greedy taking on the five lads. Whether what we were doing was illegal I’ve no idea, but as we were all virtually the same age I suspected that wasn’t the case.

Two months before my sixteenth birthday I visited my doctor and after a severe lecture about promiscuity, the dangers of STDs and underage sex was given a prescription for the pill. Then two days after my sixteenth birthday as we all got into taking our GCSEs we six had our final session in the storeroom. At the end of it as the lads were leaving I said to Michael, “Could you hang on a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

The door closed and we were left alone.

“How would you like to do me?” I asked.

“What now? I’d love to.”

I took my panties back off and lent against a shelving unit. I had to play with his cock for a while to get it hard again, which didn’t take very long at all and then lifting up my skirt Michael slipped his cock into me. I came very quickly and he groaned moments later, two virgins had been deflowered. He kissed me on the cheek, I wiped his stuff from my fanny and we emerged back into the world just a little different.

At sixth form college there wasn’t a convenient storeroom as there had been at high school and besides the majority of lads were new to me and to develop the ties that I’d had back in high school takes time. I also found the work in sixth form hard and had to labour long hours to keep my grades up. I wanted to go to university to study nursing so had to put all my brain power into my school work. I had one or two sexual encounters but as for stripping off nude the occasion never arose apart from at home with my family.

Outside of school my nude life continued, the highlight being a fortnight’s holiday at a nude resort in Croatia. Two weeks when I never wore a stitch of clothing even in bars and restaurants or going to the local supermarket, superb. I will admit though I had now started looking at naked men differently, well their cocks at least assessing them if you will, thoughts like, he’s a good size, that one’s not worth bothering with, fucking hell I’d love that up me all passed through my mind, ain’t I a bitch. Halfway through this holiday my mum emerged from the bathroom one day after shaving off all her pubic hair, the two male members of my family had already left the apartment.

“Bloody hell Mum, that looks neat,” I said, “what brought that on?”

“I thought it might turn your father on,” she replied laughing.

“That looks so cool, think I’ll follow suit.”

I went and shaved off my pubes and to this day my cunt is as bald as the proverbial babies bum. Mum and I were a hit with Dad and my brother they both liked our clean looks.

That holiday was my last one before heading off to university. I’d just about scraped through my exams. I’d be living away from home for the first time, the start of a brand new adventure.

I’ve got to say being away from home wasn’t all I thought it was going to be. I was living in a student dorm and the floors were separated male and female much to my disappointment. I did walk around my floor naked, but it wasn’t the same with just girls to look at me and then after two weeks I got a letter from the Dean telling me to desist from walking around unclothed as he so quaintly put it, so that was the end of that. For some reason I found it difficult to make friends so the few weekends I was able to afford to go home and get naked were a blessed relief.

During the second term I was walking though the town centre and saw a pub advertising striptease four nights a week. “I can do that,” I said to myself and walked in. I quickly found the landlord.

“You’re a student I suppose,” he said looking me up and down.

“I am.”

“Ever done this before?”

“Yes,” I lied, how difficult could it be to take your clothes off and throw a few shapes on a stage.

He sniffed, “Okay, you look the part, if you want the job be here at seven tonight and I’ll give you a trial.”

“Err what about the pay?”

“I’ll pay fifteen quid cash in hand and you go around with the hat after your performance, how much you earn is down to you. You do one set where you just show em your tits and a half hour later you get the lot off. Oh and bring a CD of the music you want to dance to.”

“Right I’ll see you at seven.”

I walked out of the seedy looking pub, went straight to my dorm room and worked out a routine to perform. Having never seen a striptease in my life I really had no idea what I was supposed to do but I guess that the audience, all men I presumed, would want to see every part of me which as you know by now I was perfectly happy to show them.

I arrived at the pub at six forty five, the landlord Joe, showed me to a small changing room which was at the rear of the pub and through the back room which was packed with men. A small stage was set against one wall.

My first ever performance as a stripper began at seven on the dot, I wore a blouse, skirt and matching bra and bikini briefs and very quickly discarded my clothes and got down to my knickers for the show and then spent three minutes dancing topless for the assembled throng of randy men. What a turn on, displaying myself for money when I was doing nothing different to what I had been doing all my life.

Another girl Janine followed me onto the stage, she was another student and told me she had been doing this for a year and one term for the extra money it gave her. We actually became friends over time and in the end took me to another couple of pubs where my striptease career could continue.

For my second show of the night I placed a chair in the centre of the stage which I would need for the second half of my performance. I quickly got rid of another blouse and my bra and danced topless for a minute and then slid down my skirt leaving me in a tiny thong, that only stayed on my body for a few more seconds leaving me naked and enjoying myself. I bent over facing away from the audience with my legs spread wide. I pulled my arse cheeks apart giving them a great view of my bum and slit. I then stood up danced around the chair for a moment and then sat down and started to play with my tits, massaging them, grabbing my nipples and pulling them away from my body. I was feeling horny, all my life I’d been naked in a totally non sexual way and here I was a sex object for all these men to enjoy, it was a powerful feeling, I knew full well that most of the men there would have loved to have fucked me given half the chance.

I opened my legs swivelling around in the chair to make sure every member of the audience got a superb view of my shaved fanny. I pulled my cunt lips apart showing them my hole and the urge to masturbate was overwhelming so in front of seventy or so men I began to rub my clit, fuck it felt so good, two fingers from my left hand quickly found their way into my cunt and I finger fucked myself and the two stimulants soon had me crying out as an orgasm overcame me. I cried out with joy to a stupendous roar of approval from the appreciative audience. My music choice finished moments later so I picked up my clothes and disappeared into the changing room reappearing moments later with a cloth bag I’d manufactured in my dorm room to collect my tips. I walked around naked, whether that was the norm or not I’ve no idea but when I counted the money later and it was a little over eighty six quid, I knew I had done alright.

Joe came into the changing room just as I was getting dressed while Janine was on stage doing her second performance.

He looked at me and laughed, “You’re a lying little bitch, you’ve never done a striptease before in your life have you?”

I couldn’t lie, “You’re right, I’ve never even seen one, sorry but I needed the job. Is that it then wasn’t I any good.”

“Darling your performance was sensational, a live sex show, never seen that done before.”

“Did I overstep the mark?”

“Your body love, if you’re happy, I’m happy and I’m sure the punters loved it.”

He reached into his back pocket and handed me the fifteen quid. “You’re hired if you want the job.”

“I do.”

“In that case be here tomorrow night, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays evenings are show time, okay with you?”


“Right see you tomorrow.”

And so my career as a stripper began, plus I had accumulated over a hundred quid for effectively less than fifteen minutes work doing something I really enjoyed and as an additional bonus I’d given myself a beautiful orgasm into the bargain, lucky old me.

One weekend when I’d gone home for some of Mum’s cooking and to sleep in my own bed we were alone in the house when I asked Mum, “Do you ever get turned on being naked?” The pair of us were nude sat at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee.

She smiled, “Occasionally yes I do, why do you ask?”

“Don’t be mad but these days I get kind of horny all the time.”

“Sweetheart you’re young, I seem to remember at your age I was the same. Your hormones are running wild, it’s perfectly natural.”

I nodded, “So you still get turned on sometimes now?”

“Of course, sometimes your dad talks dirty to me, perhaps about a guy looking at me, I dunno or sometimes if a particularly hunky chunky passes by I might think, mmm, he’s nice I wouldn’t mind a bit of that.”


“Listen just because you’re on a diet it doesn’t mean to say you can’t look at the menu. Not that I would ever indulge you understand.”

“Of course not, but do you like feeling that way?”

“Of course what woman wouldn’t. Where’s this come from anyway?”

“Oh just curiosity.”

She looked at me a bit odd but we left that conversation there.

It was just after that weekend when I decided to liven up my wardrobe with some sexy clothes. I bought some see through tops, short skirts and even a fishnet bikini for the times I might go to a beach but couldn’t go naked, it did happen sometimes.

My life became a happy routine, what with university work, my strip shows with an extra one on Sunday evenings thanks to Janine. I was making money, able to exhibit myself so life was pretty good.

Early one Friday evening I was returning to my dorm when who was hanging around outside but big brother Peter. We had a hug, “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.

“What can’t I come to see my baby sister?”

“Of course it’s great to see you Pete, how’s it going?”

We walked up to my dorm room, lads were allowed in until seven in the evening. I think the university authorities thought you couldn’t fuck before seven, LOL. I made us a cup of tea and we got caught up.

“So what are we going to do this evening, how about I take you out for a meal?”

Peter was now working in a bank so had a regular salary coming in.

“I’ve got to work this evening.”

“Work, you’ve never mentioned that, what do you do?”

“I work in a pub in town.”


“Err not quite.”


“I don’t think you’d approve.”

He narrowed his eyes, “Come on out with it.”

“I’m a stripper.”


“Listen we’ve spent most of our lives naked, so why shouldn’t I make some money out of it?”

“Yeah but.”

“Look come along tonight, I’m not ashamed of what I do and then you can take me out for a meal.”

“Okay, this should be fun.”

“Just one more thing Pete, don’t tell Mum and Dad about this I can do without any grief from them.”

“My lips are sealed Sis, promise.”

I gave my usual performance stopping short of climaxing on stage like I usually did, I didn’t want to do that in front of my brother. Later we were in a pub restaurant tucking into steak and chips when Peter said to me, “You know sis that was the raunchiest striptease I’ve ever seen.”

“Bloody hell Pete you don’t actually go to strip clubs do you.”

“Of course, with the guys from work.”

“But you must have seen thousands of women naked, virtually every weekend, why go to a club?”

“It’s different, sexy I suppose, nothing like nudist beaches.”

I nodded, “Yeah I suppose so. Tell me do you ever get turned on during our nudist activities”

“Of course but it’s so unfair, you ladies can get turned on and nobody would notice but us lads, well it soon becomes rather obvious.”

I laughed.

“So many times I’ve desperately had to concentrate on something different to stop it going hard. Do you remember Mavis Jackson?”

How could I forget her, she was the daughter of one of my parent’s nudist friends and about our age, a very pretty girl, she had a stunning figure but with ginormous tits, all the lads looked at her.

“Of course.”

“I fancied her like mad but every time I saw her I used to feel it rising so had to turn away. I so wanted to feel her up.”

“Why didn’t you ask her on a date?”

“I couldn’t, I’d have got a stiffy if I ever spoke to her.”

I shook my head, “That’s what my stripping is all about Pete, control. I know what my body does to men and I love having power over all those men. Besides which exhibiting myself turns me on, never fails.”

Peter drove me back to the campus and just before leaving said to me, “I’m glad you’re happy sis and don’t worry your secret’s safe with me. Just one thing, be careful there are a lot of weirdoes out there and they might just get the wrong idea.”

That struck a note with me and after investigating found out that the university offered free self defence classes for us ladies, I signed up immediately, a good idea in my line of work.

Two weeks later Joe paid me my dues on the Saturday night, “Listen lass next Friday night we’ve got a closed session for the local boys in blue. It’ll be a late one and I’d like you to put on a very special performance for them. Would you be okay with that?”

“How much?”

“A ton in your hand but no collection afterwards.”

“A hundred quid, make it one twenty five and I’m yours, it sounds like fun, what time.”

“Nine and its one ten.”

“One fifteen and I’ll be here.”

Joe shook his head, “Go on then.”

Two days later after scouring some junk shops I found exactly the prop I needed for my special police show an old fashioned wooden police truncheon complete with its leather strap. After getting it home I cleaned it, sterilised it with alcohol and tried it for size, it was perfect. I also spotted an old, ladies bike, I was going to and from the campus by bus to and from town for my shows which was both expensive and inconvenient and a push bike was just the ticket to improve my transport situation and fortunately the road was pretty flat between here and there. The bike cost me fifteen quid and I wheeled it along to a bike shop three doors along and the guy there put on two new inner tubes, made sure the brakes were working and oiled the chain, all done while I had a cup of coffee in the greasy spoon next door, oh and a wonderful bacon sandwich.

That Friday night I put on the performance of a lifetime for the local constabulary I can tell you and as it transpired it was in some respects a fateful evening for me. First off a blue comedian livened up the audience and then it was Janine’s turn to entertain the gentlemen, huh some gentlemen. A second comedian did his act and then it was my turn. The first set was as normal just taking my top off but when that came off I walked around the audience of police officers inviting some of them to give my tits a grope, that went down really well I can tell you and then I had to wait another hour before giving my second performance. I walked on stage naked apart from a thong and a gold belt from which hung the truncheon. I took the truncheon from the belt and started swinging it around my wrist then walking through the crowd and boy was it crowded I again invited some of the men to grope my tits but expanded that action getting them to grope my bum as well. I’d chosen some heavy rock music for this performance but didn’t do a single dance step, this was raw sex and then some. After five minutes of audience participation I went on stage, dropped the thong to the floor, and sat on my favourite chair, sitting there demurely I began groping my own tits, playing with my nipples, lifting one tit up so I could suck the nipple. I stood up for a moment and facing away from the men bent over and showed them my arse and poking a hand between my legs toyed with my arsehole for a minute or two. I sat back down and smiled at the men before opened my legs wide giving them a view of my cunny. As always I swivelled around ensuring everybody got a good view of my orifice. I pulled my lips apart showing them every intimate part of me. My cunt was already wet and I hoped it glistened in the stage lights. I wanted the men to know I was feeling horny.

Unhooking the truncheon from my wrist I placed it between my cunt lips and began to slowly to slide it up and down, it felt good putting some pressure on my clit and I closed my eyes tightly letting the audience know I was enjoying the smooth wood as it stimulated me. Again I swivelled around making sure that everybody got a good view of me. Whatever else you say about me I always give good value for money. When I was ready I placed the tip of the truncheon at the entrance to my cunt and then slowly but surely pushed it in. Inch by inch it penetrated me, what a glorious feeling doing it for all these horny men. I was in total control. Taking my time I began to fuck myself with the implement while my left hand moved to my clit and gave that some finger loving. Jesus, this was the sexiest thing I had ever done and an orgasm quickly began to build in my body and when it erupted I screamed out my pleasure, closing my legs to enjoy the feelings to the full. After the climax faded I carried on using the truncheon on myself I sensed a second orgasm would follow soon after the first and only minutes later I squealed out my delight as my cunt muscles contracted giving me a wonderful second climax, the first time ever on stage. I stood up, a bit wobbly to be sure and bowed to the audience with rapturous applause ringing in my ears. I walked off stage and sat in the dressing room composing myself, fuck I was exhausted. Joe walked in.

“Fucking hell girl that was fantastic, did you actually come on stage.”

I nodded, “Twice Joe and those orgasms were bloody gorgeous.”

He shook his head, “You my girl are far and away the best performer we’ve ever had in the pub. I hope you’ll keep coming back.”

“I will Joe I enjoy it too much not to.”

“Aye lass I believe you do. Am I right in thinking you do it because you enjoy it more than for the money.”

I nodded.

“Well here you are plus a little bonus for you.”

He handed me three fifty pound notes.

“It’s been a good night, I made lots of money behind the bar, these coppers sure can drink I tell you and you Liv deserve a bit extra.”

I smiled, “Thanks Joe that’s appreciated.”

He squeezed my shoulder and then was gone. I looked at the door as it closed. I liked Joe, I was sat there naked as I had done many times and he never once tried anything on, what a lovely man.

I’ve got to tell you I found a little old lady in town who sewed leather. She put a long thin pocket inside my leather tote bag where the truncheon could fit snugly. Between that and my self defence classes I felt I would be well protected should anybody try anything on. The lady also put a new leather strap on for me what a lovely old dear.

A week later after a Thursday night show I was on my way home pedalling along a pavement minding my own business when a police car pulled past and then turned left in front of me. A young constable got out and held up his hand for me to stop, I recognised him straight away he had been sitting in the front row for my boys in blue show and if I remembered correctly had been one of the first I had allowed to touch up my tits.

I pulled up alongside him, “Excuse me miss do you know it’s an offence to ride a push bike on a public pavement.”

It was close to half past nine, I looked down the pavement it was deserted.

“Well I don’t think I was in any danger of knocking somebody over do you?”

“That’s as may be, also it’s getting dark and if I’m guessing correctly you’re heading off to the university and it’ll be fully dark by time you get there and I don’t see any lights on the bike.”

Oh bugger.

“So what can I do?”

“Well there are two ways we can play this, either I confiscate the bike and have it crushed and I give you an on the spot fine for riding on the pavement or you can agree to come out with me to dinner.”

“You cheeky sod,” I said laughing. “You know who I am don’t you?”

“Of course I recognised your face as soon as I passed you.”

“My face wow, and knowing what I do you still want to take me on a date?”

“Why not, I’m sure you’ve got your reasons for doing what you do.”

“I’m not easy if that’s what you’re thinking, just because I take my clothes off doesn’t mean you can get your leg over.”

He held up his hands, “Whoa I state hand on heart that the thought truly did not cross my mind. You are a lovely looking young lady and I’d be proud to walk out with you.”

“Walk out with me, what’s your name, Darcy?”

He laughed, “Constable Whittaker at your service ma’am.”

“Okay Constable Whittaker you leave me no choice, dinner it is.”

We arranged a date for the following Saturday, he arranged to pick me up from the pub after I had finished my show, plus he put my bike in the back of his patrol car and dropped me off at the university.

I was glad Philip didn’t come into the pub to watch my show for some reason, I can’t explain why, after all he had been present when I gave my raunchiest performance ever. The man had seen every single part of me in gynaecological detail and even had the pleasure of feeling up my tits. I guess us women can be funny creatures. We drove out to a country pub where the menu was basic but the food was good home cooked fare and the conversation flowed about this and that then as we were served coffee with a delightful cinnamon biscuit he said, “So tell me your story, why do you take your clothes off in a pub?”

I knew the question was coming, it had to, how many girls took their clothes off for a living?

I started talking and virtually gave him my life story. I told him about my nudist family which explained why taking my clothes off was really no problem at all. I went onto the lads in high school and how I discovered the hold a woman could have over men simply by taking her clothes off. I even admitted that it turned me on stripping. I added that the money I made stripping at the pub was also going to help towards my university fees and living expenses.

“One last question if you don’t mind, did you really climax on stage?”

“Twice and they were bloody gorgeous,” I answered with a smile on my face.

He dropped me back outside my dorm building, gave me chaste kiss on the cheek and asked me if he could see me again.

“I’d love to I’ve had a wonderful evening.”

We arranged a date for the following Wednesday when once again he collected me from outside The Rose and Crown.

This went on for a couple of weeks, our goodnight kisses became more intimate and there was a bit of touching up through our clothes. By now I wanted to take things further and I know Philip did as well but you know what my living arrangements were and his weren’t much better, he lived in a police house with three other young constables and although it wasn’t against the rules to bring women back he seemed a little embarrassed to take me there.

“Are you ashamed of me Philip I know the other guys will probably recognise me.” I said this with a bit of an edge to my voice.

“Christ no not at all, its just the walls in the place are so thin you can hear everything, even someone stirring a cup of tea in the next room.”

“Oh I see,” and laughed, “what if I promise to be very quiet?”

“Okay if you’re willing them so am I, perhaps the other guys will be on duty or out somewhere.”

In his room we stripped off and climbed into his single bed where his hands quickly became reacquainted with my tits. Philip to my extreme relief turned out to be a wonderful lover giving my cunt plenty of action with his tongue and fingers before entering me missionary style. His bed squeaked and of course in the throws of passion and a wonderful orgasm I forgot my promise and screamed out my pleasure, so much for keeping quiet.

The following weekend he was off duty for the entire two days so on Friday evening we drove off for two nights of passion in a seaside bed and breakfast. I took my fishnet bikini with me, which did very little to hide my curves, and on the beach introduced Philip to my other exhibitionistic side. Fortunately he loved it.

“So you wouldn’t mind me wearing sexy clothes then?” I asked as he massaged sun cream into my back.

“Why would I mind you’ve a lovely body to show off.”

So I started to wear some of my see through tops out on dates with my beau, and he loved them.

It wasn’t until the following spring, my second year at university that I took Philip home to meet my family. It was a lovely warm sunny day when we pulled up outside my house. I turned to Philip, “I’ve got to warn you on a day like today Mum, Dad and my brother are liable to be naked. They know you are coming but I’m afraid they won’t compromise for anybody, okay?”

“Wow, will you get naked too?”

“Probably, no I will, and it’s up to you if you want to join us.”

“Bloody hell you know what’s liable to happen.”

I laughed, “Well if it does just ignore it, nobody will take any notice I promise, it happens.”

I’ll just add that I had told Philip that Mum and Dad knew nothing about my stripping. “You know parents I don’t think they would understand.”

We walked through the front door, I still had a key and there was mum stood at the sink peeling potatoes and as I’d predicted nude. She dried her hands and walked over to me giving me a big hug and then turned to Philip.

“We meet at last, we’ve heard a lot about you from Liv, come here.” And with that she gave my boyfriend a welcoming hug, her big floppy breasts squashed against his chest, the poor lad didn’t know where to put his hands, it was quite funny. She turned to me, “Your dad and brother are out in the garden weeding I think, go and say hello.”

Sure enough the pair of them were squatting down pulling weeds from the borders. They stood up and shook hands with Philip. “Mum’s put you two in your old bedroom, why don’t you go and get changed,” Dad said.

We traipsed through the house into my old room, fortunately I’d had a big double bed for as long as I could remember. I started taking my clothes off, “You going to join me?” I asked my boyfriend.

“I’ve already got a stiffy.”

“I’ve got just the cure for that,” and getting down on my knees unzipped him, winkled his hard cock out of his underpants and took him in my mouth. I gave it my all and soon he was groaning as he spurted his lovely cum into my mouth. I squeezed his cock milking every last drop of his semen and then licked him clean.

“There that should help you out for a while at least.”

We stayed overnight having a barbecue later on and with a few beers thrown in it was a lovely day.

Three weekends later we met up with my family at the countryside nudist camp, Philip seemed to be happily adopting the nudist lifestyle I’m very pleased to say.

Six months later we moved in together renting a flat on the edge of town the only blot being me having to go away for three months for on the job nursing training. Joe wasn’t happy either. “You’re my star turn, what am I going to do without you?”

“You’ll find somebody else Joe.”

“Of course I will but I bet they won’t be half as good as you or as popular.” He paused, “You will come back when you’ve finished your training won’t you.”

“Of course I will, I love my work too much not to.”

Chapter 2 - The Joy of Nudity

It can get stiflingly hot in summer in Spain’s Costa del Sol. I woke up at five thirty in the morning bathed in sweat, I could have left the air conditioning on but I couldn’t sleep with that constant humming bouncing around my head. I lay there wondering what I was going to do during the day. This was my parents’ home, they had moved to Spain a year before just as I started university in the UK, I was on my summer vacation from academia and enjoying the relaxing lifestyle in this part of the world. I heard my father’s alarm clock going off at six and a half hour later heard the front door close as he headed off to his day’s labour. I got out of bed and reluctantly put on a sloppy tee shirt and shorts, no underwear, that could wait until I had a shower later on. I went downstairs and poured myself a glass of milk and got some chocolate chip cookies, I was sitting at the breakfast bar when I heard Mum coming down the stairs, she walked into the kitchen and my eyes popped, she was just wearing the tiniest of thongs.

Now Mum is an attractive woman with a fine figure for a woman of her age, no a woman of half her age, but seeing her there with her tits and arse on show was a bit of a shock. I’d never seen her like that before but fortunately managed to keep my big gob shut.

“Good morning darling,” She said and busied herself making a mug of coffee. “Another lovely day in paradise, pity I’ve got to work for a living.”

“Yes, it would have been nice to spend more time with you Mum.”

“I’ve got the next week off so we can do some things together okay.”

I nodded. Coffee made Mum said, “I’m heading out to the terrace to drink this, gonna join me?”

Unbelievably she was headed outside. Okay our terrace and garden was completely private, nobody would see her but……..

“Yeah sure,” I picked up my milk and followed Mum onto the terrace, we sat down on the wicker chairs putting our drinks down on the glass covered wicker table. She was totally and completely relaxed sitting there topless with the tiniest bit of material covering her fanny.

“I didn’t know you wear thongs Mum,” I said.

She laughed, “Your dad started me wearing them, he bought me a couple and said I’d look sexy in them. I thought they’d be uncomfortable but I love them.”

She stood up and spun around, “What do you think?”

“They look great on you, think I might just go and get myself some.”

“With your figure darling you’ll look sensational wearing them.” She looked at the clock on the terrace wall, “I’d better get dressed and get off to work.”

She headed off through the kitchen and ten minutes later shouted out, “See you tonight Jan, bye.”

Wow, I sat there wondering about my mum and dad. So Dad bought my mum those sexy looking panties, who would have thought it, and Mum seemed more than happy to wear them. I supposed knowing Mum was wearing them or seeing her wearing them must turn my dad on. It’s hard thinking about your mum and dad in a sexual sense but they were both relatively young and Mum did look very good in her tiny thong.

Time for a shower then off to the shopping centre to buy some thongs for myself.

I returned home two hours later with half a dozen thongs safely nestled in a carrier bag looking forward to trying them on. Underwear cannot be tried on in a shop for obvious hygiene reasons. I went up to my room slipped off my clothes and pulled on a thong and appreciated immediately that my pubes were showing, not a good look, so they had to go, and then it dawned on me that Mum must shave her pubes off, wow I was finding out some things about my mother that I’d never even thought of before. I went into the bathroom with scissors and one of Dad’s disposable razors and got to work, ten minutes later my fanny was as smooth as a babies bum. I checked myself out in the mirror running my hand over the freshly shaved area, it felt good and looked good too. Back in my bedroom I pulled up one of the thongs and struck some poses, wow I looked sexy. I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my bum, it looked pretty cute being on display. I started to think about Mum on the terrace this morning and wondered if I’d be brave enough to go and sit out there in just my new thong, nobody was home and nobody would see me out there. I opened my bedroom door and stood listening just to make sure Mum or Dad hadn’t popped home for any reason. I walked along the hall still listening, there wasn’t a sound so slowly walked down the stairs. It felt really odd walking through the house virtually naked. I pressed on. In the kitchen I poured myself a glass of cola and then opened to the door to the terrace. The heat of the day crashed into my body before I stepped out onto the terrace. Stepping forward I moved to one of the chairs and sat down, it felt good, the first time I had ever been topless in the open air.

I went inside and grabbed a magazine and sat for the next half hour browsing through celebrity news, God the pap that my mother liked to read. Then I had a really naughty thought and lifting myself up a little pulled the thong down and sat there naked. I actually opened my legs and let the hot air bathe my cunny. I picked up the magazine again and carried on reading but it was so boring I lay my head back and think I dozed for a while. By the way the terrace is covered so there was no danger of me getting sun burnt or heat stroke, I kept popping into the kitchen to get cold drinks to stay hydrated. After what seemed like two minutes I opened my eyes and looking at the clock realised Mum would be home soon so grabbing my discarded thong flew through the house and up to my room.

Two days later I was awake early again, I heard Dad go about his business and leave for work and then Mum getting up and going downstairs. Ten minutes later I got up, put on one of my new thongs and a long tee shirt, poured out my glass of milk and went out to the terrace, there was Mum totally nude drying herself off, confirming what I had thought yesterday, she had shaved her pubes off.

“Hello Darling, just went in for a quick swim, it’s so refreshing first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. I’ll just pop in and get my coffee.”

I sat down and two minutes later she returned with a steaming mug, she joined me apparently totally unworried about me seeing her naked. Yikes, who had abducted my real mother and who was this stranger.

“I forgot to ask you, how did your shopping go yesterday, did you get some new underwear?”

“I did, I’m wearing a pair now.”

“Come on let’s have a look.”

I lifted my tee shirt up to my waist.

“Give us a twirl then.”


“Go on we’re all girls together.”

I turned around slowly showing Mum my arse.

“Sweetheart you look divine. Take your top off so I can see you properly.”

“I’ve not got a bra on.”

“So,” she raised her eyebrows.

I shrugged my shoulders and lifted the tee shirt up and off, as far as I could remember the first time Mum had seen me virtually naked since I’d started sprouting tits.

“My goodness girl you are beautiful,” Mum enthused, “You’ve a lovely figure, very pretty face, I’m proud to call you my daughter.”

“Thanks Mum.” I paused a moment, “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, anything.”

“Do you often parade around naked?”

“Quite a bit, it is so invigorating and so natural.”

“When did all this start.”

She caught sight of the clock, “God I’ve got to get going, we’ll talk about it this evening, okay?”

“Look forward to it.”

With that she disappeared inside and a while later called out, “See you tonight Jan,” and was gone.

I went inside and grabbed another magazine, took off my thong and sat down to read the latest on Kim Kardashian. After ten minutes I was bored and thinking about my mother drying herself off this morning wondered whether I’d be brave enough to go for a skinny dip in the pool. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided to give it a go. I cautiously walked down the steps to the lower terrace looking all around, I knew nobody could see me but well, was a neighbour peeking over a fence. I dismissed that as ludicrous and walked the ten paces to the Roman steps that led into the pool and down the steps into the water. It was a metre deep here but plunging forward swam to the far deep end of the pool eight metres away. It was wonderful, the cooling water passing my body felt gorgeous, it was, as my mother had said, truly invigorating. I turned and swum back and sat on the steps up to my waist in water. I ended up spending about an hour in the pool thoroughly enjoying the freedom of swimming totally naked. I finally got out, dried off on Mum’s towel which she had left draped over the back of a chair to dry, made myself a coffee and sat there on the terrace thinking about this new revelation. I had never done anything like this before but knew I would be doing it again every chance I got, and that happened when Mum got home from work.

She walked in shouted, “Hi,” went up to her room and emerged five minutes later naked. “Yay, Friday evening at last, no more work for a week, apart from Monday morning for a few hours unfortunately; I’m going in for a swim, how about joining me?”

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