Excerpt for Socio-Psycological analysis and review collection of Palestinian film Sense of Need by director Shady Srour by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Analysis of the plaestinian film

Sense of neeed by director Shady Srour

Analysis by fouad Suleiman

Many scenes in the film describe the emotional evolution of that Palestinians experience throughout their Odessa of travel and change of environmental norms. Shady Srour, the actor and the director, as an artist and as a politically involved individual, goes through a psychological growth throughout his Odessa. Shady Srour, in his film deals with the psychological growth of a man who is changing, mainly emotionally and also intellectually, and in his growth, he deals with the various ways in which a man overcomes obstacles in life and challenges his future. The film is full of challenges: the challenge of work, of self fulfillment as an artist, of changing place and making it in a different country.

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